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  1. October 22, 2017 at 9:44 pm

    I just asked my brother what he ships in Wings of Fire


    and some of them are a tad random 😛

    He likes Clay X Tsunami, Cleril, Darkwatcher, Icicle X Winter (AND HE SAID HE KNOWS THEY’RE SIBLINGS 😛 ), Sunny X Clay, and Moon X Sora.

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    • October 22, 2017 at 11:00 pm


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    • October 22, 2017 at 11:07 pm

      Icicle x Winter….. XD

      I’m probably the only one at first who shipped Clory (Glory x Clay) 😛

      Book Worm and proud of it

    • October 22, 2017 at 11:08 pm

      Maybe he just shiplings Icicle and Winter. (Like friendshipping but with siblings. And yes, I just now made that up.)

    • Mint and Feathers Scattered Amid Autumn Leaves/Mintpaw(feather)/Mysterious Midnight Monster Minty
      October 25, 2017 at 1:40 am

      ICICLE AND WINTER?!?!?!?!?!?

      When in thorns, look for roses

    • Echopaw loves cinnamon rolls
      October 26, 2017 at 12:21 am

      uhh ok

  2. Echopaw loves cinnamon rolls
    October 25, 2017 at 1:43 am

    lgbtq wof headcanons

    starflight-gender non-binary maybe
    sunny-pan, so very pan
    kinkajou-pan, pan, pannnnnn/ace
    turtle-bi. trans.
    qibli-so hilariously bi i love him
    i’m sorry

    • Spooky Birch Tht Towers Over Cat
      November 3, 2017 at 1:31 am

      These are awesome 😀

  3. Shadowed soul of evil person/Shadowedpaw/Shadowedrose
    October 26, 2017 at 9:03 pm

    Why does the Moonbli ship get so much hate? Moon didn’t want her soulmate to yell at her all the time, and it was her choice. Winter and Quibli both would do anything for Moon. Just because Winter already did everything doesn’t mean he loves her more. I loved Quiblis POV. Characters like that, (Starkey and Hayden from Unwind) are my favorite. Usually know that their actions or intentions aren’t good, and they change them. (Spoiler for UnWholly: Starkey is an exception) It’s this that makes them who they are. The goofs who question their purity. This is what makes them such deserving characters.(again, not Starkey) That’s sort of off topic but that’s what makes my favorite characters, and most of them deserve happiness.

    • Misty Ghost on Halloween Night (Mistypaw)
      October 28, 2017 at 1:00 pm

      I know. I ship Winterwatcher for a reason too. As Sky would say, Winter literally gave up everything (His family, his life, and many more) just for her. I know life sometimes just not goes for the one who worked hard. I don’t really see Qibli sacrificing something for Moon and that’s why I don’t really like Moonbli (But I like Qibli because he mirrors my real life). But I really wished that Winter, the one who sacrificed so much for Moon, wins her heart.
      (And my likings for Qibli went down when I read his PoV because he’ s so whiny on the part that he didn’t get Darkstalker’s scroll and it’s all Winter’s fault.) He also mentioned many times that he thinks Winter is a better dragon than him and Moon won’t like it but face it, Qibli. *Intense opinion ahead so sorry for supporters* WINTERWATCHER IS BETTER. Just thinking that, “oh, I think I’m bad and she won’t choose me.” won’t let her just magically choose you. *Intense opinion end*. The shouty part of Winter is not favored by me but I believe he can change. Qibli is a great character despite his whiny part about power and stuff. As for Moon, I know Qibli is charming but why, WHY DIDN’T YOU CHOOSE WINTER?

      One sentence to summarize this, I don’t like Moonbli, but I don’t really hate it too; Winterwatcher is an awesome ship but I respect Moonbli lovers’ opinions.

      • Shadowed soul of evil person/Shadowedpaw/Shadowedrose
        October 28, 2017 at 3:48 pm

        But Quibli changed. If he wanted to hold a grudge on everyone for destroying the scroll, *INTENSE SPOILER ALERT* then he would have accepted Darkstalkers offer to become an animus.

        • Shadowed soul of evil person/Shadowedpaw/Shadowedrose
          October 28, 2017 at 4:02 pm

          Helloo moddies! (That autocorrected to mod dies😮)

          • Embertsar (Emberdawn)
            Embertsar (Emberdawn)
            October 28, 2017 at 4:15 pm

            Helloo Shadowed!

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            • Shadowed soul of evil person/Shadowedpaw/Shadowedrose
              October 28, 2017 at 4:20 pm

              You an call me Shady! (I was looking back at the med cat elections because I missed them, and I realized if I ever ran it would be a nightmare to fit Shadowed on a campaign poster😛)

              • Embertsar (Emberdawn)
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                October 28, 2017 at 4:22 pm

                It would be “VoteShadowedForMedCat” 😛 Also, blogchat’s open!

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      • Highway of Black Ice(Icepaw's Who's So Inactive)
        October 29, 2017 at 3:20 pm

        I ship Moonbli but I don’t hate Winterwatcher. I completely agree on how Winter gave up everything and I hope he can find somebody

        • Shadowed soul of evil person/Shadowedpaw/Shadowedrose
          October 29, 2017 at 9:07 pm

          Must.. think… of….. 😛ships…

      • Spooky Birch Tht Towers Over Cat
        November 3, 2017 at 1:29 am

        I don’t really care much for either ship, but I have to add in that I honestly like Qibli a lot better after we got a book in his perspective. He was pretty boring before that

    • Fawnpaw ( used to be Moonpaw)
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    • October 31, 2017 at 6:33 pm


    • Juniperpool
      November 8, 2017 at 2:01 pm

      Aaaa i’m so happy someone made this

  6. October 31, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    spoilers. You have been warned…
    so QuItE oBvIoUsLy what people hate hate hate about this book is THE SHIPPINGG!!! (dun dun dun). And I honestly have to agree, I am not a Moonbli fan AT ALL for one veryyyyyyyyy simple reason. Qibli is almost exaccccctly like me (especially in the ‘woah everyone hates me’ regard) and so if I Don’t Deserve Friends In Real Life than why in StarClan does Qibli manage to win over his crush? It’s just not realistic. The only thing that’s keeping me from totally hating this ship is that maybe Pyrrhia just works differently that our world in the way that in Pyrrhia, kindness and personality are valued over looks and athleticism, which I think is valued more in our world. If that’s the case, than this could be a perfectly legit ship, but until we get confirmation of that I totally ship Qinter.
    Alright, next ship. ANEMONE AND TAMARIN. I LOVE IT. I think a lot of other people do, too. It’s weird that it just kinda popped out of nowhere but I really hope we get to see more of these two in the next series.
    Aaaaaand last but not least I get to rant about THE LOST CONTINENT!!!! So there’s a whole other continent of dragons that randomly appeared in the last 2 pages of the epilogue. The timing was pretty random but this idea has a HuGe amount of potential. Everyone will have to make new ocs. 😛 (Speaking of which, what do your guyses ocs look like? Mine is Silentsong, a Rain/Night hybrid with the build and firebreath of a NightWing but the color-changing scales of a RainWing.)

    Thanks for reading this rant. 🙂

    • Misty Ghost on Halloween Night (Mistypaw)
      November 2, 2017 at 2:19 am

      Yeah. but the reason I don’t really like DoD is how Qibli is so whiny in it. (read my rant up there) I don’t really think that you should judge DoD because you are, um, using a slightly stronger word, bitter that Moonbli happened. (I nearly shredded and burned the book after I knew that too. You are not alone.)

      I.. um…have no opinion on Qinter or Anemarin (is that what it’s called?).

    • Fawnpaw (formerly Moonpaw)
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    • Shadowed mashed potatoes that taste really good/Shadowedpaw/Shadowedrose
      November 2, 2017 at 11:21 am

      My OC is forgotten.

    • November 3, 2017 at 1:47 am

      I don’t care Moonbli became canon, but I ship Qinter as well 😛

      Honestly, Anemone’s crush on Tamarin was forced. I like the fact that Tui is adding representation in the books, but it was forced JUST for it.

      αяє уσυ ιиѕαиє ℓιкє мє?

      • Shadowed mashed potatoes that taste really good/Shadowedpaw/Shadowedrose
        November 3, 2017 at 1:53 am

        I hope that the relationship gets developed more.

        • November 3, 2017 at 2:39 am

          Yeah me too. it has the potential to be adorable but it felt forced and rushed. Tui is really good with writing relationships though, so I have hope ^^

          🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

          • Shadowed mashed potatoes that taste really good/Shadowedpaw/Shadowedrose
            November 8, 2017 at 12:20 pm

            So excited for the next book hyyyyype.

      • Fawnpaw (formerly Moonpaw)
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    • Moonbreeze
      November 8, 2017 at 5:14 am

      Please there be nothing more about the lost continent, though there will be probably, because I am writing a series about the lost continent and that would kind of ruin my stories. 😕😕😕😥😥

      • Fawnpaw
        November 10, 2017 at 9:22 pm

        The next arc will be all about the foundlost continent (Book 11)

      • November 10, 2017 at 10:04 pm

        The next arc has been confirmed to be about the Lost Continent ^^ besides, Tui can’t just leave it like that.

        🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

        • Moonpaw who is also Moonbreeze
          November 11, 2017 at 7:49 pm

          Yeah, I know. It’s just sad

    • Moonbreeze
      November 9, 2017 at 2:53 am

      My oc is one I made up for my version of the lost continent. Her name is Abyssal. She is a MoonWing RiverWing hybrid. Moonwings are like nightwings that can change colors using the power of the moon. Only dark colors. Yes there are sunwings too. And riverwings are seawings but don’t have mighty tails and have echolocation. So she is dark blue usually, sometimes dark blue, purple, and silver, and can breathe underwater. Her mother is Queen Starseeker of the MoonWings and her father Prince Urchin of the RiverWings.


  7. Moonbreeze
    November 8, 2017 at 3:06 am

    Me and my friends have an ongoing war:

    Tsunami or Glory?

    Pls reply in the comments I want to know who will win. Please.


    • Fawnpaw (formerly Moonpaw)
      November 8, 2017 at 3:50 am

      Qibli 😛

    • November 8, 2017 at 3:59 am


      🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

    • November 8, 2017 at 4:41 am

      Don’t kill me, okay? 😛

      GLORY FOR THE WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      Book Worm and proud of it

      • Moonbreeze
        November 9, 2017 at 2:48 am

        I won’t kill you. My best friend’s for glory, and she’s still alive. 😁😁😁
        Now she says she likes Sunny…

    • November 8, 2017 at 7:00 am

      What we need is a dragon battle
      It is the only way to decide

    • Shadowed mashed potatoes that taste really good/Shadowedpaw/Shadowedrose
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    • November 8, 2017 at 1:25 pm

      Tsunami 😛

    • Streams of (SPARKLYYYY) melting snow (if you get the reference ily)
      November 8, 2017 at 1:51 pm

      glory, duhhhh 😛

      joking aside, tsunami’s pretty grea

    • Misty Wind Carrying Turkey Scent (Mistypaw)
      November 9, 2017 at 2:03 pm

      Glory, sorry (ooh it rhymed!!)

    • Bright Orange of Autumn Leaf (Brightkit)
      November 12, 2017 at 4:09 pm


  8. Moonbreeze
    November 9, 2017 at 2:55 am

    Does anyone want me to post my lost continent story that isn’t very good? But I had a good idea it just didn’t turn out perfect.

    • Misty Wind Carrying Turkey Scent (Mistypaw)
      November 10, 2017 at 12:31 pm


      • Moonpaw who is also Moonbreeze
        November 10, 2017 at 6:29 pm

        Wings of Agate Talons,
        And Stalker of the Night River
        Book one in the Wings of Agate Talons series
        By, Moonpaw

        Clearsight flew through the starry night sky. Tired, she looked down for an island to rest and sleep on. No luck. She slowed her pace to save some energy, but it wasn’t much use. She was getting worried. She knew that her worst fears for her journey were coming true. Until, that was, she saw a faraway land. Not knowing what it was she stopped, almost falling from the sky. Quickly she decided something. The most important decision of her life, OK, maybe the second most. The timelines in her head showed the path she should take. She would fly on. Towards the new land. She saw futures were she died, murdered by a gray dragon, but those were faint. The ones that shone were the ones that showed her being greeted with open wings by some unknown dragons. Another life on the island. Dragons that knew nothing about her mistakes. So the NightWing flew on, towards the island, and towards her new destiny.
        Chapter 1
        Watch for the moon, watch for the sun…
        The moons were full, or at least two of them were. The sun was rising. I was probably the most nervous dragon in all of Aihyria flying through the dawn sky. My wing sails shifted to a dark blue. My name is Abyssal, princess of the MoonWings, daughter to Queen Starseeker. I’m weird through, my father is the royal cousin of the RiverWing’s Queen Cascade. Sometimes I would live with the RiverWings, for I inherited my father’s ability to breathe underwater. I case you’re wondering where I’m going, I’m going to Clearsight’s full moon gathering. Mother insisted I go and I’m not sure how I feel about it, I’m both nervous and excited.
        I landed gracefully down on the grass in front of the Agate Talons mountain range. Other dragons from different tribes were landing too, talons thudding on the dark earth. I wait for some brave dragons to venture into the Talons, and I watch and watch. This is one of those times where I wish that that long lost sister of mine was here with me. Suddenly, the air around me shimmers, and a bright pink and yellow dragon appears. I jump.
        “Hi, I’m Beamchaser and this is Brightsky!” She pointed to a nervous looking SunWing dragonet. “Are you going to stand here watching forever, or you want to come with us?” I nodded gratefully.
        “I’m coming.” I said with another nod. “I’m Abyssal.” I introduced myself.
        “Well let’s go!” Beamchaser cried. She took off running. I ran after them. We burst into the caves, and stopped. Beamchaser looked back over her shoulder at me. “No offense, but you don’t look like a normal MoonWing.” She commented.
        “Believe me I know. I get to hear about it all the time.” I stared wistfully at her.
        “Oh. Sorry. You’re part RiverWing right?” Beamchaser asked me. She started walking again.
        “Yep. I’m the daughter of Queen Starseeker and Prince Urchin, Queen Cascade’s cousin.” I said, with a bit of pride in my voice. After all, it’s pretty unusual to be royalty in two different tribes. I ran up to Beamchaser and Brightsky. “Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go!!!” I exclaimed enthusiastically.
        “Yikes. Someone just had a sudden change of mood.” Brightsky joked. Her wings shifted to a happy yellow.
        “Well, if you’ll be my friends it looks like I might have an okay time after all.” I said. Embarrassed, I looked down at my talons. If I was a SunWing I’d probably be bright pink! We kept walking until we saw a sign saying Welcome to the Agate talons gathering! Please come in to get your talon assignments. We walked into the room to find Clearsight sitting behind a desk. Her eyes were friendly and she was smiling. She looked young and happy, not like the old, wise, and boring dragon many thought she would be.
        “Hi! You here to get your talon assignments?” Clearsight asked. “I’m Clearsight in case you didn’t know.”
        “Oh. Yes we are.” I answered.
        “Great! Can I have your names please?” She asked. “You signed up, right?”
        “We did sign up, or at least I did.” Beamchaser said. “Oh, I signed up Brightsky too. Did you sign up?” The SunWing asked me.
        “You bet I did. My name is Abyssal, and my SunWings friends are Beamchaser and Brightsky.” I answered. “Also, what’s a talon? We kind of already have claws!” I asked the legendary NightWing.
        “Oh. A talon is a group of dragons from other tribes that you’ll live with until half moon, when the gathering is over.” She answered, smiling. “Give me a second and I’ll figure out what your talons are. Hmm… looks like Brightsky is in the Sand talon and you and Beamchaser are together in the Ice talon.” She calculated. “Brightsky is in cave 3 and you two are in cave 4, so don’t worry you’ll be close to Brightsky, so you can still take care of her, Beamchaser.” She finished. “And Abyssal, you’re counted as a MoonWing in your talon.” The dragoness flared her wings, to reveal the starry underside.
        “Thanks Clearsight!” Beamchaser called. “Let’s go!” We walked out the entrance.
        “Have fun!” She called to us.
        “We will!” I yelled and we walked towards our caves.
        Chapter 2
        Watch for the snow, they will bring the glow…
        After a little while of walking we came to a hallway. Lanterns lit the walls and it was filled with bright, happy, paintings. I took the lead from Beamchaser and led the way to some caves. “Hmm…” I leaned closer to the cave next to it a sign stated that it was cave 1. “We’ve got cave 1 over here!” I called to my new friends. They were looking at the cave across the hall.
        “Number 2 on this side! Let’s keep going!” Brightsky replied. So we started to stroll down the tunnel until we came to some more. The sign read Cave 3.
        “Hey! Abyssal, I found our cave!” Beamchaser called. Again she was across the hall. The dragon was bright pink, with bits of pale purple and yellow, as well as some bright blue.
        “Great! I found cave 3 as well. Let’s take in Brightsky and get her settled before going into our cave.” I suggested. When Beamchaser gave my plan a yes, the three of us stepped into the empty space. Only to discover that it wasn’t empty at all. Lights flickered and a shelf stood against the left wall. The right wall had paintings of dragons in different tribes flying together. For there only being one light, which hung from the ceiling, it was pretty bright. The room seemed cozy and happy. The back wall had an opening to a porch outside, that we soon learned, as we stepped outside, overhung the green grass of the ground below. The land stretched on and on, until the land met the sea and became a beautiful view of a mass of blue water. The wind soothed my tense wings, for now I knew I would have a great time, as long as Beamchaser and I stayed friends. Which I knew we would.
        We stepped inside again and Beamchaser decided it was time to leave the nervous little dragonet. When the larger SunWing told Brightsky that we were going to leave she was very upset. She started wailing and my friend had to comfort her. As she did so, I looked around at the cave. There were seven beds, each looking like there were specified for dragonets from different tribes. I saw a smooth ledge of rock for a FlareWing, a pool of water with some seaweed for a RiverWing, a hammock for Brightsky since she was a SunWing, and many other beds.
        “Time to go, Abyssal!” Beamchaser exclaimed. I looked over at Brightsky. She was still sad but she was fine. Especially when a small FlareWing walked in.
        “Hi! I’m Perinone, do you mind if I take the rock ledge?” He asked Brightsky. He was a very talkative and fun dragonet, about Brightsky’s age too. He and Brightsky started talking and clearly were going to be good friends.
        “I think we can go now.” I whispered. Beamchaser nodded and we left the room.
        When we got to our own cave no one was there. I leaped to the balcony and lifted off. Hovering above the ledge, I stared off into the distance at the ocean, where my father lived. Then I turned to look at the mountains. Where my mother is. I missed my parents but I told myself I’d be alright, besides I had my new friends. I stepped back and settled myself on a ledge covered in moss and seaweed. Many MoonWings slept on beds like this, without the seaweed that is. I figured it was for me.
        “Do you mind if I use this bed?” I asked Beamchaser.
        “Sure you can.” She answered. I wondered where she was for a second. Then I realized she was above me in the hammock. Then a chill entered the room. A beautiful Snowing walked across the room. She didn’t have the usual arrogant presence of a Snowing, instead a quiet feel. She silently settled on the iceberg ledge and just lay there. Taking a deep breath, I walked over to her.
        “Hi! I’m Abyssal.” I introduced myself. “What’s your name?” I asked.
        “I’m Crystalline.” She replied. “Hi.”
        “Great! Hey Crystalline.” I said happily. “This is Beamchaser.” I walked over to my SunWing friend, grabbed her arm, and dragged her over.
        “Hey Crystalline!” She said. “I’m Beamchaser obviously, how are you?” She introduced herself.
        “I’m fine, thanks.” She replied simply. “Thanks for asking. No offense to you Abyssal, but are you a MoonWing or what?”
        “Oh. I’m the daughter of Prince Urchin of the RiverWings and Queen Starseeker of the MoonWings. I’m a hybrid, but I’m the MoonWing of our talon.” I replied. I hoped that Crystalline would be our friend.
        “Oh. Well I hope I didn’t offend you. I didn’t mean to be rude.” She apologized. “Wow, you two are really pretty, Abyssal your scales are really cool, blue and purple! Beamchaser, I love your pink and yellow scales!” She started chatting on, happy to have friends.
        “Hey! I’ve got a great idea!” I exclaimed. “Let’s explore the caves! I heard there’s a library, and a art cave.”
        “Great idea!” Both my new friends exclaimed. They seemed excited. We exited the room and set out to explore.
        Chapter 3
        The Mission
        Two days later…
        I lay down on the moss and seaweed, about to go to sleep. I gazed around the room that I had come to love. I remembered, on that first day, meeting Crystalline and Beamchaser, or now as we called her, Chase. Then I remembered meeting the other Ice talon dragons. Spark the fiery FlareWing and older sister to Perinone. Twister, the brave ThunderWing. Cloudburst, the quiet, beautiful, princess of the StormWings and my somewhat close friend, for she new what it was like to be royalty and have the expectations set for you. And then finally, Sunlight, the young RiverWing princess that also happened to be my half-sister. She was younger, and her mother was a SunWing, though her father was Urchin. I didn’t realize Father signed her up as well. Anyway, I loved my talon, we all got along, and were similar ages, more or less. I drifted off to sleep, thinking that the next day would be just a normal morning. But boy, was it not.
        I woke up the next morning, bright and early. Sunlight filtered weakly through the window and through the doorway of the porch, I could see that dawn was breaking. I climbed out of bed, and sat down. I waited a while for my friends to wake up. I waited and waited. Grr… I hated waking up early. I wasn’t in the best mood, until Clearsight walked in. Surprised, I leaped up, knocked over a scroll rack and managed to wake both Beamchaser and Cloudburst.
        “Opps. Good morning Clearsight!” I greeted her. “Sorry guys.” I apologized to my friends. “Anyway, hey Clearsight! What’s going on?” I started cleaning the floor, putting scrolls back on the shelves and tilting the rack upright.
        “Oh Abyssal. It’s alright you woke them up.” Clearsight consoled me. “I needed Beamchaser up anyway. And Cloudburst, you can tell the rest of the talon where your friends are going.”
        “Wait. We’re going somewhere?” Chase asked. If you remember, we call Beamchaser Chase.
        “Wake Crystalline and I’ll tell you. It’s very important and I trust you three to get the job done.” She answered.
        “How come I’m not going? I could handle it!” Cloudburst asked indignantly. I could tell she was hurt, though she didn’t really mind. I knew that her light tone suggested she was joking.
        “Hey guys. What’s going on?” Crystalline sat up and rubbed her eyes. Chase stood next to her.
        “Clearsight needs to tell us something. She has a mission for us.” I informed her. “So Clearsight, where are we going and what’s our mission?” I asked. Maybe today wasn’t normal after all!
        “You three are to go to Night River, for I have seen and heard of countless sightings of a shadowy figure roaming the area. I need you to go investigate and tell me.” She said sharply. I was stunned. I stood there speechless. Did Clearsight really trust us with an assignment like that? “You see,” Clearsight started as if she could read my mind, “I picked you because one you’re best friends and work well together and I trust you, and two, your skills complement one another’s. Abyssal’s really smart and a leader, Crystalline is silly and can keep you going when times are tough, and Beamchaser is kind and can keep you all together.” My friends had changed a lot since when I first met them. It was clear that the NightWing had thought this all through carefully. I decided to trust her on this one.
        “Great! When do we leave!” I asked. My friends stared at me in bewilderment, why is she agreeing to this? Abyssal’s the one being brave? Normally I’m not very brave and the others have to make me do new things, but not this time!
        “Now! Cloudburst,” She turned to the StormWing princess. “You can tell the rest of the talon, as well as any adult that doesn’t know yet. You guys ready to go?” She turned back towards us. This time Chase answered.
        “You bet we are! How long do we stay out?” She asked Clearsight. Crystalline was nodding her silver head in agreement, we would go.
        “You should stay for one week.” Clearsight decided. “Or until you learn something vital, or if there’s a really big problem I guess.” She sounded slightly unsure but I was willing to trust her.
        “Alright. Time to go!” And Clearsight lead us all out the door, and to the Night River.
        Chapter 4
        And We’re off!
        Clearsight lead us out of the caves. We walked onto the soft, green grass as the sun rose. The dawn light shone onto the caves and they glistened.
        “Alright you three. I will lead you to the river and then I’ll leave you.” She informed us. And then a blur of green and blue shot from the sky.
        “Hi!!!” It called. The blur came into focus and then we saw what it was. Nope, nothing mysterious, just my two talonmates, Twister and Cloudburst. “Sorry guys.” Cloudburst apologized. The two dragons landed next to me. “Twister here wanted to see what was going on, and even though I told her she wanted to come and say bye herself.” Their talons thudded onto the ground and a weak wind blew across the grass, making it flutter like a butterfly.
        “Oh, hi Twister, hey Cloudburst.” I greeted them warmly, showing them that I wasn’t mad. “Nice to see you guys before we left on our big adventure. I’m glad you have come to say bye. I really don’t mind.” I assured them.
        “Hey Abyssal?” Crystalline said quietly. I didn’t hear her.
        “Hey Twister, want to hang out a bit, maybe play a game of tag before I leave with my friends and Clearsight?” Chase asked. “I would love to hang out!”
        No! We have to go! Was my first thought. And then I thought that hanging out might not be such a bad idea after all!
        “Guys? I have an idea!” Crystalline nugged me and asked her question again.
        “Yes Crystalline? Oh yeah! That’s a great idea! Let’s just ask them!” I replied after she told me. “Hey Beamchaser, come with us for a sec and Crystal here will tell you her great idea!” Crystal was what I sometimes called my Snowing friend. (In case you’re wondering, Snowing is a tribe of dragon, just is kind-of weird because it’s spelled like a verb, it’s pronounced Snow-Wing.)
        Chase came over with us and Crystal told her the plan. “Great idea! I hope they want to do it!” She was enthusiastic about her idea and I was glad. So then we headed back over to my other friends.
        “Alright. So Cloudburst and Twister, Crystalline has an idea. The best idea ever!” Chase exclaimed. “So… on three. One. Two. Three!”
        “WE WANT YOU TO COME WITH US!!!!!!!!!!” We yelled. Clearsight flew up in surprise. She also let out a little yelp of shock. Cloudburst and Twister looked shocked, still calming down from our big reveal.
        “I’d love to come, but I don’t want to leave. I finally feel safe.” Twister said. “It took awhile for me to get used to life here and I don’t want to leave so soon.” The ThunderWing confessed. “Sorry.”
        “I’ll come! But maybe just until we have found something.” She decided. “Anyway, bye Twister! I’ll be back soon!” We took to the sky and she called back to her best friend. We flew into the clouds, and towards our journey.
        Chapter 5
        Spirit Stalker
        Clearsight flew off into the sunset, it had not yet been a day since we left The Agate Mountains. But we were here. The Night River. To find “The Stalker.”
        “Alright you guys. Let’s settle down for the night and start our search in the morning.” I wanted to take charge. I knew I could lead them through this challenge, and it was the only way I could protect them. We settled down for the night and I drifted into sleep.
        I woke up when I sensed a presence. It was weird. And then I saw a shadow leaning over me. More like a spirit. And then it spoke.
        “Watch for the moon, watch for the sun, watch for the snow, they will bring the glow. The light will dispel the darkness, and twilight will rise.” And then, it faded into nothingness.
        My friends were starting to wake. What was that? Why did it visit me? Was that a prophecy? Was it a spirit dragon? My mind was pelted with questions and my head started to hurt. “Abyssal? Are you okay?” Beamchaser stood over me.
        “I’m all right.” I answered. And then I realized I was down on the ground with my wings over my head. I stood up and shook myself. And then something weird happened. “Watch for the moon, watch for the sun. Watch for the snow, they will bring the glow. The light will dispel the darkness, and twilight will rise.” I had recited the prophecy. The one the spirit had told me. “It’s a prophecy. A spirit told me.” I said to Beamchaser. “I don’t know. During the night. Spirit talked.” I started spitting out random facts, vaguely describing what happened.
        “Whoa. Slow down.” Chase said she placed her wing on my back. Cloudburst walked over.
        “What’s happening? Are you ok?” She sounded worried. “Is something wrong?”
        “A spirit came. Told me a prophecy. I’m ok.” I told her.
        I lead us out of the caves. We walked out onto the soft grass that glistened in the morning sun’s glow. “Alright. Is everybody here?”
        “Here.” Beamchaser said.
        “Here!” Cloudburst said happily. She was glad I was okay.
        “Sprinkles!” Crystal called. Confusion crossed our faces. She started laughing. “See, I wanted to say something you know I’m here, so, SPRINKLES!!” She yelled.
        And then we all laughed. Hard. Crystal always cheered us up with her jokes, just what I needed this morning. “GUYS!!!” I yelled. Maybe a bit loud. Just a bit too loud. Enough that my friends had their wings over their ears. “Oops. I said that a bit too loud didn’t I. Anyway, I had this idea about the prophecy-”
        “Wait what? A prophecy? When? Why didn’t you tell me?” Crystal complained. “I thought we told each other stuff! We’re friends aren’t we?”
        “Oh Crystal, forgot to tell you. But don’t worry, the spirit that told me only came this morning.” I assured her.
        “What!! A spirit? Of what? Did the prophecy say something important? Or something obvious, like maybe how awesome I am?” She exclaimed. We knew she was joking on the last line, or at least I knew. I sighed a big long sigh and started telling her the whole story…
        Chapter 6
        Moon, Sun, Snow, but no storm.
        “… and so, I know this prophecy about light dispelling the darkness and twilight rising and I have no idea what it means until I had this awesome idea right now so does anyone want to hear it?” I finished. Chase slowly nodded her head. “Great! Okay! So the moon, that’s me, and the sun, that’s Beamchaser, and the snow, that’s Crystalline, and then the glow is the same thing as the light and so when we come together twilight will rise, whatever that is but I know I’m right and we can totally figure this out” I blurted.
        “Uhh… so I have a question.” Chase said hesitantly.
        “Me too!” Crystal chimed in.
        “Yeah!! Me three!” Cloudburst called.
        “Ok Ok, one at a time. Chase you first.” I answered. Yikes! How come they don’t understand?
        “Ok. So umm… how am I the sun, and you the moon, and Crystal the snow? I mean the sun is in the sky right now, how am I it?” she asked. I took a deep breath.
        “Ok. I’m the moon because I’m part MoonWing. You’re the sun obviously, because you’re a SunWing. And Crystal’s the snow ‘cause she is a Snowing. You get it? Doesn’t all make sense now?” I did to me at least.
        “Yeah ok, it totally does.” She said. She clearly didn’t really understand but she knew that she understood it enough.
        “My turn!” Crystal claimed. “So… um when does the light come? And what about the darkness?”
        “Oh. Um… well I don’t really know.” I confessed. “I guess it’s just saying when we come together we will fulfill the prophecy and stuff. Or the darkness is the weird cloud on the other side of the river. It does look like a bunch of shadows. And like a whole bunch of darkness.” I guessed.
        “Alright. We’ll find out soon enough.” She sighed but she probably knew that that was the best answer I could give her.
        “Finally! My turn!” Cloudburst exclaimed. Then she got all quiet. “So if you guys are the moon and sun and snow that dispel the darkness, what am I?” She asked real quiet. She was afraid that she didn’t matter and that nobody cared about her being on this mission.
        “Oh Cloudburst. You must be important in dispelling the darkness. I know it. I’m sorry if I upset you. You are definitely going to help twilight rise!” I comforted her. “But I’m sorry. I don’t know. But you can still be super helpful.” I told her. I wanted her to stay. I needed her with me on this mission.
        “Alright. I’ll stay. But if you need someone to tell Clearsight about the prophecy, I should go back. I’m not in it or anything.” She said kindly. I thanked her for the offer but then told her anyone could go. But she insisted on being the one, and though I persisted, she just didn’t give in. So I agreed.
        “Alright. What should we do next?” I asked. We all thought hard for a while. “I guess we should go check out the dark cloudy thingy.” I suggested. “While we think of other stuff we should do.” So we walked to the river but what happened? Disaster struck.
        Chapter 7
        Darkness of dragons
        As I just said, disaster struck. I’m not kidding. First, when Crystal stepped into the water, her foot couldn’t move. Next a shadow rose from the river. Then Crystal tried to fly away. No use. We all tried to get her foot loose. And then… pop! It came free.
        We quickly decided to try flying over the river. I took the lead as we took of and soared over the river. Until 5 shadows swooped from the sky.
        As they came closer I realized they were dragons. Shadow dragons. “Chase!” I yelled. “Invisible!” I ordered. “Shield Cloudburst best you can too!”
        “Got it!” The SunWing disappeared with Cloudburst.
        “Crystal! Fight them with me! And Cloudburst, you and Chase can fight even being invisible. Ready? Let’s go!”
        Talons slashed and dragons clashed in the sky above the river. We were outnumbered and younger than the shadow dragons, they were clearly full grown and were very good fighters. To me it looked like we would lose this battle. “RUN!!!” I yelled.
        We ran into the trees, hoping to lose the shadows. But they followed us. Until a break in the trees came along. Sunlight poured in and made the darkness of the area, and the sky around us, feel lighter. And then something very unexpected happened. The shadows faded, and then disappeared!
        “Oh my god. Light makes them die!” Crystal exclaimed. “We can beat them after all!”
        “But how? We were in the sky, under the shining light of the sun just a moment ago. I know because I was able to change colors!” Beamchaser questioned.
        “Hmm… not sure. Oh! They had this dark cloud surrounding them! They were protected from the sun! I bet when we went into the forest they thought they were safe so they disabled their shield!” I exclaimed. This must be it! I just know! I thought.
        “Let’s head back to the cave where we slept and we’ll make a plan.” Cloudburst suggested. So we started walking through the muddy ground, towards the cave, and towards safety.
        Chapter 8
        A little while later we were back in the cave that we had slept in overnight. I lay down on my bed of moss and sighed. How can we fulfill a prophecy that makes us fight shadows? We have to disable their shield, but how? I wondered.
        “How can we beat them? They’re too strong! We have to disable the shield clouds but how?” Cloudburst asked. “Today we just ran but we won’t get anywhere just running away from the cloud, if that’s the darkness we have to get to it!”
        “I know. This is going to be hard. How can we win?” I told her. “We have to try everything. That’s the only way we can figure this out.” I decided.
        “But we don’t even know that’s the darkness! The cloud might be there to distract us from our goal!” Crystal pointed out. “Maybe the darkness is something else!”
        “Maybe. But let’s say it is the darkness. We will try to fulfill the prophecy with the cloud as the darkness for half of our week and the second half saying it’s there to distract us. Does that work?” I asked my friends. I hope we’ve come to an agreement. This should work. I thought.
        “Alright. Works for me.” Chase agreed. Cloudburst and Crystal nodded in agreement. I let out a sigh of relief. “Ok. Let’s spend the rest of the day planning for the rest week and tomorrow we’ll go back out. I’m not ready to fight again.” Chase decided. Hello! I’m the one in charge here! I yelled inside my head. “Is that alright with you Abyssal?” Chase asked me. She sounded slightly annoyed and I realized that the others had already nodded yes.
        “Huh?” I asked. “Oh right. Sure yeah ok that works.” I murmured. I was getting so angry with them. Didn’t they know that I was the leader? That I needed to lead them? I stared at the ground, avoiding her gaze. And then I got an idea. “You know, maybe we should each have roles on this mission, like you know, to make sure we’re doing the things that we do best.” I suggested.
        “What do you mean?” Cloudburst asked me.
        “Like maybe I could be the leader or something…” I trailed off after suggesting my position, I hadn’t really thought about the others.
        “You just want to be in charge! You think you’re better than everyone else! You want to just boss us around! You aren’t even a good friend!” Chase cried. “You don’t even care about fulfilling the prophecy! You probably just made it all up to get us to like you! You want to be the special one!” She yelled.
        “No I don’t! I care! But if you are to dumb to know it then fine! Do the mission without me!” And with that, I flew into the sky and away from my so called friends.
        Chapter 9
        River kingdom
        I flew into the sunset determined to get away. Tears ran down my scales. They don’t get it. I just want to lead them, it’s the only way I know how to help them! I flew faster and faster.
        “Abyssal! Come back!” Cloudburst yelled after me. “Come back.!”
        “No. Just no. I’m sorry Cloudburst but no.” I whispered to myself. I couldn’t stand Chase anymore. The moon started to shine so I shifted my scales to match the sky, so they couldn’t follow me. I kept flying, towards the ocean and my father.
        The moon was at its highest point when I landed on the beach. I let the tears run and plop onto the sand. I looked around for a cave to shelter in for the night, I wasn’t ready to face my family yet.
        A cave came into sight at the far end of the beach. I walked towards it slowly, and lay down inside. I closed my eyes, willing sleep to come.
        I woke up with a jolt. Cold water splashed over my face. Then I realized I wasn’t in the cave anymore. Eyes gazed down at me, not friendly eyes though.
        “Hmm… she’s awake. Put her to sleep and let’s take her to the queen. And so my short time being awake ended when something hit my side and pain shot through my body.
        The next time I awoke I gasped. I was in the RiverWing dungeons. Didn’t these dragons know I was one of them? I then realized that I had locks and chains around my legs.
        “Here she is.” I saw a strange dragon from before walk into the room. He lead another unfamiliar RiverWing to me.
        “Good job Viridian. I’ll get the queen at once.” The other dragon swam away as the first one walked up to me. That was Viridian, the one who captured me.
        “You better not try to run. I’m right here, guarding you. You can’t get away MoonWing. Soon the queen will meet you and you’ll never see your home again.” He snarled.
        “Mff.” I tried telling him who I was but a metal ring bound my mouth shut. Instead I gave Viridian a glare I stayed put. He thinks I’m a full MoonWing, boy will he learn I’m not.
        “Here we are Your Majesty. A MoonWing prisoner.” The unfamiliar RiverWing lead in another dragon. I took a deep breath. The queen. Queen Cascade of the RiverWings. My family. Would recognize me?
        “What is this? What did you do? You fools!!” She bit the unknown dragon’s wing and he howled in pain. “Viridian!!” She bellowed. “This is not a MoonWing! Not a MoonWing I tell you!” She raked her sharp claws through his wing. Wow. She remembered me. And yikes! He’ll never fly again! I thought. No sympathy for Viridian of course, he deserved it!
        “But-but Your Majesty, what is she?” He spluttered, as he winced at the sharp pain in his wing.
        “She’s royalty. That’s what.” Cascade glared at him. “And your punishment? Guards!!” She bellowed. “Wrap him up!” She ordered. “The other one too!” So for what I know, they spent a long while in those dungeons. Anyway, she unlocked my chains and slipped off the metal band around my snout. “Abyssal, are you alright?” She asked me. I nodded. “Good. Let’s get you to the palace, your father is there.” Unlike most, Cascade didn’t disapprove of her cousin’s relationship between tribes. The queen swam into the sea with me trailing behind. Water rushed past me and I swam faster and faster.
        A little while later we came to a the palace. The Coral Palace. Home of RiverWing royalty and home to my father. The palace was a tall coral shaped pavilion with pearls tucked away and stuck on the outside walls. It was a beautiful sight really, and I had always felt at home here. And then a green and purple dragon stepped out of the doorway. It’s Father!!
        Chapter 10
        Urchins and Storms
        “Father!” I cried. I swam as fast as I could and leaped into his wings. I was happy, at home here with the sea dragons.
        “Abyssal, what are you doing here?” He asked. I wiggled out of his grasp. He was very happy to see me but confused why his oldest daughter would be back already.
        “So well um I can explain…” So I told him everything. The whole story. I hope he’s not mad at me! I thought. I tried my best! But they were mean! “You see, it’s not my fault! Chase was so mean to me, she thinks I don’t care about her!” I burst out.
        “I know it’s not your fault, but you need to show her that you do care Don’t just fly away!” I told me. “And if you go back and they still hate you then try and make things better. Let them be in charge for a while. Show that you do care. That Beamchaser was wrong, OK?” He suggested.
        “Okay. I’ll do that. But can I stay for a little while? Please?” I pleaded. I wasn’t ready to face my friends yet.
        “Yes you can stay, but you have to leave by sunset.” He decided.
        “Urchin!” Cascade called. “Aqua reported a StormWing on our territory! She believes Majorelle and Prussian have gone to take her prisoner. Taking prisoners has been ruining our reputation as a friendly tribe! I’m going to stop them! You and Abyssal can come to!” She ordered. And she swam into the blue sea.
        “Abyssal. Come. Follow the queen and stick with me,” Urchin ordered. He took off like a bullet so I followed. Struggling to keep up I pushed myself to go faster and faster. Coral reefs blurred past me and Urchin’s purple scales shot through the water. Suddenly he broke through the surface of the water spraying water in all directions. I followed. We flew and flew, on and on, until Cascade reached a beach. Two RiverWings that I assumed were Majorelle and Prussian, were struggling to chain up a pretty StormWing.
        “Stop!!!” Cascade commanded. They stopped. And then I realized something. It was Cloudburst!
        “Cascade!” I yelled. I needed her to know that they couldn’t hurt her. That we couldn’t let them.
        “What?” she asked sharply. She clearly disapproved of me not calling her ‘Queen Cascade.’
        “That’s Cloudburst! My friend! You can’t hurt her!” I protested. I swooped to the StormWing’s side. “Cloudburst, are you ok?” I asked. She nodded. “Good. But why are you here?”
        “To find you. And bring you back.” She said, determination edged her voice.
        “Oh. Well I’m not coming. At least not now. Father did say that I have to leave by sunset though” I informed her.
        “But we have to go now!!” She persisted.
        “Why?” I asked
        “Just because. It’s a secret! I can’t say!” She told me. Grr… I need to know! “You see… okay whatever, I really can’t say but still, we have to!”
        “Really?” I said doubtfully.
        “Yes really!” She pleaded. And then I remembered. Chase was the one who drove me away. Crystal didn’t. Cloudburst didn’t. It wasn’t their fault. I wasn’t being fair to Cloudburst. If she wanted me to come back and I didn’t, it would be Chase’s fault she didn’t get what she wanted. And so I made my choice.
        Chapter 11
        “Fine. I’ll come.” I sighed. I tried to sound annoyed but I was still proud of myself for realizing my mistake.
        “Good. I’m glad.” Cloudburst said simply. So I said my goodbyes to my royal RiverWing family and we took to the skies.
        “Wait!” Urchin called. “Abyssal wait up!” My father flew up to us. “I couldn’t wait to tell you, but, I’m going to have another dragonet!” He exclaimed happily!
        “Really? Cool!” I exclaimed enthusiastically. “Boy or girl?” I asked.
        “Boy. We can’t use the same naming strategy as we did for you, so his name will be Turtle!” he revealed.
        “That’s great! The first male dragonet!” I cried happily.
        “I know, gotta go now, see you later!” He called as he flew back to the beach. I turned back to my StormWing friend.
        “Lead the way!” Cloudburst said happily. I smiled and soared in front. Cloudburst had recognized my need to be a leader respected that. So we flew to the Night River together, as friends.
        “Wait!!!” A voice called after us. Someone else? Come on, let us leave already! Hold on! I know this dragon! But what’s her name? I spun around.
        “Aqua!” I cried. She had been one of my friends before I left for the gathering, which seemed like ages ago but really was only a few days. “Hi old friend!” I greeted her happily.
        “Hey Abyssal! Hello Cloudburst.” She greeted us, out of breath. “I just wanted to say, good luck on your mission,” I gave her a confused look, “Urchin told me.” She said, reading my mind. “Hope you fulfill the prophecy and stuff! Tell me all about it when you get home!” She had always been kind. “Oh and Cloudburst, sorry about Majorelle and Prussian. They really do jump to conclusions. I should have stopped them.”
        “It’s alright.” Cloudburst said kindly.
        “Anyway, gotta go!!” And the RiverWing flew away into the distance.
        “Umm… OK.” Cloudburst looked slightly confused.
        “Aqua is a friend of mine. You know, before I left for the gathering.” I explained.
        “Oh. Okay. Got it.” She understood. Cloudburst started flying towards the river again with me trailing right behind.
        When we finally reached the river and cave it was around sunset. I took a few deep breaths, and stepped into the cave.
        Chapter 12
        Facing my friends

        “Hello!!” Cloudburst called. Her voice echoed and I took more deep breaths. “We’re back!!”
        “Abyssal’s really back?” Crystal’s voice drifted through the cave like a windy breeze.
        “Yes, I’m back,” I whispered to myself.
        “Yes, she is! Come say hi!” Cloudburst said happily. “She needed some convincing to come but here she is!”
        “Hey Abyssal!” Crystalline appeared out of the darkness of the cave tunnels. “I’m glad you’re back.” Well sure you are but you aren’t a good enough friend to go looking for me, unlike Cloudburst. “So umm… should I get Beamchaser?” She asked hesitantly, understanding that she was the one to drive me away.
        “Oh. Um sure. Hey Crystalline. How’s it been?” I asked. I tried to be friendly, it wasn’t her fault this happened. “Oh and actually, don’t get Chase.” I told her. I never want to see her again!
        “Why? Don’t you want to see her?” She asked, confused. Oops. I shouldn’t have said that.
        “Well actually I could umm-” I started.
        “You know what? Maybe we shouldn’t move Chase right now. Abyssal, come with us, we’ll lead you to Chase.” Cloudburst suggested.
        “What? Why? Why can’t you move her?” I asked. If something bad had happened, but no, not possible, my mind was pelted with worried thoughts as my friends pretended not to her me. And so they kept walking and walking until we came to the end of the cave. And what I saw next made me gasp.
        “Chase!” I cried. “Chase!!” I ran to her side. The SunWing lay on her side, hardly breathing. Wounds covered her body and some of her moss bed was stained red. “Chase!” I shook her shoulder.
        “Abyssal?” She blinked her eyes open, barely whispering.
        “No. This can’t be happening! Don’t die on me!” I crouched over her. She can’t die! We need her in the prophecy!
        “It’s all right Chase, don’t move.” Cloudburst said quietly. “You’ll be okay.” I guessed that even she didn’t believe herself.
        “Crystal, what happened?” I asked the Snowing. “This is terrible!” My friend just stared at the ground and shook her head.
        “Chase, we’ll be right back. Abyssal come with me.” So I followed Cloudburst through the winding tunnels and when she stopped I exclaimed, “What happened? How did she get so hurt? Oh Cloudburst, she won’t die will she?” Tears ran down my face.
        “Oh Abyssal, she shouldn’t die yet, Crystalline knows a healing poultice made from the rarest plants and gave it to her. She’ll be OK soon.” She comforted me.
        “But how could this all happen in such a short time?” I burst out.
        “I don’t know. But it did. It’s not your fault.” She confessed. “I’m sorry that you weren’t here to see this for yourself. I’ll tell you what happened. First Crystal and Chase got into a big fight, Crystal was mad that Chase drove you away. Chase insisted it wasn’t her fault. She said it wasn’t her fault you were so full of yourself.” She winced.”I’m really sorry about her. Anyway, they decided to hate each other and I tried to get them back together but they wouldn’t listen. And then a little while later I heard something. It ended up being foxes attacking us, as if they knew we were divided and had no way to fight back. Chase was injured badly, she sacrificed herself for me and luckily didn’t actually die. So I’ve been trying to get her healed and still despite her injuries, Chase is still mad at Crystal and Crystal is still mad at her.” She took a deep breath. “And yeah. I need you to help us. More importantly, in this time where we’re divided, we need a leader.”
        Chapter 13
        True Leaders, And True Friends
        “You need me? To lead you?” I spluttered.
        “Yes. Really.” A whisper sounded from behind me. I whipped around.
        “Cha-Chase! You’re OK!” Chase was walking over, leaning on Crystal’s shoulder. “Thanks to Crystal, I’m fine. Yes. And also, I’m really sorry for all those mean things I said about you. Really sorry. And sorry to you to Crystal. You were right after all. It was my fault.” She apologized.
        “It’s OK.” Me and Crystal both replied at the same time. “It’s alright.” I told her.
        “Anyway, I’ve been told you need a leader,” I joked, smiling. “Well I can sure do that!”
        “Yep, we sure do!” Crystal confirmed. And we all laughed. I do have some good friends after all. I have to remember to be kind and a good leader.
        “You know, maybe we should go check out the shadowy dragons. I have a few ideas now.” I suggested. “Oh wait maybe not,” I decided, nodding at Chase’s not yet fully healed injuries. “Let’s relax and sleep tonight.” I’m making real decisions. Like a true leader would.
        “Thanks. I need to rest.” Chase analogized me thankfully. “Tonight, we are friends again.”
        “You bet we are. Now come on! I know this awesome cave!” Cloudburst exclaimed. “Follow me!” So me and my friends followed her until we, after walking through many winding tunnels, came to a light. “Look. At. This.” The StormWing princess stopped. Beamchaser looked up and did I. Crystal just looked down and smiled.
        “Oh wow!” I cried. “This is so awesome! How did you find this place?” The cave was underground, but there was a hole. Right in the middle of the ceiling. Light poured in and you could see the stars. This cave was also littered with little rocks on the perimeter that when light touched them, glowed. And one big Crystal in the middle reflected all the colors of the rainbow, in all directions, across this cave, making the most beautiful place I’d ever seen.
        “Well actually, Crystalline did. When she got mad at Chase she ran into the tunnels, only to appear a few minutes later with a new discovery, this cave! She showed it to me, not wanting to talk to Beamchaser. And so she asked me to show you once you got back. Soon after the foxes attacked but anyway, I didn’t tell you because I wanted to surprise you!” She smiled at Crystal who shyly looked up. She started smiling, and then gave us a big goofy grin. We all laughed hard. Crystal was at it again. Sometimes I felt like her life mission was one, to make us laugh, and two, to show the world how awesome she is. So I smiled, as me and my friends settled down for the night, in this cave, and knew nothing could tear apart our friendship.
        Chapter 14
        Light will dispel the darkness…
        I woke up after a long, good night’s sleep. The first I had had in days. My friends were rousing and steadily climbing to their feet. I yawned. The next thing I did was look over at Chase. The SunWing looked fine, her wounds healing and fading. I knew that Crystal had given her a poultice but this was amazing! She had almost been dead yesterday but she was fine now!
        “Chase! You’re fine!” I exclaimed happily. “I was really worried about you, but with Crystal’s help well, no need to worry!”
        “I know! She looks great!” Crystal commented enthusiastically. “Must be my awesomeness. It really helped.” She joked.
        “Yes, yes, your awesomeness totally saved her. Yay yay yay, Crystal’s so awesome.” Cloudburst joked. We all smiled. A good start to a new day. I thought happily.
        “Alright, are you all ready to go? I have some cool ideas for how to defeat the dark shadowy things.” I said.
        “I’m ready.” They all replied at once, Chase with a little extra enthusiasm.
        “Great! Follow me!” I called. So we burst through the hole in the cave roof and flew into the dawn lit sky.
        Moments later we reached the river. “Alright. We should fly. I want to encounter the dragons because I don’t know how to fight booby traps hidden in murky rivers. Plus that’s what my plans are for fighting against.” I ordered.
        “I’m ready to fight.” Crystal said. The others nodded in agreement.
        “Great. Let’s go.” I gave a sharp nod of my head. “Chase. I don’t want you getting badly injured. Abracadabra disappear!” I cried. My friend got the idea and vanished, performing my magic trick perfectly. I giggled under my breath. “And let’s fight!” I ordered.
        The four of us (looking like three of us) flew across the river. As expected, the shadow dragons swooped like hawks down from the sky. Quickly I powered up a shadow orb and blasted one right in the face. It tumbled backwards, knocked out of the sky. While another one was distracted by his friend’s downfall I punched him in the snout making flinch, giving Crystal enough time to blast him with her freezing death breath. Yes! Freezing death breath of doomy doomness and deathness strikes again! I cried happily inside my head.
        “Yes!” Crystal cried triumphantly. We smiled at each other. We fought on and on, on and on. Until more 10 shadows swooped in as reinforcements.
        “Ok. Listen. There are way too many of them. We need to use my best plan yet. We can destroy them all if it works. Are you ready?” I asked my friends. They nodded and I heard a yes from a patch of air, that clearly Beamchaser was in. “Ok. On three we need to combine all our powers. With any luck the combination will get really big and wipe them all out.” I ordered. “One, Two-”
        “Wait! I think I’ll sit this one out.” A voice sounded behind me. “I’m not in the prophecy anyway so I’ll maybe only try next time if it doesn’t work this time. Maybe. Yes. Ok. Not this time.” I turned around to realize it was Cloudburst. I sighed and nodded. I knew she wouldn’t join in. She wouldn’t stop believing that she couldn’t help us dispel the darkness.
        “Ok Cloudburst. But next time you have to help.” I decided. “Alright. Crystal freezing death breath. I’ll use my shadow orbs. And Chase, fire. Ready? Three, two, one!” I cried. And then I shot shadow orbs in between me and my friends with all my might. BOOM! The attacks smashed together. The spun around each other, creating a light vortex. And then I realized something. Watch for the moon, watch for the sun. Watch for the snow, they will bring the glow. The glow. The glow. The vortex is the glow! “Guys! The vortex! It’s the Glow! Keep attacking!” So we kept going and going, going and going. Until the vortex exploded and light shone all over Aihyria and I was sure all the dragons on the continent saw it. Then the light did something amazing. The dark cloud surrounding the dragons and the one surrounding the river, disappeared. Light will dispel the darkness… my mind raced with thoughts of we did it! We did it! I flew to my friends and hugged them. When the looked at me in confusion I just yelled, “We did it, we did it! We dispelled the darkness! Now twilight will rise!” I flew is a happy little circle around them. We all smiled and flew into a group hug we celebrated, flying loops through the sky. But the we stopped. A voice whispered from across the river.
        “Light has dispelled the darkness. Twilight shall rise.” And a dragon stepped into the sunlight.
        Chapter 15
        Twilight shall rise
        “Light has dispelled the darkness. Twilight shall rise.” And a dragon stepped into the sunlight.
        “What?” I murmured. I nodded for my friends to follow me. I landed on the grass. The dragon was my size. About 7 years old. My guess. “Stand. Let me handle this.” I ordered.
        “Alright. But we’re here. We’ve got your back.” Cloudburst confirmed. They stepped back. I stepped forward. Be friendly. Like Chase on the first day. Be kind. Be happy. I took a deep breath.
        “Hello. I’m Abyssal.” I introduced myself. “What’s your name?” I asked. Kindly, but with hesitation.
        “Oh. Hello Abyssal. My name, my name, my name, my name is Twilight.” She said. I gasped. My friends gasped. Twilight, Twilight, twilight will rise, Twilight will rise! But Twilight, somebody was hoping you were ok, I don’t remember, I was so little, I remember, I remember, two someones, who, who, who? My mind raced. I knew that name! But how? When?
        “Twilight. Twilight.” I let the words roll over my tongue. “Twilight. I know you. How, I don’t know. But I know that name.” Then it hit me. It might come out weird but it was the only way. So I asked. “Twilight, how old are you?”
        “Oh. Well I’m 7.” She answered. “Ish. More or less. I think. Yes. Seven. About.” She confirmed. It’s possible! She’s my age! Is it really true?
        “One more question. For now. My friends probably are bursting with questions right now. But still. Twilight, who are your parents?”
        “My parents? My mother? My father? Oh. My parents.” She took one of those long deep breaths. The kind I took. “Abyssal, my parents are, my parents are, well my parents are,” She was stalling. She was nervous. Embarrassed to say her parents names. “Urchin. And Starseeker. RiverWing. MoonWing. I know.” She blurted. I gasped again. Louder this time. I was right. And then I realized Crystal was shaking my shoulder.
        “Abyssal! Don’t you know what this means?” She asked, all excited. I nodded. And I told Twilight the truth.
        “Twilight. Twilight. Listen to me.” Now I was stalling. “Twilight, you’re my sister.”
        “Sister. Sister.” My newly known sister got used to the words in her mouth. “You’re my sister?” She spluttered.
        “Yes. Sisters. My mother is Queen Starseeker and my father, is Urchin. Prince Urchin. In my first few years of life, when I was in either kingdom, I heard mother or father whispering to themselves, ‘Please be OK. Please come home. Come home Twilight, come home.’ They were worried. About you. So come with me and we’ll take you home. My friends are Cloudburst, Crystalline, and Beamchaser. Come with us and we’ll take you home sister. To the River kingdom, or the Moon kingdom. Whatever. Just come. Be our friends. Come with me sister, come.” I pleaded.
        “Alright. I’m coming.” She sighed with relief. “Thank you sister. Thank you. You see, I ran away because I wasn’t a MoonWing because only these little speckles could change colors.” She pointed to some dots that made a ring around each ankle. “I could only hold my breath for a hour so not a RiverWing either. I was shunned in both tribes so I ran away. I am glad our parents care. So wait for me sister. I’m coming home with you.”
        “Good now just follow. I can’t wait to spend more time with you, and we’ll all be great friends. I know it.” I said happily.
        “You bet! And I also have to teach Twilight how awesome I am!” Crystal exclaimed enthusiastically. She loved boasting about her awesomeness.
        “I’m glad you’re coming Twilight. Now we can all be friends!” Cloudburst agreed that we would be friends.
        “I hope you’re not as bossy as your sister!” Chase joked. We all smiled and laughed. “Always happy to have new friends!” She chimed. So with that the 5 of us soared into the sky, as friends. And now I look back on those times and know that I have the best friends, and sister, a dragon could ever have.
        Me and my sisters were in the RiverWing royal hatchery for the first times since we were born. Twilight, Sunlight, Urchin, and I were crouched over a seaweed nest of eggs. Well one egg really.
        “I’m so excited!” Twilight whispered in my ear. We had become close friends since me and my friends had found her.
        “Me two!” I replied. “I hope it hatches soon.”
        “I wish Mother was here to see this, but it’s not her turn, she hatched Sunlight.” Twilight said sadly. In our family, our parents take turns having us dragonets in their kingdoms. Twilight and I were born here, Sunlight in the Moon kingdom, and now Turtle will be hatched here like me.
        “Daddy, when will it hatch?” Sunlight asked. She was getting really fidgety.
        “Be quiet Sunlight, it hatching right now!” He said, slightly annoyed. We all learned closer. Crack. Crack. The eggshell was cracking. Crack. Crack. Jagged lines split across the purple eggshell and then it exploded. Literally. Bits of the top half of the shell flew across the room. And when they cleared, all I could see was a cute, purple, newly hatched dragonet. My brother.
        “Turtle. Hello little brother.” I whispered. I wanted to be the first one to welcome him into the world. “Hello.”
        And then he spoke. “Arky? Fwapp?”

        • Moonpaw who is also Moonbreeze
          November 10, 2017 at 6:30 pm

          Ok… it’s kind of long. 24 pages! Keep in mind, I wrote this when I was ten and am writing the sequel, which is turning out much better. I hope you guys like it!

        • November 11, 2017 at 12:25 am

          I think this belongs in the FanFiction page, under Feeling Creative. But great story!

          Book Worm and proud of it

          • November 11, 2017 at 2:20 am

            WoF fanfiction can go on this page as well.

            She's a mod…that talks!

          • Moonpaw who is also Moonbreeze
            November 11, 2017 at 6:10 pm

            Thank you so much for the “great story” you are my new best friend! *hugs*
            Nobody really is big on my stories and I’m glad you read it or somewhat read it.

  9. November 10, 2017 at 10:06 pm

    gosh I am sooooo excited for the Lost Continent. Not only are there new dragons and new places and possibly Clearsight, but they probably run things very differently than the Pyhrria dragons do and that’s gonna be super interesting! Do you guys have any theories? 😀

    🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

    • Moonpaw who is also Moonbreeze
      November 11, 2017 at 6:09 pm

      My theory is above your comment. 😁 I’m so happy somebody likes my story!

    • Fawnpaw ( used to be Moonpaw)
      November 11, 2017 at 9:42 pm

      Tui T. Sutherland said that the continent is named Pantala. She also said that one of the tribes might be called Grasswings. There is more facts about the book on a wings of fire wiki page.

  10. Bright Orange of Autumn Leaf (Brightkit)
    November 12, 2017 at 4:15 pm

    I remember that time in Darkness of Dragons when Darkstalker was refusing to eat that strawberry that would give him a new life. I would have totally taken the chance, though, only because strawberries are the best fruit in the history of mankind..

    I just stated that randomly.


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