Why Some Cats Aren’t Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus by Streampaw


Streampaw defends some of her favourite characters from Mary-Sue-dom

Hey kitties! Stream here with my SECOND ARTICLE! WHOOP! Anyway, I’m apprentice now! YAY! so let’s just get to the point. I will be putting cat sin order of how many people think they are mary-sues. Let’s start!

6. Bluestar- Now, I personally don’t think bluestar is a mary-sue and I don’t know why people do. I mean, genetics- fine, character- fine(SHE HAS FLAWS! she is snappy and short-tempered and stubborn. if you disagree try reading bluestar’s prophecy, again if you already have, and the whole of TPB), warrior name- fine, appearance- fine, backstory- a bit sueish but she was HAPPY.
5. Feathertail- I can’t really say much about Feathertail. She never really had much character development, and the reason some people like her is because they like Silverstream, or they ship her with Crowfeather. But the way she’s been written, it’s mary-sue all the way through, complete with heroic death, rescue and ‘goodbye, my love’.
4. Lionblaze- By definition, a mary-sue/gary stu is a character with NO FLAWS. Lionblaze has those. like with Bluestar, and he doesn’t even have a tragic backstory! ok, he has a prophecy, but so does Jayfeather! I don’t know WHY people think he’s a gary stu. He loses his powers, and he has relationship problems! for Starclan’s sake, people, can’t you see?!?!? (sorry I had to put that)

3. firestar- I think firestar IS a gary-stu, but not a fully-fledged one. FireHEART was a great character, but just not fireSTAR. nothing more needs to be said here

2. Dovewing- again, I don’t know why people think she is a mary sue. She actually has flaws(the same as bluestar, plus impatience(shown in TLH/TFW with the tree training)) and she ARGUES WITH HER SISTER! she isn’t a tom magnet in my opinion, because if she was then bluestar(3 toms- Thrush, Crooked and Oak) and Squirrelflight( bramble, stormfur and ash). Her appearance isn’t sueish really- Ivypool, a silver tabby with blue eyes, is MORE SUEISH! Dovewing’s eyes are unspecified but most likely yellow/green, and her fur is SOLID GRAY. she doesn’t even have a tragic backstory. Some people hate her because ‘she replaced HOLLYLEAF THE BEST CHARACTER EVER, AND NOW WE’RE STUCK WITH A STUPID MARY-SUE TOM MAGNET!’ or they love ‘IVYPOOL, WHO SAVED THE CLANS WITH HER BRAVERY IN THE DARK FOREST, WHILE DOVEWING JUST SAT THERE AND DID NOTHING BUT WORRY ABOUT HER LOVERS!’ for starclan’s sake people! open up your eyes! you don’t just hate a cat because you like their replacement/opposite/whatever! Plus Dovewing COMPLAINS ABOUT HER POWERS! don’t get me wrong, I like Hollyleaf and Ivypool, but I just think it’s so unfair that Dovewing gets so much hate. Not everybody likes her in the books! she has a good few enemies. I have so much to say about this and I have many points that I can’t put into words. But one bit where I really liked her was the scene with her and minty in Bramblestar’s storm. I was surprised she was so patient with minty, and I think Dovewing was actually quite a good character, just badly written. If this was an OC review and Dovewing was an OC she would get a 7.5/8.5.

1. Spottedstalker(Spottedleaf) MOST DEFINITELY A MARY-SUE( but not a fully fledged one. I think everybody agrees on that).

Hope you guys liked my article-rant! tell me if you agree/disagree in the comments!


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  38 Replies to “Why Some Cats Aren’t Mary-Sues/Gary-Stus by Streampaw”

  1. Silverpaw
    January 20, 2017 at 5:55 pm

    Yup! I pretty much agree with all of these. All though, I think Spottedleaf was a bit of a mary-sue. Her only flaw was being a stalker for/ obsessing over Firestar.

  2. Silvertail, queen of puns in general
    May 24, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    Finally, someone else defends Dovewing!
    Very nice article, too! 😀

    Don't let your MEMES be DREAMS

  3. Brightkit
    October 21, 2017 at 2:54 pm

    Very good article, I agree with all of these! 😀

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