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  1. January 18, 2019 at 2:45 am

    Oof I have been disloyal to this page 😛 I must be active here again
    Ok now that both Moon and Rose are creating fanfics, do you guys wanna see mine? 😛
    Ok that’s it 😛
    😛 😛 😛

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  2. January 18, 2019 at 6:42 am

    Rose, would you mind if I drew fan art of the pokegirls from your fanfic? I’ve seen your drawings (which are amazing, btw), but I really want to give a shot at drawing them myself, if that’s all right! 🙂

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  3. January 18, 2019 at 7:10 am

    I’m going to post the last chapter of Alola, Alola? soon, but I was wondering if you’d be interested in a Q&A with my characters? If so, you can ask them some questions after the last chapter goes up. Even though the last chapters sucks and is super cringy and is my first time trying to write anything remotely romantic or whatever… 😛 And I swear you’ll lose track of characters once we get to RAIEB, which is a sequel I’m currently writing. You can guess what it stands for if you’d like…

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    • January 18, 2019 at 1:26 pm

      ooh can’t wait for the last chapter 😀

      and yes i would like to to do a q&a with the characters that would be fun 🙂

      the hash slinging slasher

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      I wanted to do one after the fifth chapter of my fanfic too rip


      😀 😛

    • January 22, 2019 at 2:49 pm


      Hmm lemme guess: Rainbowy And Interestingly Energetic Bulbasaurs 😛

  4. Rosepaw
    January 18, 2019 at 5:39 pm

    fan article tiiiiiiime

    Ship Review – Character: Dawn

    THAAAAAT’S RIGHT! IT’S DAWN! 😀 Today I will be reviewing three awesome ships – Ikarishipping, Penguinshipping, and Appealshipping – and sharing my take on them!

    1. Penguinshipping

    A little backstory – Dawn and Kenny were childhood friends, and Kenny developed a crush on her. Cute, right?
    Cute, but lacking a bit in the development and chemistry departments. While Kenny’s a great rival, I’m not sure if a relationship with Dawn would work. I do think that a relationship would between them would probably be the stablest. Just not the most intriguing, imo. Plus I ship him with Barry 😛 don’t ask.

    2. Ikarishipping

    I’ll admit, I used to love this ship. Even though they only talked once or twice in canon, fanon turned me over. All was good.
    Then I realized a relationship, realistically, probably wouldn’t work out.
    It might, I mean, if they did get into one I’d be hopeful, but they are very huge opposites, and the only thing that comes to my mind as a connection is Pokémon. Personally, I give it a 50% chance working out, and a 50% chance it falls apart on the first date. Not to mention Paul’s a huge jerkhead. 😛

    3. Appealshipping

    They have good chemistry, plus a good amount of things different and same about them. Really, this is my Dawn OTP. Zoey challenges Dawn, helps her get better, but knows the line between a challenge and pushing too hard. Dawn challenges Zoey too, in a sort of the-way-you-think way, imo. PLUS, THEY ARE REALLY, REALLY CUTE AND YOU CANNOT CHANGE MY MIND –

    Thank you for reading this cringe! Rosepaw out!

    • January 19, 2019 at 11:02 pm

      I honestly don’t understand the whole thought behind Ikarishipping… Paul is a huge jerk and he doesn’t deserve Dawn 😛 Sorry I like Dawn a lot… Penguinshipping lacks in chemistry, agreed. I’d be a pearlshipper but I like amourshipping more (I know you hate it don’t kill me please 😛 ). Appealshipping… I’d never thought about it, but I like it! I liked this “article” or whatever 😛

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      • January 20, 2019 at 4:52 pm

        same (wait I love everyone 😛 ) (eXCEPT YOU PAUL) ( 😛 )

        tbh all Ash ships are cute, so even if I don’t ship them I like them 😛 even though Amourshipping is my least favorite, it’s still cute <3

        (Edit: almost forgot to add the thanks for the feedback so I sound mature)

        Thanks for the feedback! 😀



      • January 22, 2019 at 3:05 pm

        (fellow amourshipper over here. I’ll join you and Rose don’t kill me too)

        I also like Pearlshipping more than those three *ducks flying potatoes*

        I actually think Paul is a really well written rival. Though at the start he’s my least favorite rival (Trip has taken his place and he’s still there). Jerky ( 😛 ) people are the ones that make you want to defeat them more and make the rival relationship more intense. And btw he portrays real life people who play the games the best because (most) people care more about evs and nature and ivs and movesets (also “GO PIKACHU I KNOW YOU CAN DO IT” is not a move choice in the games 😛 ) than remembering the time they caught them (except shinies or some rare encounter) or trying to develop a bond with them even if they have bad stats (sadly).

        PS Go [insert pokemon] I know you can do it: status move that has +7 priority. If the trainer shouts loudly and desperately enough and the pokemon has full friendship and affection, the pokemon regains half of its HP and gets a +2 attack boost in both attack stats 😛

        • January 22, 2019 at 10:26 pm

          (rip where did you get the idea that i’m rabid :c 😛 )


          gonna need some burn heal for that, Ash (it’s true tho double oof 😛 )


  5. January 19, 2019 at 12:37 am

    Here’s my Pokémon Fanfiction! I mentioned above what it’s about, but here it is just in case you missed it: It’s about my OC Luna. She’s trainer from the region I created, called the Pabay region (based on California, where I actually live). So far, I’ve just been writing long or short one-shots or just parts of her story. I’ve just finished her visit to Alola, where she meets Gladion. It’s sorta a Lonashipping story, but also a LunaXGladion story, just because I like them. Funny enough, Luna’s friends are Silv(Silvannia) and Ottie (Ottillie), that are obviously based off of Silv and Ottie. It’s my first time writing a Pokemon fanfic, so it’s not great. But I’m pretty proud, considering it’s like 25 pages… I will also post Luna (and everybody else’s) reference pictures on the following wiki page when I’m not so lazy. It’s also where all the fakemon pictures are: https://blogclan-2.wikia.com/wiki/Moon%27s_Pokemon_Fanfics

    Here’s Luna’s Pokémon, as requested by Misty.

    Fleet (Absol): Male
    Sylph (Sylveon): Female
    Valor (Swellow): Male
    Skye (Shiny Milotic): Female
    Gallant (Gallade): Male
    Kurama (Alolan Ninetales): Female
    Alan (Bisharp): Male
    Aurora (Aurorus): Female
    Reckless (Rapidash): Female
    Nike (Zebstrika): Female
    Jet (Garchomp): Male
    Kirian (Lurantis): Male
    Delcetean: Female

    And by popular demand, a probably outdated list of Silv and Ottie’s! 😛

    Ottille (Ottie):
    Riptide (Samurott): Male
    Jubilee (Togekiss): Female
    Blossom (Sawsbuck): Female
    Pearl (Dragonair): Female
    Pyre (Pyroar): Female
    Lynx (Linoone): Male
    Swift (Buizel): Male
    Cobalt (Lucario): Male
    Amber (Liepard): Female

    Silvannia (Silv):
    Sakura (Meganium): Female
    Candy (Altaria): Female
    Wisteria (Mienshao):Female
    Violet (Espeon): Female
    Nyx (Noivern): Female
    Sunburst (Vivillon, Savannah): Male
    Nightingale (Meowstic): Male
    Astrid (Gardevoir): Female
    Kindle (Ninetales)

    Now, without further ado, here’s the next part!

    Alola, Alola?
    Part 9

    “Luna?” Gladion stood in the open doorway as Luna opened the door to their guest room. “We need to talk. Now,” he said sharply, pointing in a direction farther down the hallway. Luna was taken back by his attitude, but nodded. The teen reached for her bag and phone before following Gladion out of her room, closing the white painted door behind her. Gladion walked briskly down the hall, silent and his eyes fixed ahead.

    “Where are we going?” Luna whispered, as not to disturb any trainers sleeping. 10:34 pm, Luna’s watch read. It was late, and the sky outside was completely dark, Luna noticed, as they passed a window. Gladion didn’t speak. The two teens reached the central elevator of the building, a triangular lift painted a shining white with golden railings. Gladion punched a number into the keypad with unusual ease as the two stood on the lift together. As the elevator began to move upwards, the boy fidgeted with is torn black hoodie. Luna looked uncomfortably at her gray sneakers. The building was silent, workers gone home or asleep in other rooms. No employees in shining white uniforms hurried through hallways and lab rooms, no eager trainers preparing for the next days battles. It was quiet.

    The air was crisp and cold when the elevator stopped. They had reached the top floor. The glass roof had many parts open to the sky as well, and Luna shivered. The girl untied her jacket from her waist and put it on, sliding her narrow arms though the soft sleeves. Beside her, Gladion exited the lift and walked forwards down one of the paths. Luna followed. Around them, the ground was green and grassy. Trees grew in forests while rivers ran through the landscape. Pokemon of all shapes and sizes lay in the darkness, sleeping. Some tumbled and played in the night, or flew above the others. Gladion reached a fork in the path and sat down on a bench right in front of him. Luna sat beside him.

    “So,” Luna started. “Why bring me out here in the middle of the night? What do you have to say?” Any irritation in her voice turned to curiosity. Gladion sat silent for a moment longer.

    “I wanted to say thank you, Luna,” Gladion said quietly. “For what you said to my mother. Never have I felt as I did then. I was surprised, but also not. If anybody was going to do it, it was you. I was angry, but also happy. I wanted to tell her off, but you had more courage than I did. It’s odd, Luna. Never has anybody spoken to my mother like you did. And I tried. Believe me. Every time, she would laugh and turn away. But you didn’t let her. And…” his voice trailed off. Both teens avoided eye contact and gazed straight ahead at the moon, which was a thin crescent slightly clouded by fog.

    “Gladion…” Luna had nothing to say. He was the one who brought her here. But was that really true? Her heart had longed for a chance to talk to Gladion – to make up, and move on. But of course she had been too shy. Both trainers were angry, and she didn’t want to deal with Gladion for a while. But maybe that while was over.

    “Luna…” Gladion whispered, so unlike himself. “I’m saying I forgive you. You’re a kind, brave, thoughtful person,” he continued. Luna began to blush in the darkness. “You… you remind me of her. In so many ways. But you’re also different.” Luna winced at the thought of Moon. So much about Moon. Gladion really cared for her, didn’t he? Why am I so angry? Why am I hurting inside like I am? Luna wondered foolishly. Stop lying to yourself. You know why. You like him… and not just as a friend, like you said to Ottie. “Moon may have battled Lusamine multiple times to help Lillie and I – but never once did she stand up for us. Never once did she have the courage to yell at my mother, to put her in her place. I could tell you reminded my mother of Moon, too – of her defeat to a child. It infuriated her. But she learned her lesson. Thank you, Luna,” Gladion murmured. Luna slowly turned to face the boy by her side. His emerald eyes were dark in the shadows, but warm. Then he turned away. Luna felt a pang in her heart. “I’m sorry. This isn’t like me, to get all sappy like this. I should go, let you return to your room, and get some rest. You’re probably going home soon, too,” he said abruptly. He stood up quickly. “Bye, Luna.” The pale haired boy turned and quickly started walking towards the elevator. Luna froze. Just like that? That’s all? She found herself surprised, and hurt. The girl had no reaction for a moment, and then bolted to her feet.

    “Gladion!” She yelled. The other trainer was a good while ahead. “Gladion! Wait!” The boy turned around sharply, and stopped. Luna sprinted towards him, her long legs reaching far and her bag banging at her side as she ran. She reached him in a few seconds.

    “Luna…” Gladion stared at her with an unreadable look in his narrow eyes. “It’s best I go. You’ll be leaving soon, we just can’t…” he told her sharply. “You live so far away. There’s no way this is going to work. Unless we end this now… the heartbreak’s going to be worse,” he whispered, shaking his head. Luna felt her stomach lurch, but was also hit with hard realization.

    “Gladion…” Luna muttered. “You really… you feel the same way about me as I do about you?” She asked quietly. Gladion looked at her, who was an inch or two shorter than him. “What about Moon?”

    “Forget about Moon,” Gladion said, shaking his head again. “You’re everything she is and more. And yes, I do,” he added. Suddenly, Luna lunged forward and fell into Gladion’s arms. The two wrapped their arms around one another and hugged. Both trainers fell silent. “Luna…” he began to whisper. Both trainers pushed apart and smiled at one another. “Luna, we’re too young for this. I’m not ready to be in a relationship,” he muttered, suddenly staring down at the ground they both stood on.

    “I understand,” Luna replied softly. She turned her head slightly away as to avoid his gaze. Not because she was hurt, but just thinking. “I’ve always thought I shouldn’t be with somebody until I was at least 15. I’m fifteen in December – in 3 months. We can wait. I just…” the girl stammered at the end. “I just don’t want to lose you again,” she admitted with sadness in her heart.

    “I know, Luna,” Gladion said in a similar fashion. “I don’t either. How about Lillie and I come to the Pabay region with you? We can just be… friends until the end of this year. I promise I’ll be with you then,” he vowed. Luna looked up at him and smiled.

    “I’d like that,” she whispered thoughtfully. “I’m in Alola for another week – you can show me around. And then we’ll go back to the Pabay region, and I’ll show you around,” she promised. Gladion cracked a rare smile. The two hugged one more time, briefly, and walked back to the elevator together. Behind them, a single Noctowl cried out before it all fell silent once more.

    Now I’m sorry for how bad that was… was it okay? I had one person read it and like it and another person thought it was cringy. So yeah. Some little LunaXGladion fluff for you… also, Q&A! Feel free to ask any question to any of the characters from the fic. After that, I’ll post my little one-shot (which may be split into a couple parts) where Moon returns to Alola for some DRAMMAAAAA 😛 And then I have RAIEB, the sequel to that I’m currently writing 😛 yay for lots of stories… anyways, give me lots of questions, and please tell me what you thought of the chapter 🙂

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    • January 19, 2019 at 4:32 am


      it’s weird because i’m younger buuut eh

      oOOOOOoooooOooH DRAMA (Moon you better not get in the way of this ship because I SWEAR -)

      Q&A stuffs:

      For Lillie: What did you first think of when you saw Luna?

      For Gladion: How are you going to handle your relationship with your mother? If that’s too personal, with Luna?

      For Luna: how do you handle being so cute How do you think your relationship with Gladion will go? What if you fall in love with someone else?

      (sorry if I did this wrong or whatever i’m Weird)


    • January 19, 2019 at 3:40 pm

      ooh drama drama drama drama dramaaaaaahhhhhhhh 😛

      q&a stuff

      i can’t think of any right now ’cause i’m lazy 😛

      the hash slinging slasher

    • Rainshine 🌸 Rainie
      January 20, 2019 at 8:38 pm

      I LOVE IT SM
      I LOVE IT

      wildflowers ~

    • January 22, 2019 at 3:37 pm



      For Luna: any special memories with Delcetean?
      Gladion: uhhhh how are you going to face Lusamine after this
      Lillie: Do you have a crush on Sun/Elio How do you think about Moon/Selene when you first saw her? How about Luna?
      Silv: Why won’t you mega evolve your gardevoir How are contests in Pabay like?
      Ottie: Who’s your starter?
      Lusamine: how did you catch Nihilego?
      Moonpaw: can you please continue writing this is amazing

  6. January 19, 2019 at 7:30 pm

    Hey Moon? If you’re reading this, then I requested to be Ottie’s apprentice on PokemonClan, but it’s so inactive my comment’s not even modded- so can I sign up here?

    Littenpaw- sleek black she-cat with cheek tufts and azure blue eyes OR soft-furred white she-cat with shady gray points and azure blue eyes. Her Twoleg would also call her Meowstic, Espeon, and Umbreon, but mostly Litten, but she can still be called Meowsticpaw, Espeonpaw, or Umbreonpaw. But yeah can I be the meddie cat apprentice?

    Click my name for MoonClan!

  7. January 21, 2019 at 4:21 am



    Note: this takes place one week after the second chapter



    Episode 3 ~ Walkin’ On Air


    Knock knock knock.

    May ignored the stupid sound, burying her head under her pillow. Who visits at twelve thirty in the morning anyway? It was probably just a wild animal. Or a branch. Yeah.

    Knock knock knock.

    Just a branch. Just a branch. Just a branch.

    Knock knock knock.

    Since the strategy of ignorance wasn’t working, so May decided to get up and find the source of her annoyance. It was coming from downstairs, so she checked the front door first.


    Looking down, a light blue cat-dog similar in shape to Amber spooked May. It looked up at her, eyes creepily staring into her soul. “Um, hi.”

    They, specifically May, stood there, staring at the other, wondering what the other was thinking. Then the creature got up and walked inside.

    “Ah, okay. So… are you going to tell me who you are?”

    The Pokémon was looking around, taking a few glances back at the Pokegirl, before answering. “Sapphire. I’m Sapphire.”

    May smiled. “Wow, what a pretty name! You know, on this show here on Earth -“

    “Where is your partner?” The blue cat-dog interrupted, tone icy enough to send a shiver down May’s spine.

    “Upstairs, sleeping.” Geez, May thought, she’s… something. She thought for a moment. It’s funny how I’m not even scared or anything. This is just life now. As she led her guest to her room, where Amber resided, she decided on calling Serena. Fia would know what to do, right? She seemed like the perso-Pokemon to go to. May leaned down and stroked Amber’s warm fur.

    “Hey, Amber. We got a visitor. Wake up.”

    Amber moaned. “Mmmmmm… five more minutes.”

    “She wants to meet you. It’s important. I’ll get the cookies.”

    Mention of the cookies made Amber immediately leap up. “Count me awake!” Then she noticed Sapphire. Oh wow. She’s so… just… wow. Then she realized she was staring and blushed. “Oh, um, I’m Amber, May’s partner. Nice to meet you.” She extended her paw in greeting.

    Sapphire looked right through her, then almost tentatively shook the outstretched paw. Her expression was one of slight uncomfort, and quickly retracted her paw after a few seconds. Amber, however, looked like she would melt into a puddle at any second.

    May butted in awkwardly. “Hey, um, I’ve got Serena and Fia on FaceTime, guys.” She showed them her phone, which had a drowsy-and-cranky looking Serena and an alert Fia.

    “So, I see you’ve found a Partner.” May was about to correct her, but stayed quiet as Fia continued. “Let me introduce myself. I’m Fia, and this is my Partner Pokegirl, Serena.” Serena waved sleepily. “You must be the Sky Elemental’s Partner, right?”

    Sapphire nodded. May was confused. “Wait, what? ‘Sky Elemental’?”

    Fia sighed. “Didn’t you listen to my explanation a few days ago?”

    – –

    Fía cleared her throat. “Ok, I’m going to explain the basics of the universe. Are you listening? Good.”

    That was all May remembered Fia saying before playing Flightless Birds on her iPhone. Dang birds were just trying to make her rage quit, she could feel it.

    Serena was looking on intently for a few seconds, before watching May beat forty levels in a row. It really was really entertaining.

    – –

    “Ugh. Then I’ll explain it again, but shorter. AND YOU BETTER LISTEN.” She gave Serena and May both a glare before starting. “There are five basic elements in the universe – Fire, Water, Earth, Sky, and the fifth one, that goes by many names. Spirit. Quintessence. Aether. But we’ll call it Love. Each of the five Pokegirls represent these elements through their actions, personalities and motives. Serena represents Love, while you, May, represent Fire. The three remaining elements are Sky, Earth and Water.”

    May and Serena shared a collective “ohhhhhhh”. Serena spoke then.

    “So we just need to find the Sky Pokegirl? Well, if we know her, it should be easy. I mean, I already knew May before she became a Pokegirl. What if we know this girl?”

    May nodded. “But how will we know who? And what if we don’t? We need a sort of plan to find her, like a…. gathering of lots of girls in our grade. So we can check.”

    The two teens searched their brains for ideas. Serena spoke up. “Ooh! Maybe a party! We could invite lots of girls and have Fia and Amber and – uh -“

    “Sapphire,” May filled in helpfully.

    “Yeah, her, to check them, just like what happened with you and Amber!”

    Fia thought about this throughly. “Wow, for once one of your ideas is helpful,” she muttered. Normally, she said, “Ok! May can host the party tomorrow, since it’s a Saturday and because her house is bigger, that okay?” May gave a small nod. “Good! Keep a look out for anyone who fits this description tomorrow: ‘airy, friendly, breezy, calm, quiet’. They are potential Pokegirls!”

    May said bye to the pair and hung up. Then she looked at the two Pokémon at her feet. “Ok, so until we find your Partner, you’re staying with us, Sapphire. Where do you want to sleep?”

    “Ooh! Ooh! With me!” Amber called out. She glanced at Sapphire and blushed. “Um, I mean, I’d be happy to offer my bed to you.” Please please please please please –

    “That’s okay, I’d rather not intrude on your personal space. I’ll sleep with your Partner.”

    Noooooo! No, it’s her choice, it’s okay. Be cool. “O-oh, um, that’s ok. Um, good night!” She smiled at May and Sapphire, then rushed off to her bed, which was inside a toy chest at the foot of May’s large bed. May had adjusted it herself, added cozy pillows of expensive penguin down, air holes and a complimentary doodle of herself (drawn by May). After a week, they had really bonded, learning everything about each other. Unlike Fia, Amber loved Earth and it’s weird customs.

    Leaping into her bed, she thought about Sapphire. Oh my gosh, Sapphire. She’s so gorgeous and stunning and pretty and – other word for beautiful – and – I think I like her! It’s too bad I haven’t seen her smile, I bet it’d be beautiful too. She giggled to herself, and vowed to someday make Sapphire laugh. A wonderfully fantastic laugh.


    “It’s the dawn of a new daaaay,” sang out Dawn, a blue-haired blue-eyed teen girl getting ready for school. She stepped out of her computer-controlled shower, clapping three times. The system turned on the dryer, warming up the air near her and efficiently drying her, without the need for a towel.

    Oh, the beauty of having a tech-savvy dad.

    “Come on, Dawn! You’re going to be late!” Aforementioned dad called out. She smiled to herself as she slipped on her clothes. Her dad always said that; he had explained that his dad was always late, so he wanted to be the opposite. She knew that, in fact, she would most likely arrive early, just like every day. But she didn’t point this out to her dad; she just went along with it. Whatever made him happy.

    That was Dawn’s motto, as she loved making people happy. Helping out was always a must, and if anyone was feeling down, you can bet Dawn would be there in an instant, comforting you or making you laugh. To her, other’s happiness mattered more then her own.

    It might’ve been a product of the divorce. While most kids would’ve cried their eyes out, Dawn simply plowed through, doing anything to help her depressed dad. Little by little, bit by bit, it helped him. Sure, she ignored her own feelings, but what mattered most was that her dad was happy. So she decided that by being happy, perky and cheerful, she would help others too. Be a perpetual light in their lives.

    It would work. She’d make sure of it.

    Going downstairs into the sparkly white kitchen, Dawn grinned as she smelled waffles. She popped a few in her mouth as her dad looked up from his digital newspaper. “Ah,” he said cheerily, “There’s my happy girl.”

    “You know it,” she said through a mouthful of waffles. Swallowing, she added, “How’s work?”

    “Ah, you know, same old, same old.” He waved it off dismissively, as was his regular attitude towards his work. He always tried to not get noticed by his peers, as he disliked the attention paid to famous developers (rest assured he would most likely become famous), often resulting in hilarious predicaments. Like that time he purposefully messed up his interview with the main manager by spilling coffee on himself. “Oh, what a mess,” he faked remorse. “Guess I’m very clumsy and shouldn’t be promoted.”

    Her dad was a weird one; he had talent, but preferred to stay in the back, doing mundane jobs and saving his masterpieces for his daughter (and previously, his wife).

    Dawn downed her orange juice in one gulp. “Bye, Dad, I’m going to school,” she called as she went down the steps of their house.

    “Bye, honey! I love you!”

    “Love you too!” Checking the time on her wristwatch, Dawn started jogging to school. Once again, she managed to make it to her first class, History, early. Enough.

    Five minutes later, as the rest of the students spread out throughout the classroom, someone caught Dawn’s eye. A red headed, spunky looking girl leaned back in her chair, pumping her head to the beat of some music streaming through her sparkly purple headphones. Aka Zoey, aka Dawn’s crush.

    Dawn didn’t know how, or why, really, but for who-knows-what, she had a crush on this girl. From the way she energetically and talked with her peers, to the way she drew doodles in her books, to even now as her cute head bopped to the music streaming into her cute ears –

    Darn it. The teacher’s talking. Gotta stop being so gay.

    It was extremely hard, though. Zoey was positioned right in front of her, which was making concentrating on the history of Australia a bit difficult. But she persevered, writing down whatever information was absorbed into her brain. Which, combining the facts that (a) Zoey and (b) history is boring, made it very little information.

    “Okay, class, close up your books,” Miss Burnet called out. “Before you go, each of you will be assigned a partner for this next project. I have already chosen them, so listen closely.” After a few other people’s names, Dawn heard hers. “Dawn Roseberry and Zoey Prescott.”

    Oh no. Oh yes.

    Zoey turned around to face her. “Hey, looks like we’re working together. My name’s Zoey, I don’t think we’ve met? So, hi.” She smiled.

    Dawn’s brain was racing. Zoey. In front of me. Saying hi. Do something!! “Yeah, um, I’m Dawn. Yeah, hi.” She grinned awkwardly. What was that?! Gosh, please don’t let this be our entire project’s interactions in general!! Ok. Calm down. It’ll be cool. This is what you wanted, right? A chance to talk to her.

    Zoey returned the awkwardness, picking up her backpack. Then she waved at Dawn, leaving the room and the blunette, who was blushing so hard she looked like a tomato. Their teacher slurped on a juice box.

    “You,” said Miss Burnet, in between gulps, “are truly a useless lesbian.”

    Dawn left, flustered. Miss Burnet smiled to herself.


    Lunchtime. The perfect time to check out everyone. No, not like that, like May and Serena were. Looking for a person who embodied air. Without looking suspicious. While eating with Iris.

    “Look, maybe her,” whispered Serena, who was positioned cleverly next to May. She pointed at someone on the cheerleader squad.

    May snorted. “Yeah, that’s make sense. Cheerleaders are usually airheads.”

    “Ey,” said Serena in a scolding tone. “Don’t listen to what TV tells you.” She looked thoughtful for a moment. “Although, it might be true for at least one of them. No offense to them, of course.”

    “Yeah. Hey, when do you think we should pass out the invitations?”

    Serena grinned. Then, in a playful tone, she replied, “After I finish my cookie, so that you don’t steal it later.”

    May laughed. “Yeah, sorry about that.”

    Iris tried to awkwardly get into the conversation. “Um, so what are you guys talking about?”

    May waved her hand dismissively. “Oh, just the welcoming party I’m holding for Serena tomorrow. I’m going to pass out invitations to everyone.” She got up, and flashed a gold-and-silver envelope at her friend. “And of course, you are automatically invited, as always.” She flashed a smile, too, before waking away. “I’m off!”

    Iris turned to Serena. “I know something’s up. I don’t know what, but it’s there.” She squinted suspiciously at Serena, drinking her Coke all the while. Oh gosh, please come back soon, May, the Pokegirl thought. Hopefully Iris doesn’t have a gossip habit!


    Dawn stretched, excitement and adrenaline running through her veins. She picked up her pink pom-poms, looked down to make sure her outfit was a-okay, and headed out. What better school activity to participate in then cheerleading? It fit Dawn perfectly; it had ‘cheer’ in it’s name, for Pete’s sake!

    The team was practicing football right now, which meant the cheerleaders would practice their cheers as well. What concerned Dawn more, however, was Zoey.

    Next to Zoey, who was sitting in the stands, were two other girls, one a blondish-brunette who was… focused on one of the players. The other was a light-haired girl who was talking to Zoey, handing her an envelope or something…. If only I could talk to her with that much ease, dreamed Dawn. She realized that the girl who was talking had come down from the stands, giving everyone a gold-and-silver invitation. She headed over to Dawn.

    “Hey, you are cordially invited to my ‘Welcome to Middletown, Serena!’ party tomorrow at seven!” She grinned at Dawn, handing her the crisp envelope as well.

    Dawn beamed right back. “Oh wow, thanks!” She took it gently, inspecting the silky feel. “Wow, that feels so cool!”

    The other girl’s grin widened. “I know, right?! I picked it out myself.” She looked up at someone who was shouting at her. “Sorry, I gotta go. See you at the party!” Then she ran off.

    Dawn sighed. My first high school party. Awesome. Then she began doing her warm ups with the rest of the girls.


    “Hey, what were you doing down there?” Serena looked inquisitive, not angry.

    “Oh, just talking to one of the cheerleaders. She seemed really nice.”

    “You think she might be the one?”

    “Nah, she’s way too perky. In my opinion, anyway. Who knows.” She shrugged nonchalantly. “Although, in other news, she was looking over here a lot.” Her voice lowered to a whisper. “I think she’s got it for the girl we were sitting next to.”

    “Ooooh,” giggled Serena. “That’s so cute.” She looked down at the blunette, then back up at the girl a few feet away to them. “Hmmmm… maybe I can finally test out my matchmaking skills!” She winked mischievously.

    May laughed. “Oh my gosh, YES!” She slapped Serena on the back. “You crack me up.”

    “Yep. Sure do.”


    The Day of the Party ~~

    Dawn showed up in a light blue, short sleeved lacy dress, with shiny black Mary Janes and pearl earrings. Her hair was tied up in a bun, which was handled by her father. He was as excited about it as she was.

    She looked around for Zoey, the real reason she came. She imagined the perfect scenario: She walked over, all smooth, while Zoey nodded and laughed with her, complimenting each other and blushes, it ending with them both sharing a kiss under the rain. Well, there wasn’t supposed to be any rain tonight, but eh. Who knows what Fate could/would do.

    May came up to her. “Hey, uh,” she paused, realizing she didn’t know Dawn’s name.

    “Dawn,” the blunette said helpfully.

    May snapped her fingers. “Dawn,” she smiled. “This is Serena, the girl we’re hosting this party for.” Up came the other girl who sat with Zoey, who was holding what looked like a pink cat-dog plush. “That’s her stuffed animal,” said May before Dawn could ask.

    “Hey there, thanks for coming,” Serena said, though she seemed to be focused more on her plush then Dawn. A small light emitted from the animal’s paw.

    “Ooh, cool, is it one of those Build-A-Stuff plushies? I love those,” Dawn said cheerfully. May and Serena looked up, almost shocked. Like they didn’t know why it was glowing.

    This worried Dawn. “Something wrong?”

    The duo shared a shifty look, then grabbed Dawn’s hands and dragged her into a closet. She fell on her bottom.

    “Uhhhgh! Um, what the heck, guys?!”

    More shifty looks. Dawn’s head tilted in confusion.

    “Ok, look,” May started, leaning close and putting a hand on Dawn’s shoulder. “I know, you are not going to believe this, but it’s really important, okay?” Dawn nodded. May took in a breath. “You are a magical girl called a Pokegirl. You are part of this big destiny and this team called the Pokegirls of Justice.”

    Serena blew a party popper and did jazz hands. Silence as Dawn processed this.

    “Wait, so how do you know?”

    The two let out a breath of relief. Serena pointed at Fia, who she had set down. “Her. C’mon, Fia, wake up.”

    Then, Fia got up. “Goodness, that was hard. Ah, so you’re the third Pokegirl? Hi, I’m -“


    Dawn’s screams interrupted Fia, scaring both the Pokémon and her Partner. May had mysteriously left.

    “Shhhhh, s-stop!” Serena tried to calm Dawn down. “Please, nobody can know about this! Deep breaths, deep breaths.” Dawn followed her peer’s instructions. Breathe in. Breathe out. Dawn felt better almost immediately, though she was still throughly freaked out.

    May returned with a smile, holding two more ‘stuffed animals’. One was red, and happy-looking, while the other was blue, and stern-looking.

    “This is Amber, my Partner,” May showed Dawn. Amber waved happily. “And this is your Partner, Sapphire.” Sapphire nodded coolly at Dawn. Dawn shook her head.

    “No, I – I think you got the wrong girl. I’m not right – It’s not -“

    But, of course, Dawn was interrupted by the screams of terrified girls. “Guess who crashed the pa-rty!”

    Rushing out of the closet, Dawn, May, and Serena found none other then Cassidy and Butch inside, wrecking havoc with yet another Shadow Pokemon. This one was a butterfly… shape. Ish. It was dripping black goop everywhere, prompting Dawn to doubt it’s species.

    “Ok, Serena, time to show these bozos what we’re made of!” And then she pulled out a red brooch from behind her. Serena copied the motion, the exception being her brooch was pink.

    “Wait, wha-“

    But Dawn was interrupted by a blast of glitter and power. Both girls called out loudly, beaming bright smiles. “Now become a warrior for peace! Transform!!”

    A dazzling iridescent light shot out of the brooch, covering Serena from head to toe, lifting her off the field. She closed her eyes and let herself, while Dawn wondered what the heck was happening.

    She stretched out, watching as her hair went up into two large side ponytails, her shirt become a gorgeous pink bodice with a heart at the center, her skirt change into a poofy skirt tried with a bow in the back, and her dark boots become a lighter pink color, all adorned with hearts.

    Meanwhile, a similar light had shot out of May’s emblem, covering May head-to-toe and lifting her off the ground. A flood of power washed over Dawn, invigorating, strengthening, all-around awesome.

    The bre hair become two long brown pigtails, her dress turning red, her skirt poof-ening, and her sneakers changed into ruby-red boots. Then she dropped down. There was a difference between her outfit and Serena’s: May’s had shoulder, knee and chest pads. Perfect for a sporty girl like her.

    And then they both shouted what sounded like lines of poetry. “The brilliant Fire, hot-blooded power! Pokegirl Haruka!

    Sparkling, glittering, protector of Love! Pokegirl Serena!

    “Gosh…” Dawn sighed in wonder. “Just… wow.”

    “Ugh!” Cassidy stamped her foot, almost like a five year old throwing a tantrum. “I hate you, stupid girls!”

    Well that’s not very nice. Dawn watched as Ma-Haruka launched an attack at the villains. She started dancing, kicking up flames with her feet and kicking them like soccer balls at the dark duo and their creepy pet.

    “Fudge!! Butterfree, dodge! Hey, that rhymes!”

    The grey creature managed to sluggishly dodge all of Haruka’s attacks. This only angered the Pokegirl even more.


    “Butterfree, use Poison Powder!”

    A thick, purple cloud of dust spread over the ground. Haruka was the closest, and fell to the ground, unconscious.

    “Haruka! Are you okay?! Wake up!!” Amber had run over, worry in her voice evident. She looked over at Dawn. “Do something!! Transform!!!”

    “But – I don’t know how!!” Panic bubbled inside of Dawn. One of her friends was knocked out, and these bad guys were obviously going to do something to Serena and her as well. She felt a prod at her foot, and looked down anxiously to see the icy Glaceon that was allegedly her “Partner”.

    “Transform with this, like they did,” Sapphire pushed a baby blue brooch into the blunette’s hands. Before she could say anything, though, another’s screams distracted her.

    “Get away from me, stupid… whatever!” Zoey struggled against the Poison Powder, trying to run from foul beast.

    That’s. It.

    First they crashed the party, then they poisoned my friends, then she tries to hurt my crush, another innocent bystander?! I’m not taking it! She took the brooch, repeating the phrase that had resounded in her head since the time it was first uttered.

    “Now become a warrior for peace! Transform!!”

    Much like the ones before it, a long beam of iridescent (with a hint of blue) shot out of the brooch, sparkling around Dawn’s now-floating body. First a wave of calm helped soothe Dawn’s worries, but then a hurricane-force wind of power surrounded her, feeding into her, letting her absorb the powers of the Sky.

    Her hair became longer and undone, cascading down her back like a soft microburst, complete with a wing pair-themed bow on top. Her bodice and skirt became mostly like the design of Serena’s and Haruka’s, except with a light blue color scheme, and instead of the hearts and flames were clouds, and it reached a bit longer then their other dresses, too. Her party heels became blue boots, and finally, a regal cape-like adornment went down her back, near transparent.

    And then the words flew out of her mouth: “Twinkling, the blue wind dancing in the sky! Pokegirl Hikari!

    Cassidy looked shocked. “A-Another one!?! How many of you are there?!”

    Butch had an frightened expression on his face. “Maybe we can just leave?”

    The black-clad girl turned to him angrily. “No! This rogue team doesn’t back down from a fight! We have to show them that we’re worth it!”

    “But Cassidy…”

    Hikari looked at her Partner. “Use Hurricane,” Sapphire whisper-shouted. “Hold out your hands threateningly. Say it with force.”

    Hikari nodded, outstretched her hands, and focused her energies. These people are hurting others, and I will not allow it. I am a part of this destiny, and I accept it. Why? Because if there’s more people out there like this, and I can help battle them, then I will. Because I care about everyone here. Fate chose me.

    Fate chose you, a voice whispered.


    A blast of wind came out of nowhere, hitting Butch and Cassidy hard, knocking them out through a window. Their slimy pet was still there, though. Zoey had already snuck away, Hikari assumed, mostly because Zoey wasn’t present.

    Hikari let out a breath of relief, slumping forward. Then she remembered Haruka and ran over to the unconscious girl. “Haruka! Haruka, wake up! I did it!” She looked back at Serena. “Do something!!”

    Serena nodded, kneeling down near her friend. She put one hand on Haruka, and another on Hikari’s own. “Floral Healing,” she murmured. A light glowed and flowed through Serena, into Haruka and Hikari. The former awoke, coughing a bit. “What happened,” the Fire ‘girl asked. “Where those dingles go -“

    Serena shushed her. “Rest. Hikari took care of them.” Serena gave Hikari a small smile. “You did great.” She ran over to the goopy creature, and used a Dazzling Gleam, healing it. It then flashed away, allegedly like the other two the other girls had fought.

    As she watched Serena, Hikari felt a tap on her shoulder. Looking up from her position, she saw Zoey. The red head she was in love with. Looking… awestruck at her.

    “Hi,” she said, almost shyly. “That was real brave of you… I’m Zoey.” And then she hugged Hikari. Hugged.

    “Thank you.”

    The rest of the night flashed by – Hikari turned back to Dawn, Haruka turned back to May, Serena – well, you get it. Dawn agreed to take her Partner home, assuring them that it was no trouble and she was happy to become part of their mission. Amber had blushed and almost lovingly said bye to Sapphire, who had no reaction. In fact, she had no reaction to anything Dawn said to her.
    It was a bit frustrating.

    But we will make it work, thought Dawn as she got into her bed. Things will work out, I know.

    I hope.


    Cassidy picked thorns out of her hair. “Ugh, why is everyday so unlucky for us, Butch? Why can’t we get a break from those pesky do-gooders and actually get something done before the deadline?”

    Butch shook himself off and checked their Shadow Pokeballs. “We only have two Shadow Pokémon left. If we don’t do something soon, it’s going to be bad, Cass.”

    Cassidy grabbed onto Butch’s hand without thinking. Whenever he used her nickname, it worried her. “Don’t worry. Things will get better, I promise.”

    Butch leaned into Cassidy, hugging her. “I know. I just… I want a future. I want us to be okay. I didn’t want this.”

    Cassidy sighed. “I don’t think anybody wanted this. But you know that our leader is insane. He’s loopy. Cuckoo. Screwy in the brain.” She paused and smiled slightly as Butch laughed. “As long as we get a bit of Bad Soul Energy, we’ll be good from here on out. Even if it’s not, well…” She kissed away Butch’s tears tenderly. “I’m glad we’re together.”

    “Right…. right.”


    me: *makes this fanfic* it’s gonna be a bright and happy story like me 🌺:D

    fanfic: nah man i’m like darker then usual 😛

    me: wait since when

    fanfic: this chapter

    me: …

    me: yeah well at least it has ships, y’know


    honestly like i’m happy with this chapter… even though it’s cringe *marks zero days without insulting self* rip


    • January 21, 2019 at 3:58 pm

      woah i like it 😀 and it’s really long and i also like that 😛

      the hash slinging slasher

      • January 21, 2019 at 8:22 pm

        yay 😛 thank you Bella 🙂

        also forgot to mention this but i’m sorry that the action is so lacking, buuuuuut it’ll kick up in episode six, after everyone has found out about their destinies and what not 😛


    • January 21, 2019 at 9:02 pm

      Oh my gosh I love it! I was super excited for this chapter, since I love Dawn. It was amazing! I can’t wait for more now. 😀

      Sprinting for Senior Warrior!

      • January 21, 2019 at 10:54 pm

        Ah yay! I’m glad you like it~ <3 😀

        I noticed something in fanfics about Dawn being the “rich girl”, and I was like o-o 😛 so I made her not-rich

        I also realized that, since she’s kinda living in a super-tech home, the Earth Pokegirl will provide contrast

        I made a good yin-yang thing intentionally whoop da doo

        How’s the Pokegirl fanart coming along? 😉 😛 😀 I bet it’s looking better than mine rip that’s what I get for not asking for a tablet pen for Christmas


        • January 22, 2019 at 8:20 pm

          Haha it’s great! Serena is done (and looks amazing) and May and Dawn are drawn but not colored (and look less amazing 😛 ). I drew them in my sketchbook though, not digitally, so I’ll probably just have to take a picture of each.

          Sprinting for Senior Warrior!

          • January 22, 2019 at 10:29 pm

            yay! 😀 I draw my pictures by hand too, but color them digitally 🙂

            Can’t wait to see them!

            rip May and Dawn 😛


    • January 22, 2019 at 3:24 pm

      OOOH this chapter is amazing! (I actually liked how you included LGBT stuff in there)

      Yaaaay ships wheeeeah Amber is soooooooooooo cute

      Hyped for next chapter!!!!!

  8. January 22, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    Hello I apologize for disappearing so long I was on vacation…

    So uh here’s what we’ve got. You are trying to guess a pokemon that’s not furry, doesn’t look like a fish (though people could argue), isn’t fire type, is part water type, is from gen 3, is not Milotic, and isn’t a starter.

    Ready, set, guess (if you see this).


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