September 2016 Gathering

600px-mom-and-kittenHellooooo again, it’s time for another Gathering! For many it’s their first, for others it’s a continuation of their long Gathering legacy. To both groups, I welcome you and introduce you to today’s events!

To summarise! In Gatherings, we play many games on the live chat (below, and through the link on the front page), listed in the schedule lower down this post. In these games, I shall ask questions and the first person to answer correctly wins a point for their team! We will also have a few guest hosted contests which we’ll organise later during the day!

At the end of the day, the team with the most points win! Simple as!

Points are also won though the fan creation competition!

There are also portions of free time where freewheeling chat can take place…

Below are the team organisations, updated as of today! You can still be added to a team, no worries! If you don’t see yourself on this list, shout at me and I’ll throw you on there.

Neon Weasels Time-Travelled Otters
















Stormy Sea
















Flame That Shines Like Sun





Freewheeling Ferrets Relatively Excitable Stoats
Willow Beside Small Stream







































Now for the schedule! This time, we’re merging the fan art and fan fiction contests into one – you can enter one work per person, either art or writing.

Time (BST) Time (EST) Event
14:00 9:00 Name That Character!
14:30 9:30 Riddles!
15:00 10:00 Name The Book!
16:00 11:00 Guest Hosted Contests!
17:00 12:00 Fan Creation Contest Opens
18:00 13:00 Fan Creation Contest Closes
19:00 14:00 Gathering Results
19:30 14:30 Gathering Closes
00:00 19:00 Live Chat Closes


The games will be explained in the live chat before they begin, but are also described below:

Name That Character!: A description of a cat is given, and people guess which cat it is.

Riddles!: Warrior cats themed Riddles are given, and people guess which cat they refer to.

Name The Book!: Something from a book is given and people say which book it is from.

And finally!

Live Chat Explanation:

1) The live chat is where everything for the Gathering takes place! To start chatting you must first create a user. Into the “Name” box type your BlogClan name (this is what you will be seen as on the chat), then click on “Profile” at the bottom right hand corner of the chat box. A new window should open, where you can put in the password for your user. Once you’ve done this, press “Log in” and then you should be able to chat freely!

2) Kat has been kind enough to create emblems for each of the teams! It would be fantastic for you to represent your team by using your appropriate team emblem for your avatar on the live chat! To do this, click on one of the links below, and then copy the link from the address bar at the top of the page. Then, on the live chat, paste that link into the “e-mail/url” box. Job (hopefully) done! All credit to Kat for these amazing works!

Neon Weasels

Freewheeling Ferrets

Relatively Excitable Stoats

Time-Travelling Otters


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  33 Replies to “September 2016 Gathering”

  1. Gladepaw
    September 10, 2016 at 6:24 pm

    I had the perfect idea for a fanfic but I had to go to my brother’s basketball game, and by the time I got done getting ready there were only 10 minutes left. 🙁

    • Stonestripe
      September 10, 2016 at 7:04 pm

      Aw nooo 🙁

  2. September 10, 2016 at 6:26 pm

    This is like 30 minutes late but I was doing Bar Mitzvah stuff so oh well

    What’s Important by Wavepaw

    Gathering fanfiction

    Prompt: Teaming up with your animal to track down Kate

    A cold autumn breeze ruffled the leaves above my head as I trekked along the bank of the slow river. The wet mud soaked into my paws and pierced them like claws of ice, but I did my best to ignore it.

    I turned my gaze to the moon. A wide, bright, yellow circle rising in the deep blue-black night sky, speckled with the tiny glowing dots that were my ancestors. Usually when looking at StarClan, I had a sense of awe and amazement. Even when I was a young kit and didn’t know what they really were, it always fascinated me.

    But tonight was different.

    Tonight my Clanmates were glaring at StarClan.

    I had watched, huddled at the edge of camp, trying to shield the nursery without much success as my Clanmates stood in the center of camp and yowled angry, grief-stricken curses at StarClan.

    “Why did you have to take her?” Iceflower screamed.

    “How will we manage without a leader?” Lionpaw wailed.

    “We have to get her back!” Emberpaw screeched.

    “We can’t!” Russetfeather growled back at him.

    “Yeah! StarClan took her and it’s not fair!” Wollowpaw added.

    “Guys, calm down!” Gladepaw meowed, stepping forward. “We just have to find her.”

    “Yeah!” Owlwater meowed, jumping up to stand beside Gladepaw. “And then we can have a party! Who wants to throw it with me?”

    Crickets chirped.

    The cats stood separated, Gladepaw and Owlwater on one side and everyone else but me and the kits on the other.

    For a moment it was silent, everything frozen, waiting to see what would happen next.

    Then Birchfoot leaned out and slashed at Gladepaw’s nose. “Don’t give us false hope. She’s gone, you mousebrain!”

    That wasn’t like Birchfoot at all. No one was really themselves. But hurting a Clanmate?!

    I backed myself against the nursery, my tail brushing Stoatkit’s head as she tried to see.

    The cats erupted again and I winced. Cakestar can’t be gone, a part of me whispered. But I could see Birchfoot’s point.

    We had woken up one day to find Cakestar gone. Vanished without a trace. We scoured every last inch of the territory three times. Maybe more. We explored beyond the territory. We pressed every passing loner (which was one) for any information they had.


    Almost everyone had given up hope.

    I looked at Gladepaw’s bleeding nose to Kat and Winterpaw with their defeated expressions as they treated her. I looked at Jayfrost, who stood with her eyes closed and her head bowed. I looked at Hazelburrow, in the thick of it all.

    This was a disaster.

    “Wavepaw?” Flowerkit whispered. I turned to see the white she-kit crouched on the floor with the other kits. “Is Gladepaw okay? Will they ever stop fighting?”

    I sighed. “I don’t know.”


    I had rushed from camp the moment I could, walking along the riverbank. Trying to get some peace from the volcano I called camp.

    That’s when I saw her.

    The brown-furred old she-stoat, with wise chocolate-brown eyes filled with knowledge and gray hairs speckled around her muzzle. She looked at me, and I could tell she knew my name, my Clan, my family, my history. Who I was.

    “Greetings, Wavepaw.”

    I dipped my head awkwardly. “You wouldn’t happen to be Midnight in stoat form, would you?”

    She laughed. “No. I know Midnight. My name is Mud.”

    My breath caught at the very fact that she knew Midnight, but I shook it off. “Have you seen Cakestar?”

    Mud grinned. “Come on.”

    My heart skipped a beat and without a moment’s hesitation I followed.


    Mud led me to Twolegplace. She seemed to know where she was going. My paws itched desperately to ditch her and run to Cakestar, but I didn’t.

    At last we stopped.

    “Okay, Wavepaw.” Mud rumbled, turning to face me. “What do you see?”

    I sniffed the air and looked around. “Buildings. Streets. Twolegs.” I flinched as a flash of extremely bright red sped by. “Monste- Oh, cat prints!”

    I raced after them.

    The prints led me on a weaving trail through Twolegplace, past buildings, Thunderpaths, parks, and a large building with a weird orange-and-black door that I felt like I should have recognized, but I didn’t.

    I finally caught up with the cat. Well, the cat and weasel.

    It was… Airwave!

    And a bright neon weasel!

    Just as Mud and I came up, a sandy-colored ferret skidded around the corner and was followed by Streampaw.

    The weasel was the first to break the silence. “Where’s Twilight?”

    “Here.” An otter slid out of a small creek, followed by a coughing Ashcloud. Streampaw laughed and I tentatively smiled.

    “Where’s Cakestar?” Airwave growled.

    “Sand said we would get her back if we defeated you guys in a duel,” Streampaw mewed.

    Ashcloud let out a hiss. “No one’s defeating me!”

    “Hey, wait!” I protested. “We can find her together!”

    But they didn’t listen. They were too busy fighting.

    I looked at the alleyway that no one had come from and raced down it.

    At the very end, curled up on a small but clean pile of green moss, was my leader.

    “Cakestar!” I screeched.

    “Stop!” Mud yelled.

    I lifted my chin. “No. I won’t fight my Clanmates. You can’t make me. I’ll find another way.”

    Everybody stared at me.

    In the end, Airwave managed to defeat Ashcloud and Streampaw and get Cakestar back. The Clan went back to normal. They were the heroes, not me. I was the coward.

    But I got my leader back. And that’s what’s important.

    Happy Gathering!

  3. Cypresswind
    September 10, 2016 at 6:27 pm

    I missed the fan creation contest! Oh well. I can’t wait to see results! I might post my story on the fanfic page though 🙂


    • Stonestripe
      September 10, 2016 at 7:04 pm

      You should post it on the fanfic page! I’m sure it’s amazing 🙂

  4. Sundance
    September 10, 2016 at 6:30 pm

    I wasn’t able to get my entry in on time, or even finish it (oops), but here is what I was able to write if anyone wanted to read it. 😛

    The world is ending.
    Not literally, of course. Imagine if meteors were raining from the sky, flattening everyone like pancakes. Ouch. So it could be much worse, as you can see. Nobody will listen when I try and tell them that, though.
    Everyone is too preoccupied. Some people are huddled in a corner, sobbing uncontrollably and babbling nonsense. Others are arguing until they’re blue in the face. A few are sleeping through it all. Out of that category, two are drooling and one is snoring like a bear.
    And then there is me, standing on high-rock and smiling.
    Because this is the best day of my life.

    “Listen up!” I shout. “We’re all aware that Cakestar went on a mad rampage and killed multiple warriors, including Winterpaw and Raggedoak.” I grimace at the memory. “But we don’t have time to grieve. Cakestar is a fugitive on the run, joined by her son and accomplice, Hazelburrow, and every moment we waste gives them the upper hand. Being British and all, they’re also insanely smart and perceptive. We have to track them down immediately before they decide to strike again. But, in order to do that, I’ll need a team of volunteers. Anybody up for the challenge?”

    Goldenfawn stepped forward. I blinked in surprise. Just moments ago, she was violently crying and, unable to control any bodily functions, had soiled herself. But now? She was reborn. Her ginger fur was illuminated under the mid-morning sun. All her tears had washed away, leaving behind a determined glint in her eye. “I’ll go.”

    “Me too!” Flowerpetal squealed. “Oh, pretty please, can I come?” She bounced up and down in excitement. The thought of saying no to her broke my heart, but it was impossible to deny that her weight would slow us down. What if she jeopardizes our whole mission? When the killing spree started earlier, she had unintentionally pushed someone into Cakestar’s path too. And what if she makes a similar mistake later?

    I pushed my doubts away. “Of course. Now who else?”

  5. Rosefur
    September 10, 2016 at 6:31 pm

    Among the lush green fields, spotted with flowers and rabbit dens, Rosefur was eagerly watching Jayfrost organize the dawn patrol.
    “Cypresspaw, Rosefur, Hazelburrow, and I will patrol the border that separates us from WikiClan.” Jayfrost announced. Kat gazed anxiously at Jayfrost.
    “Jayfrost, I don’t think Cakestar would be alright with her kit going on patrol so soon after his recovery,” Kat mewed, looking worried.
    “I’ll check with Cakestar. Hazelburrow seems fine, though. Of course, I’m not the medicine cat.” Jayfrost mewed. He padded toward the leader’s den. Jayfrost entered the den, and when she reappeared outside, her pelt was bristling.
    “Cakestar… Cakestar’s gone.”

    Jayfrost was organizing search patrols.
    “Flowerstream, Flame That Shines Like Sun, and Wavepaw will check around the camp and the SnackClan border.”
    “The cats I chose to go on the dawn patrol, follow me. We will search the pastures,” Jayfrost ordered. Rosefur filed out of the camp, a strange heaviness clinging to her. Was Cakestar in danger? And if so… what had happened to her? Hazelburrow and Jayfrost both stopped suddenly.
    “What’s wrong?” Rosefur asked, unable to suppress a whimper. She lifted her muzzle to the air and a sharp, musky tang flooded her. Hazelburrow was silent for a moment, but then he stepped forward. He tracked the scent, his paws soundlessly moving across the grass. Without warning, a stoat leapt from a corner. The stoat’s eyes were fierce. But Rosefur couldn’t help but notice that the animal was quaking in fear. Hazelburrow had unsheathed his claws.
    “Stop!” Rosefur shouted, just as Hazelburrow lifted his paw, ready to attack.
    “What is it?” Hazelburrow growled, his pelt bristling.
    “Perhaps the stoat knows where Cakestar has gone,” Rosefur suggested, desperation creeping into her voice. Hazelburrow glared at the stoat, and the stoat avoided Hazelburrow’s angry gaze.
    “Fine, I’ll leave it alone.” Hazelburrow grumbled, taking his eyes off the animal.
    “Wait! I think I smell Cakestar!” Jayfrost shouted suddenly. The rest of the patrol could smell the sweet scent of Cakestar too, mixed with the scent of stoat. Yet, the scent was faint and seemed to be coming from multiple directions.
    “We should split up,” Jayfrost said. “I’ll continue forward, Hazelburrow, you and Cypresspaw should go toward there,” Jayfrost paused, flicking his tail toward the trees. “Rosefur, I think… I think you and the stoat could be a good pair.” Rosefur was silent as she registered his words. The patrol was splitting up, and as she gazed at the stoat, a warmness spread through her like the morning sun.

    The stoat was good company, Rosefur soon realized. With happy chirps and barks, the stoat seemed to be telling her a story. At the beginning of their journey together, Rosefur had taken the lead. But now, she had let the stoat lead the way. As the stoat weaved his way through the meadow, Rosefur noticed that Cakestar’s scent was getting stronger. The stoat seemed to realize it too. The sun was slowly falling beneath the hills, and Rosefur felt urgency put speed into her paws. Side by side, the stoat and warrior forged their way to Cakestar.

    I’m sorry this was late! My internet wasn’t working!!! 🙁

  6. Shimmerfrost Loves Undertale
    September 10, 2016 at 10:16 pm

    Dang! I didn’t finish my dishes in time and missed the Gathering AGAIN 🙁
    Oh well! Congrats everyone~

  7. Bluepaw (Bluemist)
    September 11, 2016 at 4:29 am

    The problem where I live is that when the gathering started, I think it was midnight. 😕

    Congrats to the Otters!

  8. Moonpaw Of FandomClan
    September 11, 2016 at 5:47 am




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