Analysis: ShadowClan Stereotypes?

shadowclan_symbol“…a lot of the most hated cats come from ShadowClan.”

Hey guys! Mistlepaw back again with another article, and in this one, we’ll be talking about how 99.99% of cats in Warriors say ShadowClan are fox-hearts.

Soooooo… straight to the point. ShadowClan mostly gives everyone the impression that they’re dark, gloomy, evil, etc. What I hate is how most people judge ShadowClan for have the word “shadow” in it. It’s true, ShadowClan does seem to have a darker influence, but they’re a Clan, and they need to survive!

Though most of the cats in the Dark Forest do originally come from ThunderClan, ShadowClan always seems to describe a villain-y, dark forest, but ShadowClan is a Clan like any other. Leopardstar was disliked for being in love with Tigerstar, and the Erins describe most ShadowClan cats as ambitious, bloodthirsty, battle-hungry, and stupid. I personally like ShadowClan a lot (I love Tawny, Little, and Flame :D), and honestly, a lot of the most hated cats come from ShadowClan.

If you look closer, MOST of ShadowClan has a reason for doing what they do. Brokenstar was neglected as a kit, Blackstar was just following the warrior code by following Tigerstar, and Tigerheart was Just trying to save Littlecloud. There are some cats that I’m not going to make excuses for (ahem, Needletail), but please, I don’t like seeing ShadowClan at the bottom of every favorite Clan list. This is just my opinion though, so feel free to post yours. 😀

Hmmmm…. short article today.

  55 Replies to “Analysis: ShadowClan Stereotypes?”

  1. Stormfrost
    September 16, 2018 at 6:14 pm

    1- Shadowclan
    Reason- They’re just cool. They’re proud and they’re usually not as evil as people say they are *glares at thundernerds*
    2- Windclan
    Reason- GOSH GUYS I KNOW ONESTAR SUCKS BUT THAT DOESN’T MAKE THE CLAN BAD. Also Onestar’s character makes sense and he paid for it but that’s an entire other argument… Umm so Windclan… Idk I just like how they are different. All the books focused on them happen to be my favorites (Crowy’s Trial, Tall’s Revenge) Breezepelt is an a hole who is not redeemed in the slightest but I still love him
    3- Riverclan
    Reason- I don’t hate them and I don’t love them. everyone seems to love them bc… idk they swim??? Mothwing sucks, Appledusk sucks, Rainflower sucks.. what is there to like
    Reason- they are annoying, arrogant, and stick their faces in everyone else’s problems
    Reason- its just painfully boring to read about. Hawk’s journey was good, but in that they were basically a group of loners, not actually skyclan. Also cloudstar is the only leader who doesn’t suck. Clear Sky is garbage, Leafstar is an idiot, Hawkwing (who I’m guessing is gonna be Hawkstar) is oblivious, and other than that theyre basically Thunderclan version 2 since Firestar’s quest

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