Analyzing Mistystar, by Mintfeather

Mintfeather explores the character of Mistystar in today’s edition of this popular format

Okay, we’re going to be talking about Mistystar, the current leader of RiverClan. A bit of background information: she is blue-gray, the kit of Bluestar and Oakheart, and was Leopardstar’s deputy.

When Mistykit, Stonekit, and Mosskit were born, they lived in ThunderClan. They fit in with the Clan fine, and acted like normal kits. Nobody is suspicious because everyone thinks Thrushpelt is their father. When Bluestar takes them to the river, Mosskit dies. Mistykit is most likely very sad, because her sister just died and her mother is pushing her away. I think she is very put together to be able to handle this so well as a little kit.

As an apprentice, Mistypaw trains as a warrior and becomes a well-respected warrior- Mistyfoot- alongside her brother, Stonefur. When Fireheart tells her Silverstream is dead, she again proves herself put together and strong by accepting this and helping Graystripe when he goes to RiverClan with his kits.

Mistyfoot learns that her foster mother, Graypool, is dead. However, she becomes a good mentor to Featherpaw, Graystripe’s daughter. Stonefur becomes mentor to Stormpaw.

Mistyfoot and Stonefur save Bluestar and Fireheart form drowning. This is when Bluestar tells them the truth- she is there mother, and Oakheart is their father. They are half-clan. Mistyfoot composes herself and forgives her. She and Stonefur share tongues with Bluestar, and are with her when she dies.

Possibly the hardest part of her life is when her brother is killed. She breaks her composure and grieves for him, but manages to escape to ThunderClan. Later, she is made deputy in his place.

As deputy, Mistyfoot is very good to her Clan and popular at Gatherings. When Leopardstar dies, she takes over as leader. She is a kind and fair leader.

Mistystar has 3 sons and 1 daughter. Only Reedwhisker survives to become a warrior. Perchkit, Primrosepaw, and Pikepaw die young. But again, proving my point, Mistystar remains a good leader.

So, I think that Mistystar is an amazingly mentally strong and composed cat throughout her life. I think she should get a lot more credit for this.Thanks for reading!


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  36 Replies to “Analyzing Mistystar, by Mintfeather”

  1. March 12, 2017 at 8:57 am

    I think that Mistystar is probably my fav leader of all time. She’s a great leader, like her mother, and had to cope with a lot – but I think that when Mosskit died, she probably didn’t realize that Mosskit was dead and so wouldn’t be too sad about it. Also, you said that Bluestar revealed the truth of her parentage after Mistyfoot saved her from drowning, however Fireheart told them in the battle at Sunningrocks when Bluestar’s children were about to attack their mother.
    Anyway, amazing article with a great topic, I really enjoyed reading it! 😛

    Feathertail 4 da vin!

  2. Sparrowpaw ( Sparrow that perches on tree branch)
    March 12, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    Awesome article Mintfeather! I know you worked really hard on this, and it’s totally worth it! I LOVE Mistystar and this article really appeals to me. LONG LIVE RIVERCLAN AND MISTYSTAR!

    Food iz m life

  3. Bluebellkit
    March 12, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    Nice article I think Mistystar is wise like when Bluestar was leader expect the part were Bluestar starts getting depressed

  4. Amberspeck
    March 24, 2017 at 1:01 am

    I believe Mistystar is a great leader. She is very calm, polite, and collected. She has gone through so much and yet is still able to keep herself together.

    FUN FACT (spoiler warning!): Currently, Mistystar is the oldest cat in the Clans that is alive, at 151 moons, according to the Warrior Cats Wiki. Although I believe the oldest cat in existence is Barkface, he is no longer alive. He died at 153 moons, but Mistystar will probably surpass this.

    Yet in Mistystar’s description, she still does not have a graying muzzle!



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