One Fire- One Problem Solver by Snowyfoot

Snowyfoot purposes a solution to a long standing problem.

Artwork by Raindrop-Artist

Hello! It’s Snowyfoot back again with a new article!

As you most of you may know, Squirrelflight dropped the bomb when she told Ashfur her greatest secret.
When reading this I thought to myself:
Squirrelflight, there is a HUGE problem solver you could use right now.
So for today’s article, I am bringing you that problem solver.

So you know that Squirrelflight told Ashfur that the Three were NOT her kits
But here’s how she could have saved Hollyleaf, her relationship with Brambleclaw, her sister, and the stress of having Ashfur on her back.
It’s actually quite a simple thing.

Ashfur had told Squirrelflight that it was HE who had set Firestar up and that he was trying to kill her kits.
Squirrelflight said they weren’t hers.
So he decides to reveal it at a gathering.
But at that gathering, she could have said…
“I lied so I could protect them from you! You were going to murder them Ashfur! You said so yourself… along with the fact that YOU set my father up, plus caused Brambleclaw to lose his brother, even though I am not fond of him, he is my family now!”
This would have saved a lot of cats the despair of such a huge lie and Leafpool!
And it also would have given us a new plot.
Hollyleaf wouldn’t have a reason to kill him because Squirrelflight would most likely tell them her plan.
So he would live as a rogue and maybe team up with the dark forest, giving them bigger issues to deal with, and maybe he becomes the spy for them and watches every move, every weakness!
Maybe even an almost reason to kill Squirrelflight but I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN!!!!!
Or quite possibly Brambleclaw!

Some people think he is misunderstood but have you looked at THRUSHPELT?!?! I am sorry all of you Ashfur lovers but please remember this is my opinion!

So some of you may have thought that it would just be boring if this happened… but look at the opportunity of a new storyline and a Mager plot twist!

Snowyfoot signing out till later!

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  17 Replies to “One Fire- One Problem Solver by Snowyfoot”

  1. Aquapaw
    September 5, 2017 at 1:48 am

    Good idea Snowyfoot! It really would’ve turned the Ashfur thing around. Great article!


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