Defending Oakstar by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw defends the actions of Oakstar.

Artwork by allepowerreal

When I first read Mapleshade’s Vengeance, I disliked Oakstar because he exiled Mapleshade and her kits. But after thinking about it in his perspective, I’m kind of neutral on him.

Before Mapleshade’s Vengeance, Oakstar’s mate Shinecloud had broken her neck. Frecklewish and Birchface was all he had left. But then Birchface also died. The battle made it seem like Appledusk purposely drowned Birchface. He was experiencing grief, and to find out one of his Clanmates was expecting Appledusk’s kits made him furious.”I want Mapleshade to tell us herself. She let me believe that my son Birchface was their father. I cannot imagine that one of my warriors would dare to tell such a lie.” -Mapleshade’s Vengeance, page 39. It made him even more angry when Mapleshade lied about having Birchface’s kits. He exiled Mapleshade to ensure his Clan was loyal.

Oakstar didn’t know Mapleshade was going to kill Frecklewish and Ravenwing. “He [Oakstar] didn’t expect Mapleshade to go rampage and kill everybody when he banished her”-Su Susann,

Oakstar later learned from his mistake and decided to keep Squirrelwhisker in Thunderclan when he found out Squirrelwhisker was expecting Eaglestorm’s kit. “You could say he learned from his mistake. He didn’t expect Mapleshade to go rampage and kill everybody when he banished her. Especially his medicine cat. It was very hard for the clan to be without one until Cloudberry was ready to take over. So he took care to not make this mistake again and was more open minded when Squirrelwhisker came home pregnant with Eaglestorm’s kit.” -Su Susann,

Oakstar later became mates with Sweetbriar and had Pinestar. Oakstar was a great father to Pinestar and truly cared about him. “My son is going to be the finest warrior this Clan has ever known!” -Pinestar’s Choice, Chapter One. “I want you to be ready to fight those mangy Riverclan cats!” Oakstar meowed. “They will not take another son from me!” -Pinestar’s Choice, Chapter One. “I always knew you [Pinestar] would be leader one day.” -Pinestar’s Choice, Chapter Five.

However, there are still things he did wrong. He shouldn’t have exiled Mapleshade’s kits, since the warrior code states that kits are important, even if they aren’t your Clanmate (Though the reason for banishing Mapleshade’s kits may have been Ravenwing telling him Mapleshade’s kits were a danger to Thunderclan). He also shouldn’t have exiled Mapleshade and her kits during a storm. He could’ve let them stay until the storm was over. That’s why I’m neutral on Oakstar. However, that does still make him flawed.

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  14 Replies to “Defending Oakstar by Ebonypaw”

  1. Silverpaw
    September 11, 2017 at 8:01 pm

    There was an omen stating the kits were a danger to ThunderClan, correct? Or at least, that they didn’t belong or something like that. If he had been acting on only the omen told to him, and had done it safely and humanely, i.e: Waiting until the storm was over, maybe asking RiverClan if they wanted the kits (basically making sure they had a place to be safe) and escorting them to said place, ensuring their safety, it would’ve been more okay. However, it’s because he was acting rashly on pretty much anger and hurt (and of course attempting punishment), and sent these kits and their mother out in a storm, that makes him kind of suck-y. Tbh it’s really a difficult situation. One of those “to save a million people would you sentence a thousand to death?” kind of things. Because if we’re basing the choice in the omen, what would be the correct choice? ThunderClan, or three kits? Do the ends justify the means? If the kits had stayed in ThuderClan, how exactly would they put the clan in danger? etc etc

    To me, if it had just been a punishment based on the actions of the kits’ parents, the whole thing would have been pretty clean cut: he hurt some blameless kits, therefore he’s a jerk. However, we have this whole omen thing thrown into the mixture. Still, it’s pretty hard to justify sending whats essentially three children and their mother cast out into a raging storm. That, right there, is pretty darn awful. Now that I’m thinking about it though, I can’t really tell my opinion on Oakstar anymore. Wonderful article, Ebonypaw! 😀


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