ShadowClan Misunderstanding by Dovekit

Dovekit talks about ShadowClan and how it’s misunderstood.

Edit artist unknown (Official art by Wayne McLoughlin used)

Hey, guys! This is my first article. Hope you enjoy!
Now, I’ll have you know right now That I’m a WindClan cat. But even so, I am not here to blab on about WindClan. I am here to talk about the most misunderstood Clan in the Warriors series. ShadowClan.
First, let’s start with reasons WHY most people hate ShadowClan:

– Most Evil cats came from the heart of ShadowClan
– They are the most likely to Jump to a bad conclusion of why the other Clans did something
– They are short-tempered
And the last one,
– They are very private about their borders

Let’s start with number one:
Okay, if you were a ShadowClan cat, would you like it if someone was spreading rumors about you being evil just because of what Clan you come from? Sure, they have Evil cats from their Clan, But so do the other Clans. Take Hawkfrost for example. He was one of the evilest cats ever, and he was from RiverClan. Mapleshade was also Evil, and she was from ThunderClan. So why discriminate JUST ShadowClan? Plus, they have good cats too.Yellowfang, Russetfur, Raggedstar, Tawnypelt, Tigerheart, and many other cats are good cats from ShadowClan.

Number two:
Yeah, it’s true they are very quick to blame the other Clans, but you can’t really be mad at them. ShadowClan has experienced several crises that almost destroyed their Clan. They want to make sure the other Clans leave them alone. If they’re distracted than ShadowClan is safe from war.

Number three:
…Are you kidding me?!? Once again, don’t judge cats just because of what Clan they’re from. Sure, some of the main characters are a little grumpy. But you never see THEIR point of view. Maybe they only seem grumpy.

Number four:
Why wouldn’t you be private about their borders? You don’t want cats sneaking in, do you? Some people accuse ShadowClan of being too private, and I can see why. They’re ShadowClan, and they are called that for a reason. Still, being private is not bad. They don’t want the other clans to know their secrets, and that’s not bad.

We all love ShadowClan, admit it. But you also have to admit that we sometimes judge them. In the long run, ShadowClan is just as good of a Clan as the rest.

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  12 Replies to “ShadowClan Misunderstanding by Dovekit”

  1. Figpelt
    November 16, 2017 at 3:29 am

    I definitely agree with you! Shadowclan is considered bad, but it really isn’t all that horrible like it is portrayed to be. Thunderclan is always going to be my clan, but I agree with you.

  2. -Rainspirit-
    February 23, 2018 at 6:54 am

    Sometimes, people view ShadowClan cats as rude, and this makes me feel that they don’t understand the whole thing. ShadowClan cats are proud, so they don’t want some Clan *ahem ahem ThunderClan* helping them. In response, they will have to snap back to make ThunderClan back off, don’t you think?

    Meow meow


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