ShadowClan needs more love by Moonshade

Moonshade defends and supports ShadowClan.

Official art from the Warriors website

if you look at shadowclan’s camps you’ll see that it’s barely described. same as in the field guide. my question is why? we got only one super edition on shadowclan with my precious smol child Yellowfang but that was it. I love how we can see shadowclan from violetpaw’s point of view but to be honest we never see her in any of the other dens nor are they described that well. We hardly get anything on their lake camp. Nothing on the elder’s den, the inside of some of the dens, the nursery, ect. Shadowclan is barely touched upon in the main arcs and to be honest even though I dislike tawneypelt at least she’s a reliable narrator. Another problem have with shadowclan getting no love is heavily seen on roblox. yes. that game site that got taken over by 6 year olds. anyways there’s a warriors game on there with the lake territories. shadowclan’s camp is pretty lacking, and thunderclan is filled to overflow every time i joined the game. heck it’s so EASY to be leader of shadowclan on that server because hardly anyone joins it! hence why Honeystar is one of my shadowclan OC’s to this day. she’s based off a character from the game. but I digress. Shadowclan is a great clan as mentioned by Boulder in the Field Guide when he said they were just loyal warriors, and Crowfrost would’ve made a great leader. I still question why he was even killed off as tigerheart was a TERRIBLE choice of leader. Rowanstar was really bad, and while I’m eager to see how things pan out in shadowclan I’m scared that it’ll get neglected by the authors as Nobody tends to like the clan. Guys why can’t you see that shadowclan is a great clan? have any of you even read Yellowfang’s Secret? in that book they were loyal warriors who followed the code and were feared for the fact that their strength came from it. skip a few arcs and nobody really cares in shadowclan now. this is making me sad as Shadowclan is my favourite clan. Please give it some love you guys

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  14 Replies to “ShadowClan needs more love by Moonshade”

  1. Aquapaw/Aquacloud/Aqua Lights on Christmas Tree
    November 28, 2017 at 10:40 pm

    I don’t think that ShadowClan is underrated, but they had some pretty bad leaders.

  2. Spottedpaw/Spottedstream/Spotted Fish in Stream/Spotted Stream
    November 29, 2017 at 2:03 am

    This was really good, and I agree fur sure! 😀

  3. Light of Falling Star
    April 26, 2018 at 3:00 am

    Of I love ShadowClan… But I do like Tawnypelt. She’s my favorite ShadowClan warrior.
    Have you seen what Blackstar says about ShadowClan in the Ultimate Guide? I started laughing.
    “The Clans can’t make excuses about the wind chilling our hearts because we all share the same breeze”
    lol 😀


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