A Look Back At Bluestar’s Prophecy? by Tricklepaw

Tricklepaw writes a letter to their favorite character.

Artwork by GoldenPhoenix

Hi! Tricklepaw here. One of my school assignments is to write a personal letter to a character you admire or despise. I chose Bluestar because I recently reread Bluestar’s Prophecy( I literally just use warriors books for all my school assignments). I don’t know if I admire or despise her. Maybe a little bit of both. Anyways, here’s the article.

Hello Bluestar! I hope you are enjoying Starclan. I think you are one of the greatest leaders of the clans, despite your fears before you discovered Rusty. I think you made the best of a bad situation while you were alive. You could not have known that Starclan had a special purpose for you, since we all know Goosefeather was crazy as a rabid squirrel! Though, I think he did the right thing as your medicine cat to tell you about the prophecy as a young apprentice, since it affected your decisions later on in life.
You suffered so much in your life, I’m glad you are reunited with your family now. You didn’t deserve for Moonflower to be brutally murdered by a medicine cat from another clan, of all cats! And your sister, Snowfur to be struck down by a monster, right after she kitted. You shouldn’t have had to deal with that grief again. And then, Mosskit was taken by the frost as you tried to take your kits to Riverclan to be with their father. But, at least Mistykit and Stonekit grew up with two loving parents, since Oakheart was a good father and Graypool became their foster mom. And you were always watching across the river. I’m glad there are no borders in Starclan, so now you can spend time with Oakheart.
One thing I don’t adore about you is that you completely ignored Thrushpelt and mated with a Riverclan tom instead. I know you birthed the future leader of Riverclan, but you seriously had no loyalty to the warrior code back then. You were just abandoning your Clan! Moonflower and Snowfur were not proud of you. It pained me every time Thrushpelt was desperate for you and mooned over you, because you would just walk right past him staring at Oakheart across the border. And then you had the nerve to just go to Fourtrees to “just spend one night with him.” Yeah, and you were surprised when Leopardfoot told you you were expecting kits. Of course, you just let the whole clan think Thrushpelt was the father. You were so lucky, he was loyal and acted like he was the father of your kits. At least Thrushpelt got to experience the joy of fatherhood for a half moon. Only a half moon! You just let him think the kits really were stolen by a fox. That’s the least you could come up with? A fox? In reality you dragged your half moon old kits out in the middle of the night in freezing temperatures. As a result, Mosskit died. But, you had good reason to.
Thistleclaw was pretty evil. When Tawnyspots died, he would have became deputy in his place. That would have led Thunderclan to marking its borders in blood and killing cats in battle. It would have been a nightmare for every clan. He trained apprentices to beyond their level and taught them savage, advanced battle moves. Thunderclan was never meant to be this violent. Also, his training of Tigerstar ended up almost destroying the clans had it been for Firestar. Now that’s one of your better decisions.
Firestar is probably what you are best known for. I think it was one of the greater things you did while you were alive. You were probably the only leader, other than Firestar himself, that would have ever looked beyond their borders for new warriors. You saw Rusty as a kittypet on his fence. You saw his promise as a warrior. So, you had Graypaw stalk him and then you confronted him. You ended up nurturing his growth, as his mentor, teaching him that warrior’s fight with their heart, not just their teeth and claws. You taught him wisdom, and courage. He grew to be a great warrior, then your deputy, and finally a monumental leader. He discovered Tigerstar’s plot to become leader by killing all the deputy’s and finally trying to kill you. In your later years, after you denounced Starclan and said they abandoned you, he went behind your back to do the right thing, and bring Windclan back from exile after Shadowclan drove them out. Then, even after your death, you gave Fireheart his 9th life for Nobility, Certainty and Faith. You continued to play a role in his life while you were in Starclan.
I have no doubt you’ll still be inspiring and a great leader for many seasons after this, until your name is forgotten and stories of you are passed on from each elder to each kit. May Starclan light your path. May you find good hunting, swift running, and shelter where you sleep.

So yeah. Do you agree? Disagree?
May Starclan light your path!

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  22 Replies to “A Look Back At Bluestar’s Prophecy? by Tricklepaw”

  1. Stormberry
    February 1, 2018 at 2:41 am

    Bluestar’s Prophecy is sooooo sad. I have to stop my self from crying so many times.


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