Why Appledusk is the Worst Mate Ever by Sky

Sky presents: The eternal hatred of Appledusk.

Artwork by Silverblaze

Hello, BlogClan! I’m here with another article.

I know that 90% of the cats on the Blog love Mapleshade and hate Appledusk, but I just wanted to make an article anyways.

Appledusk was probably one of the only mates in the warriors series that flat-out cheated on his mate. He turned away a mother who had just lost her kits, jumped onto a she-cat he’d been flirting with just in case, and then did a “noble” act of sacrifice. He didn’t deserve StarClan. Not in the least.

First off, he CHEATED. He told Mapleshade that he loved her while he flirted with another she-cat behind her back, just in case something bad happened. He was a selfish brat who didn’t give a cinch to his mate, who was obviously smitten with him. When his kits died, he didn’t even think about feeling bad, he just threw all the blame on a heart-broken mother and kicked her out into the wild. He then decided, “Oh, yay, time for me to mate with this other lady I’ve been flirting with.” All he wanted to do was to carry on his tainted blood.

Fans of Appledusk might argue that he was very brave and noble when he sacrificed himself for Reedshine and his kits. All I get out of that is an attempt to look good and get into StarClan while carrying on his bloodline.

Secondly, he ABANDONED HIS MATE IN HER TIME OF NEED. Mapleshade had just lost the only thing that she had left – her kits. And why did she cross the river, you may ask? Because she thought that she’d be safe with Appledusk. Even after her kits drowned, she just wanted to be with Appledusk. And what did Applebutt do? He accused, yelled, and abused her. And then he appealed to his leader, with the help of his back-up mate, and wouldn’t even let Mapleshade rest for ONE NIGHT. All he cared about was saving face and his own comfort. In fact, Applebutt’s been abusing Mapleshade since she first fell in love with him. He’s abused her love for him, and all for himself. He’s a selfish butthead who should be in the Dark Forest.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that Applebutt is one of the worst mates ever. I highly doubt that he truly loved Mapleshade and Reedshine, he just wanted to carry on his bloodline.

I can’t wait to read your comments! 🙂


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  37 Replies to “Why Appledusk is the Worst Mate Ever by Sky”

  1. Duskpaw
    February 28, 2018 at 9:50 pm

    I completely agree! Mapleshade thought she could live in RiverClan with Appledusk, even though she had lost her kits. Instead, Appledusk was like: “Hey get outta here Maple stop ruining my reputation with this other lady I’ve been flirting with while we’ve been together!” He didn’t even care that his kits DROWNED! Down with Appledusk!!!!!

    Life is beautiful.

    • Bunny1234
      June 20, 2018 at 5:34 pm

      He did care. He attempted to save them from the dangers that Mapleshade threw them into, he stated many times before the incident that he was proud of his children, and no longer wanted to be involved with the cat who he reasonably blamed for her deaths, which shows he cared about them.

      He might’ve been a bad mate but he was a good father nonetheless.

      • Sky
        June 21, 2018 at 4:07 am

        Oh. My. Goodness. A GOOD father? A GOOD FATHER????

        How could ANYONE possibly consider him a GOOD FATHER? If a cat was a GOOD FATHER then he wouldn’t seem indifferent and move on so quickly after their deaths! He would not have immediately cursed Mapleshade!

        And how in the world was it Mapleshade’s fault? Yes, she was a little naive but she believed that she had a true love on the other side of the river who would help her! And there were literally stepping stones! What happened to her kits was a tragic incident that cannot be blamed on Mapleshade AT ALL. If anything, Appledusk should be blamed for being an UNCARING butt of a mate and father.

        Also, he ONLY stated that he was proud of them because he was probably just trying to put on a perfect little mask when he had already been hooking up with Reedshine at that point. I should add that good mates AND father’s do not cheat. Divorce and then remarriage is okay, but cheating is not. It is being unfaithful to both your mate and kits.

        Sorry if this struck you as rude, but I am SO PASSIONATE about this topic and I use caps a lot because I’m too lazy to bold or indent code. 😛

        • Bunny1234
          July 5, 2018 at 9:30 am

          Sorry for the late reply bUT
          even in the Warriors universe, it’s not uncommon to take multiple mates, Dovewing, Crowfeather, Goldenflower, Willowpelt, Ect.

          This is just to name a few, but why is Appledusk signalled out from this multitude? I’m not saying he did the right thing, but why is he the only cat bashed on for this? Because a fan favourite hated him? And it was reasonable for him to be mad at Mapleshade for the deaths. The river was visibly flooding, and the book kept stressing out how tired and hungry the kits are. Not to mention she swims BEHIND them But I already left a comment on this article about why he was in the right to blame her, so I want go into all the details again. But when Mapleshade admitted to intentionally making the kits swim through a flood, Appledusk was horrified. And he obviously no longer wanted involvement with the cat that he thought was responsible for the deaths. I will also further stress out the point that he threw himself into the face of blatant danger in an attempt to save the kits. The water was incredibly violent and he could’ve drowned himself . Doesn’t at least that show he cared?????????

          Angry Appledusk defender

  2. Bunny1234
    July 5, 2018 at 1:11 pm

    But Mapleshade literally MURDERED her mate.

    Surely SHE’S the worst mate??

    Angry Appledusk defender

    • Neko
      July 9, 2018 at 4:58 pm

      Idk if I was be rude okay? Just stating sum points 😉

      She intended to kill Reedshine not Appledusk. But she killed him out of anger because he betrayed her. He betrayed her in the first place. I know friendship across the border is wrong like its the first code. Bluestar was lucky.
      Mapleshade only wanted a mate and kits. She wanted love. But that bloody mouse-heart left her. I wonder why he deserves Starclan at all and deserves to stay in his clan. He broke the first code anyways.
      If she wasn’t cast out of clan, she would have watched her kits grow until they were warriors. thats what she wished for. And then some cats had to ruin it resulting in them being killed.

    • Chickenaredinostoo!
      August 7, 2018 at 3:06 am

      Mapleshade murdered her “mate” because she was angry at what he had done with Reedshine and had cheated on her. She had to legit endure the pain of giving birth to her kits and they drowned. And then Appledusk didn’t even CARE about the pain that she had to face. But you’re kind of right. She didn’t have to go and kill Appledusk, but she was supposed to kill Reedshine. You also got to remember that that stupid apprentice of Appledusk screwed up the plan to kill that Reedshine in the first place.

      • mellowix
        August 11, 2018 at 3:53 pm

        How on earth is Perchpaw “stupid”? Mapleshade had literally just kidnapped him, killed his mentor and was going to kill an innocent pregnant Queen. She also killed two members of her own Clan, including the Medicine cat. If she was willing to do that to her own Clanmates, she’d have no pity towards Riverclan cats. Mapleshade clearly wasn’t going to stop any time soon. Perchpaw did everyone a favor by killing her off.

        - Mellowix

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