Browniewolfwitch’s Warriors 20 Question Tag

Browniewolfwitch answers 20 Warriors Fan Questions.

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Hey guys! I’m gonna be doing a Warriors 20 Question Tag! Credit to Willowpaw for this idea, and questions are originally by butterfly identity, but I got them from Willowpaw’s article. You should check it out if you haven’t already! Go here! —> Click here!

Now onto the questions!

1. When did you get into Warriors?
I remember in 2016, there were a few times I went on Amazon and saw something about Warriors. I read the summary, but wasn’t that into it. I had a completely different image in my head then what it really was! Then on Christmas morning, I opened up the Christmas present I had received from my younger brother. It was The Prophecies Begin box set. I said, “Oh, thanks,” but I wasn’t sure what I really thought of it. The box got buried under a lot of other stuff. Then when I was carrying it back to my room, I glanced at it and sighed, opening it up to the prologue. I sat down and started reading, thinking about how much I was going to hate it. I’d read Hunger Games, for goodness sake! I was into ‘grown-up books’. But slowly my eyes got wider and wider. It was amazing! I already thought Fire’paw’ was so great! I starting talking and talking about it so much! Even that night, I already had fanfiction running in my head! From that moment it was love at first chapter.

2. Favorite Arc
Oh, Dawn of the Clans! There’s so much action and interesting happenings, and the characters in that arc are just so amazing!

3. Favorite Book (excluding mangas, super editions, novellas)
Oh, um, I’d say Starlight from The New Prophecy.What happens in that book kept me on the edge of my seat and it was amazing!

4. Favorite Super Edition, Novella, or Manga
Ah! Um, I think… Moth Flight’s Vision? I really enjoyed the elements of that book, and I was captivated by the story of the first medicine cat!

5. Favorite Clan
Urr, I think my favorite clan is Windclan. The way they persevered through everything that happened to them, and some pretty great cats came from Windclan.

6. Favorite Character
I really like Cinderpelt. She’s so strong through everything that happened to her and I can respect her. She was so trusting and accepting too. She was basically perfect.

7. Least Favorite Character
Ahh, not sure! Well, actually, I really don’t like Skystar/Clear Sky. He’s absolutely awful and there is nothing appealing about him. And just when you think he’s changed, oops, nope, you were wrong! He’s just not a very good cat to me.

8. Most Aesthetically Pleasing Cat
I think Silverstream is very pretty, but I love the way people draw Mapleshade and Star Flower too.

9. Favorite Leader
I find Leafstar is my favorite. She seems so strong and I really feel for her in Skyclan’s Destiny. She also seems like a great cat. But I know for a fact she’s not the best leader.

10. Favorite Villain
Tigerstar. He was such an intriguing villain. And there were things it took so long to unravel about him. And he never gave up! Ever! Not even after he died, which is a little creepy…

11. Favorite Medicine Cat
Cinderpelt or Yellowfang, they are both awesome! I love Cinderpelt, for reasons already explained, but Yellowfang’s personality is so amazing! I love her sharp tongue and her death was so noble!

12. Overrated Character
I think Firestar is kind of overrated. He seems to be a little too perfect. And everyone loves him as a leader, but I prefer Firestar as an apprentice and warrior to him as leader and deputy.

13. Underrated Character
Brackenfur. He was there for so long, and he was so important for so much, yet after becoming a warrior, he kind of melted to the background. I thought it was kind of sad and that he deserved better than that.

14. Favorite Minor Character
I like Sorreltail, if she counts as a minor character. She was fearless and she never gave up!

15. Favorite Pairing
Well, if you mean favorite pairing that actually happened, then Cloudtail and Brightheart. It was so beautiful and the way Cloudtail continued to over her after the dogs… But my favorite that didn’t happen? Cinderpelt and Firestar. I don’t know why, but I think it’s beautiful.

16. Least Favorite Pairing
Oh, I’m not a fan of Feathertail and Crowfeather *dodges flying objects* Hey! I’m just stating opinions! I like seeing relationships develop. And it seemed like they were just suddenly together. Plus, they didn’t feel right together.

17. Favorite Friendship
Squirrelflight and Leafpool. They stuck by each other through it all. And that might have been because they were family, but they were truly friends.

18. Favorite Moment
WHY! You expect me to find a single moment in warriors that was my favorite? Actually, I really liked that moment after the fight with Scourge. Where Firestar and the Thunderclan cats that mean the most to him (Sandstorm, Graystripe, Bramblepaw) gathered on the Great Rock at Fourtrees.

19. Most Tragic Death
Tigerstar. It was awful. or Feathertail’s. So sad. …I can’t choose…

20. Favorite Battle / Fight Scene
The fight with Mudclaw and the tree fell on him? That was awesome.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this! Once again, check out Willowpaw’s article, it was a great idea and this was really fun to do! I’ll see you guys around!

– Browniewolfwitch

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  21 Replies to “Browniewolfwitch’s Warriors 20 Question Tag”

  1. Spencer
    April 11, 2018 at 11:08 pm

    I got into Warriors in 2017, my favorite series is TPB arc, favorite super edition is Bluestars prophecy, my favorite Clan is RiverClan, my favorite character is Flametail, my least favorite character is Breezepelt, my favorite leader is Bluestar/Firestar, my favorite villain is Brokenstar, my favorite medicine cat is either Yellowfang or Cinderpelt, my favorite overrated character is Firestar, my favorite underrated character is Runningwind, my favorite minor character is Barley, my favorite pair is Dovewing X Tigerheart, least favorite pair is Squirrelflight X Brambleclaw, my favorite group of friends is Ravenpaw and Barley, my favorite moment is when Firestar walked Cinderpelt to Fourtrees when Yellowfang took her as an apprentice, I think the most tragic scene was when Scourge killed Tigerstar, my favorite death scene will be in the future when Brambleclaw dies. and that’s all guy’s 😺

  2. April 11, 2018 at 11:15 pm

    😀 I agree with basically everything! but I do like Skyclan (But not as much in DotC) Nice!


  3. April 12, 2018 at 11:16 pm

    Great article, I can relate!

    σ hσlч вlσgclαn stαírcαsє 2016

  4. Salmonstar&Ravensky (aka Stagheart)
    April 15, 2018 at 4:50 am

    Interesting. I think that Bramblestar and Sauirrelflight are perfect though… XD


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