BlogClanner In The Spotlight: Bluebellpaw!

This month, Rainie stepping in for Wint to interview none other than Bluebellpaw, a long-time BlogClan member who is best known for replying to every comment on many different pages, as well as her daily SpongeBob memes. Shall we begin? Q: How did you discover BlogClan? i discovered BlogClan through the warrior wiki because w would look up some of… Read more →

Jar Names Needed

Calling all aspiring writers and editors. BlogClan needs a writer and editor for Chapter 27 of Trailing Stars. Work will begin on the new Jar Movie on Friday but Jerry (RIP) has bled all his names out. We want new names, fast, though we have no idea where we will store them since Jerry’s untimely demise. To apply as writer… Read more →