Happy Birthday, Shiverfur!

It’s Shiverfur’s birthday today! Hurray! Happy birthday, Shiverfur! 😀 Do you have any fun plans for the day? Are you having a party? Doing anything special to celebrate? Any special presents you’re hoping to get? 😀 Speaking of presents. . . Look what we have here! A special gift from our friend Foxshadow! Gorgeous, Foxi! Thanks! 😀 And another gift!… Read more →

Happy Clanniversary, Lionkit!

Happy Clanniversary, Lionkit! Clanniversaries are one of my favourite anniversaries. 😀 What about you? Do you prefer birthdays or Clanniversaries? Don’t these look delicious? Petit fours – Yum. 😀 You bring so much to BlogClan, Lionkit! We wish you a very happy Clanniversary and many more to come! We hope you’ll stick around BlogClan for a while, you bring a… Read more →

Happy Birthday, Kat!

Happy birthday to the one, the only, the fabulous Kat! Are you having a party? A cake, perhaps? Doing something special to celebrate? 😀 You bring so much joy to BlogClan – You can turn any typical day into a party! So now we bring the party to you! 😉 This cat wishes you a happy purrthday! 😉 (Sorry. Suuuper… Read more →

Happy Birthday, Mistypaw!

BlogClan! It’s Mistypaw’s birthday today! Hurray! 😀 Happy birthday, Mistypaw! 🙂 Are you doing anything fun today? Getting a cake or some other delicious food? 😉 Perhaps a birthday fish? Fish should be included in the birthday food category too. All foods should, I think. 😉 And now we move onto gift giving! 😀 I’m sorry I wasn’t able to… Read more →

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