Trailing Stars: Chapter 21 by Jayfrost

Trailing Stars: Chapter Twenty One By: Jayfrost Edited by: Hazelburrow illustrated by Jayfrost          The ferns surrounding the camp rustled lightly as the patrol brushed past them. All around the camp, the cats of BlogClan watched wearily as their Clanmates disappear beyond the ferns into the forest. Once the last cat was gone, nervous murmurs began to ripple through the crowd.… Read more →

Happy Birthday, Streampaw!

Another BlogClan birthday today, huh? 😀 Happy birthday, Streampaw! Are you having a good day so far? I do hope so. 😀 Birthdays should be the most wonderful days of them all! 😉 Is there any cake? 😉 I hope you’ve saved some for me! 😀 Are you doing anything special today to celebrate? Having a party? 😀 I’ll bring… Read more →

Happy Birthday, Sunnykit!

Sunnykit! Is it your birthday already? 😀 My, my. How time flies! 🙂 You’re a whole year older! Hurray! One of the first things you’ll learn about BlogClan is that we love birthdays! 😀 Me in particular. 😉 What’s not to like? Cake and presents and pretty decorations and cake and balloons and did I mention cake? 😉 Doesn’t that… Read more →

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