Cadvent Posts 2017

Cadvent Day 13

I'll be decorating my tree today! So many cosy evenings lie ahead. I hope you're staying warm ...
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Cadvent Day 12

Woohoo! There's snow here still - not a lot, but still enough to make my world look beautifully wintry ...
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Cadvent Day 11

To be honest, I'm having trouble getting my Christmas mojo going ...
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Cadvent Day 10

When do you finish school? Do you have any tests or papers due before the end of term? I'm busy ...
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Cadvent Day 9

The 9th of December is always a special day for me because it's Josh's birthday ...
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Cadvent Day 8

I've just come back from a lovely trip to Lincoln to see the Cathedral ...
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Cadvent Day 7

Happy Cadvent! Are you having fun??? ...
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Cadvent Day 6

Today is where time seems to speed up and Christmas starts feeling closer and closer. Have you started wrapping presents ...
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Cadvent Day 5

What's the weather like where you are? Do you expect to have snow for the Holidays? Thank you Wavesplash and ...
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Cadvent Day 4

What are you Cadvent wishes? Have you put your tree up yet? Do you even have a tree? Tell us ...
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