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Why I don’t like Vision of Shadows (Spoilers) by Purpleshade

Purpleshade shares their honest opinion about Vision of Shadows. (Spoilers!) ...
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Warriors Shipping Awards by Beechpaw

Beechpaw holds a ceremony for some of the couples in the series ...
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Hawkfrost’s death by Willowwhisper

Willowwhisper debates if Hawkfrost was deserving of his death.  ...
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The Return of Sol in River of Fire Theory by Grassclaw

Grassclaw shares a theory of what events might occur during River of Fire. Spoilers below! ...
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Who Does Crowfeather Love More? by Otterpaw

Otterpaw discusses the relationships of Crowfeather.  ...
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Hamilton Characters V.S. Warriors Characters by Owlfeather

Owlfeather compares characters from the series and the hit musical, Hamilton. Spoilers for the first arc and Hamilton! ...
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Why Appledusk is the Worst Mate Ever by Sky

Sky presents: The eternal hatred of Appledusk ...
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A Vision of Shadows- Murder Theories by Beechpaw

Beechpaw shares some of their theories for AVoS before reading the rest of the arc. Spoilers for books up until ...
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A Vision of Kits by Nighthawk

Nighthawk predicts some kits or couples that could happen in the series. Spoilers for AVoS! ...
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