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Why I despise Firestar by Blooddrip

Blooddrip talks about why they hate Firestar.  ...
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What if Ivypool was the prophecy’d one? by Kindheart

Kindheart discusses what might have happened if Ivypool was a prophecy cat instead of Dovewing.  ...
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Songs that can be changed to warriors songs part 10!!!!!!!! by Kindheart

Kindheart continues the "Songs that can Be Changed to Warriors Songs" Series!  ...
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Is Warriors possibly real? by Kindheart

Kindheart talks about connections between Warriors and real life.  ...
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Building up a Character- Squirrelflight by Morningwillow

Morningwillow talks about Squirreflight and her personality.  ...
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Should Windclan be the Heroes? by Loudpelt

Loudpelt discusses why WindClan should have been the "main" Clan, rather than ThunderClan.  ...
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Theme Songs: New & Improved! Part 2

Rainpaw discusses some songs that would suit various Warriors characters.  ...
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Maybe Scourge Isn’t All That Bad by Rainflight

Rainflight discusses the idea that Scourge may not be completely bad.  ...
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My opinion on Mapleshade by Owlheart

Owlheart shares their opinion on Mapleshade ...
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List of Medicine Cat Herbs by Nightpaw

Nightpaw gives us a list of herbs and their uses ...
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