Fan Articles

List of Medicine Cat Herbs by Nightpaw

Nightpaw gives us a list of herbs and their uses ...
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Jayfeather’s Prophecy Wheel Part 3! by Wavepaw

There is a prophecy wheel. Things happen ...
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Why I despise Firestar by Blooddrip

Blooddrip discusses Firestar ...
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My Favorite Warrior Cats From Each Arc by Lilyflame

Lilyflame shares her favourite cats from each arc ...
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Defending Dovewing by Willowpaw / Wollow (and Lupinepaw)

Willowpaw and Lupinepaw defend Dovewing in today's article ...
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The Top 5 Warriors Prophecies and Omens by Rainshadow

Rainshadow reveals her top picks for the 5 best Warriors prophecies and omens. Spoiler alert!  ...
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What I predict will happen in the end of the VoS series by Lilyshine/ paw

Lilypaw speculates on what will happen at the end of the sixth series. Major spoilers ahead!  ...
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How Long Have The Clans Existed? by Freespirit

Freespirit speculates how long the Clans have existed ...
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Why You Shouldn’t Hate Bluestar *SPOILERS!* by Snowheart

Snowheart talks about why Bluestar doesn't deserve hate.  ...
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