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Leaders who could’ve been (Maybe) By Jetclaw

Jetclaw discusses how the series would change if different cats were appointed leader.  ...
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(REMAKE) Defending Needletail by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw defends Needletail again, post-Shattered Sky ...
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Who Should Have Been The Third Cat? by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw discusses the choice of the third cat in the "Power of Three" prophecy.  ...
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My opinion on Rainflower by Iceclaw

Iceclaw shares their opinion on Rainflower ...
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Relating the Cars Movies to Warrior Cats (Arbitrary Warning) By Sleetfall

Sleetfall finds similarities in two seemingly opposite franchises ...
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Defending Bluestar by Ebonypaw

Ebonypaw defends Bluestar throughout her life ...
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(SPOILERS) ThunderClan Medicine Cats (SPOILERS) by Lionpaw

Lionpaw shares their opinion of the ThunderClan medicine cats.  ...
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Shockfrost’s Glance REVIVED: Mirroring Shadows and Corruption

Shockfrost draws parallels between Warriors and the famous video game series, Metroid.  ...
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How Appearances Work Part 1 by Hailpaw

Hailpaw discusses how some characters got their colorings ...
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5 of my Favorite Warrior Cats

Nightflower lists their 5 favourite characters from the series ...
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