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My Opinion of Bramblestar by Wrenkit

Wrenkit shares their opinion of Bramblestar ...
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Defending the Dark Forest Cats by Wrenkit

Wrenkit defends the series most notorious villains ...
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Half-Clan Cats: Good or Evil? Analyzing Stonefur and Mistystar’s Characters by Cheetahpaw

Cheetahpaw analyzes a few half-clan cats to determine whether or not they are really cats to be wary of ...
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Why Ashfur Should Have Gone to the Dark Forest by Cheetahpaw

Cheetahpaw gives their opinion on the series old debate ...
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Mapleshade: The Eternal Mystery by Sorrelpaw

Sorrelpaw share a skit about Mapleshade ...
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Top 4 Warrior Cats Who Deserve More Recognition (Spoilers!) by Rainstorm257

Rainstorm257 shares 4 characters they think deserve more recognition ...
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Why I think Thistleclaw was Bad by Purpleshade

Purpleshade explains their feelings on Thistleclaw.  ...
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TOP 5 CATS: The Prophecies Begin by Crookedjaw II

Crookedjaw II lists their top 5 cats from the first arc, The Prophecies Begin ...
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How Would A Warriors Movie Work? by Goosewing

Goosewing ponders the script of the first Warriors movie.  ...
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Browniewolfwitch’s Warriors 20 Question Tag

Browniewolfwitch answers 20 Warriors Fan Questions ...
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