Fan Articles

Why Squirrelflight is Amazing! by Petalheart

Petalheart explains positive aspects of Squirrelflight's character ...
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Warriors CATastrophes! by Moonpaw

Moonpaw writes a skit about embarrassing moments in our favourite warriors' lives ...
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Is Pebbleshine alive? Spoilers! by Bluebellpaw

Bluebllpaw shares their hopes about Pebbleshine ...
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What might have happened when some cats died and were either stuck in the Dark Forest or StarClan by Darkkit

Darkkit shares a skit they wrote about the cats who died during the Great Battle ...
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Leafpool: Leader? by Stormsong

Stormsong discusses why the believe Leafpool should be leader ...
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Hollyleaf’s Power? by Snowyfoot

Snowyfoot discusses Hollyleaf's possible power ...
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My Top Five Favorite Hamilton Songs That Relate To Warriors by Lily That Shines Like Dawn

Lily That Shines Like Dawn shares 5 Hamilton songs that relate to Warriors ...
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My Opinion on Jayfeather and Hollyleaf by Hailkit

Hailkit discusses her opinion on Jayfeather and Hollyleaf   ...
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Son of Fire: A “What If” Theory by Sunwhisper

Sunwhisper imagines a Warriors universe in which Firestar had a son.  ...
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If Shrewpaw hadn’t died… by Starlingpaw

Starlingpaw ponders how the Warriors universe would have changed if Shrewpaw had lived.  ...
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