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  1. December 1, 2017 at 1:35 am

    well, I had a horrible day! I’ve been in a crappy mood all day, my brother and my mom sounded like they were speaking a foreign language and honestly communicating with other people even my family kind of is that for me every day and that made me really sad. But I couldn’t let them see me crying so I moved my seat so I’m facing the window not them and then they teased me and pushed me.

    there was a permission slip due today that I got on Tuseday for this thing on Monday for this all-day workshop thing that they picked random freshmen PE classes for (all freshmen have PE). I looked on the permission slip and it said Student Leadership Workshop. Cool. Okay. But I’d be missing band and I have concerts that week. I need to be in class. Anyway today in math we had an easy day because my teacher had planned for our test to be on Monday but it has to be Wednesday. When asked about it, she explained that it’s this program to disipline the freshmen class because we’ve been really rowdy this year and people have complained. I’m a really good kid. I’ve never gotten detention, a referral, sent to the office, had my phone taken away, had to stay after class (unless it was a full class punishment), or anything. Honestly I’m really scared of getting in trouble, in any trouble at all.But that’s not the point. I need to be in band. So I researched this organization and they were all about leadership and defying racism and sexism and stuff and hey that sounds great but it doesn’t match up with what my teacher said. But then I read this at the bottom,

    “Also brand new this fall, [organization] launched conflict management courses tailored to law enforcement personnel in an effort to avert problems before they happen.”

    no. no. nononononono. I’m going into panic mode. I can’t do this. I can’t do an all-day punishment for something I didn’t do where we have to eat inside away from everyone else and that might not be so random on the week of my first high school concerts ever. nope. not happening. I had an anxiety attack over this.

    speaking of anxiety attacks, I had another one today. Here. There’s so much Christmas stuff. I feel isolated and ignored. My phone is loading super slowly because of the snowflakes. There is a Santa floating across my screen. A Santa. Done by the same people who changed Secret Santa to Secret Holiday Gift Exchange because of this very reason. This is a safe place for me and I don’t feel comfortable here rn because of this. I get that there are people here who don’t celebrate Halloween, but we didn’t put up a giant jack-o-lantern gif and play Halloween music on every page. I’m scared for my family to hear this music and I know someday soon I’m accidentally not going to mute it or pause it like I’m doing now and they’re going to judge me. All my teachers are playing Christmas music in class. Everyone asks me what I want for Christmas, or if I have a Christmas list yet. When I tell them I don’t celebrate Christmas their eyes widen and for a split second they look insulted, like I’ve violated some code. They get uncomfortable and smile and change the subject, or ask me about my Hanukkah list and then change the subject. This time of year as I grow up I’ve started to feel alone, more alone then I usually am, I have anxiety attacks much more often and I’m a lot more stressed out and sad. I feel like there’s this giant divide between me and everyone else, and I’m jealous of the people who get to put beautiful lights on their house and decorate a tree and can walk into stores without getting uncomfortable with the Christmas stuff everywhere and can find their holiday items easily without searching the whole store and going to multiple stores and who can discuss Christmas things with others. I’m starting to figure out where my social anxiety stems from and I realized I have this huge fear of being alone, in a philosophical sense. I don’t really know. Anyway, this kind of plays off of that. I already want December to be over, and it hasn’t even begun.

    🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

    • Blue Christmas Lights
      December 1, 2017 at 2:46 am

      I don’t understand the school stuff, sorry.

      Buuuuut I’m not good with religion and all that. But uh…

      Oh crap.

      I had words and they disappeared.

      I’m awful at this 😛


      Oh dear 😛

      I’m so childish but watch this and laugh 😛

      ReginaXRobin Forever

      • December 1, 2017 at 4:12 am

        Blue it’s totally fine my problems are weird 😛

        🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

        • Blue Christmas Lights
          December 1, 2017 at 3:27 pm

          Whenever I have just one sentence planned… As I begin to type… It disappears 😛

          ReginaXRobin Forever

      • December 1, 2017 at 11:14 am

        I WISH I COULD HELP BUT I’M SO BAD AT ADVICE BLUE WE’RE THE WORST PEOPLE GIVING ADVICE 😛 How can I give good advice to the advice queen? But yeah I can try (from now on this is adressed to Wavey even though I’m replying to Blue 😛).
        I don’t understand the school problem part because there are a lot of fancy words and I’m just not familiar with them. Sorry about that :\ I get what you mean with that feeling alone. I don’t have big problems with religion (although nobody here shares mine), but as I live so far from everyone else and the culture is so different, there’s only a few same big celebrations. Christmas and New Year, is there anything else? Like, I fon’t have Halloween, or Thanksgiving, or 4th of July or even Valentine’s Day (well, kinda, depends on the people but let’s not go into that). I often feel alone. The timezones – seriously I need to stay up really late or I don’t get to talk to people much, only the ones who wake up early have lots of time to chat with me. So we’re in the same boat (kinda 😛). You can make through December <33

        Like a flare in the air ~

        • December 2, 2017 at 12:46 am

          what words don’t you understand? I can define or give a simpler synonym if you like ^^

          shh Swany, you give great advice. Thanks!

          🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

          • December 2, 2017 at 9:58 am

            Too much (I hate admitting it) 😛 thanks for the offer, but no need to, I wouldn’t have good advice anyway

            I hope so haha 😛 you’re welcome ^^

            Like a flare in the air ~

    • Beech leaves frosted with snow (Beechpaw/Beechflight)
      December 1, 2017 at 4:46 am

      I’m really sorry, Wavey. I want you to know that BlogClan is here for you! *huggles* Plus, I celebrate Hanukkah, too. Where I live, almost everybody celebrates Christmas and I feel like I have to keep my mouth shut. Just remember that your family shouldn’t get mad at you because you forgot to mute a website and Christmas music starts playing. If they do, explain to them that everyone’s in the holiday spirit, and this may be their form of celebrating. You always have great advice for BlogClan. You’re an amazing helper! I’d hate to see you like this. Just remember that we are always there for you. Also, people shouldn’t look at you like you’re crazy when you tell them who you are. You are YOU, Wavey! Be proud of who you are! You are Wavesplash. *double huggles* Do something amazing like you always do!

      hello do you remember me

      • December 2, 2017 at 12:45 am

        I don’t think they’ll get mad at me, I just think they’ll tease me. Also, while my parents know about and are fine with me being here, periodically they’ll ask is everyone treating you okay, is there any form of discrimination, are people asking for personal information, etc. They’re sticklers for internet safety. I’m 14 and a freshmen in high school and I have literally no social media. If they found out about this, especially how I feel about it, I might have to leave.

        🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

      • Vixen the Fox-like Reindeer (Foxie)
        December 2, 2017 at 12:49 am

        Aw I’m so sorry Wavey! Ahh I don’t know what to say. What would you say to yourself if someone was having the same problems as you? I don’t celebrate Halloween exactly since my family used to just turn off all the lights and watch a movie, ignoring trick-or-treaters, but now I just dress up in happy costumes (most are animals) and well eat a small bit of candy.
        As everyone probably knows, I would celebrate Christmas of course. But it's ok to not either. We all are different, yet we all are equal. Hanukkah sounds like a beautiful peaceful holiday and no one should be ashamed by what they do and don't celebrate. Be proud! I am proud of my religion, so be proud of yours and who you are. If I may ask, why don't you put up lights? Is it only a Christmas thing or can people who celebrate Hanukkah do it too (I don't know much about Hanukkah except that it's a Jewish holiday and it's a dedication to something)?

        May I at least point out that yes, lots of people celebrate Christmas. But their reasons are different. Lots of people celebrate because….um well you get lots of presents, it's a great time for family and friends, and stuff related to that. Now some others celebrate it because it's the Birth of Jesus Christ (the true meaning of Christmas, honestly. Why does Christmas have "Christ" in it?) which is my reason to celebrate it. Christmas means many things to different people so just because we all celebrate Christmas doesn't mean we celebrate it for the same things. 🙂 I've honestly been wondering why people who don't have a religion might sing those songs "Hark the Hearld Angels Sing" and "Joy to the World" and "Christmassy" songs like that, even though they actually don't believe in that religion. It's always confused me. Maybe because it's for Christmas of course. But there's no meaning behind it except that it's tradition. But anyway sorry if I'm getting a bit off topic.

        I don't know much advice for school, but I wish you many hugs and I know you'll do great! Believe in yourself, Wavey! Sorry if what I've said hasn't really helped. I hope my advice didn't just go down the drain because sometimes I cringe at my own advice and become afraid that I might offend someone. But I'm here if you want to talk and I care about your feelings and your problems and I want to help (though I don't know exactly how and since you're one of the best "advice givers," well I don't what this comment would compare to yours [yes I know sorry I'm comparing which I shouldn't….]).

        May StarClan light your path! 🌌 And Happy Hanukkah! 😀😉

        "May the warmth and glow of each candle you light make your heart and home happy, your Hanukkah bright."

        Count Your Blessings

        • December 2, 2017 at 11:15 pm

          I am proud of my religion, I just can’t really express it. I’m also very bad at following my own advice 😛 Putting up lights is strictly a Christmas thing. I don’t know why.

          🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

    • Frozenpinepaw
      December 2, 2017 at 2:40 am

      i cant say i understand the christmas problem but ive had a similar feeling on a holiday that is probably world-wide that whenever i see people celebrate it i get a huge load of depression

      i dont know if itll help but notmally when that holiday comes and i get depressed i like to believe that all the other people are happy and theyre so lucky and then that makes me feel better (after crying i have to admit)

      again im a person who celebrates christmas so i cant really relate but theres a holiday that makes me feel so depressed because im among the few kids in school who are missing something but try cheering up with positive thoughts – im an almost aethiest and i get pretty annoyed by “god will protect you” and stuff but hey at least theyve got a strong belief that leads them to happiness


    • December 2, 2017 at 3:36 pm

      The school part is sort of confusing, sorry I can’t help

      I’m sorry. I’m especially sorry you feel that way in Blogclan. But irl, if they look insulted or act as if you don’t belong, then that’s just plain rude. People shouldn’t judge others for their beliefs and traditions. You remind me of my friend, because you are a great person who doesn’t realize that we would NEVER ignore you just because of your beliefs. *more huggles*

    • Mint Leaves Covered in Feathery Snow/Peppermint Hot Chocolate That is Sipped After Brutal Snowball Fight (don't judge)/Mintpaw(feather)
      December 3, 2017 at 5:44 pm

      *huggles* Awww, Wavey. I’m not so sure how I can help with the school issues, but you’ll get through them. You’re a wonderful person, always remember that.

      I know how you feel, kinda. I celebrate Christmas but not that much- I go to my Nai-Nai and Ye-Ye’s for a few days and eat dumplings and watch TV. I do get a few presents.
      They play Christmas music at my school as well, and they scheduled the sixth-grade three-day overnight trip during Hanukkah. I’m looking forwards to the trip, but I’m going to miss nights of my baby sister’s first Hanukkah. And I can’t help feeling that they would never have even thought of scheduling anything during Christmas.
      Enjoy December while you’re here. I think that there is nothing more beautiful and happy than seeing Hanukkah candles aflame. 🙂 Don’t be ashamed of who you are.

      ~ bluebell 2.0

  2. nightflower
    December 1, 2017 at 3:30 am

    I have a presentation tomorrow and im going to fail it.

  3. December 1, 2017 at 3:37 am

    Here’s my rant about swimming:

    Swim practice was pretty terrible today. First of all, I made a rant about my ‘friend’ Applepaw before. She loves swimming, and she has no problems with her family. Her only problem, is that she’s super rude.

    So, my coach moved me to her lane today, and it was terrible. During warm up, I kept on touching her feet, and she wouldn’t let me in front of her! So finally I had enough of it, and I did what my swim coach told us to do when some one won’t let me get in front of them.

    I yanked on her foot.


    She still wouldn’t let me in front of her! At one point, I was catching up to her so much, I had to yank on her theigh! Still nothing! I told my swim coach, and he called Applepaw up to talk to him and me. Applepaw told a bunch of lies, and said, ‘She only touched my feet a couple times, and she was doing the set wrong!’ Excuse me? I swear on my life I was doing the right thing! My coach told us to work it out ourselfs and figure out who was going first, and when he was gone, Applepaw looked at me and said right in my face, ‘I’m going first.’ And just left, just like that!

    My other swim coach noticed I was uncomfortable, and she talked to Applepaw. Applepaw didn’t swim for like five minutes, she came back crying. She looked at me all innocently and said, crying, ‘I never said that, I was just saying that I was going in front of you!’


    Now I feel like everyone is taking pity on her, and now I’m invisible. I swear I did nothing wrong, I just told my coaches that something was really bothering me.

    The sad thing is, my best friend, Lilypaw, barely talked to me. She’ve been talking to Applepaw, and not to me. I don’t know if she’s doing it for pity, but a part of me thinks that she’s ignoring me.

    So well, that’s my rant! If you actually made it through that, here’s some cookies: 🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪🍪

    • December 1, 2017 at 4:12 am

      Aww I’m really sorry Ottie. Talk to your coaches and see if you can be moved to a different lane or a different practice time altogether. Find someone else to hang out with during practice. If Lilypaw wants to talk to Applepaw instead of you, it’s her loss. Also, next time maybe forcefully push past her or go under her 😛 *huggles*

      🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

    • Beech leaves frosted with snow (Beechpaw/Beechflight)
      December 1, 2017 at 4:48 am

      I’m sorry. That happens too much. *huggles* But we’re always there for you, right?

      hello do you remember me

  4. Beech leaves frosted with snow (Beechpaw/Beechflight)
    December 1, 2017 at 5:05 am

    This week is SOOOOOOOOOO Stressful.
    So today in Language Arts we were reading some long story about a goat and a boy in Poland. It was centered around Hannukkah. I was trying to explain to my reading buddy about what latkes are and why this guy had to buy potatoes and oil, without stating that I celebrate Hanukkah. Why? The town that I live in, it’s super religious and everybody celebrates Christmas. There are people who wear shirts saying “faith” and “blessed 1” that make me feel awkward. There are even teachers who will wear stuff advertising their local Church. It’s really annoying because I feel like if I state that I don’t celebrate Christmas that people will look at me like I have ten eyes. Plus, in Spanish class we spent like two weeks talking about the Virgin Mary and how important she was to Mexico and Latin America because she was a saint. Anyhow, in math I skipped two problems on my pre-algebra homework because the person who wrote the homework didn’t clarify if $13.50 was 2/5 of what this person had left, or if it was 2/5 of 13.50. Continuing on my grandpa is in town, and he tends to ask me questions I don’t like answering, like, “So, are you ready to start tutoring for your Bat Mitzvah?” “How is Hebrew Class helping you?”

    hello do you remember me

    • Christmas Cake
      December 3, 2017 at 12:06 pm

      Happily, Christmas on BlogClan has nothing to do with religion. It is a purely Yuletide festival (you can tell this by the lack of angels and Baby Jesuses and Holy Stars and all that stuff). I hope you have a great Hanukkah 🙂 Please share your Hanukkah traditions. I’d love to learn more about them.
      Yule vs Christmas

      BlogTeam Administrator, Leader

  5. hazelspots
    December 1, 2017 at 8:30 am

    I have a problem with my anger at school, specifically in 6th period. The other students in 6th period seem to be extremely disrespectful towards the teacher. They do not listen, and they talk after everything she says. I will not deny that I, too, talk in class, but it is only to comment to my best friend, who is next to me, about how angry I am that this is going on. I do not start on random conversation topics, and I do my best not to disrupt class.
    We have learned next to nothing all quarter because of these disrespectful children. We were supposed to study the renaissance period and then take a test over it, but because of how every kid in the class never listens and is constantly screaming and yelling, only four kids actually passed. The class average was about a 50 or 60, if I remember correctly.
    We were supposed to learn about other periods of music as well, but we never had the time because the teacher had to spend most of the class period telling us to stop talking over her.
    We had to cancel our project pertaining to composition because of how disrespectful the class is, and how they refuse to learn and/or listen. Now, we have to do reader’s theatre until the end of the quarter. I am completely fine with that, but it’s a little disappointing.
    No matter how much the class is punished, reprimanded, or even given extra assignments over break because of said disrespect, they don’t learn and in fact act even worse than before.
    This makes me so angry that every day when I come into the classroom, I want to punch somebody and lecture everybody the whole class period- not in a soft way, but me standing up and finally taking some action would feel so satisfying, honestly. It makes me so angry that I’m pretty sure I’m literally going insane. I maniacally laughed yesterday.
    Now, the school counselor told me I am no longer allowed to feel or act negative in class. I have to smile and be happy the whole time, and i am no longer allowed to “hate” things. So now, instead of doing something, I’m just supposed to stand there and take it.
    I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do. Counting to ten and trying to breathe doesn’t help when the action that’s angering you is going on continuously, it doesn’t help when people make fun of you for doing it, and it doesn’t help when people tell you to “chill out, nothing is happening”. I can’t go somewhere else, since I’m not allowed to leave class. Sometimes, I get much too angry and yell at the class, saying something the teacher has said a million times. They laugh at me, or ask me why I’m screaming since “we did nothing wrong and you always blame everything on us”
    This class literally makes me want skip school, or do whatever is necessary in order to avoid the chaos.
    I had the option to get out of music class forever when my counselor told me i couldn’t be negative anymore, but I didn’t take it since in the real world, you can’t have what you want and I need to stop opting out of hard things in life just because they are difficult. I also didn’t want people asking me “where I was” or talking about me behind my back, which happens an awful lot.
    I just need to figure out a way to manage my anger for 3 weeks.
    No counting to ten, no “deep breaths” and no going somewhere else. Those three things will result in me being talked about, and/or laughed at
    rip me

    • Blue Christmas Lights
      December 1, 2017 at 3:25 pm

      Talk to the teacher of that class. Ask her what you can try to do to keep your sanity. 😛

      ReginaXRobin Forever

    • Crookedjaw II who is singing festive songs
      December 1, 2017 at 7:47 pm

      That makes two of us 😐

    • December 1, 2017 at 8:44 pm

      *hugs* It’d probably be best to talk your teacher. I really hope those kids stop. <3 <3 <3 *hugs*

    • December 2, 2017 at 12:42 am

      Aww I’m really sorry Spotzel. I’m sure the teacher really appreciates you. Talk to the principal about the behavior of your classmates and maybe see if you can switch classes or teachers. Try to learn the material (it’s actually really interesting, I’ve done the same thing) and know that you’ll be the one passing while the others fail. If you want, I took a course in seventh and eighth grade that had a composition unit, so I can teach you. *huggles*

      🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

  6. December 1, 2017 at 6:04 pm

    im fat and stupid and ugly and nonathletic and clumsy and have no friends (don’t just say go meet new people, i already know everybody at my school and they hate me) my reputation is ruined and the only thing i can be confident that im good at is my saxophone and augh

    • December 2, 2017 at 11:16 pm

      no you’re not! you are beautiful! I’m not athletic either, but that means you have skills in other areas. If people don’t want to be friends with you it’s their loss. Find people outside of school, like at clubs or something. You are a wonderful saxophone player! *huggles*

      🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

  7. December 1, 2017 at 11:45 pm

    So today I was super excited that is was the beginning of December, and had opened part of my advent calendar that morning (it had chocolate). I got to school and sat down at a table with my friends, and they were chatting about stuff. I listened in a little bit on the conversation, and they were talking about someone in our class giving little trinkets to other people in our class. Before I could say anything, a girl in my class (I’ll call her Hollyshade) that I thought of as a friend, comes over to our table and gives everyone at our table a little trinket… except for me. Hollyshade did’t even look at me, she just walked away. My heart literally broke. Immediately afterward I ran into the bathroom, locked myself in a stall, and sobbed. It really, really hurt. My eyes and nose were red for the rest of the day. When it happened, I felt as a little bit of me faded away. I am turning invisible. Eventually no one will see me.

    • December 2, 2017 at 12:38 am

      Aww I’m sorry Fawn. That’s horrible. Don’t let her get you down. This one occurrence shouldn’t dictate how your December goes, and you can still be excited for it. You should talk to Hollyshade. Maybe it was just a big misunderstanding. If it turns out she was ignoring you on purpose, report it. *huggles*

      🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

    • Breeze Blowing Confetti Across Full Moon/Moonpaw/Moonbreeze (My Birthday is coming up...)
      December 2, 2017 at 12:43 am

      Aw… It’s ok. *huggles*

      Revive my secret clan/my name!

  8. nightflower
    December 2, 2017 at 12:43 am

    Huggles to allllll

  9. Breeze Blowing Confetti Across Full Moon/Moonpaw/Moonbreeze (My Birthday is coming up...)
    December 2, 2017 at 12:45 am


    I had two best friends. And then one of them left and dumped me for my enemy whom I hate for eternity. Is that a bit harsh? Any way… Ya. That’s it. And yes it is all true. I felt really sad because clearly she thought the meanest girl in the grade was nicer than me???? I thought i was nice…

    Revive my secret clan/my name!

    • December 2, 2017 at 2:04 am

      Aww I’m sorry Moon. Niceness can be relative. Find new friends. *huggles*

      🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

      • Breeze Blowing Confetti Across Full Moon/Moonpaw/Moonbreeze (My Birthday is coming up...)
        December 2, 2017 at 4:47 am

        Well… I have friends still. Including Foxfeather. But it hurts…

        Revive my secret clan/my name!

  10. Foxstep
    December 2, 2017 at 1:13 am

    yey me I get partnered up with someone who bullied me she’s annoying me and she knows it sigh

    σ hσlч вlσgclαn stαírcαsє 2016

    • December 2, 2017 at 2:03 am

      aww I;m sorry Steppy! Talk o your teacher about it and see if you can switch. *huggles*

      🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

    • Frozenpinepaw
      December 2, 2017 at 2:47 am

      omg i sort of get that

      the most annoying kid in the universe who purposely annoyed me before is in the same group as me in math and i t i s a w f u l

      (pssst showoff and show her unlike her you’re the best or tell your teacher that you want to change and if you dont want to say because you dont want to be in a mess with bully then say you want your request to be sort of like anonymous and the teacher carries on excuse or say you cant concentrate around her because she doesnt seem nice idk)

      • Vixen the Fox-like Reindeer (Foxie)
        December 2, 2017 at 7:04 am

        Talk to your parents or a trustworthy adult or good friend! 🙂 Bullying is NOT fun at all, especially if you were once bullied and then you’re paired with that exact same bully. If I may ask, do you know why that person had bullied you? Is she insecure? Any reason behind it? Did she bully only you? Does she just “hate” you in general? Does she make others feel bad about themselves/bully them in order to feel good about herself? Has she ever been bullied herself in her past? (it’s good to be observant with a bully because everyone wants to know why they bully in the first place and if there’s any sensible reason for it 🙂😉)

        Huggles! May StarClan give you patience, guidance, good judgement, courage, and even compassion in this stressful, aggravating time. 🌌💖

        Count Your Blessings

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