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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. September 18, 2018 at 7:45 pm

    Earthfall chapter 1
    A thick furred black tom ran through the woods his paws hitting the ground with force as he ran, ran away from the yelping and the screams of his past. He stopped for a second and looked at a tree, the branches thick enough to climb taking this as an advantage he scrambled upwards the creatures not far behind him. The tom scrambled higher and higher but as soon as his paws hit the fourth tree the creatures claw hit his chest sending him spiralling downwards his paws flailing in the air, he landed and ran ignoring the blood that dropped down his chest fleeing back to his den underground. He finally stopped running ‘After all that’ he mewed panting looking at the mouse that had been half dragged into his underground den ‘This better be the best mouse I’ve ever eaten’

    The tom cat was curled up in the moss and ferns that he had gathered the day they came he didn’t know what they were or where they came from only that they wanted him dead, he twitched once and suddenly was up in a coughing fit blood dripping out of his muzzle . He looked to see daylight flooding into the den ‘Wo-ho-ho’ he muttered ‘nice job there’ he was suddenly broken into a coughing fit and got up then stopping ‘Oh crap’ he mumbled looking up it wasn’t moonlight that was leaking in it was sunlight . He broke into another coughing fit and realised he needed herbs and now ‘welp it’ll be quicker this way at least’ he meowed scrambling up into the Surface ‘least it’ll be quicker’

    Ok! Lemme do my geography homework now 😋😛😝😜🤪

    ❤️❤️love yourself❤️❤️

  2. September 18, 2018 at 8:49 pm

    The winner on my Fanfiction contest is Maple!!!!!! Congrats to you and anyone who participated!!!!

    Question for Maple:
    What role would you like in the Fanfic?
    a) Shademist’s sister (you’re a female, right?)
    b) Shademist’s mentor (coming in later in the story)
    c) the leader of Shademist’s Clan

    BlogClan is life =^6_^=

  3. Bright Frost on Juniper Berry
    September 19, 2018 at 1:18 am

    A friendly reminder of my fanfic contest, Ships that didn’t sail! Take your favorite non-canon Warriors ship, or make one up, and write a one-shot about it. The deadline is October 5th!

  4. Jayfrost
    September 19, 2018 at 5:31 am

    Warriors Series 5.5: Echoes of the War
    Novella 6: Molefoot’s Loss
    Chapter Three

         The air was knocked out of Molepaw as he was slammed hard onto his back. He gasped for air, panting between bared fangs as a ginger muzzle hovered above his own. Two green eyes peered down at him. He lashed out fast, closing his jaws over the tabby’s shoulder and battering at her belly with his hind paws. With his greater strength, he managed to wrench her shoulder down to the ground, and in a swift motion, he pulled himself up onto his paws and pinned her torso to the ground. The tabby flailed, striking out at him with hard blows from her paws, but he quickly managed to get her hips pinned as well, and soon her struggles ceased.


         At the call from the warrior, Molepaw immediately backed off of his opponent, allowing the tabby to scramble to her paws. A joyous light was shining in her eyes. “Great fight!” she panted as she settled onto her haunches. She turned to lick smooth some of the mussed fur on her shoulder where Molepaw’s jaws had clamped down. “I didn’t see that flip coming. Nice move.”

         “Thanks,” Molepaw grunted. Pride stirred under his pelt at his sister’s praise, though the bruises she’d given him kept him from getting too wrapped up in his victory. “You definitely put up a fight, though.”

         As Cherrypaw continued grooming, Molepaw’s mentor approached them. “Well done, you two,” she purred. “Molepaw, you did very well in turning a potential defeat into a victory. You’ve learned a lot these last few moons – I’m very impressed with your progress.”

         Molepaw blinked warmly at the she-cat. “Thanks, Brightheart,” he purred.

         Rosepetal’s injury had healed some time ago, but her leg was still too stiff to allow her to return to full warrior duties. Since she was unable to keep up with Molepaw’s training, Brightheart had been chosen to take over as Molepaw’s mentor.

         It had taken some convincing for Bramblestar to allow it, since Brightheart was a nursing queen, but Molepaw and Brightheart had finally made him see that they already worked well together, and that Brightheart could handle the work of mentoring on top of caring for her kits. The she-cat had insisted that training would help distract from her grief – her daughter Whitewing had died fighting a fox a moon after the Dark Battle. Since then, the one-eyed warrior had worked tirelessly to be the best mentor she could for her new charge. Molepaw had come to respect the she-cat greatly in the moons since she’d become his mentor. She had taught him more than he’d ever expected.

         “You did great too, Cherrypaw,” Foxleap purred. The small tom came to stand beside Brightheart, purring and blinking warmly at his apprentice. “We’ll keep working on how to counter offensive moves, but nice timing on that pounce.” Cherrypaw’s tail curled, a pleased purr escaping her.

         Brightheart’s gaze swept over the apprentices. “We’ll keep working on these techniques in the days ahead,” she mewed. Her mew was still subdued, a certain tightness around her eye that had been there since Whitewing’s death, but there was more strength in her mew than there had been when she’d first started training Molepaw. “With leafbare on the way, however, we need to start focusing more on your hunting. We’ll have to start showing you techniques for tracking prey in harsher conditions – the Clan will depend on it in the moons to come.”

         Cherrypaw’s gaze flashed with alarm. “But we’re already behind on battle training!” she blurted out. “How are we going to become warriors on time if we haven’t mastered fighting?”

         Molepaw glanced uneasily at his sister. With five and a half moons of training behind them, and a late start at becoming apprentices to begin with, the littermates were getting more than old enough to be full warriors. Cherrypaw stood as tall as their mother now, while Molepaw had surpassed his father by a few hairs. But after the Dark Battle, the Clan had been in such disarray that training had been set aside in favor of working to get the Clan back to full strength. Molepaw and Cherrypaw had spent so much time hunting to feed the injured warriors, or fetching herbs and making poultices for Jayfeather, as well as helping rebuild the camp, that they had fallen woefully behind on their training.

         Brightheart and Foxleap shared a brief, guilty look, before turning back to their apprentices. “We’ve been meaning to talk to you about that,” Foxleap admitted. “We’ve both been talking, and we’re not sure that you’ll be ready even at the end of six moons of training.”

         “It’s not your fault at all,” Brightheart hastened to add. “You’ve both been working so hard, but there’s been so much to do after the Dark Battle, and now with leafbare on the way, hunting will take priority over training again. So we think it would be best to postpone your final assessments until we feel you’re ready.

         Cherrypaw and Molepaw exchanged a morose glance. The news wasn’t a surprise, not really. They were nearly six moons into their training and still behind the level of the other warriors. He knew there was still a lot they both needed to learn. But it was still a blow to learn they would be delayed once more in earning their full names.

         Foxleap crossed over to the clearly-dejected Cherrypaw, nudging her shoulder with his paw. “Cheer up!” he said in an encouraging mew. “Your time will come soon. And when it does, every other Clan better watch out! You’ll both make great warriors.”

         Disappointment continued to glitter in Cherrypaw’s eyes, but there was gratitude there as well. “Thank you Foxleap,” she murmured, brushing muzzles with her mentor.

         Brightheart approached her own apprentice, touching her nose briefly to his forehead. “I know how hard it is to wait,” she told him quietly. “But I promise you that I will teach you everything you need to know. You’ll be a warrior, I swear it.”

         “Thank you, Brightheart,” Molepaw murmured. Looking at the one-eyed warrior, he felt a prick of guilt. He was only being delayed until he had received enough training. Brightheart had been forced to wait for her warrior name by a leader unfairly suspicious of her, and had only earned the horrible name Lostface after being grievously injured. It hadn’t been until after Bluestar’s death that Brightheart had received a true warrior name. And now she was working hard to train him even while grieving her daughter’s death. He had no right to feel disappointed to wait after all that she’d been through.

         A part of him even wondered whether he was that disappointed. He wanted the respect and acknowledgment of being a grown cat that becoming a warrior brought. But there was still a feeling of hesitation in his heart. Was he really ready for all of the responsibility that came with being a warrior? Was he willing to have cats depending on him for safety, to face pain and blood and vicious hunger, to be expected to lay down his life at a moment’s notice? He had seen for himself the sacrifices and hardship it took to live a warrior’s life, and even after all this time, it scared him. Was he really cut out for this life?

         If Brightheart sensed any of his troubled thoughts, she didn’t give it away. She only mewed, “Come on, we should get some hunting done before we head back to camp.” She waited for the others to fall in behind her, then set off, leading her little group back into the woods.

         Bare, jagged branches stretched overhead as they walked through the forest. A carpet of dead leaves lay under their paws, a frosty wind weaving through their pelts. Leaf-fall was on its way out. Soon leafbare would be here, and all of the hunger and misery that came with it. Molepaw couldn’t help but feel apprehensive as he trudged along behind his mentor.

         The sudden crunch of leaves nearby alerted him. Fast as a snake, he whirled around, his claws catching on the leaf flying towards his head. He slapped it easily to the ground. Cherrypaw stood before him, a wicked light dancing in her eyes, and her paw already reaching for the next leaf. “Hey mopey-paws, think fast!” she hissed.

         Delight pulsed through Molepaw’s pelt. He fell into a crouch, readying himself to pounce as the next leaf was hurled his way. Cherrypaw tried to circle around to his back, but he weaved expertly to keep facing her, just like Brightheart had taught him. He sent a leaf flying her way, which she easily slapped out of the air, then she leaped at him with a playful snarl. Molepaw slipped under her outstretched paws, tripping her up with his paws and bringing her crashing down to the least ground with him.

         Their play fight dissolved into mrrowrs of laughter as both cats lay on the leaf-strewn ground, shaking with laughter. A weight seemed to have been lifted from Molepaw’s shoulders. He felt like a kit again, his greatest worry only beating his sister in their latest game of Mossball or skittering dead leaves around the floor of the nursery.

         “If you two are quite finished.” Molepaw looked up to see Brightheart and Foxleap standing over them. Brightheart’s expression was trying to be stern, but the lightness in her mew gave her away, and Foxleap was purring his amusement. “We’re supposed to be hunting for the Clan,” she reminded them.

         Still purring his laughter, Molepaw rolled off of his side and pushed back onto his paws. “Sorry, Brightheart,” he mewed. Cherrypaw rose up beside him, whiskers twitching.

         The pair fell in behind their mentors as the patrol set off again. As they walked, however, Cherrypaw leaned in to whisper into Molepaw’s ear. “Don’t worry, Molepaw,” she said in an encouraging purr. “We made it through the Dark Battle – how bad can leafbare really be compared to that? It’ll all work out, you’ll see.”

         Molepaw flashed his sister a grateful look. Cherrypaw always seemed to know just what to say to cheer him up. Things might get harder during leafbare, but as long as he had his kin and his Clan beside him, he wouldn’t be facing it alone. He didn’t have to be a warrior yet, or carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, until he was ready. Maybe things wouldn’t be so bad after all.


         The sun was starting to dip beneath the tree line by the time they returned to camp. Molepaw carried a plump squirrel and a pair of mice in his jaws. He and the other cats deposited their catches on the fresh-kill pile, then Molepaw set off alone for the medicine den, still holding the squirrel between his teeth.

         He was nearly inside the den when a gray face suddenly poked out, the pale muzzle inches from his own. The apprentice gave a squeak of surprise as the blind blue eyes somehow seemed to fix on him. “Oh, it’s you,” the gray tom grunted by way of greeting. “Here to visit again?”

         Molepaw dipped his head respectfully to the medicine cat, trying to hide the uneasy prickling of his pelt. “Yes, Jayfeather,” he mewed around a mouthful of squirrel.

         “Hmm.” Jayfeather gazed sightlessly at Molepaw a few moments longer. Molepaw got the uncomfortable feeling that the tom was reading his mind. Lionblaze and Dovewing at least act like regular Clanmates, but how am I supposed to feel at ease around a cat who can read all of my thoughts? he wondered.

         After a few moments, however, Jayfeather turned away without comment. “Make sure she does her exercises,” he grunted as he pushed past the larger tom and padded out into the camp. Molepaw glanced back uneasily at him for a few moments, then shrugged and pushed his way into the medicine den.

         Two she-cats were laying in nests inside of the small cave. “Hello there Molepaw,” the brown she-cat purred. Briarlight pulled herself out of her nest, her hind legs dragging limply behind her. There was a friendly gleam in her eyes as she brushed muzzles with the large tom. “Come for another visit?”

         “Yeah, and I brought food this time,” Molepaw purred. He and his sister had become quite close with the paralyzed warrior after her injury. They had encouraged and supported her efforts in learning to live with her injury, and she had played with them and offered them cheer and confidence in turn. Now that he was grown, he still greatly admired the paralyzed warrior and counted her as a friend. “I caught it myself.”

         “Well done,” Briarlight mewed brightly. She glanced back at her cream denmate, then turned back to Molepaw. “It’s nice of you to offer, but I think I’ll leave you two to share that squirrel. A trip to the fresh-kill pile should give me some good exercise.” She gave a final friendly flick of her ear, then began pulling herself out of the den with her powerful front legs, leaving Molepaw alone with her denmate.

         Molepaw watched after her for a few moments with a purr, then he turned to the cream warrior curled up on the nest in the far side of the den. “Do you want to share?” he asked, pushing the squirrel towards her with one paw.

         The warrior lifted her head and turned to face him. Two amber eyes met his own. “Sure,” she mewed, splitting her jaws in a yawn. She rose to sitting, both cats falling silent as they took turns taking bites of the squirrel. After a while, however, she broke the silence with a careful mew. “How is training going?”

         Molepaw felt a pang of sympathy for the cream warrior. His gaze flicked to the long scars stretching across her flank. “Pretty well,” he answered. “We’re still behind on fighting, but I’ve been getting better at hunting. Brightheart’s promised to work on fighting more – but of course, I still miss training with you, Rosepetal.”

         For a few moments, there was a tightness around Rosepetal’s eyes. Then her gaze softened. “You don’t need to feel bad about enjoying training with Brightheart, Molepaw,” she rasped. She stretched out her injured leg, giving it a rueful glance. “It’s not your fault what happened to my leg, and it’s not your fault that I can’t keep up with your training right now. You need to focus on what’s best for you and being the best warrior you can be, not about hurting my feelings.” She gave a sheepish flick of her tail, adding, “Besides, it’s not like I was the best mentor even when you were my apprentice.”

         Molepaw flattened his ears back uncomfortably. What Rosepetal said was true. The young warrior had always seemed more concerned with hunting with her friends and joking around with the other warriors than training him. “You were fine,” he lied instead, giving the warrior an encouraging purr. But Rosepetal clearly wasn’t fooled.

         “No, I wasn’t. And I’m sorry.” She sighed, tucking her tail around her paws. “I was just… honestly, I was scared. I hadn’t been a warrior that long, and it was so much responsibility so fast, I didn’t want to face it. But it wasn’t fair to you.” She gave a small shake of her head, then blinked at him in a friendly way, giving a rusty purr. “I’m glad you got the mentor you deserve in Brightheart,” she told him. “I wasn’t the mentor I should have been to you, and you’re not my apprentice anymore, but I’ll do whatever you need to help you become the warrior you can be. I want to make up for my mistakes, and I want to help you.”

         Molepaw stared at the warrior, pricking his ears forward in surprise. In truth, he hadn’t thought of the cream warrior as his mentor in a long time, even before Brightheart was made his official mentor. But he’d been able to appreciate Rosepetal’s determination to be a great warrior, and her patience and strength while healing from her injury, much more since she’d stopped being his mentor. He felt he’d come to know her much more during his visits to the medicine den than he ever had during training.

         “Thank you, Rosepetal,” he mewed, blinking gratefully at the cream warrior. “I really appreciate that.” He hesitated before adding, “I don’t need you to be my mentor, not anymore – but I’m glad to have you as my friend.”

         Surprise lit in the warrior’s eyes. Then, a softer light glowed there. “Thank you, Molepaw,” she purred. “That means a lot.”

         Molepaw was surprised by the rush of warmth he felt at Rosepetal’s words. But he quickly pushed that thought aside – he’d come to enjoy time with a friend, not worry over strange thoughts and feelings. He pushed himself onto his paws, padding over and nudging Rosepetal with one paw. “Come on, lazypaws,” he teased. “I can help with your exercises while I’m here.”

         As the tom helped walk his Clanmate through her daily stretches for her leg, he could feel contentment rising in his chest. The idea of being a warrior was still daunting – but that was a worry for another day. For now, the evening was peaceful, the Clan was well-fed, and he was an apprentice with friends and kin standing by his side. Cherrypaw was right. As long as he held on to what he had, and remembered what he’d already endured, things would turn out just fine.


    COVER: https://www.deviantart.com/jayie-the-hufflepuff/art/Cover-Molefoot-s-Loss-Novella-Six-762897432
    ALLEGIANCES: https://www.deviantart.com/jayie-the-hufflepuff/art/Molefoot-s-Loss-Allegiances-762910870
    CHAPTER ONE: https://www.deviantart.com/jayie-the-hufflepuff/art/EOTW-Molefoot-s-Loss-Chapter-One-762913227
    PREVIOUS: https://www.deviantart.com/jayie-the-hufflepuff/art/EOTW-Molefoot-s-Loss-Chapter-One-762913227

    I was in the mood to do some Warriors writing today, so I wrote bits and pieces of this while waiting in line around the park. So here’s the newest chapter of Molefoot’s Loss. ^^ Things seem to be going well for ThunderClan… let’s see how long that can last…

    So yeah, I went there. 😛 One of my regrets with my early EOTW writing was not giving Brightheart an apprentice. She was promised one after Jayfeather changed his career path, and that promise was never fulfilled, and she deserved an apprentice so much. So I decided to use this novella to finally give her an apprentice, while at the same time making certain future events slightly less weird by nixing Rosepetal being Molepaw’s mentor. Two birds with one stone. ^^ And we also get to see Molepaw using some of her special fighting moves. 😀 I always wanted to see those techniques passed down.

    Whitewing’s death is mentioned elsewhere in EOTW, and I figured it would effect Brightheart’s decision to push to mentor Molepaw. Whitewing was led to StarClan by her former denmate and friend Shrewpaw.

    I feel like I had more to say about this chapter, but I can’t remember it right now. 😛 Oh well. I’m having tons of fun in Disney, and there’s literally fireworks flying up over Cinderella’s castle which I can see from my window as I type this, and I’m just glad I got this written up and can get it posted before getting back to fun times in the parks. 😀 See you all when I have time for the next chapter.

    BlogTeam Administrator, Deputy

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