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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Littering is logged off
    November 15, 2018 at 1:33 am

    Can somebody perhaps put all of my chapters in like a website. I would but I don’t know how and my school blocks everything. Sorry for this, I feel so selfish for asking.

    • ❤Yummy Thanksgiving Turkey Eater Crystie❤
      November 15, 2018 at 12:15 pm

      Are you Littlefang?😛
      I can find a secret page in Blogclan for you just like I did😃

      eating turkey with Foxy❤

      • Littlefang is logged off
        November 16, 2018 at 3:31 am

        Thanks Crystal, this is a spellcheck Littlefang, no, I’m not littering. I’m also too lazy to log in to every device

  2. Littlefang
    November 15, 2018 at 7:24 pm

    Littlefang’s Era, chapter 16

    Littlefang awoke to a clearing, a gorge was right next to him, a waterfall running down, almost making Littlefang deaf. Confusion probed Littlefang as he turned his head. Is this StarClan?
    “Relax.” Littlefang turned to see Moonshine next to a brown tom. “We’re here.” Moonshine exclaimed.
    The brown tom dipped his head. “I am Barkface, medicine cat of WindClan when the clans left the forest. This is our old territory,” The tom said.
    Littlefang shook his head. Behind the two toms, cats around cats littered the clearing. Littlefang recognized Segewhisker in the group, she was young and healthy.
    “This is StarClan Littlefang, remember our mission.” Moonshine warned.
    Littlefang nodded. It felt like a moon since he squabbled with Darkstorm.
    “What are you here for?” Barkface asked.
    “What do my visions mean? Why do I have them?” Littlefang asked, somehow calmly despite the adrenaline.
    Barkface’s tail flicked. “There is reason to why we don’t tell. Ever since Firestar came here problems have arose, first Brokenstar, Tigerstar was bad! Then rouges came and nearly destroyed the clan after cats wanted revenge! Then Cypressstar! This can end all of these problems. We got the Three to help, they failed. now we have chosen you! You need to fill the gaps the Three made! Dovewing was a fool mating with Tigerstar! Fix all of are mistakes!” Barkface hissed.
    Littlefang opened his mouth, but was broken off by someone.
    “I thought you didn’t want Littlefang to be born!” A black and white tom said, a long tail drooping.
    “Littlefang was born to fill Shrewstar’s part! Because of that, cats are getting stronger. Mintstar wants to end ShadowClan for only he knows why! Rookstar is at a complete end with his clan! These wars are meaningless!” Barkface retorted.
    Littlefang spotted Moonshine giving a startled look, Littlefang growled, angry again at all of this. This cat didn’t want him to be born!
    “What does this have to do with my visions! Who sent them!” Littlefang hissed.
    A dark gray tabby she-cat appeared. “My name is Graystar. I sent them with Tallstar here…” She pointed at the black and white tom. ” I was the leader of WindClan when another threat came to the clans. We had to fight each other to survive. My leader, Snowstar died in that. I was the who created the Three. The clans were not supposed to last this long, so I sent this to you so I could help end this nightmare. After this, after Mintstar is dead. You have the power to stop all of this.” Graystar wailed.
    Littlefang froze. Graystar knew all of this would happen? He was born to stop all of this?
    “How can I help?” Littlefang whispered.
    Graystar gave a sympathetic look at him. “Be yourself,” The gray tabby said.
    The world was fading as Littlefang found himself next to the moonpool.
    “How was it?” Birdwing asked, helping Littlefang up.
    Littlefang shook his head, he was already confused, and he couldn’t tell anyone yet. Moonshine gave a yawn as he sat up.
    “We just met a cat named Graystar. We think we know how to end this war. We have to kill and capture RiverClan first.” Moonshine said.
    A rustle hit Littlefang’s ears. A shape of a cat ran off before Littlefang could react.
    “That must be a RiverClan spy!” Moonshine yowled.

    Shrewclaw 2.0

    • Fallenshadows Needs a Thanksgiving Name (Fallen)
      November 16, 2018 at 2:42 pm

      Nice chapter! 🙂 I wonder who the RiverClan spy is… 😮

      • Littlefang
        November 16, 2018 at 7:07 pm

        I was a bit in a rush without my copy, i’m thinking of editing some chapters as well, thanks Fallen.

        Shrewclaw 2.0

  3. Flamekit
    November 16, 2018 at 3:27 am

    Cool, i will write a story

    • Littlefang
      November 16, 2018 at 7:07 pm

      Can’t wait to see it.

      Shrewclaw 2.0

  4. Sunpaw
    November 16, 2018 at 3:40 am

    Dovewing’s Choice
    An Echoes of the War One-shot Fanfiction

    Hello, little ones.

    Dovewing stared the two tiny, wriggling bodies suckling at her belly, mewling and batting her with their tiny little paws. Love burst in the young queen’s chest as the sight of them. These kits were perfect in every single way.

    “They’re wonderful.”

    Dovewing looked up at her mate, purring softly. “You’ve said that a thousand times already, Bumblestripe.” She playfully swatted him with a paw.

    “I know,” Bumblestripe breathed. “It’s just…”

    Dovewing stared into Bumblestripe’s yellow eyes, and for a moment they were gone—replaced by a dark amber.

    Dovewing knew exactly whose eyes those were from.


    She had fallen in love with the ShadowClan warrior as an apprentice, and their love later deepened. But Dovewing later realized that loyalty to her Clan was more important than anything, and that a forbidden realtionship would have drastic consequences. She had thrown him out of her life.

    She wondered if he was happy. Maybe he had a mate in ShadowClan, someone he really loved, like how she loved Bumblestripe. She wondered how life would’ve been different if it was Tigerheart standing here, not Bumblestripe.

    “What should we name them?”

    Bumblestripe’s voice snapped Dovewing put of her thoughts. She took a good look at one of her sons. He was gray, like both his parents, with thick stripes like his father. As she groomed him with a paw, he wriggled slightly, though let her smooth his fur.

    Dovewing purred. This kit would be named after a cat—a cat who she had failed to save. “This one will be Ripplekit.”

    Bumblestripe nodded. “And this one,” he pointed to the other kit, a short-furred pale gray tom with a darker stripe down his back. “Will be Skykit, for his pale gray fur.”

    “Ripplekit and Skykit,” Dovewing mewed lovingly. “Perfect.”

    Her life with Tigerheart was in the past now. She had a new mate, and two perfect little sons. Part of her still loved Tigerheart, but as the night went on, she knew her heart belonged here, with her family.

    • November 17, 2018 at 8:50 am

      I wish this is what really happened.


  5. Maplepaw (Mapledrift)
    November 16, 2018 at 7:24 am

    Hey everyone !
    Remember the Tests ?
    Yeah most of you have probably at least heard of it
    Sooooo I’m not advertising that today because I brutally murdered it, yay for me, but I do have a new Roleplay !

    It’s about a society of cats which segregate by eye colour, and a rebellion that’s brewing

    If this sounds at all interesting, pop over the the contents page and read some more !


  6. Dreamcloud
    November 16, 2018 at 10:15 am

    Wow Littlefang, you already have 16 chapters! You’re fast.

    I love TigerXDove

    • Littlefang
      November 16, 2018 at 7:08 pm

      I spend too much time here, thats why i’m inactive. I am fast!

      Shrewclaw 2.0

  7. Littlefang
    November 16, 2018 at 7:25 pm

    Littlefang’s Era, chapter 17

    Back at camp, Shrewstar had gathered a clan meeting. Littlefang sat with Moonshine by the medicine cat den, Mintpaw and Lionshade behind them. Littlefang’s thoughts were clouded.
    “As some might know, we have a shortage of warriors. With Rockystorm and Lionclaw now in the elder’s den, we only have four senior warriors, with RiverClan finally showing aggression to us, I need everyone to help us take RiverClan out of this war. We have apprentices and Snowshrew is expecting Flamebracken’s kits. We have plenty of chances to raise our clan. A RiverClan spy was on our territory. We must not let any warriors on our territory. We must kill Mintstar!” Shrewstar yowled.
    Littlefang narrowed his eyes. The clan looked nervous at the thought of RiverClan. Snowshrew had a worried look, Speckleheart had closed her eyes, and Darkstorm had a narrowed look. Only Halfcloud and Appleheart had a excited look.
    “The gathering is only a quarter-moon away. So I want to speak to Spiderstar. But we also need to watch Rookstar and his clan, I hear his clan is doing badly.” Shrewstar gave a look at Moonshine.
    “Why did this war happen in the first place?” Flamebracken asked.
    Littlefang noticed the clan seemed to think the same. Why did it start?
    “Well, Tigerstar and Mintstar were enemies since Mintstar became leader. But why is Mintstar waging war with all of us? Didn’t he learn from Cypressstar?” Riverfang asked.
    “yeah! Why is Spiderstar waging war on him as well?” Lionclaw asked.
    “I don’t know! But ever since this war started, it seems to get worse and worse.” Shrewstar said.

    Must end the chapter early. I don’t have must left but I have to go,

    Shrewclaw 2.0

    • Fallenshadows Needs a Thanksgiving Name (Fallen)
      November 17, 2018 at 8:49 pm

      Nice chapter! 🙂 I hope Littlefang can end the war.

  8. November 17, 2018 at 8:52 am

    The Kittypet Clan, Chapter 1

    Outside the window, dappled sunlight pierced through the leaves, warming Ciel’s pelt as she woke beneath it. She figured it was late morning. Her food was being laid out in her bowl, along with her milk. She took a long slip, before stopping to enjoy the peace.
            This is the Sky Town. Ciel’s home. She and my housefolk’s. Nothing will ever change here.
            Muted knocking sounds sounded, and a dark ginger she-cat stood on the edge of the window.
            Ciel turned back, her bell on her collar jingling as she jumped onto her side of the window, and remembered how her housefolk used to open the windows. She had to pull that black object toward her, then push the window up.
            “Ciel!” The dark ginger she-cat, her friend, Flame, gasped as she finally opened the sheet of warm ice. “I haven’t seen you in so long! My housefolk kept me inside yesterday.”
            “Hey,” Ciel greeted, “isn’t it a beautiful, peaceful day?”
            “It always is. Nothing will happen here. This peace will always last.” Flame said, backing down from the window.
            Ciel followed her. They were in her housefolk’s garden. Ciel had always liked the aroma of the plants grown there. 
            “Should we fetch Raven too?” Flame asked. 
            Raven was a black she-cat who was also their friend.
            “Yes.” Ciel decided. 
            Following the fence down her housefolk’s den, Ciel led Flame toward Raven’s den. She was waiting in her backyard.
            “Good morning, Ciel and Flame.” She stretched.
            “Morning, Raven,” Flame greeted, then she turned to Ciel, “where are we going today?” 
            “Let’s go to see the forest!” Raven spoke up, she had always been fascinated with the vast wilderness outside the town.
            “But there are wild cats who eat bones!” Flame squealed, her face screwed up with indignation. 
            “Exactly,” Raven said.
            “We could go take a peek first.” Ciel decided. She had been into the forest before, the forest dense with thick undergrowth. But a pair of amber eyes beyond the brambles had scared her off. She decided she would not be such a coward today.
            Flame nodded reluctantly. Following Ciel’s lead, the three housecats headed for the direction where the forest grew, beyond the dens.
            “I’ll go peek over that fence, and when I tell you I don’t see anything, you can come over too.” Ciel told Raven and Flame firmly before jumping over the fence.
            On the other side was exactly what should have been there. Tall, green trees, thick undergrowth for hiding. Nothing was there except the distant chatter of the birds. Ciel glanced back at her friends. “We can go now, nothing is really there.”
            Raven jumped over first, followed by Flame hesitantly.
            “Are you sure there aren’t any foxes or badgers?” Flame asked, trembling behind her.
            “I don’t smell any danger.” Ciel decided, “let’s go further. There are three of us and we should be able to flee fast enough if we saw any wild cats.”
            Gradually the town faded beneath the thick trees. “It’s all dark in here.” Flame complained, “let’s go back now…”
            Ciel’s whiskers twitched as a shadow lurked behind her. The scent of a strange cat bathed her tongue. “Strangers on our territory!” 
            A gray tom leaped over them, his green eyes gleaming as he glared at the three, “kittypets! You are on ThunderClan territory!”
            “It’s not worth the fight, Whitewhisker, we can just show them our teeth and scare them off!” A second yellow tom appeared behind him. 
            “You are right, Fawnclaw.” The first cat, Whitewhisker, shot them a menacing glance, claws unsheathed, he bared his teeth at them.
            At once Flame ducked behind Ciel, who flinched back.
            Raven was narrowing her eyes with interest. “You wild cats are good! What did you call yourselves, ThunderClan?”
            “There are four Clans in the forest!” A third voice appeared, and a golden tom with darker spots wiggled his way through the brambles, his amber eyes were pitiful toward the housecats. “I should feel bad that you all will never with the flesh of prey beneath your teeth and claws. We are ThunderClan, and my name is Spotpaw. We hunt along the dense undergrowths, taking advantage by the cover. WindClan hunts along the moors, because they are fast enough to catch rabbits. ShadowClan live in the tall pines, they hunt frogs and lizards. RiverClan cats swim, so they hunt among the river.”
            “Don’t give away too much information, Spotpaw!” Fawnclaw called.
            “Now, get out of our territory, before you scare all the prey away!” At Whitewhisker’s call, Ciel turned tail and ran, hearing the other’s pawsteps sounding behind hers. Fawnclaw and Spotpaw chased after them, making sure they crossed over the fence. Ciel’s gaze met with Spotpaw’s before she jumped over.
            “That was close. I’m never going there again!” Flame said between huge gulps of air.
            “Four Clans in the forest sound interesting,” Raven remarked.
            Ciel looked back over the fence. Will she ever see them again?


    • Fallenshadows Needs a Thanksgiving Name (Fallen)
      November 17, 2018 at 8:57 pm

      Nice! 🙂 This is a very interesting concept! 😀

  9. Littlefang
    November 17, 2018 at 9:28 pm

    Littlefang’s Era, chapter 18

    A couple of moons passed, the gathering was being held, this was Hollypaw’s first gathering. She had missed the others because of the cold. Hollypaw was learning well. Littlefang put her on an excellent course. Thistlepaw, on the other hand, was learning well, but was always told off for his sharp tongue. Snowshrew kitted, giving birth to Snowkit and Birchkit. However, Snowkit was killed off before she reached a moon. The clan had grieved, but they still paid attention to RiverClan. Shrewstar, now allies with Spiderstar, had fought off RiverClan at their borders. The RiverClan spy was still unknown, but Shrewstar had thought of the senior warrior, Graystorm.
    Littlefang padded into the clearing, the Great Oak hung savagely slaying in the wind. Clouds have built up near the moon, but not affecting it. Thunder pounded the skies. Littlefang felt Lionshade breathing beside heavily beside him, Hollypaw on his other side. Lionshade had been breathing heavily lately, catching less prey than normal. Littlefang had worried about his now declared mate, Mintpaw have been casting looks at Lionshade, as if he knew something anyone didn’t. But yet, Littlefang’s mate had a determined expression.
    “Anything wrong Lionshade?” Littlefang asked.
    Lionshade gave a worried look. “I’ll tell you later.” She panted.
    Worried, Littlefang nodded. Excoriating her to a spot between Riverfang and Rockystorm. Tension was built up around the island, only ThunderClan walked confidently. Littlefang spotted Rookstar. The ThunderClan leader had a miserable look, Sharpwillow was beside him, padding with his head low, a new scar was by his eye.
    “What happened to Sharpwillow?” Littlefang heard Flamebracken.
    Rookstar was the first to the Great Oak, followed by Spiderstar and Shrewstar, old Mintstar got their slowly, and Redclaw hesitating, jumped up.
    “What happened to Morningstar?” Hollypaw asked.
    Riverfang only shook her head. “I think she might be sick.” She said.
    As the meeting started, a bolt of lightning passed behind the tree.
    “It seems a storm is coming.” Mintstar sneered.
    Shrewstar shook his head. “Let’s start, I would ask you, Mintstar to speak first. But what about Redclaw?” He said loudly.
    Redclaw gave a grim glance. “Sadly, we have faced rouges in our territory. Morningstar was killed mysteriously by the border with ThunderClan, we scented rouge scent. I, Redstar, am the new leader of SkyClan.” Redclaw yowled.
    Littlefang gasped. Morningstar was young, only becoming leader after Cypressstar was killed. To be stripped of lives by rouges must of been bad.
    “We are sorry for SkyClan’s lost. We will grief the leader Morningstar was.” Mintstar said.
    Because your allied! Littlefang heard himself growl.
    “Don’t start anything.” Lionshade whispered.
    “As well, I have important news than, now that Morningstar is dead, ThunderClan has been struggling.” Rookstar’s body was shaking.
    “Don’t tell them!” Lakeheart yowled.
    “I have warned you all of war again! Haven’t you all seen what Cypressstar did!” Rookstar roared as a sharper win struck.
    Littlefang spotted the shape of Graystar. The ghost she-cat was watching intently behind Rookstar.
    “You mouse-brains wouldn’t listen! Now we tear ourself’s apart! Now with Morningstar dead, and my clan fighting our own selfs, I give up on all of you! You all want to control the lake with a hard grip! You want to end the clans. So I shall help you all! I want to emerge with SkyClan permanently! If I can’t even grip my own clan, why should I be a leader, will you accept? Redstar?” Rookstar hissed, full of hatred.
    The clans sat, stunned. Rookstar must be mouse-brained.
    “But Rookstar!” Sharpwillow finally wailed.
    “Rooktail!” Rookstar hissed.
    Redstar gave a thoughtful look. “You sound like Rowanstar, but I accept. You are mouse-brained so I will do this temporarily. Any one want to leave leave now.” Redstar said. (Remember, I made this before book 4 of Vision of Shadows was published. I just edited it today)
    “Very well, I give you my land. Our clan should be named StormClan, after the storm that grips the clan in war!” Rooktail yowled.
    Redstar gave a thoughtful look. The clans had staid silent, to stunned to speak.
    “I’m not joining your petty clan! I don’t want my kits to be born with fools!” Littlefang heard Fishcloud. The light gray tabby she-cat was close to giving kits, Littlefang noticed.
    “Neither am I!” Sharpwillow exploded. “ThunderClan has always been one of the strongest clan. I expected more from my mentor, Rooktail!”
    Rooktail gave a grave look at his sister’s kit and his deputy. “Then you must leave.”
    Shrewstar gave a shocked look at Rooktail. “How dare you Rooktail! If anyone wants to leave ThunderClan, then they can join us. WindClan is looking to end the war.” Shrewstar spoke.
    Littlefang noticed Mintstar giving a glare at Shrewstar.
    “I would love to, you are a smart clan, and I respect that.” Sharpwillow said. “Never, I will end you Rooktail!” Fishcloud then yowled.
    Have to stop yet again close to the end of th chapter, battery dying.

    Shrewclaw 2.0

  10. November 18, 2018 at 3:07 am

    Sorry for delaying it for a day, I was worried it would be bad and read over it twelve times (exaggerated).
    Anyways, here is the first chapter of my fanfic!
    Forgotten Ashes: Chapter 1
    Ash blinked as she gazed up at the twinkling night sky. Was she seeing things correctly? It seemed as if a starry outline of a cat appeared in the night sky, barely visible.

    She shook her head. I’m going crazy. Ash took a few paces forward, crawling into her den. Suddenly, she longed to sit outside for a while longer, to just relax and gaze at the stars. Her paws eventually led her to an expanse clearing. Ash felt alone with the stars. She closed her eyes and relished the moment, feeling truly at peace. I should do this every night.

    “Ash.” She spun around. That was not a recognizable voice, nor was it her own.

    “Hello?” No one appeared before her. Just some soft, green grass and a few short, stubby shrubs.

    Ash snorted. “Voices in my head. I really am going crazy.”

    After a while, she stood up and began to walk back to her den. As she came near, she saw a shape crawling into her home. Ash peered closer, staying hidden. It was another cat.

    “H-hey there! Get away from my home!” Ash called out.

    The strange figure turned around. Her elegant silver fur sparkled in the bright moonlight. She slowly padded closer to Ash, and she tensed up.

    “Hi there!” the silver cat greeted. “Are you going to be nice or do I have to run now? I’ll use my claws if necessary!”

    “Umm… I’ll be nice, I guess,” Ash mumbled awkwardly.

    “Great! My name is Silverdawn, and I am the—wait, what’s your name? I wouldn’t assume you’re from a different Clan, I don’t scent that anywhere. Unless you disguised your scent. Otherwise—“

    “My name is Ash,” she interrupted. “Hi. Um, why are you peeking into my home?” Ash narrowed her eyes suspiciously.

    “Oh, I was checking if herbs were growing around here, sorry,” Silverdawn apologized, slightly dipping her head. “It’s my job, you know, to heal others with herbs and things like that…”

    “Interesting.” Ash thought it was pretty cool that this cat could use herbs in such a unique way. Somehow, Ash had avoided getting wounded, so she didn’t need to use herbs, but she still knew the basics of fighting. Who did teach me to fight?

    “Anyways, I’m thinking that it would be a good idea for you to come back with me to my home right now!” Silverdawn exclaimed excitedly. She leaned in a little closer to Ash and lowered her voice. “I have a feeling you’re very special to someone.”

    Ash just shrugged, not knowing what she meant by that. “Even if you do come back, I’m not so sure you’d be accepted into FireClan… that’s just up to her, I guess,” Silverdawn continued. The silver cat turned and began to walk away. Not knowing what else to do, Ash followed her.

    Soon, they came upon thick layers of bramble bushes, all growing in an uneven circle. “Is there, like, a cliff here?” Ash asked.

    “Well, kind of,” Silverdawn replied. “This is where we live, and we protect it with these bushes. Now, follow me.” She gestured towards a small tunnel. “This is the entrance. Any cat should be able to fit through it, but no foxes or badgers or anything like that.” Silverlight crawled through the tunnel, and Ash squeezed through the dark hole.

    By the time she made it through the tunnel, Silverdawn was already speaking with someone. She runs down here quickly! she thought. That someone had ashen-coloured fur that resembled Ash’s. Silverdawn turned to face her direction, and so did the other cat. Ash watched in confusion as the cat’s face brightened, and she literally flew through the air and embraced her. Eh? Eh?!

    “Ashkit!! Is it… is it really you?” the cat meowed. “It’s me, Midnightstar! Your mother!”

    “Wait wait wait slow down…” Ash blinked as she examined her supposed mother. It dawned on her that this cat looked almost exactly like her. Her fur colour matched Ash’s almost perfectly, though Midnightstar’s was a tad bit darker, and had small white flecks. She had beautiful, round amber eyes, just like Ash. “Are you… really my mother?”

    Midnightstar’s face fell. “You don’t remember me?”

    “I thought you all died in some huge fire or something—oh, wait…” Ash could barely remember that, as a kit, there was a huge fire that engulfed the forest, but nothing more. “Was there a fire?” Ash cocked her head to the side, deep in her thoughts.

    Midnightstar seemed disappointed, but she didn’t lose hope just yet. “Come to my den, and I’ll explain it to you. Everything.” Ash knew that this was the moment she would learn about her past, and learn about her future. What she didn’t know was that her future would change much more than she thought.

    To be continued in the next chapter!

    Can there be a Chi based cat?


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