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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Snowdapple (Playing as: Snowdapple/Snow)
    April 24, 2018 at 11:41 pm

    Okay, so, I really need help, I need like a list of Windclan cats who died between The Fourth Apprentice and The Last Hope, this is for my entry for the fanfic contest, I tried to make this request on the tavern but no one replied so I’m putting this up. Thank you! Also. I need this really soon, if I don’t have this then I won’t be able to continue my fanfic for very long.

    • Jaypaw (Jayfur)
      April 26, 2018 at 5:40 am


      I think all of them died because of the Dark Forest

    • Crater (Craterkit/pelt)
      April 26, 2018 at 1:54 pm

      I just finished the Fourth Apprentice, so Rippletail and that’s all I know

      Craterpelt Who loves BlogClan

  2. April 25, 2018 at 1:52 am

    [Rosepaw’s Skits!! Season 2, Episode 2: Adventures In Rosekit Sitting Part 2]
    Fear: *still unconscious*
    Joy: *jumping around* FEAR!!! FEAR!!! FEAR!!! WAKE!!! UP!!!
    Carl: *facepalm* Use this! *throws an airhorn at Joy*
    Joy: *tries to catch it but doesn’t*
    Fear: *jumps up* ACK WHAT’S IT WHO’S IT WHERE’S IT
    Joy: We need to go find Rosekit!! Now cmon! *grabs Fear’s hand and pulls him over to the rest of the gang*
    Fear: *faint blush*
    Fear: WHAT’S THAT?!
    (Hey there, Fear. I probably shouldn’t be doing this, but whatever.)
    Fear: Who are you?
    (The name’s classified. But I’m basically the real-life Rosepaw.)
    Fear: uhhhhhhh….. okay…..
    (Anyway, I was just fangirling, so um, no worries…..)
    Fear: Fangirling? Over what-
    Fear: Ummmmmmmmmmmm
    Joy: You okay? You were murmuring under your breath….
    Fear: Sure, um, I’m okay.
    Joy: Well cmon then!
    Poppy: TAXI!!!!
    Branch: I swear, if the taxi driver’s Creek-
    Taxi: *pulls up*
    *driver window rolls down*
    Nick: Hello there. Where do ya need to go?
    Carl: We need you to follow that flying ship over there *points to the Bounty*
    Nick: Sure thing. *gets nudged* Oh, and this is my partner, Judy.
    Judy: *waves* Hi!
    Joy: *waves* Hello!
    Carl: No time for hellos! Get in, everyone!
    *everyone gets in*
    Carl: Please hurry!
    Nick: *puts on shades*
    Judy: Oh crap.
    *five minutes later*
    Carl: *bouncing around taxi* Was that a red light?!
    Nick: I don’t know! I can’t see with these shades!
    Judy: Then TAKE THEM OFF!!!
    Nick: *whiny voice* But they look so cool…
    Judy: *whips them off* There!
    Nick: =,(
    Judy: >=/
    Carl: Okay, can you two work out whatever THIS is-
    Nick and Judy: *blush*
    Some people: *snicker*
    Carl:-later, so we can get back to the task at hand? Getting to the Bounty?
    Nick: Sure thing, Kyle.
    Carl: Carl.
    Nick: Suuuuuure. *continues driving like a maniac*
    *when they finally get to the Bounty*
    Nya: *starts climbing the ship like a boss*
    Jay: I’ve never seen her so beautiful…
    (le roll of eyes…)
    Jay: Huh?
    (Dangit, I’m doing it again…. WHATEVS!! Hey Jay.)
    Jay: I’m talking to some air…. and it’s responding…. I’m losing my mind.
    Kai: *slaps Jay on the back* You already lost your mind, bro.
    Jay: SHUT UP!
    (Good one, Kai. Although I’m not sure about your mental state either.)
    Kai: GAH! Creepy mind invader alien! *slaps self* GET OUT!!
    Jay: -_- You’ve been watching too many movies with Lloyd…
    Lloyd: *walks into the conversation* Hi.
    (Hey! Easedropper much?)
    Lloyd: Wth
    (He was the calmest…. did NOT see that coming….)
    Lloyd: *thinks* So everyone’s losing their minds….
    (Anyway, gotta go and invade someone else’s mind-er, I mean… POOF!)
    Lloyd, Jay, and Kai: Poof?
    Nya: *climbs back down* She isn’t there.
    Carl: WHAT?! Where could she have gone?!
    Nya: I don’t know.
    Cole: Where would a five-year-old version of Rosepaw go?
    Everyone: hmmmm…..
    Zane: I’VE GOT IT!!!
    Everyone: What?!
    Zane: She’d go wherever she liked when she was that age!
    Kai: Carl, what’d Rosepaw like when she was five?
    Carl: *shudders* Girly stuff…. “doggies”……. and worst of all…..
    Carl: *standing in front of a very big gate* Dora The Explorer!
    Everyone: *shudders involuntarily* Bleaugh!
    Carl: I know right…. but we better check this place, just to make sure….
    Guy Diamond: Hey Harry, I bet you 50 Galleons this is where Rosekit is!
    Harry: You’re on!
    Firestar: I wanna bet too! I bet 50 Galleons she ISN’T here!
    Harry: I bet 50 Galleons she was on the Bounty all along!
    (And I bet she’s hiding among all of you…. a voice inside each of your heads…)
    Harry, Firestar, and Guy Diamond: AHHHHHHHHHH!!!
    (Haha, couldn’t help it…)
    Carl: I don’t see Rosekit anywhere…
    Disgust: Then let’s get out of here! Quickly, before-
    A very familiar voice: Hola! Who are you?
    Carl: RUN FOR IT
    *eveyone runs while an animatronic Dora chases them*
    Carl: Cole! Close the gates!
    Cole: *pushes gates closed*
    Everyone: phew
    Carl: If Rosekit isn’t here, where could she be?
    *Carl’s phone rings*
    Carl: *picks up phone* Hello? You?! Uh huh. You have her? Oh. Okay. Bye.
    Branch: Who was that?
    Carl: *sighs* It was….
    Everyone: Wth
    Carl: *clenching teeth* Now is not the time, Author….
    (Shut up! Okay, so it wasn’t me…. but I’m booooored….)
    Carl: That’s your own problem! Anyway, the person who called was-
    Carl: SHUT UP!!!
    Carl: The person who called-
    (Was Bill.)
    (I can reference all I want, Carl Magnolia Jenkins. I should probably change your name.)
    Carl: -_- Mossypaw! That’s who called!
    (I’mma leave now! Poof! Belissa AWAY!)
    Everyone: Okay then.
    Carl: Everyone onto the Bounty. We’re going to Mossypaw’s house.
    *at Mossypaw’s house*
    Carl: *presses doorbell*
    Mossypaw: *smiles* Why hello there, Carl!
    Carl: *sighs* Hello, Mossypaw. You have her?
    Mossypaw: Yep.
    Me: HIHIHIHIHIHIHI *is jumping on sofa* WHEEEEEEEEE-*falls* oof.
    Carl: Rosekit, come here!
    Me: *runs over to Carl* Yes? *blinks innocently*
    Carl: I have something for you to drink!
    Me: *crosses fingers* Please don’t be medicine, please don’t be medicine….
    Carl: A cool looking potion!
    Me: Oooh! Pretty! *grabs potion very rudely* GIMME
    Everyone: *crosses fingers hopefully*
    Me: *inspects bottle carefully* hmmm…..
    Everyone: *sweat drop*
    Me: *smiles widely* THIS LOOKS YUMMY *glug glug glug*
    Everyone: she drank it…. HOORAY!
    Me: *starts shaking* What-is-happ-en-ing-
    Carl: Rosepaw?
    Me: *now my age* Where am I? Mossy? Carl?
    Everyone: *groan*
    Me: HI ME
    (HI ME! I might be sending down some new, ah, people…..)
    Me: You mean you might be getting into a new fandom?
    (YEP! I’ll probably put them in my next skit…)
    Me: YAY! I love making new friends! Anyways, so long, Real¡Me!
    (Bye!! PoOf)
    Me: Okay, so what’d I miss?
    Everyone: *falls asleep*
    Me: *sighs* *starts carrying them to the Bounty*
    *sigh* I appeared way too many times…. NO REGRETS!! Can you guess who the new peeps shall be? See yah!

    👑Queen of Cupcos👑

  3. 🌷Cheetah Tumbling into Spring Meadow... uh... Sparkishly (Cheetahpaw/spark)🌷
    April 25, 2018 at 4:24 am

    A sudden surge in fan fiction contest entries right after I post mine 😛
    I understand it’s mostly bc the deadline’s coming up, but let me have this.

    The sparkiest of cheetahs 🐆

  4. April 25, 2018 at 12:22 pm

    Well I didn’t get any responds to my skit. *sniff sniff* So I will just tell everybody who loves Firestar the most.

    Bluestar-“It is Time to announce the winner of Who Loves Him/Her More!!!!

    Sandstorm-“It was me everybody.”


    Sandstorm-“Oh well.”

    Bluestar-“Hmmph. Well we might as well move onto the next round. Today we have a new contestant!

    Sandstorm-“It’s Squirrelflight”

    Bluestar-“OH MY GOSH SANDSTORM!” *hits annoying button*

    Button-“I like to eat fox dung! To eat fox dung! I like to eat fox dung and my name is Sandstorm!!!!”

    Sandstorm-*growls at Bluestar and walks away*

    Squirrelflight-Ooh! Is it time for the contest?!”

    Bluestar-“Yes it is.”


    Ashfur-“GASP! Squirrelflight! MY TRUE LOVE!!!!”

    Squirrelflight-“Umm… Hi Ashfur.”

    Ashfur-“Don’t talk to me like that! I love you!”

    Brambleclaw-“Hi Squirrelflight.”

    Squirrelflight-“Yes! The normal cat is here!

    Bluestar-“Okay then… NOW! Onto the contest. Brambleclaw and Ashfur, describe your relationship with Squirrelflight.

    Ashfur-“Well you see, she rejected me so I tried to kill her dad and her “kits”!” *smiles*

    Brambleclaw-“Well I am her mate and she is the mother of my kits!”

    Bluestar-“Okay then, it turns out that Brambleclaw has the healthiest relationship!”


    Squirrelflight-“Go get murdered.”

    *everyone disappears*

  5. April 25, 2018 at 10:37 pm

    Okay! I like making these skits so here is another one.

    Bluestar-“Hello! And welcome to the next episode of who Loves Him/Her More? Today we will have the star of Appledusk!!!”


    Bluestar-“Why hello!”

    Appledusk-“How did I get here?”

    Bluestar-“I teleported you!!!!”

    Appledusk-“Okay then…..”

    Mapleshade-“Oh, Hi Appledusk.”


    Mapleshade-“Did I ever tell you that you are a piece of Fox Dung?”

    Appledusk-“I think I got the message when you murdered me.”

    Reedshine-“Hi Appledusk!” *bats eyelashes*

    Appledusk-“Hey!” *licks Reedshine*

    Bluestar-“Okay then… today we will have judges. They will be judging on if Appledusk is a piece of Foxdung!!”

    Appledusk-“Of course I’m not!”

    Bluestar-“Shut up! You aren’t a judge!”

    *Hollyleaf and Ashfur walk in*

    Bluestar-“And here are our judges!! Okay Hollyleaf, what is your opinion on Appledusk?”

    Hollyleaf-“I think he is a horrible cat for betraying Mapleshade and should go die in a hole.”


    Ashfur-“I think he is an amazing cat and that he was awesome for having children with Reedshine, even though he probably cheated on Mapleshade!!!!”

    Bluestar-“Hmm? It’s a tie! I guess we have to bring in our last judge, Yellowfang!”

    Yellowfang-“My opinion is that Appledusk is a traitor to Mapleshade and should be punished.”

    Bluestar-“And what is the punishment?”

    Yellowfang-“I need to discuss it with Hollyleaf.” *starts whispering to Hollyleaf*

    Hollyleaf-“It has been decided that Appledusk’s punishment is his warrior name being changed!”

    Yellowfang-“I hereby change this warrior’s Name to……. Appledung!!!!!!”

    Appledung-“NOOOO!!” *runs away*

    Bluestar-Well that’s it! Hope you have a wonderful day. See you next time!”

    *everyone disappears*

  6. April 26, 2018 at 2:17 am

    My Promises

    (This is kinda like a Frost prologe, but it’s writter from Lightstar POV and it’s before the Clan split)

    “Sister, why have you summoned me?” I asked, staring at the dark grey tabby she-cat. Moonfeather was so odd sometimes, though we did stick together like sap to a tree.
    “I’m…sorry, sister. But Nightstar and Sunstorm have been fighting more often then than not. It isn’t good to do that, even if it’s just apprentices! Not the leader and deputy, surely!” She seemed flustered, her white paws pacing, unlike normal. She was usually calm.
    “Moonfeather, you can’t ignore the truth. You know what’s coming, and so do I. Who are you to go against StarClan? Winterflower and Sweetflower both told us.” I said, looking away.
    “No! SolarClan can not split up! It’ll cause war, and who wants that? Our clan needs to stay strong! We were born in SolarClan!” Moonfeather yowled, slamming her paws on the ground.
    Grassrunner came sprinting in.
    “Lightwater! Moonfeather! We need backup on the border patrol! Rouges are attacking!” He said before running out, tail directly behind him.
    Moonfeather’s fur bristled. She hated rouges, ever since they claimed responsibity for killing our father.
    “I’ll go get…” I thought for a second. “Lilypebble, Dawntail, and Hawkchaserwith each their apprentices.” I say, running back to the Summer Camp, where we were staying.
    “Lilypebble and Frostpaw! Dawntail and Heronpaw! Hawkchaser and Kinkpaw! Border skrimish, we’re going to fight! Moonfeather is there.” I yowled to the camp. Three warriors and three apprentices raced out, heading to the skirmish.
    “Fallowpaw and Leafpaw, you come too! Moonfeather and I might discuss warrior names with Nightstar if we win this one!” I call back. Two apprentices, both white and brown tabbies, exitedly ran out of camp with me.
    I didn’t know how bad a border skirmish with a few rogues could be.
    Several cats were ganging up on Moonfeather and I immediately rammed into one, clawing at him with my forepaws while Grassrunner attacked another.
    Several mini-fights were happening, Fallowpaw and Leafpaw fighting side by side against a large white she-cat. Her fur was stained with blood and mud. I looked away, and at the cat I was fighting. After I had beaten him up enough, i let go of him and he ran away.
    Then, I heard a blood-curdling scream.
    The fights momentarily stopped, everyone looking at what was being seen. There was a small white and cream she-cat laying in a puddle of blood next to a young black rouge.
    Grasscream and I ran up to her, the black cat inching away. He whispered, scared.
    “I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to kill her…”
    Then the white she-cat the apprentices were fighting looked at him.
    “Midnight! We are civilized cats, we only fight if we need to! We never kill, no matter who is is!” She yelled at him. He flinched, for this cat must be the leader.
    “I’m sorry, Snowball…” Midnight managed to mew.
    Grassrunner knelt down to examine who it was. He gasped, leaped back, and pressed himself against me.
    I bent down, and then saw her face. It was my own, first and only, daughter, Windpaw.
    “Leave us! You’ve done enough trouble!” Moonfeather yelled at them. “You kill my sisters daughter, not to mention you’re the ones who started this battle! Sixteen of our cats against about twenty of yours!”
    I glanced at Moonfeather, who was now guarding her own daughter, Duskpaw, and one of my two sons, Leechpaw. I felt grateful as the rouges apologized for our loss and left our borders. We begin to help the injured up, when Midnight ran up to us.
    “I’m so sorry, but…” He stammered. “May I join your Clan? Snowball kicked me out for murder, though it only happen ’cause i was aiming to bite her paw and she moved so i clamped down on her throat…”
    I thought.
    Moonfeather sighed. Windpaw was one girl I’d never have back because of him.
    “No.” I said, just as Moonfeather said “Yes.”
    “I stay in Summer Camp, Moonfeather. He stays in Winter Camp.” I argue.
    “The Clans will seperate, after all. Okay. As long as will still remember we’re sisters.” Moonfeather said.
    “Anything.” I smile.
    “We meet at the Cloudstone, each to earn our nine lives in two sunrises. Agreed?”
    “What about Nightstar and Sunchaser?” I ask.
    “They will be exiled. Nightstar, for being a cowardly and weak leader. Sunchaser, well, she’s died yesterday. That’s mainly why I wated to meet you, today. To discuss who’d be leader.”
    I admire my sisters thoughtfulness.
    That was how SolarClan split. A lost rouge who killed my daughter.

    (Two sunrises later)
    I walk up the rocks leading to Crystal Cavern, where the Cloudstone was kept. Winterflower padded next to me. Once at the top, I called into the cavern, lit with stars.
    “I’m here, Lightwater.” Moonfeather called back.
    I walked into the cavern, led willfully by Winterflower.
    I see Moonflower in the starlight.
    “Soon I’ll be calling you Moonstar.”
    “And you Lightstar.”
    We both touched our noses to the stone, immediately falling asleep.
    I wake, or at least i think i did, in a clearing with Moonfeather.
    Sunchaser, our mother, walked up to us.
    “We admire your courage of staring two new Clans. Lightwater, make Lilysong your deputy. Moonfeather, make Flameheart yours.” (((Yes I know Flameheart is a blogclanner but other Jasminepaw irl made the name before i knew them)))
    We both nodded.
    “Ok. With this life, I give you both the power of guideance. Lead your cats to be the best you can make them, and guide them with all your love. This cannot begiven a life, as Nightstar still has one. But you will feel that life entering your body as he dies.” Then she touched both our shoulders and walked away.
    Windpaw, my daughter and Windrunner, our brother, walked out. At the same time, they both said,
    “With this life, we gift you love. Love your clan as if they were your kits. Don’t let anyone change you mind about that.” And as the each touched our noses, jolts went though our bodies.
    They backed off, and each of our dead apprentices, mine Bearpaw and hers Adderpaw, walked up to us.
    “With this life we give you strength. Lead your clan strongly, and don’t be afraid.” The jolt happened again, but stronger now.
    This happened nine times, and when it was done we were relived. We had the lives of loyalty, kindness, intelegence, courage, and optimism.
    Then we thanked them. Not much, but we had more lives now.
    I groomed a bit on Moonfeather’s head as then the leader before Nightstar, Poppystar, yowled to all of the stars.
    “Now, we let you go! But from now forth you shall be know as Lightstar and Moonstar!”
    We woke up, smiling.
    “Goodbye, sister. We must now lead our Clans!”
    I waved my tail at her and headed for my camp.
    Little did I know how badly things would turn.

    Ya like Jazz?

  7. Jayfrost
    April 26, 2018 at 5:02 pm

    Warriors Series 5.5: Echoes of the War
    Novella 4: Shrewfoot’s Spite
    Chapter Four

         “Wake up, Shrewpaw!”

         The apprentice groaned. She turned onto one side, trying to curl into a tighter ball, but a paw nudged firmly at her side. “Come on. You can’t sleep the day away.” Reluctantly, she opened her eyes.

         She was still in the medicine den, the bramble branches still blocking out the sun overhead, still laying on a nest of moss and pine needles. Littlecloud was standing over her, a bundle of freshly-picked herbs in his jaws. “Good, you’re up,” he mewed. He set the herbs at his paws, nudging them towards the apprentice. “You can get started on sorting these then. When you’re done, you can meet up with Ratscar.”

         Shrewpaw fought the urge to roll her eyes. “Yes, Littlecloud,” she mewed. She pushed herself onto her haunches, pulling the herbs closer to her. The apprentice began sorting the leaves by type, organizing them into neat piles to be sorted into Littlecloud’s stores when she was done. The work was easy, but tedious, and she soon found her mind wandering.

         Two moons had passed since she had initially fallen ill. Even though all of her other symptoms had long since faded, Littlecloud had insisted on keeping her from her training because of her cough, which had refused to go away. Shrewpaw had begged and pleaded with the medicine cat, using every argument she could think of, but the little tom had refused to budge on the issue. When Shrewpaw had complained of boredom from not being able to train, Littlecloud had suggested she help him sort herbs. It was something to keep her mind occupied, and while it was boring and annoying and had nothing to do with becoming a great warrior, she supposed it was better than sitting around doing nothing. It still infuriated her to think that she was stuck in the medicine den sorting leaves when she could be out training to be a warrior. Her cough wasn’t even that bad anymore. Littlecloud had promised she could return to training soon, but soon wasn’t good enough for her. Not when her denmates were already leaving her behind.

         Shrewpaw caught a glimpse of a familiar tortoiseshell pelt through the branches of the bramble bush. Ivytail was following a patrol into camp, a lapwing hanging from her jaws. Annoyance pricked at Shrewpaw’s pelt. Ivytail and Olivenose had earned their warrior names a few moons ago, having completed their warrior assessments. The she-cats has been annoyingly smug during the ceremony, and now they were able to order around the apprentices and serve their Clan like real warriors, while Shrewpaw was left to rot in the medicine den.

         “Careful with those leaves!” Littlecloud’s mew broke Shrewpaw out of her thoughts.

         She looked down to see that she had been tearing some of the leaves in the wrong spot when she hadn’t been paying attention. Embarrassment warmed under her pelt. “Sorry, Littlecloud,” she muttered. She set the damaged leaves to one side, then started again with the fresh pile, careful to make sure she nipped the leaves at the right point.

         The two worked in silence for a while longer. Though Shrewpaw was now trying to pay attention to what she was doing, her annoyance bled through in the twitching of her tail and the prickling of her pelt. Finally, Littlecloud sighed. “That’s enough,” he murmured, glancing at Shrewpaw. “I can handle the rest from here. You should go find Ratscar and see if there’s anything he wants you to work on.”

         Shrewpaw perked up. “Yes, Littlecloud,” she mewed. While she was grateful to the tom for putting up with her for the last two moons, she couldn’t pretend that she wasn’t bored stiff whenever she was in the medicine den. Any chance at escape was welcome. “Thank you!” She set the last of the leaves aside, then rose to her paws, trotting towards the den’s entrance.

         The camp was bustling with activity as she stepped out of the medicine den. Some of the early patrols had just returned, and cats were swapping greetings and dropping off prey before the next round of patrols left. Shrewpaw felt a pang of jealousy at the sight of cats readying themselves to head into the forest, but she forced it back. A quick scan of the crowd allowed her to spot Ratscar talking with a group of warriors. She left the medicine den behind and trotted towards her mentor. “Ratscar!” she called out.

         The brown tom looked up at his apprentice’s call. “Shrewpaw! Good to see you’re up.” He purred as he touched noses with Shrewpaw. The apprentice stood as tall as her mentor now, with the sleek build and muscle of a warrior. But the cough that tore its way past her throat reminded her of how far she still was from being a warrior. Ratscar’s eyes lit up with concern as she coughed. “Are you alright?” Shrewpaw noticed Spiderpaw among the group Ratscar had been speaking with, his mentor Snaketail beside him. Concern was glowing in his eyes.

         “I’m fine,” Shrewpaw grumbled. The coughing had been short this time, at least, and it was getting farther and farther between each bout. She really was almost better this time. She gave a brief shake of her pelt, then pressed on before Ratscar could fuss over her more. “I was hoping we could work on some more stretches?” Ratscar had helped devise some stretches and exercises Shrewpaw could do while she was sick. While it wasn’t enough to make up her missing training, it did keep her from getting completely out of shape the last few moons, and it was something to work on that wasn’t too draining while she was sick. She glanced at Spiderpaw, mewing, “You can come with us too if you want.” While she still felt jealous about her brother moving forward in his training while she stayed behind, he had kept to his word, visiting her often in the medicine den and helping her and Ratscar out with devising exercises to keep her from getting bored.

         Spiderpaw hesitated. “Well, actually…”

         “He can’t,” Snaketail grunted. His eyes were narrowed as he regarded Shrewpaw.

         Shrewpaw’s tail lashed behind her. “Why not?” she demanded.

         Before Snaketail could answer, Ratscar interrupted him, mewing, “Haven’t you heard the news?”

         “What news?”

         “Spiderpaw passed his final warrior assessment this morning!” Ratscar purred. He glanced briefly at the gray apprentice, his tail flicking in a friendly manner. “Blackstar’s holding his warrior ceremony this evening!”

         Shrewpaw froze. Ratscar’s words jumbled together in her mind, blurring together so she couldn’t understand them. Spiderpaw was going to be a warrior – and she wasn’t. Spiderpaw was going to be a warrior before her. Spiderpaw, who’d fallen behind her every step of the way in training, who’d hesitated in every task he’d ever been given, who’d embarrassed himself in front of their father with the worst fighting Shrewpaw had ever seen – he was going to be a warrior before Shrewpaw? Shock and confusion and hurt were twisting together in Shrewpaw’s gut. It took her a few moments to manage to stammer out a brief “Congratulations,” to her brother.

         Spiderpaw seemed to guess at his sister’s thoughts. Unease was glowing in his eyes, which mixed with sympathy as he looked at his sister, and his tail was twitching behind him. He opened his mouth as though to say something, but he was cut off by Snaketail’s grunt. “We should get going.” The tom glanced at his apprentice, mewing, “We’re due for a hunting patrol. Come on.” Snaketail turned and padded abruptly away.

         The apprentice hesitated, glancing briefly at Shrewpaw. He looked as though he were going to say something, then he stopped, looking at where Snaketail had gone. “I’m sorry,” he murmured. “I have to go. See you later.” With a final glance at his sister, he turned and scurried off after his mentor.

         Shrewpaw stared after her brother, too stunned to protest. When she finally managed to wrench her gaze away from where he’d gone, she turned to her mentor, her tail and hackles bristling with emotion. “How did he pass his assessment?” she blurted out. “He’s never been good at training!” She hated to insult her brother, but her hurt at being left behind was too great to ignore.

         Ratscar looked surprised at his apprentice’s outburst. “Well, he wasn’t exactly flawless in the fighting portion of the assessment,” he admitted, watching his apprentice with concern. “And Snaketail wasn’t totally convinced he was ready. But I helped him with the assessment, and Spiderpaw’s shown a lot of improvement with hunting and agility in general, even if he isn’t the strongest fighter. Your father and I talked about it, and he agreed that Spiderpaw’s ready to be a warrior.” He paused, then his expression softened. “And you will be too soon, no doubt about it!” he rushed to assure his apprentice. “As soon as we get you back into training, you’ll be ready to be a warrior before you know it. Just wait and see. It won’t be long now.”

         Shrewpaw gave a weak purr of thanks, but her heart still wasn’t in it. She could still feel hurt twisting in her gut. Ratscar seemed to sense her unease. He nudged her heartily with his shoulder, mewing a bit too brightly, “Come on! We have stretching to get to!” Shrewpaw hesitated, then let her mentor lead her away. But even as she followed him, she could feel dejection weighing down her pelt. Tonight, her brother was going to become a warrior – and she was going to be watching from the crowd, still an apprentice. Still left behind. And there wasn’t anything that she could do about it.


         After their stretching, Shrewpaw left her mentor and retreated into the medicine den for the rest of the day. While normally she hated being cooped up in the den, she couldn’t bring herself to face her Clanmates at the moment, knowing that they knew about Spiderpaw becoming a warrior and her not. Littlecloud left her alone towards the end of the day to gather more herbs in the forest. Shrewpaw spent her time alone in the den sorting herbs for Littlecloud and tidying up the nests.

         It was nearly time for Spiderpaw’s ceremony when another cat padded into the den. Shrewpaw was turned away from the entrance, busy replacing the moss in Littlecloud’s nest. She didn’t bother to look up at the sound of pawsteps, simply assuming the medicine cat had returned. “I hope you found enough comfrey root,” she called without looking up. “Cedarheart’s been talking Tallpoppy’s ear off complaining about his stiff joints, and she came in earlier to complain to me about it.”

         “Hello, Shrewpaw.” The apprentice stiffened in surprise. She whirled around to see a familiar tortoiseshell standing behind her.

         Annoyance pricked at her pelt. “Hello, Olivenose,” she greeted in a stiff mew.

         The new warrior stood in the entrance of the medicine den, regarding Shrewpaw with an almost wary air. Shrewpaw had never considered the bossy tortoiseshell a friend, and she knew Olivenose probably felt the same way, considering how often she chided Shrewpaw for being judgmental and rude. There was an awkward silence between the she-cats for a few moments. Finally, Olivenose cleared her throat. “I heard about Spiderpaw becoming a warrior,” she mewed. “That’s great news.”

         A hard lump formed in Shrewpaw’s throat. “Right,” she muttered. “Great news.” She suddenly couldn’t meet Olivenose’s gaze anymore. She turned away, mewing briskly, “If you don’t mind, I’m busy.”

         “Wait.” Shrewpaw hesitated, then reluctantly turned back to face Olivenose. She was surprised by the sympathy in the tortoiseshell’s expression. “I just wanted to talk. I know we haven’t always been great friends –”

         “No kidding,” Shrewpaw muttered. The tortoiseshell’s awkward attempts at being friendly were making her uneasy, and she hardly needed the tortoiseshell lording her moral superiority over her on the day her brother was going to become a warrior. She turned a little away from the warrior, hoping to make her uncomfortable and leave, but she pressed on.

         “I know,” Olivenose mewed. “But that doesn’t mean I was happy when you became sick. I just wanted to say, I’m sorry about what’s happened. I know what it’s like, being held back from your training because of something you can’t control. I know how frustrating that is. I just wanted to say, I understand what you’re going through, and I’m here to talk if you want.”

         Something in Shrewpaw snapped at the tortoiseshell’s words. She whirled on Olivenose, snarling, “Oh, you understand, do you?” Olivenose took a step back, looking alarmed at the apprentice’s sudden burst of anger. “What, did you have to sit useless in the medicine den for two moons and watch everyone else move on around you? Did you have to watch while your littermate was made a warrior, knowing you still had moons to go until you became one too?” Olivenose stared at Shrewpaw, apparently too stunned to try and respond. Shrewpaw watched her for a few moments, feeling anger pulsing through her pelt. “No? Then don’t tell me that you understand what I’m going through, because you don’t! You’re just a half-warrior trying to prove yourself, but I’m gonna be a real warrior once I’ve finished my training. So just go!”

         Olivenose had started out looking stunned, but at Shrewpaw’s last words, hard anger suddenly blazed in her eyes. “I see,” she hissed in a freezing tone. “Well, sorry for taking up your time. StarClan knows a pitiful half-warrior like me shouldn’t be bothering the leader’s daughter.” She jerked up her chin, her tail bristling furiously behind her. “I guess it’s just luck that we haven’t had to deal with you in the warrior’s den yet,” she sneered.

         Fury seared through Shrewpaw’s pelt. She hadn’t meant to be so openly rude to the tortoiseshell, but Olivenose’s reply had wiped out any remorse she would’ve felt about it. “Look, you –”

         Before Shrewpaw could finish, a yowl from outside the den cut her off. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey join beneath the Tall Branch for a Clan meeting!” Shrewpaw recognized her father’s yowl. Unease clenched in her gut – it was time. Without another word, she padded towards the den’s entrance, shoving past an outraged Olivenose on her way out of the den.

         Cats were already gathering around the tree where her father made his den by the time Shrewpaw left the medicine den. She spotted her mother and brother in the crowd and made a beeline for them. As she settled in beside Spiderpaw, she saw Olivenose joining Ivytail in the crowd, her tail lashing irritably. Olivenose whispered something to Ivytail, who cast a brief glare in Shrewpaw’s direction. Shrewpaw felt a brief brush of guilt. Maybe she’d crossed the line a bit when she’d called Olivenose a half-warrior. But after a moment, the guilt faded, replaced by annoyance. What should she feel sorry for? Olivenose was just a bossy stiffwhiskers who thought she was better than every cat. Shrewpaw would be a better warrior one day than she could ever hope to be.

         As the crowd continued to gather, Spiderpaw leaned closer to Shrewpaw. “I’m sorry that you’re not earning your name with me today,” he murmured. There was sympathy in his eyes, but also fear, as though he were readying himself for battle rather than a ceremony. Shrewpaw was surprised to see the wild trembling of his tail. “I know how much you wanted this. You deserve to be a warrior more than anyone – way more than me.”

         Shrewpaw hesitated. She knew her brother was genuine in his apology, but she couldn’t bring herself to respond right away. All day, hurt and disappointment had been twisting together inside of her gut, but now, looking at her brother, a new emotion joined them – anger. He was right. She deserved this more than him. She was the one who had done well in training and taken it seriously. It should be her earning her warrior name today, not Spiderpaw. She jerked her muzzle away, refusing to meet Spiderpaw’s eyes. “Thanks,” she mewed stiffly. Spiderpaw flinched, hurt flashing in his eyes, but Shrewpaw did her best to ignore it.

         Once the crowd had finished gathering, Shrewpaw turned her attention to her leader. Blackstar was standing on the Tall Branch which hung over the crowd. The tom’s head and tail were held high, and his amber eyes were blazing with pride. It was obvious that he couldn’t be more proud to be giving his son his warrior name that day. Shrewpaw tried to ignore the resentment prickling at her pelt and listened as her father began the ceremony.

         “Cats of ShadowClan,” Blackstar rumbled, joy gleaming in his eyes. “Today, one of our Clanmates has taken the final steps on his journey to becoming a warrior, and will now take his place as a full member of this Clan. It is time for my son to become a warrior of ShadowClan!” Cheers rose from the crowd, but Spiderpaw shrank back, looking uncomfortable. Shrewpaw did her best to ignore him. Blackstar lifted his chin, his gaze falling onto the crowd as he rumbled, “Step forward, Spiderpaw!”

         At first, Spiderpaw seemed frozen in place. Then he slowly rose to his paws. From her spot behind him, Whitewater murmured, “Go on,” to her son, her eyes gleaming with pride. Spiderpaw padded slowly through the crowd, coming to stand below the Tall Branch. The tom stood taller than a fair few of the warriors now, with a lankier build than his father or sister, and his gray pelt had been groomed to perfection for the ceremony. He looked every inch the warrior that a son of Blackstar should be. And yet, the wild fear in his eyes and the bristling of his tail hinted at something else.

         Blackstar leaped down from the Tall Branch, coming to stand in front of his son. In a deep, proud rumble, he began, “I, Blackstar, leader of ShadowClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to you as a warrior in his turn.” He lifted his chin, eyes blazing with pride as he looked upon his son. “Spiderpaw, do you promise to uphold the warrior code, and to protect and defend this Clan, even at the cost of your life?”

         Shrewpaw waited for the affirmative reply from her brother, but it didn’t come. Instead, Spiderpaw seemed frozen. Her tail bristled with disbelief. With the fear glowing in his eyes, the tucked tail and ducked head, Spiderpaw looked more like a scared kit than a new warrior. Anger wriggled in her gut again. Spiderpaw was being given one of the highest honors any cat could expect, but he was acting like he was being forced to do something unpleasant. He was becoming a warrior. It was an insult to the Clan and to the warrior code to look so hesitant at the thought of becoming a warrior of ShadowClan. Jealousy and desire burned in her belly. She wanted this more than Spiderpaw. She was the one who deserved to be a warrior today, not her brother.

         After a few moments, Spiderpaw finally managed to still the trembling of his tail. He lifted his chin, finally forcing out a brief, “I do.” His tone was even enough, only betraying a slight tremor. Shrewpaw guessed that his fear hadn’t been as obvious to the rest of their Clanmates as it had been to her. But she couldn’t ignore the uneasy twitching of Spiderpaw’s tail, or the envy burning in her own gut.

         “Then by the powers of StarClan, I give you your warrior name,” Blackstar rumbled. “Spiderpaw, from this moment on you will be known as Spiderfoot. StarClan honors your swiftness and your forethought, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ShadowClan.”

         The newly-named Spiderfoot hesitated, then bowed his head, allowing Blackstar to lay his chin over it. Shrewpaw could hear how fiercely Blackstar was purring even from her spot in the crowd. As Spiderfoot drew his head back, the crowd took up the cheer of, “Spiderfoot! Spiderfoot! Spiderfoot!” Shrewpaw joined the crowd in their cheers, but the word felt bitter on her tongue.

         As the cheers died down, Whitewater leaned over to whisper to Shrewpaw. “Don’t worry, darling,” she murmured. “It’ll be your chance soon enough.”

         Shrewpaw gave a weak purr in reply, but her resentment and hurt were far greater than a few comforting words from her mother could cure. As she watched her brother duck his head shyly from the cheers of his Clanmates, a newly-named warrior being honored by his Clan, she could feel something harden in her gut. Something had shifted between her and her brother, something had changed – now, the desire to prove herself above him burned in her chest. Spiderfoot had shown weakness and ingratitude today, but she would show no such faults when her time came. She would prove herself worthy of the honor her brother had disrespected and, with or without him, she would be the greatest warrior that ShadowClan had ever seen.


    COVER: https://jayie-the-hufflepuff.deviantart.com/art/Cover-Shrewfoot-s-Spite-Novella-Four-735261255
    ALLEGIANCES: https://jayie-the-hufflepuff.deviantart.com/art/Shrewfoot-s-Spite-Allegiances-735262267
    CHAPTER ONE: https://jayie-the-hufflepuff.deviantart.com/art/EOTW-Shrewfoot-s-Spite-Chapter-One-735260017
    PREVIOUS: https://jayie-the-hufflepuff.deviantart.com/art/EOTW-Shrewfoot-s-Spite-Chapter-Three-740860864

    Well, I felt like writing more Shrewfoot’s Spite, so here’s the next chapter. ^^ And we finally get to see Spiderpaw become a warrior. His warrior name was already revealed, since I mentioned he was the cat from Battles of the Clans, but I hope his warrior ceremony was still enjoyable to see. ^^ And we also get to see Shrewpaw’s bitterness growing, and her attitude against halfClan cats.

    I know that Olivenose was listed as an apprentice all the way up to Sunrise, but since Ivytail was made a warrior in Outcast, I didn’t feel like coming up with an excuse for why her littermate took so much longer to become a warrior, not when I already had that going on with Shrewpaw. I’m just gonna say that the allegiances were inaccurate and that Olivenose became a warrior at the same time as her sister. A bunch of apprentices in the other Clans were listed as apprentices for the entire arc, even though they were older than the Three and should’ve been warriors by Eclipse age-wise, so I think it’s fair to just count that as a mistake. That’s what I’m running with, anyway. 😛

    There was more I wanted to say about this chapter, but now I can’t think of it. 😛 I’ll try to write more soon, but like I said, my original project takes priority right now.

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      My liking for Olivenose has increased by 1,000.

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        Haha, yeah, Olivenose is pretty awesome. 😀

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