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Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. Libbypaw
    January 10, 2018 at 2:25 am

    Chapter 5

    Berrybark didn’t know any kittypets that were black. Since Black wasn’t from the prophecy, Berrybark had no idea who the cat was. I should speak to Cherry about this. The fox-colored tom thought to himself.

    “Cherry,” Berrybark began. “do you know any black kittypets? I’ve lived most of my life in SunClan, and don’t know much cats outside Clan life.”

    “No,” Cherry said. “but I can go looking for one in Twolegplace. The only problem is that it’s a little far away.”

    “Thank you, Cherry.”

    Berrybark hoped that one day the prophecy would be fulfilled, even if he wasn’t a Clan cat anymore. Soon, Cherry had disappeared from the bracken walls. These loners are doing so much for me; I should be thankful that they’re caring for me. But for some reason I just don’t feel like I belong here…

    “Berrybark.” Black called. “Are you okay?”

    “Yes.” Berrybark mumbled, although he felt a twinge of homesickness.

    Soon, Berrybark began to wonder why kittypets would come here all the way from Twolegplace.

    Days passed, and soon Cherry had come back.

    “I couldn’t find any black-furred kittypets, only a pale orange one.” Cherry sighed. “Sorry, Berrybark.”

    “It’s alright.” Berrybark mewed.

    Suddenly, a strange scent drifted over to Berrybark’s nose. It smells of Twolegplace!

    “I’m going to hunt.”

    Berrybark instantly bolted out of the den and followed the stench. It’s probably a dog. But the former warrior kept going, desperate to find the creature. As Berrybark peeked through the bushes, a black cat was standing there, confused. He gazed at its neck and realized that a gold collar was wrapped around it. It was a kittypet!

  2. January 10, 2018 at 3:08 am

    Hey there! I’m going to do an interactive fanfiction (finally finished building the clans and thinking of main plot points, what a mission!) And was wondering if I could write in somewhere else (Google Docs to be specific) and link it here? I’m hesitant as I need to dust up on sharing rules but thought I might as well ask just to be absolutely certain!

    • Silentsong(Sylph)
      January 10, 2018 at 11:27 pm

      Just copy and paste the story here from google docs. All the tabs and italics don’t carry over though .

      Hope that helped

    • January 11, 2018 at 12:50 am

      Emails show up in Google Docs, so as long as you’re using a safe email, it should be fine. Be sure to use a shareable link!

      🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

  3. January 10, 2018 at 6:24 am

    idk this just popped into my head while I was making dinner it’s not from any specific blogfic and this is all I really have of it

    “Well that was weird,” Dewy remarked, pulling her jacket closer over her shoulders. “Everyone seems so calm.”

    Blue snorted. “Like we’re running around in circles screaming, but okay. Where should we try next?”

    “What about the kitchen?” Frosty asked. “Flo is usually making dinner around now.”

    “Ooh, food.” Ottie grinned. “I wonder if we can get any snacks.”

    Leaf shrugged. “I’m down. Let’s go.”

    “Maybe Embix will be there,” Peto replied wistfully. No one answered.

    Blue started off, not waiting for anyone else. Sky hurried after her. “Well if what Moss and Darkie said in the infirmary was any indication, she’s not. Let’s go.”

    On that happy note, the group headed across the hill to the large building that housed the mess hall and the kitchen, waving to Shady, Flamey, and Moon as they passed a ball around on the way. Swany pushed the door open and they headed into the mess hall, their footsteps echoing on the smooth wooden floor. Dewy had rarely seen the mess hall empty, and it had an odd peacefulness to it. Afternoon sun poured through the windows, lighting up the tables and turning the browns to tan and gold. After all the weirdness they’d seen so far, she would have expected it to be eerie, but it wasn’t.

    Peto skipped ahead and swung open the door to the kitchens. Blue flinched, but the rest of the group followed, poking their heads in a bit warily.

    “Hi!” Wavey called, not looking up from where she was cutting potatoes. Across the kitchen, Wollow poured chocolate chips into a bowl and shoved them into the mircowave. She glanced up with a nod.

    Dewy exchanged a glance with Frosty. No Flo.

    “Hey, have you guys seen Flo?” Leaf asked.

    Wavey and Wollow glanced at each other. “I came in to get a snack and found Wollow. I wanted to make French fries,” Wavey replied with a shrug.

    “I never miss a chance to become the Supreme Overlord of something,” Wollow added. “She went to some BlogTeam meeting or something. I saw her leaving. She asked me to check out the oven while she was gone.”

    Dewy nodded, remembering that the oven had been faulty for the last couple of days. She winced at the memory of Spotzel’s failed apple pie from last night. At least Dusky had made ice cream to go along with it. They weren’t left completely without a dessert.

    Frosty broke the silence that followed, with Wavey and Wollow continuing their work. “Whatcha guys doing?”

    “Making French fries,” Wavey repeated.

    “I’m making candies,” Wollow added, pulling her bowl out of the microwave and stirring it.

    “You know we have a candy store, right?” Win asked, raising an eyebrow.

    Wollow simply nodded. “I know.”

    “Are you going to fix the oven?” Sky asked quizzically.

    Wollow shrugged. “I took a look at it, and tweaked some of the code. But this weird timeout thing came up. It should be done soon, so I’ll check then.”

    Peto reached for her phone. “I can call Steppy if you need help.”

    Wollow waved her off. “Thanks, but no. Wavey already offered, with Stoatie. I got it. We’ll have a fixed oven and chocolates soon.”

    “And French fries!” Wavey sang, pouring some of her potatoes in a bowl. Win sighed.

    Blue shifted from foot to foot, seeming to hold a pessimistic reply in. “Well if you see Flo, please tell us,” she replied at last.

    Dewy nodded earnestly. “Or any other BlogTeam members. It’s really important.”

    Wavey narrowed her eyes, and Dewy hoped she wouldn’t go into theory land. But to her relief, the other girl nodded. “Will do. Where will you be?”

    Dewy glanced back at her group and shrugged. “Around.”

    “We’re going to the archery range next,” Sky added.

    “Then after that, probably… the swimming pool,” Swany said after a moment’s thought. She exchanged a glance with Win. Dewy nodded in understanding. Jayie was going there earlier with Streamy, Jetty, and Haz.

    Wollow nodded. “We’ll reach you.”

    Frosty grinned. “Thanks.”

    Peto reached up on her toes. “Sooo, what else is for dinner besides French fries?”

    “Burgers?” Leaf asked hopefully.

    “No, silly!” Peto replied. “Those have beef in them.”

    Wavey laughed. “I was thinking maybe quesadillas. Or maybe those mini tacos Maple brought in on her last trip to the store. We still have a few of those.”

    Blue snorted. “I think Silv and Dawny ate them all.”

    Frosty stuck his hands in his pockets. “If Fawny, Thunder, and Wistep didn’t on their kitchen raids.”

    Swany laughed. “I like those. They brought back marshmallows once. We had a marshmallow fight. I almost won, but Lily jumped on the bed and got everyone from there.”

    Wavey nodded appreciatively. “Nice strategy.”

    Swany shrugged. “Don’t compliment me. It was Lily.”

    Sky nudged her friend’s shoulder. “Don’t brag just because you’re in the rowdy cabin,” she scolded affectionately.

    Win cleared his throat. “Anyway! We should be going.” He took a step toward the door.

    Blue nodded uncomfortably. “Right. The archery range.” Where Russet is supposed to be.

    Wavey tipped her head. “I saw Ice and Willa go there earlier,” she commented.

    Sky nodded. “We were following Russet’s group of Dais, Blaz, and Aster, but yeah. Hopefully it’s not too crowded.”

    “It shouldn’t be,” Leaf replied, tugging their hands through their hair at the uncomfortable silence that followed. Even Wavey and Wollow might have figured out the meaning of their words.

    Wavey pressed her hands against the counter. “Well, if you see Beech or Fallen, let them know that I still have their swim goggles.”

    Peto nodded. “Will do.”

    Win sighed. “All right, we really have to go. Bye.” Not waiting any longer, he pushed open the door. Blue and Sky followed him. Frosty shot Wavey and Wollow an apologetic smile and headed out the door as well. Dewy waited for Peto and Swany to leave, waiting a little bit longer. She took a few steps toward the counter. “Please don’t worry. Everything’s going to be fine.”

    “Yeah.” Wavey nodded, studying Dewy’s face. She hoped she hadn’t said the wrong thing.

    “Dewy!” Swany called through the door. “Win’s getting impatient!”

    “Coming!” Dewy called back. With an awkward wave, she slipped through the door and after her group.

    They were already outside. Sky was fiddling with some grass on the ground. Peto was talking to Jay and Kinky. Leaf was running down the hill to reach Loudy and Bluefire. Dewy gazed across the camp, at all its BlogClanners scattered about. So many familiar faces.

    She had to keep them safe.

    She reached out a hand and pulled Sky to her feet. “So,” she muttered. “Archery range. Let’s keep going.”

    haha yeah I have no idea what that was 😛 ideas are starting to develop in my head though ughhhhh tooo much stuffffff

    🌊 Queen of Canon Correcting🌊

    • January 10, 2018 at 7:16 pm

      I have just as much idea as you do about what this was but it was fun to read so I guess that’s all that matters 😛

      Cloud minus nine

    • Stagpaw {Stag} 🍂
      January 10, 2018 at 10:57 pm

      This was really fun to read! I liked it! 😋

    • January 11, 2018 at 2:08 am

      Wow, this was kinda cool 😛
      I almost skimmed past it, not realizing what it was, saw my name and was like “Wait huh what?” 😛

      ReginaXRobin Forever

    • Rainswept Wistep
      January 11, 2018 at 6:24 am

      This is super cool, Wavey! 😛

    • January 11, 2018 at 5:46 pm

      Awesome 😛

    • Maplepaw (Mapledrift)
      January 11, 2018 at 6:47 pm

      I brought mini tacos 🌮
      I am so happy 😀

    • Dewpaw
      January 11, 2018 at 11:16 pm

      Ooh, I have no idea what it is either but it’s cool! 😀
      And I’m in it 😛

    • Peto
      January 12, 2018 at 11:39 pm

      “No, silly!” Peto replied. “Those have beef in them.”


      aaa this is pretty cool! I wanna keep reading 😛

    • thunderpaw(thunderheart)
      January 13, 2018 at 11:00 pm

      hahahahaha love it! i probably eould have eaten them so…….

    • Sky
      January 14, 2018 at 7:17 pm

      Fun to read! Good job. Thanks for the feature!

  4. January 10, 2018 at 5:55 pm

    Silenced Plea: Prologue (so far)
    Due to some presonal circumstances, I was not able to finish the Prologue, but I still wanted to try to share what I have so far with everyone. I am so sorry for everyone who was looking forward to this.

    Wavesplash struggled in vain with her overstuffed suitcase as she scanned the horizon in search of Oakwhisker’s Jeep. The flight to Asheville, North Carolina, had been exhausting, and while she’d love to take some time and explore the area she just wanted to be with her friends. The story was almost done. That was all she needed to worry about.
    As her ride approached, she did a quick check of her bags, then took a sip of water from the bottle she’d bought when she got off the plane. Flying (idk how many) hours had given her a headache, and when she clambered into her friend’s car she took a swig of her water bottle.

    “Hey Wavey!!” Oakwhisker exclaimed, turning the radio down and poking her in the arm so as not to invade her personal space.

    Smart dude, she thought amusedly to herself. No touchy-touchy.

    “H-hi, Oak. Nice car.”

    Oak smiled faintly and put the car into gear, easing it out of the (pull-y in-y place whatcha call it), through the parking lot, and onto Airport Road. “Thanks. I stole it from my grandmum. She decided 2015 was too old for a car and got a new one.” With this, he laughed and took a sip of Green Tea.

    “Huh. Strange.” The whole conversation was getting awkward, so she decided to change the subject then. “What exactly did you have in mind for the ending of the story?”

    Oak shrugged in reply and cast an indifferent glance out the front windshield to the snow-capped mountains that brimmed the horizon like a crown placed on some random person’s head. “Not much, maybe just kill everyone off. I wanted you to come over so we could work face-to-face and… I don’t know, sort of spitball ideas? I didn’t really have much planned for this story at all, anyway, save for a cool name…” His voice trailed off, and he once more focused his attention on the scenery that unfolded around them. “Oh yeah, and also for the Discord. That’s important… What else…”

    “Oak…?” Wavesplash poked her friend inquisitively in the arm and blinked in surprise when he jumped suddenly, jerking the steering wheel to avoid a Nissan that had cut him off. “Did you seriously not have any plan for this? I just flew God-knows-how-many hours to finish this with you, and you don’t know what you’re doing?”

    “That’s why you’re here! Look, I’m sorry if I offended you. I just thought… Maybe you’d want to write a bit? I don’t know… Here, Pick a song.” He handed her his Samsung with a feminine flick of his wrist and turned the radio back off. He was playing Fall Out Boy at the moment, she realized, and she quickly changed it to her favourite song.

    The rest of the drive passed silently, save for one or two brief exchanges between the two about who got the aux cord at what time. Both of them generally preferred to remain silent and engulfed in music as well as their own separate thoughts, and while they didn’t know each other hardly at all, a discreet vibe in the air gave them the feeling they had known each other for years. It was almost as if they knew what each other was thinking, and before one talked the other knew what was to be said.

    Oakwhisker pulled off the main highway and onto a small gravel backroad, then into a crumbling asphalt driveway. After punching in a 4-number gate code, he merged left and sighed quietly as the Jeep lurched up a steep hill before emerging on the top of a small mountain in front of a cream-coloured farmhouse.

    “Home sweet home…” He mumbled sarcastically before turning the car off. The two friends sat in silence as the engine pinged and cooled, then dashed through the slight drizzle that had just begun to shimmer down into the horse pasture that cascaded down the side of the mountain in a golden wave of ripened wheat and wild grass. Something in the deep wood just beyond the pasture fence spooked one of the horses, a brown-and-white American Quarter, and it tore across the landscape like a hawk that had spotted prey. After taking a moment to take in the beautiful scenery around her, Wavey turned to Oak and watched solemnly as he unlocked the back door and, with a knock on the doorframe, stepped into the laundry room.
    The house was dark and quiet, save for the glow of a TV screen in the living room accompanied by the tinny, accusing voice of some religious speaker on the channel the TV was on. Oak sighed softly, taking off his winter jacket and setting it down on top of the dryer, then beckoned her to follow him into the living room.

    “You already know about my great grandpa, right? Just… Smile for a second and then head upstairs. The door in front of you is the studio.” He whispered in Wavesplash’s ear before stepping through the threshold and stepping in front of the TV. “Grandpa, this is Wave. Wave, this is grandpa.”

    The old bird cast a cursory glance at her, then coughed. “Hello.”

    “We’re going to go upstairs, okay? Keep your monitor close by, and I’ll come back down to make you dinner and give you your medicine.”

    He simply nodded and continued staring at the TV screen.

    Oak sighed once more and beckoned Wave to follow him upstairs, their footsteps causing the stairs to creak and settle softly until they reached Oak’s office. It was a small room, maybe the size of a college dorm, and posters, as well as random photos, adorned the walls. A window looked out over the horse pasture and into the woods beyond, and an Ikea desk sat against the left wall, a Macbook Pro, a Typewriter, and several sketchbooks dominating the surface. An acoustic guitar leaned against a corner of the room, arranged on top of a Cajon drum. A Grand Piano stood on the opposite wall of the room, and a Swiss Gear backpack lay neglected next to the door. Oak walked over to the desk and booted up the Macbook. “You can sit in my chair; I like the Cajon better as a seat.”

    Wavey sat as instructed as Oak pulled up the Silenced Plea page on BlogClan, and as soon as he clicked “edit,” she launched her ideas at him. “OkaysoIdon’tthinkweshouldkilleveryoneoffthat’salittleextrememaybewehavethemhavetorelocateorsomethingIdon’tknow…”

    Sporks are weird :/

  5. River of Shining Snow (Riverpaw)
    January 10, 2018 at 10:25 pm

    I just decided to repost this


    Moonpaw settled down with Thunderpaw at the mouth of the apprentice’s den. He had caught a rabbit and has offered to share it with Moonpaw. She had happily nodded. The sun has only risen what seemed like moments ago, and the chilling morning was still fading.

    Thunderpaw took quick, famished mouthfuls of rabbit while Moonpaw occasionally bit into the meat, uninterested.

    She was too excited to eat.

    Tonight was the Gathering- and there was a very high chance she was going.

    “Do you know where Ravenpaw is?” Moonpaw asks.

    “No.” Thunderpaw manages around a mouthful of food.

    “Huh. She should be back right now.” Moonpaw stares at the horizon.

    Thunderpaw shrugs. “You should be grateful that we’re getting a break from her.”

    Moonpaw huffs, hiding her amusement. I can’t disagree!

    Thunderpaw grins slightly. “Oh, the mighty StarClan gave us a break from the horror! Happy day!” He gasps melodramatically.

    Moonpaw giggles. “That’s a little too far.”

    A commotion drew Moonpaw’s attention from Thunderpaw’s ranting.

    Ignoring Thunderpaw’s cries of “Hey, where are you going?”, Moonpaw bounded to the center of the commotion.

    “Ravenpaw?” Moonpaw gasps.

    Moonpaw’s sister’s night-black fur was drenched ear to tail-tip, and she was visibly shivering. She was shuffling her paws guiltily.

    Cats murmured.

    “Ravenpaw, are you okay?” Heathertail cries.

    Ravenpaw was overwhelmed by the attention.

    “What happened?”

    “So that’s why she didn’t show up for the hunt!”

    “Ravenpaw!” Sedgewhisker snaps. “Where were you?”

    “I- I…” Ravenpaw blusters.

    Moonpaw rolls her eyes, a pang of pity washing some of the annoyance toward her sister away. “Well, she’s obviously wet and going to get a cold if she stays out here!”

    Smokepaw, stepping up beside Ravenpaw, narrows her eyes. “The dog that attacked Fernpaw started chasing her.” She explained. “I tracked her from camp and was able to fight it off, but not before Ravenpaw fell in the lake.”

    Moonpaw’s ears twitches dramatically. “No more chit-chat! We need to get Ravenpaw inside or she’ll catch a cold!” Partly true, though I’m not saving her pelt anymore after this one!

    “I respect your reasoning, Moonpaw.” Harestar addresses, slipping out of the shadows of his den. “Though first, what, exactly were you doing out of camp in the first place, Ravenpaw?”

    “I wanted to see the Gathering Island.” Ravenpaw mumbles nearly incoherently.

    “And did you?” Harestar pushes.

    “Er, not after the dog!” Smokepaw swiftly answers.

    Harestar turns his questioning expression on her. “This is not yours to answer.”

    “Fine.” Smokepaw mutters.

    “What she said.” Ravenpaw mumbles.

    Harestar sighs exasperatedly. “You’ll be confiscated to the camp, unless under supervision for the next half-moon.”

    Ravenpaw’s eyes widen, all her enthusiasm long gone. “You mean-?”

    Harestar nods. “No Gathering. Sorry.”

    Ravenpaw looks away, sadness darkening her eyes. “Fine.”

    “Come on.” Moonpaw says gently, hurrying over to Ravenpaw’s position.

    Ravenpaw nods numbly. Moonpaw herds her sister to the medicine den.

    Ravenpaw was looking forward to the gathering. All she needs is kindness now.


    “Wrap your body around her. This will warm her up.” Kestrelflight orders Moonpaw. The two medicine cats have moved Ravenpaw to a dip.

    Moonpaw nods and coils her mottled silver body around Ravenpaw’s ebony one. Her fur was still damp with water.

    It was sunhigh, and the two medicine cats and Ravenpaw were inside the medicine den.

    “Here.” Kestrelflight pushes a leaf wrap towards her.

    Moonpaw deftly unsheathes a claw and slices the leaf open. Tiny seeds were visible.

    “What are they?” Kestrelflight pushes.

    “Poppy seeds. They will put a cat to sleep.” Moonpaw answers confidently.

    Kestrelflight nods approvingly. He drops some strong but sweet smelling leaves by Moonpaw’s feet. “Here’s some thyme.”

    Moonpaw took a few leaves and urged Ravenpaw to lap them up. Ravenpaw did, and after just mere moments Moonpaw could see that her breathing was more even and her muscles relaxed. Then Moonpaw encouraged Ravenpaw to take a few poppy seeds. Her eyelids drooped.

    Ravenpaw’s voice was slurred, yet Moonpaw could surprisingly pick up her words.

    “She’s lying.”

    “Who?” Moonpaw asked.

    But Ravenpaw was already sleeping.


    The sun set and cats gathered around Harestar.

    “Kestrelflight, Moonpaw, Leaftail, Thunderpaw, Crowfeather, Brindlepaw, Heathertail, Oatclaw, Larkwing and Whitetail.”

    Moonpaw brightened when she heard her name.

    Thunderpaw stalks up. “I want to meet SkyClan.”

    Moonpaw stays silent and follows the stream of cats out of the camp.

    Stars began to show in the quickly darkening sky, and Moonpaw spotted silhouettes slipping through shadows on the other side of the shimmering lake.


    Moonpaw yelped. “You scared me out of my fur, Thun-”

    Moonpaw turned, finally getting a view of the cat. He was a lithe gray tom with brilliant golden eyes.

    “W- who are you?” Moonpaw stammered, her ears turning hot. “You don’t smell like ThunderClan.”

    The gray tom rolled his eyes. “I’ve never seen you at a Gathering. Then again,” -He chuckles- “I haven’t been at the Gathering a lot either.”

    “You’re from SkyClan?” Moonpaw asks. Then she looks over her shoulder and realizes that cats were tailing the WindClan warriors.

    The tom nods sharply, though it was carefree. “I’m Dewpaw. I’m probably going to get my warrior name soon.”

    “Moonpaw. I’m training to be a medicine cat.”

    “Cool! Of which Clan-?”

    “WindClan. I’m from WindClan.” Moonpaw answers quickly.

    Dewpaw nods. “Is this your first Gathering?”

    “Yeah.” Moonpaw answers.

    “We’re crossing into RiverClan territory,” Thunderpaw hissed, breaking the conversation.

    Moonpaw huffs. “And that featherbrain is Thunderpaw, my brother.”

    Dewpaw smiles warmly. “Hello, Thunderpaw. I’m from SkyClan.”

    “He’s been waiting all day to meet a SkyClan cat.” Moonpaw teases.

    “Hey!” Thunderpaw squeals indignantly.

    Dewpaw chuckles. “You know, Finpaw and Reedpaw- they’re my siblings- are at camp right now.”

    Moonpaw shrugs sympathetically. “My sister Ravenpaw is at camp because she nearly drowned in the lake.”

    Dewpaw rolls his eyes. “Typical, but not typical.”

    “That’s the island.” Dewpaw waves his tail toward a shadow that had moonlight filtering through it.

    Cats, the low light obscuring their pelts, were crossing a log that stretched between the land around the lake and the island.

    “That’s the tree-bridge.” Dewpaw jerks his head to the log.

    “Wow.” Moonpaw stares in bewilderment.

    “Careful.” Dewpaw cautions. “It’s slippery.”

    Suddenly, Moonpaw felt clammy. It looks so long to the island! Moonpaw bites her cheek when it was her turn to walk across the tree-bridge. It was cool and damp, slightly soothing Moonpaw’s paws. She wasn’t used to walking these lengthy of distances.

    “C’mon, you’ll be fine!” Dewpaw reassures her.

    Dewpaw’s reassurance didn’t impact Moonpaw’s emotion one bit.

    “You’re holding up the line!”

    “Get a move on!”

    Moaning internally, Moonpaw placed the other forepaw on the tree-bridge, flexing her claws. Then both her back paws.

    This isn’t so bad!

    Step by step, Moonpaw grew more confident, taking slightly lengthier strides.

    Only a few tail-lengths from the island, Moonpaw’s paw skidded to one side. She lost her balance and felt the tree-bridge stumble her. Silently shrieking, liquid ice seemed to hiss in her ears and drained every last drop of warmth.

    Bubbles made a scurry to the surface and Moonpaw heard far away muffled calls sounding something like: Someone get her! and Is that an apprentice?

    The moon was a silver-white blurry disk and Moonpaw saw two shadows smudged like a painting, getting closer. She attempted to swipe at the water, but it felt heavy.

    She seemed to be sinking, dwindling like a fire going out.

    Am I dead?

    Nothing answered her, as if the lake itself was taunting her. She began to feel light-headed and her head felt as if it was fogging up.

    Moonpaw felt something tug her up towards the surface.

    The feeling of air was strange, but eventually Moonpaw forced her lungs to take in air. She choked.

    “Are you okay?” A gray-and-white tom demands.

    Moonpaw nods, wheezing.

    A dark gray she-cat peers at the ragged Moonpaw with blue eyes. “Which Clan are you from?”

    “WindClan.” Moonpaw managed to gasp, then choked again.

    “Huh.” The she-cat takes in Moonpaw’s state, her paws churning the water to keep the two cats above water. “I’m from RiverClan.” She announces somewhat proudly.

    “Let’s get you to shore.” The tom murmurs, starting to swim to the island. “What’s your name? I’m Dapplepaw and the minnow-brain there is Nightpaw.”

    “I’m not a minnow-brain!” Nightpaw protests indignantly.

    “That’s what you think!” Dapplepaw retorts.

    Moonpaw grunts.

    “Annd here we are,” Dapplepaw announces, giving Moonpaw a nudge.

    Moonpaw felt ground and struggled to her paws. She shook out the water in her heavy pelt, thoroughly splattering water on Dapplepaw’s pelt. He squeals and bounces backwards.

    Nightpaw huffs, amused. “And I thought Breezepaw was a dry-paw!”

    Dapplepaw shrugs. “It’s not like I’m the one who doesn’t like fish.”

    “Are you two littermates?” Moonpaw broke into the two apprentices’ quarrel.

    Dapplepaw shakes his head. “Friends.”

    They continue their squabble and Moonpaw walked towards the gathering place, the words fading away into the chatter of the Gathering. Scents swirled around her.

    Thunderpaw runs up to Moonpaw and nuzzles her, his words spilling out like a stream. “Are you okay? I was so worried when you fell in then there were these apprentices that were probably RiverClan and they jumped in and-”

    “Thunderpaw!” Moonpaw interrupts, amused. “I’m fine! Now let’s go sit down. The Gathering is going to start soon.” She begins to walk where WindClan was sitting, then veered, figuring, Why not meet some apprentices?

    Moonpaw confidently skirted the clearing and found some ShadowClan apprentices.

    A silver she-cat was talking. “So, I was reaching over the water, the fish was really close and-”

    “Hello!” Moonpaw cut the silver cat off. “I’m Moonpaw. From WindClan.”

    “I’m Snakepaw.” A golden tabby bounces enthusiastically.

    “I’m Flowerpaw, and we’re all from ShadowClan.” The silver she-cat introduces herself. “That’s Whorlpaw.” She flicks her tail on a gray-and-white tom’s muzzle.

    “I can introduce myself!” Whorlpaw snaps.

    “I already did, so no need to do it.” Flowerpaw responds coolly.

    Whorlpaw huffs and turns away.

    “Sooo… are you new? I’ve never seen you at the Gathering before.” Snakepaw’s eyes are shining.

    Moonpaw nods. “I am. I’m training to be a medicine cat.”

    “Cool!” Flowerpaw chimes in.

    A muscular dark brown tabby tom yowled from the branch of the tree. “Let the Gathering begin!”

    “Bramblestar.” Whorlpaw mutters. “Always so full of himself.”

    “I gotta go,” Moonpaw says, remembering how Kestrelflight told her to come to the roots of the tree. She bounds towards Kestrelflight when she spots him.

    I can tell Whorlpaw and I are certainly not going to be buddies!

    Moonpaw struggles though the crowd and finally reached her mentor.

    “Where were you?” Kestrelflight demands.

    “It’s a long story.” Moonpaw answers.

    Kestrelflight huffs. “Tell me.”

    “Well, first I fell in the lake, then RiverClan apprentices came and rescued me. Then I found some ShadowClan apprentices.”

    “You fell in the lake?” Kestrelflight rolls his eyes.

    Moonpaw shrugs. “I said that, didn’t I?”

    A hush fell over the crowd when Rowanstar spoke.

    “Would you like to go first, Bramblestar?” He says somewhat scathingly from his branch.

    Moonpaw sighs. Typical ShadowClan!

    Taking no notice of Rowanstar, Bramblestar replies, “Yes. Greenleaf has graced ThunderClan with plenty of prey and Blossomfall’s kits are growing nicely, showing promise of fine warriors. We chased a dog off our territory.” Finishing, he addresses, “Leafstar?”

    A brown and cream tabby stepped forward. “Thank you, Bramblestar.”

    Moonpaw’s eyes widen. The leader of SkyClan!

    Leafstar shrugs. “I believe the same dog crossed into SkyClan territory, but we chased it off. We have plenty of prey.” Leafstar nods to Harestar.

    Harestar raised his muzzle. “The rabbits are running well in WindClan, we found a dog, though we easily chased it off.”

    Lie!, Moonpaw thought. Fernpaw was injured in the process, though I don’t think Harestar would want to share that.

    “WindClan also has three new apprentices: Moonpaw, Ravenpaw and Thunderpaw. Moonpaw is training to be a medicine cat, and Ravenpaw wasn’t able to come.” On the last sentence, Harestar spoke cryptically, his brown fur rippling.

    Moonpaw licked her chest fur self-consciously, though she basked in the chant. “Moonpaw! Thunderpaw! Ravenpaw!”

    Rowanstar went next. “The rebuilding of ShadowClan is going well, and prey is nice and fat.” He nods curtly to Mistystar, a blue-gray she-cat.

    Mistystar spoke in a sharp and light voice. “The fish are swimming and though RiverClan was plagued by Darktail, we are managing well and cleaning the camp.”

    “The Gathering is to an end!” Bramblestar called.

    Harestar calls, “WindClan, to me!”

    Moonpaw blinks. She wondered how Ravenpaw was doing, though she pushed that thought away and skirted the clearing to Harestar.


    What did you think?

    QOTC: Who’s your favorite gathering character?

    • Cheetahpaw
      January 12, 2018 at 12:18 am

      Wow that’s really good! I would definitely be Ravenpaw, that one apprentice that wouldn’t be allowed to go to the gathering. My favorite gathering character was Flowerpaw.

  6. Stagpaw {Stag} 🍂
    January 10, 2018 at 11:07 pm

    {I just had a random idea for this, so I dunno anymore. Things will be better explained in the first chapter 😝 Also, this version of the prolouge is quite short, I’d just like to add.}

    The Merging Stars – Prolouge

    A silver lion-like she-cat prodded back and forth. The once soft and pink looking flowers on her stag horns and eye-patch started to wilt. Her immense claws flexed quickly, and soon started to dig at the ground. Another hybrid appeared from the den’s entrance, this one a feral canine. His pelt was a pastel orange. His fur was rough, yet his grayish eyes soft. The feline dramatically turned to the dog, her showing eye filled with tears.

    “Oh Karma,” the she cried. “My leading term is almost over!”

    Karma rolled his eyes to the left, having to deal with this almost every setting-moon had left him tired and irritated.
    “Oh roll you’re eyes into the back of your head, but it’s one hundred eighty THOUSAND sunrises gone just like that! Now I’ll just be remembered as ONE of those creators.”

    Karma sat up, and looked the now pale and grey stag hybrid in the face. “Calm down, of course you’ll be remembered for something greater!” The canine went on to her. “Katana, you’re the term leader of beauty! One hundred eighty thousand sunrises of beauty, that is. You gave these hybrid folk blossoming flowers, and a great term.”

    Katana’s lip slightly curled upward, and her brows twisted.

    “You clearly don’t understand,” she hissed. “These are my two last moons, I’m not giving my term leader rank up!” Katana stood up with her tail high in the air as she marched over to Karma. Her ears went flat, and her small, stubby stag horns grew into large, aggressive looking buck antlers. Before she could swipe her enormous claws at Karma’s nose bridge, Karma used his enchanting ability to stop Katana’s movement.

    He quivered slightly, but mostly stayed calm. “P-please,” he stuttered. “Kat, listen to my words, it’ll help, I promise.”

    As the feline’s antlers shrunk back into the stubby stag horns he loved, Karma unpaused her. The leader’s flowers slowly started to regain their light color.

    The pair both let out a sigh of relief.

    After a couple of heartbeats, the canine softly spoke. “What do you have in mind to fix this?” There was another pause, till Katana mewed. “Hear this..” the feline deviously replied. The two plotted ideas till the right idea came to mind.

    {I really had no idea how to end the prolouge, so I might need some help on that. If anybody has some constructive criticism for my writing, please tell! Btw, this is NOT Warriors and I think I’ll continue this! 😁}

    • Cheetahpaw
      January 12, 2018 at 12:20 am

      I like the idea with the hybrid characters!

  7. Aster is VERY lazy
    January 11, 2018 at 12:17 am

    I’m bored.
    Cascading willows
    Where dark shadows lie
    Pattering stream dancing
    in the stone shards

    • Rainswept Wistep
      January 12, 2018 at 4:22 am

      This is really cool! I like the scenery and the words you used to describe it! 🙂

  8. Iris Misterious (Irispaw, Irismist)
    January 11, 2018 at 2:01 am

    Magicals Chapter 3!!!
    Groggily opening her eyes, the girl sat up on the cold, stone floor, getting to her knees. A sharp pain shot up her ankle, and she almost blacked out again from the pain. She blinked, spots dancing in her eyes, trying to see in the dim light. All she could see, though, were shadows and the stone walls closing her in. Panic gripped the girl as she realized where she was, a prison. A specific prison, one for Magicals.

    Suddenly, the dark seemed suffocating. She tried to call to her hand a ball of light, but nothing happened. The girl cursed, and tried again.

    A feeling of hopelessness and despair washed over the girl, draining her. She fell to the ground, limp, as darkness engulfed her once again.
    Someone was shaking her awake, gently, but firmly. The girl’s eyes flew open. Kneeling next to her was a girl, about twelve or thirteen by the looks of it, with tanned skin and kind, light brown eyes. Her hair was also light brown, punctuated with random light blue streaks, barely visible in the dim light. She smiled, “I’m Riley. What’s your name?”

    The girl was taken aback. Used to scorn and being ignored, she was surprised that someone cared enough to know her name.

    “I’m Calyxsa, but I guess you could call me Lyxsa.” The girl cautiously said, as she hurriedly pushed herself into kneeling position, embarrassed to have been seen so… vulnerable.

    “What just happened anyway?” she asked, “Where am I, I mean we?”

    “Well Lyxsa, I certainly know how you ended up here, we all have our stories, but right now we are in Harmony Sanctuary for Un-natural Peoples.” Riley said, her smile faltering.

    Calyxsa smiled wryly, “‘Harmony Sanctuary for Un-natural Peoples’. They certainly found a way to make ‘Prison for Magical Freaks!’ sound slightly human, or is more alien.”

    Riley gave weak smile, and her features brightened. “I suggest that you don’t try using too much magic, speaking of, what are your powers?” Riley asked.

    “Fire and light, what are yours?” Lyxsa answered.

    “I’m water and healing. Smaller powers, like healing, the barriers can’t detect very well. Elemental powers, though, like water and fire, are prevented and will drain your energy if you try to use them.” Riley looked up, “If you keep practicing, you might be able to make a small ball of light, just enough to light up the room. If you try a super-nova flash though, I’ll just backfire.”

    Super-nova flash? Calyxsa wondered.

    “Well, I’m going to go to sleep, it’s pretty late” Riley said, standing up. Lyxsa followed her lead, and stood up as well. This was the first time she had a good look at Riley. She was wearing a red flannel shirt that was a bit frayed at the bottom, and a pair of jeggings. She walked over to place the corner, about six feet away, where an old blanket was laid over a board jutting from the wall.

    Calyxsa looked around the small cell, and spotted another blanket covered board a feet feet away from Riley’s. She walked over to it, her black converses making soft thumps that echoed around the small room. Lyxsa winced, flopped on the make-shift bed, and fell asleep almost instantly.
    She was reliving a memory.

    Lyxsa had been wandering around the woods, looking for a place to plop down and make camp. Then there was a crack of a twig, and Lyxsa instinctively stopped, her body rigid. Her sensitive ears picked up a faint barking sound, and without thinking, she began to run.

    She could hear voices up ahead, so she swifty ran to them, hoping that they would mask her if she hid near them. She crept into a clearing, and saw five people, all about as old as she was. She hid in the hollow of a tree, watching the people.

    “You must know about the waterfall!” One of them, a girl with purple tipped dark-brown hair, was saying. She looked desperately hopeful, but the other kids started to goof around.

    With a whoosh, a red dart soared right in front of the brown-haired girl’s nose. From then on, it was chaos. Two girls speeded away, literally, and the boy ran away in the opposite direction. The brown-hair girl slipped into a bush, her muddy green cloak camouflaging her. Only one was left, a smaller girl with curly dark brown hair and glasses. She seemed frozen in fright, and the dogs were almost upon her.

    Calyxsa had the mad desire to jump out of her hiding place, and go help the girl. In a split second, Lyxsa had jumped out of her tree, but at the same time, there was a jet stream of purple sparks. The dogs were pelt with rocks as the hiding girl jumped out of her bush, grabbed the curly haired girl, and started to sprint away from the scene. More dogs were coming, but Lyxsa didn’t have time to run. They jumped on her pinning her to the ground, their mouths foaming with excitement.

    Panic-stricken, Calyxsa summoned a ball of fire, and the dogs jumped off of her, whimpering. Keeping her ball of fire aflame, Lyxsa started to run in the direction she had come, until she saw the curly haired girl trip over a root and fall. Dogs had caught up with the girl, who was lying limp on the ground.

    An extremely short internal struggle took place in Lyxsa mind, to run away, or to help. Helping won out, and Lyxsa’s whole body was now licking with flames. She ran toward the girl, and her flames scared away the dogs, who were barking like mad. The flames went out, and Calyxsa crouched down to the girl, frantically shaking her, wishing she would wake up. Lyxsa cast a terrified look over her shoulder as the girl started to stir.

    As Lyxsa yanked the girl to her feet, she felt a piercing pain in her shoulder. A feeling of drowsiness and calm spread through her limbs, but she tried to shake it of. It was a hopeless battle though, and the darkness was winning…

    Morning light was seeping through a small window above Lyxsa’s head as she jolted awake, her forehead beaded with sweated. Her back aching, Calyxsa pushed herself up into sitting position, leaning against the wall. Across the room, she could see a poster, a poster with a girl on it. Lyxsa climbed slowly out of bed, shivering in the slight chill that had set over the room. She summoned a small ball of fire, happy for its warmth she walked across the room.

    Just as she had thought, there was a poster, actually, a few posters. All of them had pictures of people with prices next them, saying “Wanted: preferably alive”. The first was of a girl with light skin and brown hair that went a bit over her shoulder. She had blue-green eyes, with a few blue streaks in her hair to match. The name under her picture said, “Swan”. The girl, who looked to be about 14, had a bored, almost annoyed expression on her face, as if being a wanted Magical was starting to get old.

    The poster had a image of a girl, about 12, with long ginger hair and clever blue eyes, which were staring at Lyxsa with an unreadable expression. Her arms were crossed, and her she seemed to be repressing a smile, why, Lyxsa didn’t know. Under this poster was the name “Kristin.”

    The next poster was of another girl, who also looked about fourteen, with long, wavy light brown/ dark blonde hair hair with purple ends. She had bright green eyes, which gleamed in a compassionate and almost protective sort of way. Her poster had a name next to it as well, “Wave”.

    The last poster was one of a girl named Iris. She with long, slightly wavy, dark brown hair. Her hair had deep purple tips that matched the color of her eyes perfectly. She was fiercly staring into Lyxsa’s eyes, and her arms were crossed in a rebel/I’m mad at you sort of way. She was leaning against a wall next to her, still staring Lyxsa down, but the more she looked at the picture, she realized that behind the fierce, there was also a kind.

    Looking at all of the posters, Calyxsa saw that these girls were people who freed other Magicals, who tried to help, but were punished for it. They all had their own aura of fierce around them.

    As Calyxsa turned to go back to her bed, she realized one more thing. Whipping around, she looked at the picture of the girl with purple eyes, Iris, again. This time, Lyssa realized something, that girl staring at her with those fierce eyes was the girl that she had seen in the forest.
    Yay!!! Next CHapter coming soon!! 😀

    mwahehe 😉

  9. January 11, 2018 at 3:04 am

    So this is the beginning of my fanfic for the Emotional Rollercoasters webcomic about personified roller coasters. I really wanted to post it somewhere and this is the only place I could do it. It’s alright if you don’t read this, I just wanted to post it somewhere. 🙂
    It is dedicated to Flashtail because they like Cedar Point, and Pantherpaw because they like Seaworld.
    aaaaaanyway here goes!
    Welcome to Rocky Mountain Neighborhood!

    Congratulations! You are among the first generation of “manufactured” humans, created to be the mascots of some of the world’s most famous roller coasters. Here you will be live in one of our houses with five other groupmates. You will travel mainly with them on trips to theme parks, though you will be free to mingle with other groups any time. You may come and go to the food court and playground as you wish, and make sure to contact a staff member before you go out anywhere outside of RMN. Only a trained driver (the first group member listed of each house) may drive cars (including on theme park trips.)
    Your house assignments are below, with nicknames in parentheses:

    Group One
    Top Thrill Dragster (Dragster)
    Millennium Force (Mil)
    Magnum XL 200 (Magnum)
    Flight of Fear (Fear)
    Diamondback (Diamond)

    Group Two
    Rougarou (Rou)
    Blue Streak

    Group Three
    Mystic Timbers (Mystic)
    Wicked Twister (Wicked)
    Kingda Ka (Ka)
    Blue Racer (Blue)
    Red Racer (Red)

    Group Four
    Fury 325 (Fury)
    Twisted Timbers (Twis)

    Character Descriptions
    Mil- Sassy and short tempered, blue eyes, pale skin, black hair with a braid and blue highlights, wears a gray tanktop and jeans.
    Dragster- Happy and friendly, would do anything for Mil, yellow, spiky hair, gray eyes, wears red and yellow hoodie and red sweatpants
    Fear- Fluffy reddish-brownish hair, excitable, loves aliens, wears alien t-shirt and jeans
    Maverick- Thick, long white hair, short, friendly, adventurous, snarky
    Magnum- Sensible, thoughtful, wears white jacket over red t-shirt, red leggings, red hair
    Diamond- short-tempered, short-haired, and short-minded. Wears a cowboy hat, boots and jacket. Says things like “y’all.”
    Everyone knew the exact second that they arrived at Seaworld because it was the exact same second Flight of Fear decided to start screaming as loudly as she possibly could.
    “PEOPLE!” she yelled. “CAN YOU SEE IT! I CAN! I SEE A ROLLER COASTER! I SEE A ROLLER COASTER!” She jabbed at the window excitedly, her face bright with a huge grin.
    “You don’t say,” Diamondback huffed from beside her, her arms crossed. “I thought that was a ferris wheel.”
    “PRETTY SURE IT’S A ROLLER COASTER!” Fear replied. She smiled even bigger.
    “Look, Fear. You’ll have plenty of time to scream once we’re actually on the ride,” Maverick called from the driver’s seat. He tightened his grip on the wheel as if he couldn’t wait to get into the park just to shut Fear up.
    “I’m so excited to actually ride one of these for myself!” Magnum said thoughtfully from where she was sitting in the passenger seat. “I’ve spent so long representing one I’ve never actually gotten to ride it. And today is New Year’s Eve- a perfect day to try one for the first time!”
    “I’ve ridden mine like a dozen times!” Dragster bragged from behind her.
    “Only a dozen?” muttered Mil. Squished in between him and a huge pile of baggage in the very back seat had turned her grumpy over the course of the 20-hour drive. For once, she could sympathize with Diamond.
    “Well I haven’t really counted,” Dragster said, blushing. “But I’m pretty sure the number is beyond double digits.”
    Mil sighed.
    “Okay!” Maverick’s voice cut through their “conversation” as he found a parking spot. “We’re here. Everyone grab their bag and go wait for the rest of us on the sidewalk.”
    “YAY!” Fear screeched. She zipped to the backseat and grabbed her bag adorned with cartoon alien patches before Mil even really noticed she was there. Then she was gone again.
    Fear’s so weird.
    Mil grabbed her bag in a calmer way then her groupmate and proceeded out of the car. She looked up as she exited and saw the giant Manta looming over her like a storm cloud. She shivered. This is gonna be awesome.
    Dragster was next, dragging his giant suitcase with him as he excitedly waved to Mil. He rushed over as fast as he could and stood beside her, beaming. “Are you excited?”
    Mil didn’t answer, just stared at his suitcase. “What on earth did you bring?”
    Dragster shrugged. “Stuff.” Playfully he flicked a stray strand of hair out of Mil’s face. “So. Are you excited for today?”
    “Yeah,” Mil said in monotone.
    Dragster tilted his head. “What for?”
    Shrug. “Rides.”
    “Very descriptive.”
    “That’s just me. If you’re going to follow me around everywhere, you’d better get used to it.”
    Dragster couldn’t suppress his laugh. “Cmon. You know I’d do anything for you.”
    “Don’t we all,” Mil sighed.
    Dragster opened his mouth to say something else, but was interrupted as Fear rushed up to Mil and started yelling. “MIL! HAVE YOU EVER BEEN ON A ROLLER COASTER BEFORE?”
    Oh gosh. More of this.
    “No,” Mil replied, shaking her head. “I’ve always been too busy. You know, meet-and-greets, shows, all that.”
    “OH MY GOSH!” Fear exclaimed. “THAT MEANS DRAGSTER AND MAVERICK ARE THE ONLY ONES! THIS WILL BE A NEW EXPERIENCE FOR MOST OF US!” She let out another happy squeal before looking around frantically. “Is everybody here yet? I am so so so ready to go!”
    “Yes. We’re all ready,” Maverick answered, joining Fear with Magnum at his side. “We should get going if we want to be the first riders of the day on Mako. The park opens in 10 minutes.”
    “YAY!” Fear squeaked and took off in the direction of the entrance. The rest of the group followed her at a slower pace.
    Mil started to walk a bit faster in an attempt to evade Dragster, but he caught on to her plan quickly. She shot him an annoyed glance when she sensed him trailing behind her. “Do you need something?” she said snarkily.
    “Yes,” Dragster replied. “You.”
    Mil stopped and stared at him, her mouth hanging open. “Did you actually just say that?”
    “Yes!” he replied, his smile widening when he saw Mil facepalm. “What do you expect? For me to actually be subtle about something for once?”
    “You’re right,” muttered Mil. She reached up and fidgeted with her long black-and-blue braid. “It is too much to expect you to be subtle.”
    Dragster laughed, an expression that quickly changed to one of uneasiness when his eyes lifted from Mil’s and fixed on something behind her. “Umm.”
    Mil turned around and let out a miserable groan. “Oh sweet mother of brake runs! Where’d everyone go? I’ve been apart from them for five seconds-”
    “I’d imagine they went into the park,” Dragster replied.
    “I should slap you,” Mil told him with a glare.
    Dragster shrugged. “If that’s what you want. You’re a beauty, you’re a grace, and you’ll punch me into space.”
    “Stop. Just… just stop.”
    A beat of silence passed.
    “Maybe… maybe we should look for them?” Dragster suggested. “I think the entrance is right there.” He turned to his left, and much to Mil’s annoyance, he was right. Bag check was no more than ten feet away from them.
    “I am this close,” Mil growled, “I am this close to slapping you.”
    “That’s fine, but please make sure I land on Mars. I’ve always wanted to see what it was like there.”
    “I’m just going to ignore you.” Mil turned away from Dragster and started on her way to bag check. Dragster, of course, followed her but didn’t talk.
    By some miracle, Mil was able to make it through the gates of Seaworld before Dragster was able to catch up with her. She took off in what she guessed the general direction of Mako was, grabbing a map along the way. She ran her finger down it as she went, muttering.
    “Left here… now keep going… ooh, Manta… and another left… a right… just past that Starbucks… here!” She jabbed her finger at the map as she stopped right in front of the entrance to Mako, which, conveniently enough, was where all her groupmates appeared to be waiting for her.
    “There you are, Mil!” Magnum exclaimed. “We were wondering where you and Dragster had disappeared off to.” She glanced past Mil. “Speaking of Dragster… where is he?”
    Mil waved her hand dismissively. “He’s on his way. He’ll be fine.”
    “Poor guy,” Diamond muttered, her arms crossed. “You hate him so much when he’d just do anything for you.”
    “It might help if he were a bit less clingy,” Mil replied without missing a beat.
    Everyone else stared at her for a moment before Maverick broke the silence. “Well, we need to find him, so I suggest we get going.”
    “Fine-” Mil began.
    “Hold up, I’m here!”
    Dragster pushed his way to the front of the group and glanced at Mil. “Found you.”
    Great. “Hooray.”
    “Hold up, that’s my best friend you’re talking to there,” Maverick snapped at Mil.
    “It’s fine.” Dragster defended Mil quickly. “You get used to it after a while.”
    “That’s no excuse,” Maverick replied haughtily. He stalked up to Dragster and put a hand on his friend’s shoulder, even though Dragster was a good six inches taller than he was. He glared at Mil.
    “And I hope you learn that.”
    That’s all for now 🙂 sorry, like I said, had to put it somewhere 😛

  10. January 12, 2018 at 1:37 am

    Hey everyone, I can’t remember which BlogFics I have signed up for, so if I am in yours and I have never commented on any of the Chapters, please tell me and I’m so sorry 😛

    ReginaXRobin Forever

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