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Nobody will stop you from creating. Do it tonight. Do it tomorrow. That is the way to make your soul grow – whether there is a market for it or not! The kick of creation is the act of creating, not anything that happens afterward. I would tell all of you watching this screen: Before you go to bed, write a four line poem. Make it as good as you can. Don’t show it to anybody. Put it where nobody will find it. And you will discover that you have your reward.

Kurt Vonnegut

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  1. May 13, 2018 at 3:35 pm

    I like how we’re all doing skits here!

    I'm getting obsessed...

    • Maplepaw (Mapledrift)
      May 13, 2018 at 6:01 pm

      Yeah I’m just waiting for something else to happen on The Tests that I can turn into a skit

      • Libbypaw is too pumped to breathe
        May 14, 2018 at 1:49 am

        I added the scene where Fini reaches the finish!

  2. Maplepaw (Mapledrift)
    May 13, 2018 at 6:00 pm

    Maples Fanfic Contest

    I’m setting up a fanfic contest !!!!

    The theme is Oc ships, so it can be any ocs that you have , like I might write about some of my favourite Ocs, Frosted x Furla

    Here are the Prizes

    1st – A secret page, a drawing of your choice, and a fanfic of your choice that I will write about any canon character
    2nd – A secret page and a drawing of your choice
    3rd – A secret page

    The due date is June 5th but extensions can be given !

    Also if you are a Tests member and want to use any of my ocs , Dune, Wren and Palm then that is fin

    • Bluefire
      May 13, 2018 at 9:46 pm

      Hey I posted mine a couple pages back, it’s the first part of my Legends of StormClan saga (Bluefire’s Legacy).
      I can repost it here if you need me to.
      Here, I’ll do it anyway:


      Bluefire’s Legacy

      Bluefire slipped through the trees. Brackenfur and Squirrelflight, the two cats guarding the camp, had bought her lie of wanting to enjoy the greenleaf sunlight. In reality… she bounded to the edge of the territory, stepping over the ridge border and heading for the small cave that had gone unnoticed until she’d fallen into it moons ago. The first time she’d met the tom she was sneaking out to meet. She poked her head into the cave. “You still here?”
      “I never left,” the tom purred. “You know I don’t have to.”
      “Yeah, but you might’ve gotten bored,” Bluefire notes, grinning.
      “I did, but I didn’t want to miss you if you came while I was out.”
      “Kind of you.” She scrambled down the steep rocks into the darkened cave. “Come out where I can see you.”
      “Alright.” The tom stepped forwards, into the small patch of light, nearly blocking it out. His thick dark brown fur had blended into the shadows of the cave before, even his white underbelly hadn’t shown. The sunlight glinted off of his icy-blue eyes as he gazed at her.
      “Hawkfrost.” Bluefire savored his name, this was the only place where she could say it safely. Here, and her dreams.
      “Yes?” He tilted his head, a smile flashing across his face.
      “Training again tonight?” She asked.
      “Of course.” Hawkfrost sat, sweeping his tail in front of his paws. “We train every night. Why would that change?”
      “There’ve been whispers,” Bluefire said, lowering her voice. “Jayfeather and Alderheart have both had strange dreams. The other medicine cats have reported similar things. And… the three powers are back.”
      “What?” Hawkfrost’s gaze snapped to her.
      “Dovewing’s hearing and farsight, Lionblaze’s invulnerability, Jayfeather’s dreamwalking. Dovewing could be watching me now… I shouldn’t have come…” Bluefire scrambled to her feet. “I’m endangering you by being here.”
      “Between Dovewing and Jayfeather, nowhere is safe,” Hawkfrost replied, blocking her way out. “So it doesn’t really matter when or where we meet.”
      “You’re right. And I shouldn’t worry, you can always disappear if need be,” Bluefire reasoned, more for herself than her companion.
      “So don’t,” Hawkfrost said. “Worry, I mean. Just… maybe be more careful, but we have today, don’t we? And Dovewing has no reason to watch you specifically.”
      “I know, I know.” Bluefire pressed her muzzle into his pelt. “I just… you’ve been killed twice already. We don’t even know how you’re here now. I don’t want you in danger again.”
      “I’ve changed, surely we can prove that to them,” Hawkfrost whispered.
      “Bramblestar won’t be able to see through your past,” Bluefire said.
      “He made Leafpool medicine cat again,” he pointed out.
      “But you’ve killed cats. Even if you’re different now, he’d have a hard time forgiving that.”
      “And you?” Hawkfrost pressed closer to her. “You don’t judge me for my past.”
      “I don’t judge anyone for their past. If Brokentail or Tigerclaw changed, I’d forgive them their crimes.”
      “Why is that? What makes you so different from them?”
      “I wasn’t born in the clans. I only joined ThunderClan six moons ago, as an apprentice. I know their history, but I’m not tied to it,” Bluefire explained.
      “Hmmm. I see.” Hawkfrost twined his tail in hers. “I am thankful that you aren’t as tied to past as they are.”
      “Really? Why?” Bluefire’s genuine curiosity outweighed her thought that the comment might be offensive.
      “Because if it had been any other ThunderClan cat who stumbled into this cave, I’d be dead again.”
      Bluefire lounged in the sunlight, feeling lazier than ever. It was the end of leafbare again, moving into newleaf. A little more than six moons after the last time she’d met Hawkfrost outside of her dreams. Now they stayed training in Dark Forest; as much as they both hated it, it was the safest place to meet. As far as she knew, Jayfeather hadn’t been watching her dreams. She was safe. Hawkfrost was safe.
      “Ah, Bluefire, there you are.” Bluefire’s head snapped up as Squirrelflight padded towards her.
      “Oh, hi Squirrelflight.” She shifted into a sitting position.
      “Could you join Sparkpelt and Fernsong on hunting patrol please?”
      “Sure.” Bluefire heaved herself off of the rocks, silently cursing her recent clumsiness.
      “They’re waiting by the camp entrance,” Squirrelflight added. Bluefire nodded and padded off quickly. True to the deputy’s words, Fernsong and Sparkpelt waited at the bramble tunnel.
      “Hi guys.” Bluefire stepped towards the tunnel. “Sorry to keep you waiting.”
      “It’s fine,” Fernsong purred. “I was almost late too. Ivypool wants me to catch a squirrel for her and the kits.”
      Bluefire purred with amusement. “Her favorite prey changes every day.”
      “I know, it’s… vexing.”
      “Focus, please,” Sparkpelt snapped. “We’re supposed to be hunting.” Without Bluefire realizing it, they’d walked deep into ThunderClan’s forest.
      “Sorry,” Bluefire whispered. She exchanged an amused glance with Fernsong. When she’d first joined the clan, they’d become fast friends.
      Despite her efforts, she scared off more prey than she caught.
      “You’re expecting kits,” Leafpool deadpanned.
      “What?” Bluefire jerked back. “I don’t even have a mate!”
      “I know.” Leafpool forced the young warrior to meet her gaze. “That’s why I’m worried. Have you been sneaking out to meet someone from another clan?”
      “N-no,” she stuttered. Under Leafpool’s incredulous gaze, she broke. “Not within the last six moons,” she admitted.
      “Who is it?” Leafpool sighed.
      “You wouldn’t believe me if I told you.”
      “Who?” Leafpool demanded.
      Bluefire braced herself.
      Leafpool hadn’t given her away. Bluefire rolled the thought over and over in her head. She was going to keep her secret. As she padded back to her den, Bluefire mulled over the thought. Suddenly, a sharp pain shot through her. She gasped. Leafpool, who’d been watching from the medicine den’s entrance, darted over. “Are you alright?”
      “I think–” Bluefire cut off with a yelp at another bolt of pain. “I think– it’s the kits!”
      Harrowing hours later, Bluefire curled around her three beautiful kits. “What will you name them?” Leafpool asked. She’d moved Bluefire to the medicine den for her kitting, since it was the closest.
      “Who is their father?” Bramblestar asked. He’d stopped by to see what was going on. Bluefire and Leafpool exchanged a glance.
      “She’s not sure,” Leafpool said. Bluefire thanked her silently. She glanced down at her kits.
      “This one will be Stormkit.” The she-kit was a dark brown tabby with storm-grey eyes and a plumy white-tipped tail. “Frostkit for this one.” A white tom-kit with ice-blue eyes, a black right forepaw, and a black tail tip. “And this one is Wavekit.” The final kit was a thick-furred blue-grey tabby she-cat with wide storm-grey eyes. Her kits…
      Leafpool jerked up right, eyes widening. “Are you alright?” Bluefire asked worried.
      “An eternal frost will seek to destroy the clans, to only be stopped by wave or storm,” Leafpool intoned in a voice that didn’t belong to her. “And the power of the three will change paws.”
      Bluefire stared as Leafpool’s eyes cleared, and the medicine cat stared in horror at the three tiny kits.
      Frostclaw snarled, throwing his opponent off. His campaign to overthrow the clans was failing. His rogue army was failing. And most of all, his sister had failed. Failed him. He threw out his farsight, seeking them through the battle. There. Wavenight, with her invulnerable pelt, and Stormshard with her dreamwalking and the ability to sense others’ emotions. Frostclaw bounded towards them, knowing that while he couldn’t kill Wavenight, Stormshard would be enough to slake his thirst for blood.
      “Stormshard! Look out!” Frostclaw whirled at the sound of his mother’s — Bluefire’s — voice. Stormshard turned too, just in time to see him pounce. Wavenight shrieked, lunging forwards to protect her sister, but it was too late. Frostclaw’s teeth sank into his sister’s neck. He stood, blood glinting on his muzzle and fangs. Wavenight’s broken scream pierced the battlefield… along with the scream of another.
      “Bramblestar! Squirrelflight! No!” Sparkpelt, standing over the dead bodies of her parents. Frostclaw grinning, savoring the taste of blood. Even if they didn’t win, he’d succeeded. He’d done what he came for. He turned to launch himself back into the battle.
      Stormshard looked around. “Is this StarClan?” She asked.
      “Not quite.” Bramblestar and Squirrelflight padded up to her. “But the two of us are headed there soon enough,” he said, indicating himself and his mate, “and ThunderClan needs a leader.”
      “Me?” Stormshard asked.
      “You.” Bramblestar turned, revealing seven other cats. Stormshard recognized Leafpool, who’d died of greencough, Fernsong, a good friend of her mother who must’ve died in the occurring battle, Bluestar, a previous ThunderClan leader, Cinderpelt, another former ThunderClan medicine cat, a pale blue-grey she-cat who must be Stream, her mother’s mother, Goosefeather, a tom who’d been able to see StarClan cats since he was a kit, and… another, a tom whose fur matched her own…
      “Hawkfrost,” Stormshard gasped.
      “My daughter,” he whispered. “You’ve been so brave.” He stepped forwards. “I give you the life of wisdom. Know what choices are the right ones, even if they may disagree with the code.” A bolt of blazing fire shot through her, causing her paws to shake.
      Bramblestar stepped forwards next. “I give you the life of leadership. Use it to guide you clan through the darkest times.” A cold shadow passed over her, like freezing leafbare water.
      Squirrelflight was next. “I give you the life of love. Love for not only your mate and family, but for all of the clan.” A blaze of hot light that warmed her to her bones.
      Leafpool padded up. “I give you the life of healing. Not all remedies come from herbs.” Stormshard’s pelt prickled as a shuddering force tore through her.
      Bluestar moved closer. “I give you the life of sacrifice. A leader must do everything for the good of their clan.” A feeling like breaking in half, burning, and drowning all in one.
      Cinderpelt, who’d been shadowing Bluestar, hurried up. “I give you the life of listening. Hear your clanmates and help them.” A flood of emotion rushed through her.
      Goosefeather ambled forward. “I give you the life of sight. Nothing will be hidden from you.” Stormshard’s eyes widened as memories and thoughts not her own flashed before her eyes.
      Fernsong took Goosefeather’s place. “I give you the life of remembering. The past repeats itself if we aren’t careful.” She felt as if she’d lived a million battles in a moment.
      Stream was the last to come forth. “I give you the life of hope and dreams. Use it well.” A rush of something feathery and bright. Stormshard smiled.
      “Go now,” Hawkfrost ordered. “Go and save your clan. Your family.”
      Stormstar’s eyes snapped open.
      Wavenight saw her sister fall. And she saw her rise, a star the same white as her tail tip flaring on her forehead. Stormshard — no, Stormstar now — leapt into battle, dragging Frostclaw off of Bluefire’s back. Wavenight fought off the rogues she was facing and raced over to help hold him down.
      “Frostclaw, you are despicable,” Stormstar growled.
      “H-how– I killed you!” He screamed, not believing his eyes. He began thrashing, struggling to get free.
      “StarClan has done this before,” Wavenight pointed out. Frostclaw hissed.
      “You are both weak and soft-hearted.”
      “No. We are strong because of our love for our clanmates. That’s what being in a clan means,” Stormstar intoned.
      “If you’re so strong, then kill me,” Frostclaw spat.
      After a moment, Stormstar shook her head. “No.”
      “What?” Frostclaw stopped thrashing, confused.
      “You will leave here, and never return. You are banished from the clans. Forever.” Stormstar hopped off of him. Frostclaw stood, wary. “Go!” Stormstar yelled. Frightened, Frostclaw darted away, shrieking for his rogues to retreat as he did.
      “You did it,” Bluefire gasped, racing up. “Stormshard — Stormstar — you did it.”
      “Of course she did,” Wavenight said, grinning. “She’s the leader of ThunderClan, with the power of the stars to boot.” Cats started coming over, wondering what was going on. Mourning their fallen clanmates, but still strong as ever. Looking out over the gathering cats, her clanmates, broken but still fighting, still hoping, Stormstar smiled.

      • Maplepaw (Mapledrift)
        May 14, 2018 at 6:25 am

        Received !

    • May 13, 2018 at 10:01 pm

      And once again I lost my work for the contest 🙁

  3. Sky_the_cat
    May 13, 2018 at 7:25 pm


    • Sky_the_cat
      May 13, 2018 at 7:25 pm


    • Libbypaw is too pumped to breathe
      May 14, 2018 at 1:50 am

      When was this? 😛

  4. Bluefire
    May 13, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    The third part of my Legends of StormClan fanfic!


    Icesheer’s Tale

    Six moons had passed after Wavenight — now Wavestar — and Silverglance formed StormClan, far from the clutches of the clans and their restrictive code. Cats from every clan, as well as loners and rogues, had joined, including the tom who soon became Icesheer’s mate.
    “Icesheer, there you are.” His cream pelt glimmered in the sunlight, long black-tipped tail held high, green eyes sparkling.
    “Hello, Leafsplinter,” Icesheer purred. “Want to go hunting?”
    “Yes!” Hunting was Leafsplinter’s favorite activity. The two set off towards the camp entrance, only to be intercepted by Wavestar.
    “Icesheer, Leafsplinter, I’ve been looking for you,” she said. “Can you take two others on a border patrol?”
    “Of course,” Icesheer replied. She spotted her apprentice, Deerpaw, by the fresh-kill pile. “Leafsplinter, can you go find Redsnap? I’m going to get Deerpaw.” Leafsplinter nodded, taking off to find their friend. Deerpaw, a pale brown tom with darker spots, a white underbelly, and amber eyes, snapped to attention as Icesheer approached. “We’re going on a border patrol, Wavestar’s orders,” she informed. Deerpaw saluted with a paw, standing to join her. The apprentice had been the pet of a military twoleg family before she joined the clan, and still carried over some of their habits.
    The two joined Leafsplinter and a russet tabby she-cat with amber eyes, Redsnap, by the camp entrance. “Let’s go,” Leafsplinter commanded. They set off towards the riverside border.
    Wavestar watched the patrol leave. Then she turned to the rest of the clan. “Okay. We have to hurry. Their patrol won’t take all day.” The cats scattered, racing left and right to prepare. Deerpaw’s warrior assessment had been the day before, and Wavestar always threw a huge celebration when an apprentice received their warrior name. Cats with connections across the twolegplace border had brought strange fizzy drinks that everycat enjoyed (though they could only drink a little) and strange bird meat called ‘chicken’ and ‘turkey’ that was very tasty.
    “Wavestar.” The deputy, Torrentclaw, bounded up. “Hey, Wavestar.”
    “What is it?” Wavestar noted that the she-cat’s dark blue-grey pelt was standing on end, and her yellow eyes gleamed.
    “Have you seen Dappleleaf?” Torrentclaw asked, naming the medicine cat. The dappled brown she-cat with leaf-green eyes was a well-loved member of the clan. “She was supposed to prepare some herbs to make the camp smell good, but I can’t find her, and I’ve got no clue what herbs she said she’d use.”
    “Hmmm.” Wavestar thought back. “I think I saw her and Silverglance collecting rosemary from a twoleg’s garden.”
    “I’ll go look there. Thanks Wavestar!” Torrentclaw dashed off.
    “Can’t sit still, that one.” Wavestar turned to see Rosethorn, one of the elders, padding up behind her. The pink-orange tabby she-cat loved telling the kits stories, and they loved coming up with tales of how she got her bicolored eyes: one blue, one amber.
    “She’s a good deputy,” Wavestar replied, not disagreeing.
    “Yes.” The two sat a moment, observing the chaotic preparation.
    “Oh dear.” Wavestar stood. “I’d better help Stagpaw untangle that ribbon.” Stagpaw, a pale sandy tabby tom, was wrapped in bright red ribbons, thanks to some mischievous kits. His sister, Lilypaw, a mist-grey-and-white patched she-cat, was laughing hysterically as he tried to get free. Wavestar bounded over to help her apprentice.
    Deerpaw crouched, scenting the squirrel before he saw it. Hard-shelled nuts littered the ground around the Squirrel Tree, and it was a common place for squirrels to scavenge for food. Hence the name Squirrel Tree. Deerpaw stalked forwards, tail-tip twitching. Then he pounced over a bush, landing square on the rodent’s back.
    “Nice catch, Deerpaw,” Icesheer praised.
    “Thanks,” he mumbled around the furry body. “Remind me why we’re hunting on border patrol?” He questioned.
    “No reason. We may as well help stock up the fresh-kill pile,” Leafsplinter answered.
    “You’d just rather hunt,” Icesheer teased. Leafsplinter laughed, but didn’t bother denying it.
    “Let’s head back,” Redsnap suggested. The others nodded, and the group gathered their prey and started back towards camp.
    “They’re coming,” Koikit hissed from his perch on a branch looking over the entrance. His orange-and-white pelt pricked, and his blue eyes gleamed. The celebration, created to replace the normal night of vigil,
    “Go, go, go,” Flarekit, Koikit’s ginger-furred, green-eyed brother, ordered. The two sprinted away, followed by Lucerekit, her white pelt bright against the bushes. She also had green eyes. The three littermates burst into the main camp. “Hurry up! They’re coming now!” Koikit shouted. The clan cats bustled into action, all hiding behind rocks or in dens. The decorations around the camp were still visible, but not immediately noticeable.
    Koikit watched from his hiding place under a rock with his littermates as the patrol padded into camp. Deerpaw halted, blinking with surprise. Everyone leapt out of their hiding places, shouting “DEERPAW!” at the top of their lungs. The apprentice leapt back, shrieking, before he realized what it meant. He whirled on his mentor, Icesheer.
    “I’m gonna be a warrior?” He gasped.
    “Ask Wavestar,” Icesheer said, pointing with her tail at the leader, sitting on the HighBranch. Deerpaw padded forwards, taking his place under the rock as the clan gathered around them.
    “Deerpaw,” Wavestar intoned. “Do you promise to protect your clanmates and follow our code until the end of your days?”
    “I do,” Deerpaw replied.
    “Then from today onward, your name is Deerleap. You are a full warrior of StormClan.”
    “Deerleap! Deerleap! Deerleap!” The clan cheered. Koikit cheered with him. Every kit waited all their lives for they day they’d become warriors. Icesheer cheered the loudest, he noticed, for her apprentice.
    “Hang in there, Icesheer,” Leafsplinter mumbled, pacing back and forth in front of the nursery. His mate was kitting — a mere moon after Deerleap’s warrior ceremony they’d discovered she was pregnant. Another shriek of pain from the den set Leafsplinter’s fur prickling.
    “Three healthy kits,” Dappleleaf announced. Icesheer curled around her kits. “What will you name them?” The medicine cat asked as Leafsplinter joined them.
    “Hmmm. Flamekit for this one,” Leafsplinter suggested, pointing with a paw at the red-orange tabby tom. “And Slatekit for the she-kit.” The tiny dark grey she-cat stirred, swiping a paw out and prodding the tabby.
    “And the last tom?” Icesheer asked. Her tail tip brushed across the tiny white tom’s back. His own pale-grey-tipped tail twitched.
    “You name him,” Leafsplinter said. Icesheer smiled.
    Everpaw and Flamepaw battled back and forth across the sandy pit. Slatepaw, who’d finished sorting herbs with Dappleleaf, was watching. Everpaw swiped at his opponent, but Flamepaw ducked and dodged out of the way. The scuffle went on like that for a few minutes, until Flamepaw slammed Everpaw into the ground, pinning him.
    “Okay, you win, get off,” Everpaw gasped. Flamepaw stepped back, grinning.
    “Good job, Flamepaw,” Torrentstar praised. The dark-furred she-cat had become leader when the three were kits, after Wavestar lost her last life to greencough. She’d decided to mentor Everpaw, and was also overseeing Flamepaw’s training.
    Flamepaw’s mentor, Lilyfrost, had been Wavestar’s apprentice before she’d become a warrior. Flamepaw was her second apprentice, as she previously mentored Gingerpaw — now Gingerstripe.
    “Everpaw, Flamepaw, it’s almost time for your warrior assessments,” Lilyfrost announced. Both apprentices perked up. “So get some sleep, and we’ll start tomorrow.”
    Slatepaw watched as the clan gathered to witness the warrior assessments of her brothers.
    “Everpaw and Flamepaw,” Torrentstar intoned. “Do you promise to protect your clanmates and follow our code until the end of your days?”
    “I do,” they chorused.
    “Then from today onward your names are Everlight and Flamefang. You are full warriors of StormClan.”
    “Everlight! Flamefang!” The clan cheered.
    Slatepaw cheered loudest of all.

    • Bluefire
      May 13, 2018 at 11:09 pm


      Everlight’s Family

      Everlight, Flamefang, and the newly named Slatespirit padded into camp, mouths full of herbs for Slatespirit’s stores. Dappleleaf had died of an infected wound mere moons before, the day after Everlight and Flamefang had been given apprentices: Koipaw for Everlight, and Flarepaw for Flamefang. The apprentices’ sister, Lucerepaw, was Stagstep’s apprentice.
      “Thanks for helping me out,” Slatespirit said as the three set the herbs in her den.
      “No problem,” Everlight replied.
      “Everlight!” The white tom turned to see his mate, Gingerstripe, padding up to them. “Do you want to practice fighting moves with our apprentices?”
      “Sure, I’ll get Koipaw.” Everlight bounded off to find his apprentice. “Koipaw,” he hissed when he saw the young tom by the sun-rock. “Come on, we’re battle training with Gingerstripe and Sparrowpaw.”
      “Okay.” Koipaw flicked his tail at his littermates. “See ya.” He followed Everstar to the training hollow. Gingerstripe and Sparrowpaw, a pale brown tom with brown and dark brown spots and streaks and amber eyes, were already there waiting.
      “Let’s work on defense moves,” Everlight suggested. “Koipaw, you come over here…”
      Flamefang looked up as Everlight, Gingerstripe, Koipaw, and Sparrowpaw returned to camp after their training. “Hey, Everlight,” Flamefang said, getting his brother’s attention. “I think Torrentstar wanted to talk to you…”
      “Okay,” Everlight replied. “Koipaw, go eat something.” The orange-and-white apprentice bounded off toward the fresh-kill pile. “Where is she?”
      “In her den.” Flamefang pointed with his tail.
      “Thanks.” Everlight quickly made his way over, poking his head inside the den. “Torrentstar? You wanted to talk to me?”
      “Hello, Everlight.” Torrentstar greeted. “Yes… well. Silverglance is thinking of retiring to the elders’ den, so we’ll need a new deputy.”
      “Would you be the new deputy?” Torrentstar blurted.
      “W-what?” Everlight was taken aback.
      “Koipaw is almost a warrior, when he is, you can become deputy in Silverglance’s place. I was going to just perform the ceremony, but I wanted to make sure you’d be alright with it.”
      “I-if you think that I’m a good choice for deputy…” Everlight trailed off.
      “The fact that you didn’t jump on it proves that you are.”
      “Koiscale! Flareheart! Lucereshine!”
      “And we have one other announcement,” Torrentstar said, quieting the crowd. “Silverglance is retiring to the elders’ den. Our new deputy will be Everlight!”
      “Everlight! Everlight! Everlight!”
      Gingerstripe smiled warmly at her mate. She had news for him too, when the celebrations were over.
      Sparrowflight had become a warrior two moons after Koiscale and his littermates, but already acted like he owned the den. Gingerstripe had moved out into the nursery, expecting Everlight’s kits. Koiscale sighed. “Flareheart? You up?”
      “I am now,” his brother grumbled.
      “Come with me. Wake up Lucereshine, too.”
      The three young warriors met in a clearing near the camp. “What’s this about?” A drowsy Lucereshine wondered.
      “I just wanted to talk,” Koiscale replied. “Torrentstar is getting old, and her judgement isn’t as good as it used to be. Everlight won’t be able to complete his deputy duties if he’s watching his kits. So, we need to get him replaced before Torrentstar dies.”
      “Are you offering to take his place?” Flareheart said sarcastically. “Look, I get your point, but are you really thinking this through?”
      “What?” Koiscale was livid. “You’re kidding, right? You think I’m wrong?”
      “Koiscale, what brought this on?” Lucereshine wondered.
      “What brought this on? You really can’t see how Torrentstar will hurt the clan?”
      “Koiscale, calm down,” Flareheart said.
      “I will not! We need to put an end to this!”
      “I’m going back to bed,” Lucereshine announced. “This is making me uncomfortable.” With that, she raced out of the clearing.
      “And you?” Koiscale asked. “Are you going to run too?”
      “Sorry, brother,” Flareheart sighed. “I can’t agree with you.”
      Koiscale hissed. “Then you’re no brother of mine.”
      The night that three littermates, Smallpaw, Icepaw, and Jaypaw (and Flamefang’s daughter, Redpaw) became apprentices, Gingerstripe’s kits were born.
      Everlight and Gingerstripe stared down at the tiny bundles of fur. One they’d already named: Bluekit, who looked just like Everlight’s ancestor Bluefire. Three were unnamed so far: a white tom, an orange tom with a darker tail, and a black she-cat with a white flash on her chest.
      “Maybe Firekit for the orange tom,” Everlight suggested.
      “And Alderkit for the other,” Gingerstripe said.
      “What about the black she-cat?” Everstar asked.
      “Might I suggest Maplepaw?” Slatespirit interjected. “The patch on her chest is shaped like a maple leaf.”
      “Bluekit, Firekit, Alderkit, and Maplekit,” Everlight purred. “They’re perfect.”
      Moons passed. Smallpaw, Icepaw, and Jaypaw became Smallpatch, Icewhisker, and Jaystripe. Redpaw became Redtuft. And Everlight’s kits were almost ready to be apprentices when Torrentstar caught whitecough.
      StormClan’s leader was on her last life.
      Koiscale set his plan in motion.
      “Cats of StormClan,” Koiscale announced. “Torrentstar has decided that until Everlight’s kits are warriors, he is relieved of his deputy duties. She also appointed me as deputy.”
      “What?” Lucereshine spat. “You never spoke to Torrentstar, you haven’t in moons!”
      “Prove it,” the tom hissed.
      “Torrentstar wouldn’t do that,” Flamefang called.
      “Liar! Drive him out! He’s trying to take over StormClan!” Flareheart shouted. “Traitor!”
      Koiscale growled. “You will regret this.” Then he leapt off of the rock and sprinted out of the camp.
      Everlight stood at the entrance to the MoonCave. Torrentstar’s death the previous night made him the next leader… as soon as he received his nine lives.
      “Go on,” Slatespirit prompted. Everlight nodded, stepping inside. As the cool air misted over him, he found himself dreaming.
      Slatespirit watched Everlight enter the cave. “Be strong,” she whispered.”
      Everlight faced the nine spirit-cats. He recognised them all: Stormstar, a former ThunderClan leader after which StormClan was named, her sister Wavestar, StormClan’s first leader, Bluefire, their mother, Deerleap, who’d been killed in a badger attack, Dappleleaf, Slatespirit’s former mentor, Ivypool, a former ThunderClan warrior, Silverglance, who’d died of old age the night before, Redsnap, Flamefang’s mate, and Spiresight, a cat no one knew much about.
      “Everlight. Come forth,” Stormstar intoned. “It is time for you to receive your nine lives.”
      Everstar exited the cave, nine lives shimmering like stars around him.

  5. Snowdapple (Also: Snow/Snowy/Snapple/Snow that Dapples at Dawn/Snowmelon/ Dappling Snow/ Adventurer at Heart!!)
    May 13, 2018 at 11:17 pm

    Hi! This is Snowdapple here and I wanted to post these two chapters of Warriors: The Rise of Smoke: Mousestar’s Vision. The sequel to Shimmerwaves secret.
    Now I know that I haven’t posted this in a long time, but since i’ll be going south for the summer I wanted to continue with this. I posted the 2nd chapter as a recap. Enjoy!

    The Rise of Smoke
    Mousestar’s Vision
    By Robinsky and Snowdapple.

    Chapter 2

    Despite Silverpaw’s mixup She was still allowed to go to the Gathering.
    She followed Mosslight and Maplepaw darted in beside her, “Are you excited?“ she whispered, “I wonder what Russetstar will say about Windclan’s stealing.“
    “Wait, Windclan’s been stealing Shadowclan’s prey?“
    “Yeah, though Mudstar won’t admit it, it’s been getting Thunderclan pretty upset too-“
    “Quiet you two, were here.“ Mosslight meowed.
    The Riverclan cats raced into the Fourtrees and Silverpaw watched in awe as Greenstar leap onto the Highrock along with Mudstar and Russetstar, Windclan and Shadowclan’s Leaders.
    “Ḧey, wake up, don’t you want to meet somebody?“ Maplepaw purred giving her a nudge, “There’s a cat in Shadowclan who i’ve met a couple of times, come on you can meet him.“ Silverpaw blinked as Maplepaw lead her calmly through the cats until we we’re in front of a Golden-brown she-cat and a light brown tom.
    “Ḧey Hoppaw, I want you to meet someone.“ Maplepaw mewed. The golden-brown Apprentice turned, revealing two big green eyes.
    “Oh, hello Maplepaw. Hi,“ she mewed looking at Silverpaw curiously, ¨I´m Hoppaw and this is my brother Thornpaw,¨ The apprentice who was called Thornpaw gave Silverpaw a nod and continued looking around the clearing.
    “Oh, well i’m Silverpaw… Nice to meet you.“
    “Maplepaw? Silverpaw? Oh, there you are, your mentors need you.“ Sunpaw mews padding up
    “Oh ok, come on Silverpaw, see you Hoppaw.” Maplepaw mews padding away after Sunpaw back towards where Riverclan is seated. Silverpaw says her goodbyes and padded back to Riverclan.
    “Silverpaw. Thunderclan’s here, do you want to meet someone else?“ Silverpaw turned to see her Mentor Mosslight, pad up to her.
    “Uh no thanks, I think I want to meet someone on my own,“ Silverpaw replied. Mosslight nodded and padded away and Silverpaw looked around and padded up to what looked like a Windclan Apprentice who looked very scared at being around so many cats.
    “Hi, i’m Silverpaw, is this your first Gathering?“ I ask sitting beside her.
    “Uh… Yes, i’m Plumpaw, my brother Rabbitpaw wasn’t allowed to go and…“ she looked around eyes wide.
    “When were you apprenticed?“
    “Just a few sunrises ago actually…“
    Greenstar´s yowl suddenly was heard from the Great Rock and Silverpaw quickly sat down beside Plumpaw as Greenstar began to speak, about how the prey was plentiful and there was no Twolegs to be seen yet despite the warm Green-leaf weather.
    Silverpaw scanned the clearing for her sister´s familier brown fur, she spotted her sister´s brown tail disappear into what looked like towards Windclan territory, Silverpaw crept through the cats until she got to the place where she had seen Maplepaw, sure enough Maplepaw´s scent along with a strange Thunderclan scent was strong.
    “Maplepaw what are you doing?“ Silverpaw muttered as she followed her sister´s trail, she came to a small clearing filled with heather bushes.
    She got there just in time to see Maplepaw and a red Apprentice jump into one of the bushes, she heard a voice up ahead and she jumped into a bush.
    She winced as thorns thugged on her pelt, but she stayed still and listened her heart racing.
    “Shouldn’t they be here already?“ A impatient voice asked,
    “We have to wait for Crowwhisker, mousebrain.” a deeper voice growled, Silverpaw blinked in confusion as she recognized the voice, Icestorm? What was he doing here?
    Some rustling was heard and a new voice meowed, “They think I’m getting some fresh air, let’s make this quick.”
    Silverpaw looked towards the bush where she knew Maplepaw was hiding in with the Thunderclan Apprentice, they didn’t seem in danger or anything, if they slowly got out of the bush they could go back to the Gathering and leave Icestorm and those other cats alone and pretend that they hadn’t seen anything.
    But something was holding Silverpaw back from going back to the Fourtrees, she strained to listen, waiting for anything else to happen.
    Suddenly there was a rustle in the heather and Maplepaw hopped out of the bush.
    Silverpaw gasped and had to stop herself from leaping out to help her, something told her not to trust the cats in the clearing, even if one of them was from her own Clan.
    “I-Icestorm? What are you doing?” Maplepaw’s voice rang out, Silverpaw winced, fear for her sister rose inside of her.
    “Maplepaw what are you doing here?” Silverpaw heard Icestorm growl,
    “I heard you were going to leave the clans and I wanted to join you,”
    Silverpaw froze her eyes wide with shock, Maplepaw wanted to leave the Clans? What about Stoneheart? Or Daisyfoot? What about her? Her family was in Riverclan, Maplepaw couldn’t just leave her! Why did she want to leave the Clans? Wait… Did Icestorm and all those other cats want to leave the Clans too? What would they do? Become Loners?
    Silverpaw blinked and strained her ears to hear more,
    “I want… to be strong.” Maplepaw mewed, “Riverclan isn’t like that, and I want to fight, the Clans don’t teach you how to be stronger than everything, I want be a fighter.”
    What is that supposed to mean? She wants to be… Strong? A fighter? This isn’t the Maplepaw she knew.. What’s happening to her sister?
    The cats were silent, but Icestorm meowed, “Okay, you can come with us.” A voice spoke slyly now, “You say you want to be stronger? Then prove it. Hurt him.”
    Silverpaw blinked confused. Wait… some cat wanted Maplepaw to hurt someone? Who? Something was meowed that Silverpaw couldn’t hear when the heather rustled again and Silverpaw saw a flash of white and red through the heather, the Thunderclan Apprentice? Wait… Did the cats want Maplepaw to hurt the Apprentice?
    “Come on Applepaw, fight, if you have to go, do you want to go down hiding in a bush?” The younger voice sneered.
    The heather rustled and the russet Apprentice walked out, timidly looking at Maplepaw.
    Silverpaw gasped and then calmed down a little when she realized that Maplepaw wouldn’t do that…. She was kind and nice, she was Silverpaw’s Sister after all… But then, Maplepaw was all on board with leaving Riverclan…
    Her heart began to fill with dread as she waited anxiously, her heart pounding, hoping Maplepaw wouldn’t hurt the Thunderclan Apprentice -who was apparently called Applepaw- if she had heard correctly. She flattened her ears preparing herself in case something bad really did happen.
    There was a quick sharp slash and a yowl of pain, Silverpaw could almost hear the whole forest running at the thud of something or someone as it collapsed on the ground.
    Silverpaw’s claws were grasping the grass desperately, all she wanted to do was run away, to just stop whatever was happening in front of her, she wanted to run or at least confront Maplepaw and the cats, or at least help the fallen Thunderclan Apprentice.
    Silverpaw heard silence, she slowly stood up in the bush, it’s thorns pierced through her thin pelt but she stopped her breathing quickened hoping the cats hadn’t heard her.
    The cats didn’t react to her noise and a Tom growled, “You have proven yourself worthy, we don’t want word getting out about our leaving so soon.”
    Silverpaw’s eyes filled with pain and sadness as she raced away not caring if the cats heard her or not, when she got to the Fourtrees the Gathering was over and Stoneheart padded up to her.
    “There you are, we were just about to leave,” He must have seen the look on her face and asked, “You don’t look good, are you okay?”
    Silverpaw blinked, her face blank not knowing what to say to her father. I just lost my Sister… The thought flashed through her mind and her heart ached once more.
    Daisyfoot padded up and surprise flashed in her eyes as she set her gaze on Silverpaw, she quickly darted away and returned with Ivycloud.
    “S-She looks so pale…” Daisyfoot stuttered, worry edging her news.
    Silverpaw’s vision darkened suddenly, she tried to stay awake, to tell everyone she was okay and there was nothing wrong, but Maplepaw flickered in her mind once more and she gave into the darkness and let it swallow her whole…

    Chapter 3

    Applepaw blinked and lifted his head wearily.
    “Where am I?” He groaned, he could barely move, his whole body was in pain, he felt like someone had smashed his body with a rock, he was hungry and very thirsty.
    He strained to see anything but all he could see was darkness. A bright light suddenly blinded him and he shut his eyes quickly, when he opened them he waited to get used to the light when he realized there was a cat in front of him, he hissed in surprise and jerked up, suddenly incredible pain filled his back and he hissed.
    “Shh… Don’t move or you will make it worse…” The cat meowed, Applepaw identified the cat as a she-cat with golden fur, she had calm blue eyes that made Applepaw relax a little as he stared into their depths.
    “Where am I?” he rasped, “How did I get here? A-Am I dying?”
    “I am Dawnstream. You are asleep in the Tunnels of the Moonstone, this is a dream, and those cats left you here to die.”
    Applepaw’s eyes widened in fear, “W-Will you help me? I-I don’t want to die alone in these… Tunnels… Please, i-i’ll do anything!”
    Dawnstream sighed and mewed, “Starclan forbids me to help the cats who are destined to come here… But… You are part of something more greater than any cat even I will ever see… I have decided to give you life.”
    A soft warmth filled Applepaw and his pains seemed to float away, he wished it would have lasted longer but it slowly faded away, when he looked up the she-cat was gone, a voice seemed to echo around the Moonstone, it said.
    “The mountains past here can be dangerous and food and shelter will be scarce, to find the way search for a clover who will help light your path, to the ones you seek in the storm…”
    Maplepaw padded carefully through the dark tunnels using her whiskers to guide her, she saw in the dim light the dark pelt of Crowwhisker in front of her, fresh air reached her nose and Crowwhisker jumped out of the tunnel.
    Maplepaw followed her paws sore from the rough stone of the caves, she blinked at the bright sunlight and the shimmering white snow around her and saw Icestorm, Redpaw and Crowwhisker waiting for her along with a dark smokey gray Tom.
    The Tom had appeared in the clearing moments after she had hurt Applepaw, he had announced that he was Smokeshade and had suggested that they should dispose of Applepaw’s body so that no one would detect any of them had been there.
    He seemed the right one to take charge, he seemed to be a Leader of some sort, he had showed them the secret tunnels and all but Maplepaw was still curious on where they were going, all the others seemed to know except her.
    “Were almost there, The Camp is over that way, past the Pine Grove.” Smokeshade meowed, not bothered by the cold as the Clan cats were, as they continued to travel.
    Maplepaw blinked and thought a little confused, Camp? Oh wait, a Camp! ….Out here? On a mountain?
    She then shivered as a strong wind ruffled her fur. As the cats continued on Maplepaw spotted a snowy pine forest that she assumed was what Smokeshade had called the Pine Grove, up ahead she spotted a small what looked like a stone arch.
    “We’re here.” Smokeshade meows, when they arrived at the stone arch.
    Maplepaw saw a black tom, his gaze drifted over to the approaching cats and rested on Maplepaw’s, Maplepaw felt herself give a shudder as she looked into his eyes, they were so dark that they looked red in the sunlight.
    He flicked his tail in a greeting towards Smokeshade as the Tom padded up to him and turned to the group.
    “This is Darkgaze my Deputy, and now I welcome you all to SmokeClan.”
    That’s the perfect name for him… Maplepaw thought looking at the dark black tom once more, But.. If i’m going to live here I have to get used to him… But wait… Smokeclan? Is.. This a Clan?
    Smokeshade flicked his tail to the group and padded into the Camp Darkgaze behind him, as Maplepaw padded inside. There was smooth stone beneath her as she padded inside, there was a what looked like a fresh kill pile off to one side.
    A ginger Apprentice bounded up to Maplepaw and Redpaw as Smokeshade and Darkgaze led Crowwhisker and Icestorm towards a stone den, that Maplepaw assumed was Smokeshade’s, if he was the Leader of this Smokeclan.
    “Hello! I’m Flamepaw!” The Apprentice mewed cheerfully, his blue eyes bright.
    Maplepaw was about to reply when Redpaw narrowed his eyes and growed. “I’m Redpaw,” he glanced over to Maplepaw. “And this is Maplepaw. Now, I’m very tired, cold and hungry and I am not in the mood for sightseeing. Where’s your Apprentice den?”
    Flamepaw said nothing, probably sensing Redpaw’s irritation, and nodded over to a rocky overhang, it’s base having no nests but at least protection from the cold by it’s sturdy gorse walls.
    Redpaw brushed past Flamepaw and stalked into the den, once he was gone, Flamepaw turned back to Maplepaw, his gaze still bright despite Redpaw’s mood. “Okay… So you’re Maplepaw?”
    “Yes.” Maplepaw mewed, her tail flicking slightly. Questions buzzed around her mind but she ignored them, she could probably ask Flamepaw about them later.
    “Uh so, it seems that Redpaw doesn’t want to see the camp…” Flamepaw mewed, stating the obvious.
    Maplepaw rolled her eyes but said nothing as Flamepaw continued.
    “… But at least I can show you around!” Flamepaw chirped not missing a beat.
    He led Maplepaw to the middle of the clearing and began to what each den was along with the members of Smokeclan themselves.
    “Okay, so over there is the warriors den,” He began, nodding over to a large cave, that had two cats in front of it who were both lazily grooming each other. “And those two cats are warriors here. The brown tom is Clawheart and the lighter one is Sharpfang.”
    Flamepaw turned and started to list of the dens one by one. “There’s the Nursery and the Medicine den,” Maplepaw followed his gaze to a soft mossy covered cave, probably the nursery, while the other had vines growing softly around it. and then nodded. “That dugout is the storage den,” He paused and swirled around and mewed quickly. “And that’s the fresh-kill pile, you can eat there whenever you want.”
    Maplepaw nodded, eyeing Flamepaw who seemed a little uneasy.
    “Uh, is that everyone?”
    “Well, you already know Smokeshade and Darkgaze, along with Crowwhisker, Icestorm, and Redpaw.” Flamepaw seemed quiet for a moment and mewed. “And… We used to have another apprentice here, but she died.”
    Maplepaw didn’t know what to say but before she could reply, Flamepaw sudden stiffened, his eyes staring at something. Maplepaw turned and saw Darkgaze, his eyes looked thoughtful but still as dark as ever.
    “Flamepaw,” he snapped suddenly. Maplepaw fought to flinch but Flamepaw stood and padded up to his mentor. “Now that you’ve shown her around, lets see if this mousebrain knows her battle moves. Attack her.”
    Maplepaw took a step back at the authority and firmness in the Deputy’s voice. Flamepaw padded back over to her, took a few steps back and got into what looked like a crouch, looking a little hesitant.
    Maplepaw stared at Flamepaw in surprise, he had seemed nice enough, would he really attack her? A thought flashed suddenly into her mind. This had to be a test or something, Darkgaze was wanting to know something, but what?
    “Now Flamepaw.” Darkgaze ordered, his eyes glinting in the pale sunlight, his words snapped Maplepaw back to the present. But before she could move she was suddenly pinned down, Flamepaw slashing across her belly with sheathed paws.
    Maplepaw knew that she now had to fight and kicked hard with her back paws, sending Flamepaw flying, he landed impressively on all four paws and looked questioningly at his mentor, his blue eyes exhilarated.
    Darkgaze shot him a dark look and snarled, “Stop playing like a kit! Unsheath your claws!”
    Flamepaw looked back at Maplepaw who was now standing, a flash of worry in his eyes, but he did as he was told. Flamepaw’s eyes darkened and he charged at her, claws outstretched towards her.
    Maplepaw quickly unsheathed her claws and tried to dodge but was knocked over as Flamepaw striked, slashing his claws at her belly. Maplepaw gave a short sharp hiss of pain and kicked him up once more, Flamepaw swerved around in mid air, aiming to use her trick against her by landing on her again. Maplepaw quickly rolled, causing Flamepaw to land where she had been moments ago, she darted up and managed to give Flamepaw a few good blows, her stomach stinging.
    “Enough!” Darkgaze called suddenly, and Maplepaw and Flamepaw broke apart, each with a few good scratches. Maplepaw felt exhilarated, like she suddenly could do anything, she fought to purr, but let out a small rumble anyway.
    “Very good,” he growled to both of them, he turned to Maplepaw. “You seem to have a liking for throwing cats upward in order to escape, but you shouldn’t do it to often or cats will know what to expect. You did dodge Flamepaw’s turn around though and were very quick.”
    Maplepaw nodded, a strange feeling of pride filling her, the sting on her belly hardly seemed to hurt anymore, Darkgaze turned to Flamepaw and meowed.
    “You were good at pinning Maplepaw down, and that turn around was impressive but you have to unsheath your claws!” Darkgaze swiftly cuffed Flamepaw around the ears. Flamepaw flattened them but nodded.
    Darkgaze spun around and stalked away towards Smokeshade’s ledge where the leader’s den was, where Smokeshade was talking to Icestorm and Crowwhisker.
    Maplepaw padded up to Flamepaw and mewed. “That was a good fight.” she flicked her ears and glanced at his shoulder where she had managed to give him a few blows. “Are you okay?”
    “I’m fine.” Flamepaw mewed shrugging.
    “You two.” A voice meowed. Maplepaw turned to see Smokeshade pad up to them. “Flamepaw, I want you to go hunting with Clawheart and Redpaw, he’s been sleeping long enough.” Smokeshade added when Flamepaw opened his mouth to speak. Flamepaw nodded and darted into the Apprentices den to go get the russet apprentice.
    “Maplepaw,” Smokeshade continued, his amber eyes going over to her. “I want you to go rest, it was a hard climb up here and you’re probably tired.”
    Maplepaw nodded, surprised but did as she was told. Smokeshade turned and padded away. Maplepaw turned and padded into the apprentices den just as Flamepaw and a grouchy Redpaw came out.
    Maplepaw looked around for moss but found none. She decided that maybe later she would try and find some. She didn’t think of anything more and quickly fell into a dreamless sleep.

    Please tell me what you think of the characters!
    Who’s your favorite Smokeclan cat so far?
    Who’s your favorite character?
    Who’s your favorite main character? Applepaw, Mintpaw, Maplepaw or Silverpaw?
    What do you think of this book?

    My answers! (For fun! 😛 )
    1. My favorite Smokeclan cat is and always will be Darkgaze.
    2. My favorite character is Lilyspirit of Thunderclan.
    3. My favorite character is a tough on, it’s between Silverpaw and Mintpaw, but I think I like Mintpaw slightly better than Silverpaw.
    4 I made this book along with Robinsky so … I can’t answer this. But I would say AMAZING!!! 🙂

  6. Otterpaw (Ottersong)
    May 14, 2018 at 12:07 am


    After a bit of debating, we (Ottie and Moon) decided we should host a fanfiction contest!

    Have a favorite canon Warriors forbidden relationship that never happened? Here is your change the write what you wanted to happen. You get to write a fanfiction about a forbidden relationship that never happened, that includes development, possibly the struggles along the way, and if you want, kits! It’ll be fun.

    1st: Secret Page, a drawing of your choice, a POV in Ottie’s Disappeared (or gets to sign up for Disappeared if you didn’t sign up!) and the same in Moon’s Unnamed Fanfic (if she ever gets around to writing it)
    2nd: Secret Page and a drawing of your choice
    3rd: Drawing of your choice

    Read Ottie’s Disappeared here: http://blogclan-2.wikia.com/wiki/Disappeared
    Read Moon’s Unnamed Fanfic here: http://blogclan-2.wikia.com/wiki/Moonbreeze's_Unnamed_Fanfic

    Some examples: FeatherXCrow, SpottedXFire, CinderXFire, JayXHalf, FallenXHolly, etc.

    NOTE: The extension will go up to June! 🙂

    Feel free to ask any questions! 😀

    • Snowdapple (Also: Snow/Snowy/Snapple/Snow that Dapples at Dawn/Snowmelon/ Dappling Snow/ Adventurer at Heart!!)
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      Did you get my entry?

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        Uhh… no

        Could you resubmit it? 🙂

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      Did you get mine?

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        Yes, I have it! 🙂

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      I know you guys got mine but I still feel the need to ask 😛

      2018 - thank u, next

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      Have you gotten my submission? It’s the Minnowtail x Mousewhisker one. Am I allowed to do another one?

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        Yes I got your submission, but no you are not allowed to do another one 🙁

        But feel free to do one for fun! 🙂

  7. May 14, 2018 at 12:42 am

    Legend of TideClan
    Chapter 1

    Rootpaw trotted to the elders den. He poked his head in. Sandsun,the oldest cat in the Clan,raised his head. “Ah,hello there,young Rootpaw. Come to change my bedding,eh. Meanwhile,I’ll tell you a tale. You see,PalmClan wasn’t always like this. It was once a thrivin’ Clan cats called TideClan. The last time it was TideClan was long before I was even born. Here’s the story of a cat from that long extinct Clan”


    Weedpaw listened as Beachleaf organized the patrols. “Nightwave,you take Whorlswirl,Sunshell,and Weedpaw fishing in the lagoon. Hermitsnap,Depsplash,Puffinpaw,and Duskpaw,you go patrol the Setting Sun Beach. Bayfish,Gillspot,Marlinsun,and I will go patrol the Rising Sun Beach.” The cats on patrol nodded,heading towards their destination.

    When they arrived,Nightwave waded into the water. She dunked her head in,then resurfaced. “Okay,there’s a big fish there. Whorlswirl,Sunshell,you go on that side. Weedpaw and I will surround this side.” They galloped quietly to the other side.

    Nightwave dove into the water. The other cats dove,too. Weedpaw paddled to the spot. The others were already there,circling the fish. Weedpaw swam up. He scrambled over Nightwave,leapt down over the fish,and got a hold of it with his claws. Then,he surfaced with Sunshell’s help,with his paws above his head,holding the giant fish. Whorlswirl leapt up and bit the neck of it. The cats dragged the prey over to the beach.

    Everyone started fishing on their own. Nightwave and Sunshell fished in the shallows, while Whorlswirl and Weedpaw in the deeper waters. Weedpaw caught a clownfish,as well as an emperor angelfish and a type of fish he didn’t know. He dropped them off on the beach and went back into the water. Just then,Beachleaf’s patrol came. “Hello,Nightwave! How’s the fishing doing?”

    Nightwave carried some fish to her pile. “Quite well,Beachleaf. This new-leaf seems plentiful.” He nodded. “Very well.” Then his patrol circled the lagoon and disappeared.

    Suddenly,he spotted a school of mackeral. He chased after them. They were about to escape,but a cat figure appeared in front of them. The paw struck out,hitting a few fish. They were flung back,killed with the force. I’ve never seen a cat hunt like that!he thought. The cat grabbed the fish in here jaws and paddled up. Weedpaw followed.

    “Hi,” Weedpaw said awkwardly. The she-cat dropped the mackeral and replied”hello. I’m Sunset. I want to join.”

    Weedpaw swam to the bank where Nightwave was collecting lots of fish. “Nightwave! I found this cat! She says she wants to join TideClan!” Nightwave’s head popped up. “A cat you say? We’ll take her to Namistar immediately. We have enough fish. Come on everybody.”

    Cats cast curious glares at the patrol but stayed silent as Weedpaw,Nightwave,Sunshell,and Whorlswirl shook out the sand from the fish and placed them in one of the coconut husks. Namistar came out of his den. “Nightwave! I see you have brought back a cat. Who is this?”

    “This is Sunset. Weedpaw says she caught the fish he was chasing. Sunset wanted to join.”

    “And why?”

    “I’ve always felt lonely and vulnerable alone. I can help TideClan.”

    “Well then. Sunset will either join or leave,and she will . . .”

    • May 15, 2018 at 1:29 am

      Nice!!!! Sunshell and Bayfish!!!!!! Manistar is so nice and WHORLSWIRL MY FAVOURITE

  8. Maplepaw (Mapledrift)
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    I’ve decided to post this on the fanfic page as well as a page on The Tests but basically this is the in-depth backstory of omen of my character Palm.
    He has twleve (well kind of fourteen but you’ll see) deaths of friends so I’ve written out some of them

    Chronicles of Palm

    Palm was panting by the time that he saw the oasis appear in his vision, he hoped it wasn’t another mirage, like it had been the last time. He had wasted all his energy sprinting across the sands to the fake water.
    When he saw the trees, he breathed a sigh of relief, he had always hated fact that cats could simply die in the desert, just because they guessed the wrong direction to find an oasis.
    He loved the travelling, but after a moon walking with barely any food and the only water being that inside cactuses. Loneliness had taken its toll on him and he sprinted the last hundred metres to the oasis.
    Not many other cats were here, but Palm has been one of the first ones to leave his last oasis so he was probably one of the only travellers yet to reach which ever oasis they chose to travel to next.
    As he reached the pool of water he knelt down, and lapped water up with his tongue, letting the liquid cool his rough throat.
    Suddenly he heard a hiss from behind himself and a bright ginger she cat sprung onto him.
    “Get out,” she spat in his ear, “ this is my oasis and I have fought off all the other cats so far, you are no exception.”

    Her amber eyes burned with anger and Palm relaxed beneath her claws. She weakened her grip, proud with her victory. With less pressure pushing down on him Palm wiggled his way out from under her claws, shaking out his sandy fur as he gazed up at the she cat.
    “Hi,” He mewed, unfazed, he had coped with this many times before, no one made friends in the desert.
    “I’m Palm what’s your name ? Also you live here ! Don’t you travel !”
    The she cat towered over him, he was so small, but he wasn’t really bothered, he just wanted to be able to stay here for a little while.
    “I’m Dragon,” the bright ginger she cat mewed,” and of course I travel, this place is just mine for now, I don’t want to many cats, but I guess you can stay.”
    Palm smiled at her mocking her stern exterior . Flicking out his paw, he sent sand flying at her.
    “Oh you tiny little weirdo,” she mewed chasing after him.
    The two cats chased around trading insults until the sun dipped low in the sky.
    “Weird eyes,” Dragon huffed after the third time Palm had splashed her with water, “patchy pelt.”
    Palm laughed but then let out a yawn “So snarky-pelt,” He meowed, “ can I stay here.”
    “Not with that attitude,” she laughed,” but for now, yes you can.”
    As the moon started to lift higher in the sky, Palm turned round and settled down under a palm tree, the sand warm under his paws.
    A bright ginger form was sleeping across the water from him as Palm closed his eyes and drifted of to sleep.
    Days turned into weeks and more cats came to join Palm and Dragon. The two cats had become friends of sorts but Palm could tell Dragon still didn’t trust him. Their friend ship wasn’t perfect and both cats had some sore patches from scuffles over food or sleeping places.
    When the time came to move Palm turned round to Dragon and mewed “Look I’ve really enjoyed spending some time with you and I sort of consider you a friend now. So do you want to head in the same direction as me for this travel ?”

    Dragon looked at him shocked.
    “Well as long as we don’t travel together then I don’t see that as a problem, just stay out of my line of sight and that’s a comfortable distance for me.”
    Palm nodded and the two cats set of towards the rising sun, making sure that there was distance between them.

    The two cats met at the end of the travel and this continued for two more journeys until one time, Palm arrived at the oasis before Dragon. Panic filled him, he didn’t want his friend to get hurt. More cats came and went but none had heard or seen a bright ginger she cat with amber eyes.
    Until one day, a large grey tom rushed into the oasis laughing.
    “Oh you’ll never guess what happened, I had such and adventure “ he laughed, “ there was this bright ginger she cat lying dead on the ground vultures all round her, they nearly killed me, but I got away, got this nasty scar to prove it.”
    He turned to his side showing all the cats his scar.
    Then one of the other oasis cats piped up, “ Hey wasn’t that little guy looking for a ginger she cat ?”
    But Palm was already next to the tom, “What happened,” he cried,” where is she.”
    “Bad luck little guy,” the grey tom scoffed at Palm, “ Threw her over a cliff edge, I ain’t want any more problems with them vultures.”

    Palm sprung at the tom, shocked by his sudden aggression. Suddenly the grey tom had a palm branch in his mouth and it was through Palms ear. He screamed in pain and ran away from the tom, breathing heavily.
    “Run little guy,” the tom spat, “ and a tad bit of advice, don’t go picking fights just because you ain’t got your pretty little girl friend around no more.”
    Palm swallowed but then turned to the tom, his expression cold.
    “You got off lucky this time,” he hissed, “ but if I ever see you again I will kill you.”
    As the cats scoffed, Palm ran, not caring if he made it to the next oasis or not. The palm branch still hung heavy in his ear, and before he settled down to rest he unsheathed his claws and scratched the branch. It left one clean cut and as the bark fell to the ground Palm whispered into the night
    “Dragon, I will miss you.”
    Tears rolled down his cheeks as he slept

    Palm wandered aimlessly through the desert, still distraught about Dragons death. They had barely been friends but so rarely in the desert did you get anywhere near that close to a cat, that any bond was to be treasured. The sand burned his paws under the midday sun, yet he didn’t not stop to rest, what was the point, he was going to die anyway, alone here in the desert with no oasis near by.
    Vultures circled over head and Palm let out a cry of anger, vultures reminded him of Dragon, who had been thrown down a cliff by a grey tom, so the giant birds wouldn’t attack him.
    When water appeared in his vision, Palm sprinted and then fell to the ground as he saw only sand around him, and a giant hill in front of his vision, with no water in sight. He let out a cry of anguish and fell to the ground sobbing and screaming. This was truly where he would die.
    Suddenly he saw a greyish tom next to him.
    “Leave me alone, you left Dragon to die and now your here to kill me,” he spat.
    “Sorry dude, “ the tom mewed, “I think you’ve got the wrong guy.”
    Then Palm noticed that this tom was blue grey and had super spiky fur unlike the grey tom, whose fur had been smooth as the sand.
    “Don’t try and talk, you’re really thirsty, and I think you’re hallucinating.” the tom mewed, seeming cautious,” I’m Diamond, and when we get you back to the oasis, it’s just over the hill, you can tell me all about this Dragon character.”
    Obeying Diamonds command not to speak, Palm nodded and followed after the tom, struggling to walk across the sand, as thirst took its toll.
    The walk to the oasis was not far at all and Palm began to wonder, had he not given up, whether he would have found it without Diamonds help.
    The blue grey tom had to drag him the last few metres, as he fell to the ground exhausted.
    Finally he saw the water, and was on his paws sprinting to it. Collapsing in it, Palm Let his tongue rasp against the surface of the water, until he could finally stand up out of the pool.
    After only a few steps, he fell again, but it felt good to finally drink and maybe…eat. Palm only just noticed, his ribs stuck right out of his pelt, and you could see nearly every bone in his body, especially now his fur was soaked and stuck to his flanks.
    As if on cue, Diamond walked over, a tiny lizard in his jaws.
    “That’s……… not ………fill……….up.” Palm rasped.
    “I know that little dude,” Diamond shook out his spiky fur, “but if you eat too much your going to be sick, and no one wants to see that.”
    Looking around, Palm saw that this oasis was teeming with cats.
    “How old are you any way, dude you must have started travelling young.”Palm looked back at Diamond as he tucked into the lizard.
    “Well my first travel was when I was half a moon old, the next oasis was only a tiny way away and my mother had already left me. And then I got to the next one and met Dragon I was probably around 2 moons , she was about a year old. And then I did a few more travels so now I’m ummmmmmm 5 moons old !”
    Diamond looked down at him shocked and then ruffled Palm’s fur with his tail.
    “Guess you never had much of a father figure then, I’ll teach you a few things and then when it’s time to travel we can go are separate ways with you, dude, better equipped to travel. And you can tell me more about Dragon.”
    Palm smiled and then swallowed at the thought of Diamond travelling alone but he began to tell Dragon’s tale.
    Time seemed to zoom by as Diamond taught Palm about herbs, which foods could fill up a cat in a few mouth fulls or only give them a short rush of energy and, one of the two cats most awkward conversations, about kittens.
    But then the time came to move on and Palm was now coming up on six moons old and still not much bigger.
    As the cats were preparing to leave there seemed to be a sandstorm brewing behind them.
    Diamond turned round to Palm and mewed ,” Right now remember what I taught you especially about sandstorms, and remember, you are like a son to me and I will never forget you.”
    As the cats prepared to leave the sandstorm was right next to the oasis, Palm ran up to Diamond.
    “Let me come with you, I don’t want to lose you as well as Dragon.”
    “Sorry dude,” Diamond licked Palm’s nose, “ it’s tradition, we have to do this alone.”
    As he vanished into the sandstorm, Diamond cried out
    “If you want to come in the same direction as me just stay out of sight and we can meet again !”
    “No,” Palm screamed and chased after the spiky blue grey tom. Running through the storm was hard but Palm soon banged into Diamond near some rocks and nuzzled him.
    “Palm what are you doing here you can’t travel with me !,” Diamond screamed,” and storm is too strong for you !!”
    He shoved Palm into a crack in the rocks and pushed a palm branch over the entrance.
    “Stay there until the storm is over !”
    Then Diamond walked away from Palm, who had tears running down his cheeks, screaming after his father figure.
    He watched helpless and the winds toyed with Diamond who was staying strong until he crashed against a rock and lay still.
    Palm screamed as the winds pushed his body around until it was lost in the desert.
    With all his might, the tiny tom pushed against the branch and suddenly it gave way and he was free. The wind and sand tossed him from side to side but he kept running, he would find Diamond, there was a chance he could still be alive somewhere. Then he felt blood on his paws and saw Diamonds body through the sand that swirled around him. Diamond breathed one last breath
    And then he was gone. Palm cried out in pain and ran but then winds picked him up and flung him against a rock.
    Pain seared through him and blood soaked the ground.
    “Dragon, Diamond, I will see you soon,” He mewed as the world went black.

    He was dead, he had to be. Palm’s legs and body were on fire,and he sobbed with pain.Head falling to side he opened his eyes on last time and saw a large, fierce looking tom with lizard claw earrings holding his scruff. Amber eyes focused on the distance he was dragging Palm towards what looked like an oasis.
    Huh, Palm thought , amber eyes just like Dragon. His breath quickened, Dragon was gone, Diamond was gone. Tears rolled down his cheeks and he let out a pitiful mew.
    Finally after what seemed like hours of pain, the tom dropped him and Palm was finally able to get a good look at his pelt. It was a normal brown colour but had a strange white swirling patterns.
    “Hey I’m Harminbal,” the toms voice was rough, “ yeah I know what your thinking, that’s a strange name, but it’s a tribe name so deal with it.”
    Palm smiled and tried to speak but just coughed, small blood splatters landing on the ground.
    “Woah there,” Harminbal mewed, “ you’re pretty bashed up, I think both your back legs and one of your front legs are broken, oh and you’ve got a palm branch stuck in your ear, let me get that, Ive got no idea how you got that stuck so bad.”
    As Harminbal headed for his ear, Palm lifted himself up on his front leg that wasn’t broken and hissed at the tom.
    “Don’t touch it,” He spluttered coughing up blood. “Well actually could you put another scratch in it like the one there already.” All his energy used up he collapsed on the ground and fell asleep before the strange tom could respond.
    When he woke, Harminbal was still there, standing awkwardly above him, his eyes glancing from side to side.
    “Well I’ve got some good news and bad news, “ his harsh voice sounded from above Palm ,” the good news is I’ve found some herbs that will help your throat so you can talk again, and your legs are only sprained, at least that’s what the healer said.”
    “And bad ?” Palm mewed, careful not to speak to much.
    “I won’t be able help you for long, my tribe is travelling again soon, and we all need to head in the same direction at the same time so I can’t wait behind.”
    Palm smiled up at the tom as if gesturing that it was ok and he would heal. Quickly, he swallowed up the herbs, ignoring their tartness, hopefully he would be better soon.

    “Get up, we need to do some excercises,” Harminbal mewed, Palm has been here for a week now and his voice was back to normal, and his legs were feeling a bit better. Yet with the good came the bad and Harminbal was forcing Palm to do excercises to help Palms legs recover before he left.
    Grunting, Palm heaved himself up, and tried to shake some of the sand out of his pelt, but failing and landing in an even bigger mound of dust.
    Harminbal huffed his form of laughter and grabbed the small toms scruff, lifting him as easily as a leaf.
    As normal, Palm strained his legs to go into a crouch and then stand up, the sun beating down on his back was pleasant at first but less so when Harminbal told him to jump from one spot to another or stretch up on trees. Then the worst came, and a smirking Harminbal gestured to a palm tree. Lashing his claws out in fake attack, Palm limped over to the tree, feeling the eyes of all the other tribe cats on him. He put both forelegs on the tree digging his claws in and attempted to climb. Tension ripples through his legs as he ground his teeth together and tried to hold himself up on the tree whilst climbing it. He moved one paw, waiting for the fall that always followed him lifting it up off the bark. It didn’t come.
    Cries of encouragement came from the crowds of cats as he pulled himself up further . Grinning with pride, Palm kept climbing, until he reached the branch that was his challenge.
    Smiling down at the cats, he soaked up the applause excited. He jumped around on the branch until he lost his footing and fell. Feeling the air in his face again was amazing and he twisted his body the way that Diamond had taught him until he landed safely on the ground.
    Harminbal walked over to cat, who Palm thought was called Mieginck
    “You owe me that golden spotted lizard claw,” he laughed, a low guttaral laugh.
    “No way,” Mieginck replied, “I’m taking you to the flat sand.”
    “What’s going on ?” Palm asked the tribe healer, Kinkaroy, puzzled by what was unfolding before him.
    “Basically Mieginck bet Harminbal a lizard claw if you managed to climb that tree before we left. But Mieginck doesn’t want to give his bet to Harminbal so he has challenged him to a battle, in a flat sand arena, which is why he said, taking to the flat sand.”
    Palm whispered his thanks to Kinkaroy, and padded over to Harminbal, still with a bit of a limp.
    “Be careful,” he whispered to the large tom, who scoffed at the suggestion.
    “I’m a tribe cat, careful isn’t my vibe, at least not in battle.”

    With no other choice Palm stepped back and watched the battle take place in front of him.
    Kinkaroy stepped forward her tail swishing in anticipation,
    “This battle is one of Flat Sand and cats fight till Sand Body.” She turned to Palm ,” or when they have been taken to the sand for three laps of the water. This battle is of Mieginck of the FireScars and Harminbal of the DuneFeathers. Begin !”

    Harminbal charged at Mieginck and leapt on his shoulders, clawing at the black toms flanks. Sensing his attackers vantage point, Mieginck jumped and rolled to the side, muscles rippling under his thick pelt. Harminbal was thrown to the ground and a small fast looking tribe cat started running laps of the oasis. She went round twice before Harminbal rose and the crowd half hissed half sighed in relief. Mieginck didn’t waste any time before attacking again, clawing at Harminbal’s back leg.
    Something changed in the toms eyes, and gone was the gentle, sometimes a bit rube giant that Palm knew and Harminbal flung himself round at Mieginck with a ferocity that Palm hadn’t seen before. He was a whirl wind of power and was even using his sharpened lizard claw earring to his advantage.
    “The DuneFeathers are tough fighters,” Kinkaroy whispered, “ but they can be stupid and reckless, where as FireScars rely more on quick strike attacks and tricks.”
    Palm watched in horror as Mieginck backed away, faking weakness. Harminbal laughed, preparing to hold the black tom to the ground to help him win.
    Kinkaroy continued speaking to Palm,
    “But Mieginck is both strong and a trickster.”
    Palm didn’t have any time to react, when Mieginck leapt at Harminbals shoulder and put all his weight down.
    Screaming in pain, Harminbal collapsed and the small, she cat ran three laps.
    Cries of disbelief and happiness mingled in the air as Mieginck gloated over his victory.
    Mieginck turned round to Harminbal, who was still laying on the ground and whispered something to him and the brown tom nodded.
    “Me and Harminbal have decided that tensions are building too much, in two days we will travel again !”
    Tails lifted in the air in agreement as the cats dispersed into their own place that they had claimed. Palm ran over to Harminbal, his paws kicking up lots of sand. The toms paws were flailing and he was struggling to stand. Worried, Palm offered his paw to help him up to Harminbal simply gritted his teeth and shook his head.
    “Mieginck ! Kinkaroy ! I think he’s hurt !” Palm cried and the two cats ran over.
    Kinkaroy didn’t say a word and went straight to checking his shoulder but Mieginck stood beside Palm, towering over the tiny tom as he lay his tail on his back.
    “I’m so sorry,” Mieginck mewed his voice gentle, “ I didn’t mean to hurt him this badly.”
    Kinkaroy turned round, a worried expression on her face, “ He’s going to live but his leg is all out of joint so he can’t hunt and it will take a moon to heal.”
    Mieginck’s eyes went wide, and he growled at Harminbal ,” Oh you knew you were hurt this badly and you still agreed to travel, why can’t you just be careful for once !”
    Kinkaroy looked at Mieginck, “You know what you have to do.”
    A she cat with grey spots called Yrweya came up and lay next to Harminbal for a few seconds before licking his muzzle and padding off after Mieginck
    By the serious look on Kinkaroy’s face Palm decided that now was not the time to ask questions. He grabbed Harminbal’s scruff in his jaws and helped the giant tom stand up. As the sun set, Palm brought back food for Harminbal who simply stared into space and would not speak a word.

    The time came for the tribe cats to travel and Harminbal was barely better. He was able to walk but couldn’t even think about running or hunting. As the cats were gathering together to leave Palm stood with Mieginck and Kinkaroy. The black tom had barely left Harminbal’s side and Palm could see that guilt was eating away at him. A blue grey she cat that Palm has never seen before emerged from the bushes and surveyed the cats.
    “The time to travel comes again and I will remind you of the rules of the journey. We travel as a group but we are separate, you may not help any other cat with anything unless a cat is in child birth, but as far as I know no kittens are expected. If you break these rules you all know what will happen. We have had a guest with us but I understand that he will not be joining us.”
    The she cat stopped and Palm knew that no more would be said so he simply nodded at her.
    When the she cats words sunk in Palm looked shocked at Harminbal, he couldn’t hunt and if no cat hunted for him, he would die. Mieginck turned to Palm and smiled,
    “That earring is where you keep track of deaths that matter to you, isn’t it.”
    Palm nodded and Mieginck unsheathed his claws and added a scratch alongside the ones already there.
    Tears welled in Palms eyes as Kinkaroy came and made the scratch thicker with her own claws. Another she cat, who Palm thought was called Yreweya came forward and did the same, nuzzled Harminbal as she walked away, Palm guessed that they were mates, accepting that this was good bye
    “He’s not going to die, I won’t let him !” Palm cried, the tears flooding freely as Harminbal tried to add his mark.
    But Kinkaroy and Mieginck stood in his way.
    Mieginck turned to face Palm, and solemnly mewed
    “Those marks aren’t for him, they are for us, Harminbal will live to see you again.”
    And then they sprinted off after the other cats Harminbal following as fast as he could, none of them looked back.

    Feeling suddenly alone, Palm waited two days before following the path they took his paws following it instinctively, he would not let Mieginck and Kinkaroy die. He would get to Harminbal and beg him to travel with him instead of the tribe, he would drag him if he needed.
    His paws were sore when he finally found the tribe again, it had been nearly a moons long travel and he had barely stopped. The oasis that they were gathered at was teeming with cats and Palm scanned for Harminbal’s face, maybe he had survived, maybe the leader had made exceptions.
    But he couldn’t see Harminbal but he could see Kingkaroy, Mieginck and Yrweya surrounded by a group of cats.
    “Kinkaroy , Mieginck “ he screamed, “ Where is Harminbal ?”
    Yrweya pushed her way through the cats to Palm, smiling
    “Harminbal was too weak, and these cats tried to feed him behind everyone’s backs, good thing I knew their plan, wasn’t it .”
    Palm hissed as the cats closed in on Kinkaroy and Mieginck, lashing out at them with thorn like claws.
    Kinkaroy turned to her head to Palm
    “Do not mourn us like you will mourn Harminbal, for we go to our deaths willingly.” She paused, sobbing ,” and together.”
    She buried her head in Miegincks shoulder and he flicked his tail to the path of the setting sun and mouthed
    Palm sobbed ,” I won’t !” he mewed, “ I won’t leave you !”
    “Just go you foxhearted fool, “ Mieginck screamed, “just go !”
    Kinkaroy lifted her head to face him one last time and sobbed
    Palm closed his eyes and ran as he heard screams of pain from behind him he blocked out all sounds and just ran the way that Mieginck had gestured.
    Luckily he didn’t have to travel far before he found another oasis, where he lay down and felt his palm branch, feeling the thick mark that reminded him of the three cats who had their lives stolen from them.
    Tears rolled down his face as he counted his losses, Dragon, Diamond, Harminbal, Kink.. no Kinkaroy and Mieginck had told him not to mourn them and he wouldn’t. They had been willing to lose their lives and he would not tarnish their memory with his sadness. They were brave cats unlike Yrweya, he hissed under his breath as he thought of Harminbal’s traitorous mate.
    From now on he would not remeber the scratch she left as her mark or Mieginck’s or Kinkaroy ‘s, it was Harminbal’s . As he closed his eyes to sleep, Palm saw the giant brown and white tom before his eyes, and happy tears rolled down his cheeks as he saw Mieginck, Kinkaroy and Dragon standing along with him.
    Palm would heal.

    Palm awoke, and stretched out, his muscles stiff from his run the previous day. The sun was just drifting above the horizon so he decided to hunt. Tart lizard scent filled his nose and he dropped into a hunting crouch, his paws silent against the desert sand. Barely breathing, Palm crept up on the lizard and pounced, sand flying though then air. Once he could feel the dry scales under his paws he bit down on the lizard neck, but took a tumble over the rock that it had sat on.
    “Owww!” He heard a cry from underneath him, and he spotted a little white tom, his sandy eyes looking up grumpily at Palm.
    “That hurt !” the little tom cried out, and Palm noticed that he had a tooth hanging out under his top jaw.
    “Hello, “ Palm mewed, “ I’m Palm what’s your name. ?”
    He didn’t have to duck his head far to be on a level with the tom.
    “I’m Cobra, “ He mewed, “ because I’ve got this funny tooth,” he tipped his head back so Palm could see it easier, “ and I can do this !”
    He puffed out his neck fur so it looked like a lions mane. Laughing Palm stood up to his full height, “How old are you, and where are your parents?”
    “I don’t know, “ Cobra ducked his head, “ and what are parents, I had a,cat who brought me mashed up food but she left one day so I had to go find my own stuff.”
    Sighing, Palm gestured for Cobra to follow him, curling his tail round the little tom’s back. He lead Cobra to a sheltered spot under some ferns and began to teach him all he had learnt from Diamond.
    “So daddy, “ Cobra mewed, he had taken to calling Palm daddy, “ I go like this if I smell lizard,” he dropped into a crouch, “ and if I see a vulture, I run.”
    Palm nodded and Cobra,puffed up his neck fur and smiled, showing his tooth. Palm laughed and pushed Cobra, who rolled over dramatically and pretends to be dying, before having a laughing fit on the ground and throwing sand at Palm. Palm flicked some back at him, but then he saw Dragon in Cobra ‘s place and he froze.
    “What’s wrong daddy,” Cobra looked up at Palm, his sandy eyes wide. Shaking his head, Palm comforted the white tom. “Daddy’s just got some nasty memories.”
    “What are they?” Cobra asked.
    Suddenly nervous , Palm mewed, “I’ll tell you one day.”
    He turned around, to see a grey tom standing behind him, with fur as smooth as silk.
    “You,” he hissed, “ Cobra, get behind me, daddy’s got some past to deal with.”
    “That’s not nice little guy,” the tom scoffed, “ and me names Alex.”
    Rage over took Palm.
    “You threw her off a cliff, the time for formalities is gone.” He unsheathed his claws, glaring at the tom.
    “Daddy, what’s happening ?” Cobra mewed from behind him, and Palm silenced him with a flick of tail.
    Alex scoffed, “ Still all sad about your little girlfriend are we,” he laughed, “ she’s dead and gone, get over it,” he spat.
    “Because in the end you are just an ugly, petty little kitty who just can’t save his petty little friends.”
    Breath fast, eyes narrowed, Palm lost his control. He flung himself at Alex, grabbing at the toms pelt. He felt his claws sink in and draw blood but Alex didn’t cry out, he laughed.
    “Still got that Palm branch do you, a memory of our last fight ?” Alex flicked out a paw and knocked Palm to the ground racking his paws down his pelt.
    “You can’t beat me. “ he hissed in Palms ear.
    Heaving himself to his feet Palm faced Alex, his breath slow and heavy. A low guttural growl came from his throat as he charged at the grey tom who didn’t seem fazed by his sudden attack.
    Paws came at him from his side and just as he swung to his left to hit back, Alex racked his belly and appeared at the other side, holding him to the ground.
    “Time to finish this.” Alex’s paw was above Palms head, and he braced for the impact.
    “No !” a brave voice came from behind him, and Palm turned his head to see Cobra facing Alex, claws unsheathed.
    The white tom leapt at the grey tom, his tiny kit claws scratching Alex’s pelt.
    Pain soared through his belly as Palm tried to rise to his feet.
    “No, Cobra !” Palm screamed, he could see the grey tom toying with the kit, jumping out of the way of each attack, wearing him down till he was exhausted.
    It came so suddenly.
    “You bore me, kit.” Alex picked Cobra up in his jaws and flung his tiny body at Palm, blood pouring out of his throat.
    Panicked, Palm pressed his paws against the wound, trying to stop the blood, but it was no use, the wound was deep.
    “Did I do good ,dad ?” Cobra sobbed as he coughed up blood.
    “Yes little one, you did good.” Palm mewed, trying not to show Cobra that there was no hope.
    “Am I going to get better, dad ? “ Cobra’s voice was quiet and Palm looked away, trying not to show the tears that filled his eyes.
    “I don’t want to die, “ He wailed at the top of his lungs, “ I don’t want to d…”
    Cobra took a deep breath, and then his head fell to the side falling gently in the sand. Goofily, he smiled at Palm, his tooth hanging over his jaw, and then his sandy eyes closed.
    He was gone.
    Alex sat there, licking the blood from his paws, smirking.
    Palm rose slowly, his breath ragged. His eyes narrowed into slits and he sprung at Alex.
    He landed square on the toms back and bit into his neck. Alex let out one last cry before falling to the ground, dead.
    Palm finally let his tears fall for Cobra, the kit had been so young, he hadn’t deserved to die.
    “I can’t stay here,” he whispered aloud, and walked over to Cobras body. He kicked sand over the young cat and lay Palm branches over him. In the ground he drew a Cobra with his paw before sprinting off into the horizon.

    Here are some random facts

    Diamond always wanted to be a father but was always unable to have kittens. In his mind Palm is his biological son even though he knows it is not true

    Palm never called Diamond father or dad because his real dad had left him the moment he was born because he was thought that Palm was a disappointment and hated his odd coloured eyes

    Diamond is distantly, distantly related to Palm’s dad, who was called Alex ,and has met him before, and knew that he had abandoned a kitten because he thought it looked weird so but Diamond never accepted the link

    Diamond thought that Palm was Alex’s son when he saw Palm’s eyes but as soon as he started talking to Palm he thought that the theory was wrong because such a nice cat could not have such a horrible parent.

    Diamond knew he was going to die in that storm but accepted that it was his time. He was 5 years old and was starting to feel depressed that he had never befriended anyone

    He regrets building such a strong bond with Palm as it led him into the storm.

    Now this one might just have you in near tears
    There is one realm that you can go to after you die, the realm is where you can visit living cats and the second is when you die in that realm you are gone forever

    When Diamond died Harnor (the god character in the Tests )told him of his plans for Palm (to include him in the Tests). Diamond did not want this for his son so tried to kill Harnor to stop him. He nearly succeeded. Harnor used to be a vivid yellow but Diamond left a massive red scar on his throat, so Harnor turned his pelt blood red to hide the fact that he had nearly died.
    As punishment, Diamond’s spirt was killed by Harnor, but not before Harnor changed his form to look exactly like Palm so Diamond would have to suffer the cat he loved most killing him

    I’m so sorry for the emotional rollercoaster (I’m not)

    Originally I was going to have Kinkaroy betray Mieginck but I got too attached to her so I had to create Yrweya

    Mieginck agreed to die for Harminbal because he felt so guilty that his own selfishness got him killed

    Yrweya was going to help Harminbal until the leader noticed that she was acting strangely and threatened to kill her and her kits if she didn’t follow the rules

    Yrweya and Harminbal are mates and have had four kits – Shafilox, Buntidger, Xismolk and Okerquila

    The leaders name is Zdiojugtc (pronounced zee-dee-oo-ee-jug-tsk)

    Yrweya had already made up her mind not to help her mate when she made the mark on the stick, she made it for him, so Palm would not have to facethe fact that Harminbal would die yet

    Harminbal knew Yrweya’s plan and tried to talk Mieginck and Kinkaroy out of helping him but they wouldn’t stop.
    He understands completely why Yrweya did what she did, he wasn’t angry at her for letting him die, he was angry at her for her letting his friends get hurt

    Mieginck layer the lizard claw earring that Harminbal had wanted on his body when he died

    Dragon was one year old

    Dragon was killed by an eagle and the vultures came to her carcass

    Palm didn’t know that Alex was his dad and yes he killed his dad

    Cobra didn’t travel once

    Cobra actually thought that Palm was his dad because once Palm had explained what parents were, Cobra asked if he was his dad and Palm couldnt bear to tell Cobra that his parents had abandoned him.

    Palm told Cobra that his mother was a ginger she cat called Dragon and he had a sister called Kinkaroy and a brother called Mieginck. He chose these cats because Mieginck and Kinkaroy’s death hurt him less because they were ready to go and Dragon once told him that she really wanted kits one day and it hurt too much talking about Diamond when he was being a father, and Harminbal’s death was too recent.

    Palm x Dragon is not, has never been and will never be a ship, Palm was like 2 moons old or something, and she was a year old, he also didn’t like her that way.

    I hope you liked it, I’m working on the next part right now

    • Potato loves... CATS! Potato loves... FAIRYTAIL!!! Potato loves... LOTSA THINGS!!!
      May 14, 2018 at 10:12 pm

      Why you do? Why you put this baby through dis? Why?
      Now Luana and Palm have to be friends (I’ve just been distracted when I read about him on the sign ups I was like YES) BUT COBRA I WAS CLOSE TO FEELING EMOTION FOR ONCE 😭😝
      Luana- Hi I’m your new friend
      Palm- No all my friends die
      Luana- Too bad I’m your friend

    • May 14, 2018 at 11:31 pm

      I think that Sunny would be able to sympathize and relate with Palm; like him, she’s lost everything she’s cared about. Speaking about Sunny, I’m seriously considering about whether to kill her or not(if I do decide that she is, it’s going to be much later, after she receives her powers and has fully leveled them up).

    • May 15, 2018 at 1:39 am

      Nice! My OC is a loner, but maybe she’ll begin to meet the characters soon some more.

      I'm getting obsessed...

    • May 15, 2018 at 1:42 am

      Noo so sadd 😭

  9. Potato loves... CATS! Potato loves... FAIRYTAIL!!! Potato loves... LOTSA THINGS!!!
    May 14, 2018 at 10:41 pm

    Hi remember this fanfic I posted forever ago? (Nookay) I’m posting it again! I’m reposting the first few chapters and some new ones, and I’ll post the allegiances later!
    Chapter 1

    “For crimes against your clan, you have been EXILED… if you’re found on IvyClan territory…. you will be KILLED… LEAVE!” Ivystar’s harsh yowl echoed around the clearing, full of anger and hate. Though if you looked closer at Ivystar, you would see the tears falling down her cheeks. Ivystar looked down at what she thought was the love of her life. Her mind flashed back to her kit hood, remembering innocent games of hunt the feather or moss attacks with him. Only days before, she would have laughed at how much she hated him then, now she thought of it as a warning. A warning she hadn’t listened to. Her mind changed to her apprenticeship, thinking of competitions to find the most prey or climb the highest tree. Her apprenticeship was when she accepted she had feelings for him. Finally her mind went to being a warrior, when she became mates with… with him. Her eyes darkened as she thought of all the happy moments she spent with him. All those happy moments were now… worthless!!! Nothing but wastes of time!!! Breathing in deeply, she snapped back to the present.
    “I said. LEAVE!!!!” She snarled.
    “Fine, I’ll leave. But you’ll ALL regret this!!! I’ll be back!” Leopardclaw spat out the words. But, with a flick of his large tail, he turned and stalked out of camp. Ivystar glared at him as he left.
    “Flynose, take anyone who can follow him!” She called, “Make sure he leaves the territory.”
    “Yes, Ivystar. Ashface, Dappleleaf, Ebonypaw, Mosspaw!” The deputy yowled out, gesturing with his tail in the direction of the camp exit. The warriors and apprentices called nodded and trotted out the camp. Ivystar gazed around the camp and spotted Mossleaf weaving between cats, checking injuries.
    “Mossleaf!” Ivystar called to her friend, gesturing with her silky tail. Mossleaf padded over to Ivystar, still looking at the other cats to check for bad injuries. Ivystar stifled a purr of amusement.
    “Mossleaf, I’m sure if anyone was dying they’d tell you.”
    “I don’t know, you don’t know how mousebrained some warriors can be,” She purred. Her gaze drifted to a group of apprentices. “And apprentices.” She whispered, her eyes dark and sad. Ivystar never understood why the medicine cat was always sad whenever the two apprentices, Daisypaw and Mothpaw, were mentioned. Even though Ivystar was confused she refused to question it, in fear of upsetting her friend more.
    “Uh, Mossleaf? Is everyone healthy enough to move camp?” This seemed to snap Mossleaf out of her stupor.
    “M-move camp? Why would we do that?”
    “The group of rogues are, I hate to admit it, strong. They know where we are, we need to move.” Ivystar solemnly answered back. Mossleaf looked as if she were about to protest, but then sighed.
    “You’re right… we need to leave. But where? Where will we go?” Mossleaf asked loudly. A few heads turned to look at then, but were turned away with a look from Ivystar.
    “Hush, Mossleaf, no one can find out until we are completely sure.” Ivystar hissed quietly.
    “I apologize. But shouldn’t we discuss this in your den? If no one can hear it.”
    “You’re right. But,” Ivystar paused, “You should tend to our clanmates first, for your own well-being.” She purred happily. Mossleaf rolled her eyes at Ivystar’s bad joke, but stood up and turned towards the clan.
    “Know I’m doing this for you.” She giggled and padded off. Ivystar suddenly looked around the clearing for a leopard coat, and stopped herself.
    “No.” She growled to herself. It was always habit that after a battle, Ivystar and Leopardclaw would find eachother, but that was a dead habit. So instead, she looked for her sister. Scanning the clan for a white she-cat with gray tabby markings, she spotted her sister talking with Robinflight.
    “Hey, Sagelight, Robinflight.” She greeted, dipping her head. Her sister and her deputy stared at her strangely for a minute, before meowing their hellos.
    “O-oh hey, Ivystar.” Her sister mumbled.
    “Ivystar.” Robinflight rumbled.
    “What’s wrong?” Ivystar questioned.
    “Well, uh, I’m going to send out a patrol. T-to make sure the rogues aren’t hiding in the territory.” Robinflight trotted over to a group of warriors.
    “Why that little-,” Sagelight growled jokingly, then seemed to remember Ivystar was there, “O-oh sorry, it’s just… nothing.”
    “What’s wrong?” Ivystar pressed.
    “It’s just… well, you haven’t really talked to me since you became mates with Leopa- sorry.” Sagelight caught herself, clearly embarrassed.
    “No it’s fine. I just wanted someone to talk too…” Ivystar paused, looking at the ground, “but, you and Robinflight, huh?” She teased. Her sister’s face lit up in embarrassment.
    “Wha- How? N-no! We’re just friends!” Sagelight stuttered.
    “That’s just what I said before I became mates with Leopardclaw.” She purred, “but come on! Let’s go hunt!” She said happily, trotting to the camp entrance.
    “Alright!” Sagelight called, following, “just know I’m gonna catch the most prey!” She laughed, sprinting off into the woods.
    “No you aren’t!” Ivystar yelled, running after her.

    Chapter 2

    “I’m going to kill Leopardclaw even more now!!” Ivystar yowled in pain.
    “You’re alright. Just push.” Mossleaf encouraged. After the long birth, four small kits curled up next to Ivystar. As she looked down at her kits, she gave a long purr of happiness. A dark brown cat walked into the nursery and smiled at the kits.
    “Staglegs, are you sure you should be out of the elders den?” She teased, “I’m sure Ravenfoot has lots of stories to tell.” Staglegs huffed in mock annoyance.
    “Please, that old moss ball can barely remember to groom himself.” She chuckled, then looked down with concern. “Makes me worry about him.” She whispered. “But anyway, how are ya? Those kits look like they’re gonna be a pawful.”
    “Thankfully, they’re all pretty calm.” She smiled at her kits with love.
    “Ya got names?” Her friend questioned.
    “Oh! Yes, I do! Alright, so the black tom with gray streaks is Darkkit, the light gray tom with dark gray spots is Riverkit, the gray she-cat is Mistykit, and the spotted black she-cat is Poppykit.” She responded, her tail brushing over every kit.
    “Beautiful names for beautiful kits. Well I should get going, I’ll see you soon.” She called, padding out of the den. Ivystar yawned and curled around her kits, protecting then with her body. ‘I’ll always protect you’ she thought to herself, ‘And I know you’ll all be good, strong warriors. I know it’.

    Chapter 3
    Cats swarmed around Mossleaf, each trying to shout over each other. Finally when the noise became unbearable, one cat stood in front and yowled over the others.
    “Silence!” Was all it took, and the swarm became quiet. “Mossleaf, we have something grave to tell you,” His eyes were dark with worry and he flicked his tail in anger. “it’s very bad, very bad indeed…” He muttered to himself.
    “What is it, Creekstar? Will it affect Ivyclan?” Mossleaf gasped in worry.
    “This will affect all clans, Mossleaf.”
    “What other clans are there? What will affect us!?” After she asked this, the old leader seemed to go into a trance.
    “Blood will fight its own, and the mist will destroy the darkness.” He shouted, as he began fading with the rising sun.
    “No!” Mossleaf yowled as all the cats started disappearing. “No! You must tell me what that means! You have too!” Mossleaf woke up with a start in her den, the moss of the nest spread around the whole cave. Planning to fix it later, she quickly padded to the nursery to tell Ivystar, instead she heard the kits playing.
    “You’re never any fun Mistykit!”
    “Well at least I’m not a bee brained kittypet like you, Darkkit!” Mossleaf lurched backwards in horror as she listened to the kits argue. No! She thought to herself, no, they’re just playing and bickering, that’s just what kits do, it’s nothing…. nothing at all.

    Chapter 4
    “Poppykit, no! Come back here, your fur is a mess!” Ivystar growled desperately. “Darkkit, get off your sister! Mistykit watch your claws, Riverkit stop encouraging your brother! No!” Ivystar yowled at her kits as they tore up the nursery.
    “Poppykit c’mere sweet thing. Lets have you look pretty for your apprenticeship, huh?” Featherfall murmured softly. The tiny She-kit bounced over to Featherfall’s new family and purred loudly.
    “Heya Applekit!”
    “It’s not fair that you get to be apprentices! We’re just as old as you!”
    “You’re a moon younger, Applekit,” Frogskip laughed softly. “You’ll be an apprentice soon enough.” Applekit looked like she was say something back, but was distracted by Poppykit. Frogskip got up and padded over to Riverkit and Darkkit. “Okay, you two wanna mess with Runningkit and Lionkit.” All four toms yelled in agreement before charging at each other.
    “Uh, a-and you’re okay with them fighting like that?” Ivystar mewed, worry evident in her tone.
    “Course! They’re just playing!”
    “We wanna go outside!” Honeykit and CloudKit said together. At that moment every kit in the nursery burst out of the den.
    “Oh StarClan.”
    “Help us now.”

    Chapter 5

    “Darkkit, you have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed. From this day on, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as Darkpaw. Your mentor will be Oakleaf.” Ivystar purred, looking at her son with pride as the dark brown tom padded up to him. “Riverkit, you shall be known Riverpaw. Your mentor will be Reedmask.” Riverpaw trotted over to the peach tom with brown stripes. “Poppykit,” She paused her daughter bouncing on her paws. “You will be known as Poppypaw and your mentor shall be Cinderfoot. And Mistykit.” The she-cat’s eyes sparkled. “You will be Mistypaw, and your mentor shall be Flynose.” The cats cheered all four apprentices names loudly.
    “Darkpaw! Riverpaw! Poppypaw! Mistypaw!”

  10. Cinderflame/Silentlily
    May 14, 2018 at 11:33 pm

    wht do u mean by Cobra(Do u mean Rattlesnake?) Waz close to feeling emotion feeling once??

    • Potato loves... CATS! Potato loves... FAIRYTAIL!!! Potato loves... LOTSA THINGS!!!
      May 15, 2018 at 2:04 am

      I meant in Mapledrift’s story, one of the characters is named Cobra and his part in the story is sad

    • Jasminepaw who's running for SW and is now back go vouch please
      May 15, 2018 at 11:51 am

      And Rattlesnake is my character, not Maple’s 🙂

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