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Here it is, as requested. Have fun! 😀 😀

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  1. July 15, 2018 at 4:16 pm

    Crater's Creative NTA!

    So instead of just good warrior names that would a clan leader would give an apprentice, you do a silly one on top of that. And there is only 3 names. For example:
    Craterpelt, Craterisawesomeandrocks (something tells me I’d pick those :P)
    Moonshine, Moonisinthesky
    Starshine, Starclanoohimdeadapprentlybutiamstarclansobowdowntome

    Round 2’s Results!
    1) Junipersplash by SPIDEY, but I also really liked Potato’s entry: Juniperbloom; Juniperpawdoesn’tneedawarriornamesheisawesome by ROSE!
    2) Marigoldshimmer by SPOTTEDSTREAM, but I also really liked Shadey’s entry: Marigolddawn; MarigoldisaprettyflowerbutissecretlyanevilpotatospyfromNeptune by IVY, but I also really liked Spidey’s entry: Marigoldtastesgoodwithsauce
    3) Thymefrost by FROSTO, but I also really liked Ivy’s entry: Thymeshimmer; ThymeshockedmebecauseIdidnotknowitwasusedforshock by WREN, but I also really liked Spottedatream’s entry: Thymetogetthemail


    1. Spottedstream (3.5)
    2. Spidey (3)
    3. Sky, Frosto (2)
    4. Jazzy (1.5)
    5. Rose, Ivy (1)
    6. Potato, Shadey (.5)

    Wow! Everyone’s so close to each other, but Spottedstream remains first, with Sky falling down to third with Frosto! Spidey goes up to second, only a mere .5 point behind!

    Round 3 – Things in the day-time Sky!

    I should have My Own Path Out Tomorrow, and if not Monday!

    Click my name!!!!!

    • July 16, 2018 at 12:56 am

      Skystream, Skyissohighup
      Cloudflutter, Cloudsarewhitefluff
      Birdberry, Birdsaresecretlyevil


  2. July 15, 2018 at 6:05 pm

    Would you like me to start an NTA and continue Life of a Clan Cat at the same time or should I start the NTA after Life of a Clan Cat is finished?

    BlogClan is life =^6_^=

  3. Spottedpaw/stream/Spotted Fish in Stream
    July 15, 2018 at 7:05 pm

    Spottedpaw’s Random Wheel of Games!
    (idk what to call this still)

    So, this round, I’m doing two games, like my first round, and a bonus! So the first game I’m doing is where I give you some leader’s names and personalities, and you give them a fursona!
    So if I had “Silverstar–brave, easily pushed to attack, cares very much for the cats in her Clan, thinks she’s anything but perfect, and has a grudge against ThunderClan”, then you would write something like “Silverstar–gray tom with white ears and a white paw, and light amber eyes”. Something like that. And the second game is where I write part of a short story, and then you finish it off. That’s pretty self explanatory, I think, and also I don’t feel like writing an example 😛 You get 1 point for the first game and 2 points for the second one!

    So now, the results to Round One!
    For the NTC, The answer was THORNCLAW, in Omen of the Stars! He had to use Jayfeather’s stick to save some cats from the mud 😛 The only two people to get it were CRATER and IVY! I decided to give them 2.5 points instead because it was so hard!
    And for the NTA w/twist, which was that the suffix had to start with the same letter as the prefix, and here are the results!

    Flowerfawn by WREN!
    Birchbeetle by BLUEFIRE!
    Duskdance by POTATO, STARPAW and IVY!
    Willowwisp by BLUEFIRE!
    Cindercall by WREN!
    Toadtalon by FROSTO and SHADEPAW!

    Good job, everyone! 😀

    Wren, Bluefire–2
    Frosto, Shadepaw, Starpaw, Potato–1

    SO LET’S GET STARTED! (sorry not sorry for my overuse of exclamation points)


    Leader Stuff

    Blossomstar–Efficient, can’t handle losing, extremely tough, very reserved because of her family and mate’s deaths by drowning
    Rainstar–Hates getting wet, sometimes feels like the previous leader made a mistake making him deputy, is very compassionate, tries to be understanding
    Swanstar–Angry a lot, feels like the only way to win is by taking control of the other Clans, had a mate from a different Clan who left her, is trying to do her best

    Fan Fic Thingy

    Nectarine slid through the long grass. She was so small, not yet out of kithood, so no sound came from the shaking grass, and it looked as light as a breeze. The squirrel had no idea she was there. Nectarine licked her lips, struggling not to thrash her long tail around in excitement. The squirrel was slightly bigger than the tiny kit, and fat from the seeds falling from something twolegs put up for the birds.
    Nectarine stalked closer… and closer… until she was a mere two feet from the squirrel’s giant puffy tail. She leapt for it.
    She landed squarely on top of the tail, which jerked upward, throwing Nectarine on the squirrel’s back. That was just luck, because the tail seemed to be all air! The kit couldn’t get a grip, and was close to releasing the squirrel when she was flung to its back.
    She clawed her head to its neck, and sank her small teeth in, until she finally hit the main artery. Nectarine struggled to pull it along through the grass, this time shaking it and making a slithering sound. Finally, Nectarine dragged it into the tunnel she and her mom lived in.
    “Mommy?” the kit squeaked. “I caught a squirrel for you!”
    The kit stared around the tunnel, and blinked. “Mommy?”

    One point to anyone who comes up with a better name for this game! 😛

    It's a wild mew!


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