Warriors Names

Do you have a great name for a warrior? Are you testingĀ out a new warrior name and want feedback from BlogClan? This is the place to do it.


You can find the Old Warrior Names Page here

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  1. Sparrowfeather
    December 12, 2018 at 12:19 am



  2. Sparrowfeather
    December 12, 2018 at 12:28 am



  3. December 12, 2018 at 5:12 am

    Here’s a list of allegiances of one of my old FanClans I made in 6th/7th grade because idk:

    Duststar – light brown tabby tom with green eyes (Dustcloud) (Mated to Marigoldleap)
    Vixentuft – calico she-cat with blue eyes, blind in her right eye (Mated to Torrentclaw)
    Medicine Cat(s):
    Marigoldleap – gray she-cat with white flash on chest, has amber eyes (Mated to Duststar)
    Apprentice, Tulipwing (gray tom with amber eyes) (Formerly mated to Nightrose)

    Torrentclaw – jet black tom with yellow eyes (Mated to Vixentuft)
    Junipersting – gray tabby tom with dark copper eyes
    Apprentice, Trailpaw (black and white she-cat with green eyes) (Trailfeather)
    Emberstreak – ginger and white she-cat with green eyes (Mated to Wolfspark)
    Echospark – brown she-cat with white paws and amber eyes
    Apprentice, Prairiepaw (light brown tabby tom with amber eyes) (Prairieleap)
    Wolfbounce – energetic gray tom with darker points and dark copper eyes (Mated to Emberstreak)
    Mosstail – gray tabby tom with green eyes

    Silversong – silver and black tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
    Nightrose – jet black she-cat with copper eyes, mother to Duskkit(blossom), a dark gray tom with amber eyes and Cobrakit(flare), a jet black she-kit with copper eyes. (Formerly mated to Tulipwing)

    Scorchflower – dark brown she-cat with copper eyes
    Lightflame – old, long-furred golden-brown tabby tom with gray eyes

    Two words: Lovewing Dovewing.

  4. December 12, 2018 at 8:14 pm


    Leader: Brindlestar-pretty tabby she-cat

    Deputy: Woodtrail-light brown with blue eyes

    Medicine Cat: Elkheart-old dark brown tom with amber eyes
    Littlewhisker-white-and-black she-cat with green eyes and little whiskers

    Warriors: Thistleheart-gray tom with blue eyes
    apprentice-Larkpaw ( pale brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes) ( Larkflight)
    Cloudsmoke-white tom with gray splotches
    Songflash-light brown she-cat with amber eyes
    Petalsong-light brown she-cat with amber eyes
    apprentice-Nettlepaw ( pale brown tom with amber eyes) ( Nettlepelt)
    Watergrass-blue she-cat with green eyes
    Fallstorm-white tom with light brown ear tips
    apprentice-Gravelpaw ( tan tom with amber eyes) (Gravelsplash)
    Oddheart-brown she-cat with golden eyes
    apprentice-Brookpaw ( gray she-cat with amber eyes) (Brookwater)
    Patchfur-white tom with light brown patches
    Lapispelt-blue she-cat with blue eyes
    apprentice-Sandypaw (stocky light brown tom with ginger legs) (Sandyfur)
    Savvytail-tortoiseshell she-cat with hazel eyes
    Breezewind-white tom with gray patches
    apprentice-Nectarpaw ( brown she-cat with green eyes) ( Nectarwish)
    Brackensnow-dark brown tom with white paws and underbelly
    Basilheart-black tom with dark gray spots
    Minnowstep-white she-cat with cream-and-brown markings

    Apprentices: Larkpaw-pale brown tabby she-cat with amber eyes
    Nettlepaw-pale brown with amber eyes
    Gravelpaw-tan tom with amber eyes
    Brookpaw-gray she-cat with amber eyes
    Sandypaw-stocky light brown tom with ginger legs
    Nectarpaw-brown she-cat with green eyes

    Queens: Paleheart-white-and-black she-cat: Hollykit ( gray-and-white she-cat), Featherkit ( gray tabby tom), Hawkkit ( dark brown tom with yellow eyes), Redkit ( dark ginger she-cat with green eyes)
    Minispots-small light brown she-cat with small ginger patches: Sagekit ( white she-cat with long whiskers) + Cedarkit ( very dark gray tom with a white belly)
    Flamefern-ginger she-cat with white paws and chest: Blizzardkit ( mottled white tom with ginger legs), Nettlekit ( white she-cat with ginger flecks), Mousekit ( gray tabby she-cat with white paws), Newtkit ( black-and-ginger tom with white chest and paws)
    Starwish-white she-cat with black patches-expecting kits
    Waterleaf-light brown she-cat with a white ear tip-expecting kits
    Mousesong-light brown she-cat with a white chest and legs-expecting kits

    Elders: Buttersong-golden brown she-cat with green eyes
    Featherpelt-gray she-cat with green eyes

    This I did last year and I have a few others, but also have different ones with no color names which means to describe them. The Clans I made up for Warrior Color Names is SnowClan, SandClan, BuzzardClan, VineClan, and StoneClan. Another of my clans have no color names to describe them which is DayClan, MudClan, ScarClan, SnakeClan, ThornClan, and ToadClan.

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