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  • Um, hi! I know he isn’t in this book, but a I couldn’t find a spoiler page for Fire and Ice. I was just wondering who Whiteclaw’s family was. Who are his parents? Does he have any siblings? All we know about him is that he was mentored by Leopardstar. And he is described to have dark fur- is that fur black, brown, gray or what? Is he a tabby? Sorry for all the questions, it must be so annoying. But if you could answer then that would be great, thank you!

  • This one is kind of sad. I feel SO BAD for Crookedstar when he is a kit. He gets renamed because of his jaw, Rainflower doesn’t really like him, Oakheart is an apprentice before him, and Crookedkit had to sleep in the nursery all by himself.

  • I feel bad for crookedstar because mapleshade did not tell him he was not in starclan until near the end of the book other than that the book was great

  • for anyone saying that rainflower should be punished, then not trying to be rude, but

    1 she was punished. she died. although it was kinda at the paws of mapleshade, she still died.

    2 bright guardian akira has done a youtube video, explaining WHY rainflower was not the best mother, but she had renamed him because she didn’t want to loose him. she thought he would die, so she renamed him crookedkit, so its him dying, not stormkit.

    although, i wonder what his name would be if he wasn’t renamed.

    • I’m mad because with how cats can get into the dark forest these days, Rainflower really should have. She was mean, abusive, and cruel, and her existing ruined a really pretty warrior name >:(

  • I just read Crookedstar’s Promise, and let me tell you it was amazing! 5/5, for sure. But if you’re really sensitive with characters, do not read. LOTS of deaths in pretty important characters. But despite what other would feel, it just made me hate Silverstream more. Not when she was a kit, but in the manga in the back of the book. Let’s peice this apart:
    Crookedstar: Silverstream? . . .Silverstream!
    Silverstream: What-Oh! I didn’t see you there!
    Crookedstar: Obviously. Where are you going?
    Silverstream: Oh, just. . .out.
    Crookedstar: I don’t think so. I don’t want you going out alone.
    Silverstream: What? Why?
    Crookedstar: Just do as I say, Silverstream.

    Even if we know what Silverstream is up to, Crookedstar is just plain trying to take over a full grown cat’s life. But on the next page. . .
    . . .
    Crookedstar *thinking*: It’s not like her to be so secretive, or to disobey me.
    Something’s up.
    Crookedstar *thinking*: There she is! And she’s with someone. . .it’s. . .
    Crookedstar *thinking*: . . .I smell Thunderclan! She. . .

    Basically the picture is Crookedstar looking at Graystripe and Silverstream through the reeds. They are snuggling, tails together. But this isn’t even the part I’m talking about. It;s when Crookedstar confronts her. Silverstream says, “I knew you’d feel this way. That’s why I didn’t tell you. You’re obsessed with clan loyalty. If you could see beyond you’re own nose, you’d realize. . .” I know this sounds SO insparational, but in my opinion it just sounds annoying. Silverstream acts like she can do anything, and honestly it’s only fair that she had to face the karma.