Spoiler Page: Hollyleaf’s Story

Gosh, a few of you have downloaded and read Hollyleaf’s Story already! It’s an e-book (which is great for British fans – they don’t need to pay for extra shipping from the US to get the newest titles as soon as they’re published 🙂 )

This is your page to reveal spoilers, so if you’ve not read it or you don’t want to find out what happens DON’T READ THE COMMENTS HERE! 😀

I’ve not read it yet (I don’t have a kindle or nook – I’m holding out for an iPad for Christmas…)


  15 Replies to “Spoiler Page: Hollyleaf’s Story”

  1. Avatar
    September 9, 2018 at 1:58 am

    Who likes Hollyleaf?
    SHE IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I love her so much!!!!!!!!!!!

    5 days 'til my b-day 🎊


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