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    Alright here is the new writing contest page! The prompt is to write a warriors short story about a forbidden romance that ends in the death of both characters (you can use your OCs, your own Clans, or canon characters and Clans). The word limit is 350ish to 3000ish. All entries are due on April 15th, and the three winners will be announced on April 16th! First place gets a secret page, and if anyone has ideas for 2nd and 3rd prizes please tell me. I about zero artistic abilities so a drawing isn’t an option. Have fun and good luck!

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      My father, Duskflash, always said curiosity would be my downfall. “Curiosity killed the cat,” he’d say, which was probably something he picked up from his days hanging around with the kittypets by the horse place, before Ploverstar caught him and dragged his sorry rump back to Windclan.
      Ha, I’d say, that doesn’t even make sense.
      Except it makes too much sense now.
      At first glance, Orchidfur doesn’t look like much, which was why I was as surprised as her when I found my eyes creeping back to her every gathering. Average height, average weight, fairly plain tabby, amber eyes that never looked back because she was always looking at the ground.
      My sister, Sablestrike, calls me shallow. And okay, maybe she’s a little right. If it’s got four legs and is pleasant to look at it, I’ll flirt with it. What can I say, I’ve got a weakness for a pretty face. Got that from Duskflash, y’know.
      But anyway, back to Orchidfur. We first met when I literally tripped over her, because I was too busy trying to impress a couple of Shadowclan toms to notice her.
      “I’m sorry,” I said.
      She raised her eyes off the ground, and pierced me with a glare that made me wish I’d gotten lost in a burrow as a kit and been raised as a rabbit instead of a cat. Her mouth quirked at the edges, the slightest hint of a sneer.
      What’re you doing, you fool? Go home. Her eyes seemed to say.
      It wasn’t that she was mad at me, because she wasn’t. Suddenly, I was the irrelevant one, not her.

      I never cared much about the warrior code. Still don’t, actually. It’s a load of mousedung if you ask me. Who’s Starclan to tell me that I can or can’t be in love with? Starclan’s just a bunch of normal cats who died. Huray. Congrats. Good riddance. Guess what, everyone dies, so y’all aren’t that special.
      She had this magical way of looking at me and just telling me exactly what she thought of me. Generally, she thought I was an idiot, but she was a hypocrite.
      I kept trying to apologize.
      “I’m sorry for stepping on your face. I’m sorry I didn’t notice your existence. I’m sorry for being an imbecile.”
      Eventually, she just turned to me with that utterly and completely unimpressed face and told me “Look, rabbit ears, I’ve got better things to do than listen to you beg.”
      Love at first sight, right? I run her over, she has better things to do.
      “You’re sitting alone in the corner at a gathering,” I said, confused.
      Then the old cats said some boring stuff, prey is running well, whatever. What’s the point of gatherings if all we ever say is “prey is running well” even if we’re all starving?
      “Are you still mad at me?” I asked her as she was leaving, and she shook her head.
      “I’m not angry, just annoyed. Now buzz off.”
      “No, hang on, we’re not done with this conversation. Why won’t you forgive me?”
      She hesitated, and I could tell there was a little something more to her frown as she said, “Forgiveness has to be earned.”
      “Then let me make it up to you,” I said, flashing the smile that works on most cats.
      She thought it was annoying. That I was annoying. That was what really bothered me, being ignored. Reminded me too much of Duskflash. If I couldn’t earn forgiveness, I could at least work my way up to infuriating.
      “Gathering’s over, mousebrain. See you next moon,” she muttered.
      “Wait, I’m serious,” I called after her, and something changed in her face, like she’d been waiting for that. “I really am sorry,” I said, surprised to realize I meant it. I spent so much time trying to weasel my way into other cats’ hearts, I occasionally forgot that they had emotions beyond what was relevant to me. She seemed sad underneath her shell, like me underneath my jokes.
      “And I really am annoyed.”
      Okay, maybe I was lying about the change in her face. She still hadn’t realized she was going to change my life forever.
      I was running out of cards to play. Skyclan was about to leave, and it would take her with it.
      “Meet me back here tomorrow.”
      Yes, I know, I know. I’m an idiot! This story never ends well, and I knew it as soon as I said that.
      In my defence, she was the smarter of the two of us, and she still said yes. Why? I don’t know. Maybe my natural charm finally took some affect, or, more likely, she was just trying to get rid of me.
      But I needed her to know me. To know I hadn’t meant to squash her, to know I wasn’t just an idiot who spoke in jokes and smiled in lies. Plus, I was curious. She kept looking away, pushing me away, walking away.
      What was she running from?

      “Mind your own business, Valleystep.”
      “Nah, what’s wrong? There’s something going on with you.”
      “Val, I’m serious, buzz off.”
      A general summary of 70% of our conversations. Some cats just don’t know what’s good for them. Orchidfur was not one of those. She knew we were a bad idea, and yet we kept meeting up under the stars, where I tried to get her to like me and she tried to get me to go away. Eventually, it got to the point where words didn’t mean what they used to.
      “Buzz off, you mousebrain.”
      Nice to see you again, love.
      “Sorry about your face.”
      Thanks for coming.

      Then one night the walls came down and we sealed our fate with the truth. Lies were safe. Lies were fun. Lies were just a better way to spend our time than sleeping. The truth made it serious, and that’s when things went downhill.
      I’m annoyed with you became I love you.
      Forgive me became stay with me.
      And eventually, she answered my question.
      She’d killed a cat.
      A leader.
      Elmstar of Skyclan. And that foxheart deserved it, but Great Starclan, I hadn’t realized what I was getting myself into.
      It was only so long until they figured it out, and Orchidfur knew that. I knew that too, but when she said forgive me I knew I had to stay.
      Elmstar had a bit of a reputation of being a bit too ruthless a bit too often, and even once no one was brave enough to mess with him he found fights to fight.
      She knew it wasn’t safe to talk about, but she needed to let it out before it ate it alive.
      Once Elmstar ran out of enemies, he turned to his friends. His mate. He was going to kill her, but Orchidfur stepped in. She killed him, but his mate still died. Now, Skyclan was looking for a murderer of two, and they were going to find her.
      “We’ve got to run away,” I said.

      Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m no angel. This wasn’t a valiant sacrifice. I knew she was in trouble, and now that I knew, I was in trouble as well. But I was looking for trouble from the start, so I shouldn’t have been surprised.
      “No.” She smiled, a sad one, a break your heart and crush the pieces kind of smile. “They’ll just catch me.”
      “Let me help you.”
      So she did. Maybe, if we could kill the current leader of Skyclan, the former deputy, she’d be safe and we could run away. They were just as bad as Elmstar, she said, Starclan would thank us.
      The more I retell this story, the more I realise how incredibly dumb I was. Not your average idiot dumb, but a special sort of dumb that was in a tier by itself.

      We went.
      We killed.
      We got caught.
      We didn’t even make it out of clan territory when the Windclan patrol found us. Ploverstar, wearing the same disappointed face he used to make whenever he’d find Duskflash off in the horseplace, Sablestrike looking like she always did when I’d been an idiot but sadder.
      And we died.

      As soon as I woke up here, I knew it had never stopped being lies. Elmstar deserved it, did he?
      Well, Starclan had an odd way of saying thank you.
      Now I don’t even have a good story to tell you. Yeah, yeah, laugh away. Look at that fool, landed themself in the Dark Forest because of love. I know, hilarious, right?
      You and your vengeance. Unoriginal.
      I wonder, sometimes, why she did it. But I don’t want to know. I don’t want to know anything about her anymore, I know enough and that’s what got me in trouble in the first place.
      Now, when she says forgive me, I can’t leave. I’ve got nowhere to go.

    • “Charredstripe, I need to talk to you” Rosethorn said, sadness flashing in her emerald-green eyes. Charredstripe stared at her, puzzled. “It’s about us. We can’t keep doing this.” She said. “Doing what?” Charredstripe asked. “This!” She said, pointing with her tail their secret meeting place. “Look, what I’m trying to say is, I’m a loyal RidgeClan warrior and as much as I love you, we can’t keep going.” Charredstripe thought he felt his heart stop. “I understand” he said glumly. He was turning to go, but Rosethorn called him back. “Wait, I need to show you something” she said. She moved her tail aside to reveal three kits! Charredstripe gasped. Kits! “Have you named them?” “Yes. This one is Cloudedkit” she said, nudging a grey she-cat with unnaturally blue eyes and a very fluffy tail. “This one is Bronzekit” she said, nudging a copper tabby tom with Charredstripe’s amber eyes. “And this one is Acaciakit” she said, nudging a bright orange she-cat with grey-green eyes. “What Clan should they be in?” Charredstripe asked uncertainly. “I think Cloudedkit should come with me, and Bronzekit and Acaciakit with you” Rosethorn said. Charredstripe nodded again. “I should go” said Charredstripe sadly, and turned to go. “Oh no you don’t.” He and Rosethorn spun around, and came face to face with Cardinalfrost of RidgeClan. “Cardinalfrost” Rosethorn growled, “get out of here if you know what’s good for you.” “Traitor!” He yowled and leapt at Rosethorn, who staggered under him. She was bleeding from her neck, so she turned to flee with Cloudedkit down a rabbit hole and collapsed, her breaths coming in wheezing pants. “HOW DARE YOU!” Charredstripe yowled and lunged at the experienced warrior, who lashed at his throat. Charredstripe keeled over and lay on the ground, bleeding heavily. Just then he saw his best friend Owleyes leap out of a bush and tackle Cardinalfrost, who ran sneering into RidgeClan territory. “Owleyes” he gasped. “Take the kits. The grey one, Cloudedkit, must go to RidgeClan and the others to SmokeClan with you. Raise them as your own.” And that was the last Charredstripe ever said before joining StarClan.

    • I think I already wrote and posted one about Brambleberry and Featherwhisker?
      (Also, some ideas for third place and second place: Write a poem about a character of their choice, write a fan fiction about a character or a ship of their choice, write a song about the character of their choice, etc. Hope I could help! 😀 )

      • Yeah something happened and a bunch of my secret pages no longer exist, including the old contest page. If you want to resubmit, that would be great! If not, I remember your story in detail and you are still in!

        Thanks for the ideas!

        • I would resubmit it, but I didn’t make a copy of it. So if your old contest page disappeared…then that’s the end of my story! I’m really sorry, I should have made a copy. But thanks for keeping me in! 🙂

    • It will be late, and I am therefore doomed.
      But beloved mentor
      I have spent many time working on this project – oh, and I won’t waste any left existing time I have rambling on. By the way, this one is 2999 words long. ><

      It was a sunny day in WindClan; the usual, lazy days with grumpy elders and bouncing kits.
      Today wasn't any different.
      “Dawnsplash,” a voice croaked. “You missed the one… there.”
      Froststorm flicked his tail and a tick went flying.
      What’s the point of bossing me around to catch your ticks if you can do it yourself?
      Froststorm had been deputy of WindClan before he decided to retire. Since then, he seemed to have decided to take advantage of his elder status by bossing all apprentices who tried to help him around.
      “I’m sorry,” she mewed through gritted teeth. “Have you got any more?”
      Froststorm flicked his white tail. “No. Thank you.”
      But it wasn’t sure.
      She thought back to the night last moon, when she’d been caught by Cloverflight while trying to find him.
      The punishment had worn off in a few days, but Dawnsplash had snuck away again and was caught by Cloverflight, again, stalking along the stream bordering RiverClan.
      She felt her tail flick with annoyance. Why had Cloverflight chosen to take a midnight walk that night? Since…
      Dawnsplash whirled around to see Cloverflight glaring at her. She stiffened immediately, and tried to look innocent. “What, Cloverflight?”
      “What have you been thinking about?” She padded closer, and leaned in. “I know you’re up to no good.”
      Dawnsplash narrowed her eyes. “I think you’re up to no good,” she mimicked. “Honestly, Cloverflight, you should shut up.”
      Cloverflight slashed her tail. “I’ll get you,” she hissed.
      Dawnsplash drew her lips in a snarl. “You have no right. And you won’t find anything,” she added. “Since I was just looking for a snack.”
      Cloverflight snorted. “If anyone believes that, she’s a hare-brain.”
      “Oh. I think I’ll tell Breezestar about that?”
      Cloverflight froze. “Breezestar? She believed that?”
      “Your mother did, too,” meowed Dawnsplash, feeling satisfaction that Cloverflight was troubled. “Poppydapple thought you were really nosy. She comforted me.”
      At Dawnsplash’s taunts, Cloverflight was digging her claws in harder. Finally, she stood up, kicked the dirt, and hissed, “I’ll get you,” and stalked off.
      As if she could! I’d like to see you try, Cloverflight.
      “Breezestar?” she meowed, waiting at the entrance of the leader’s den.
      Breezestar was a hurriedly appointed deputy; Graystar had been very old when Froststorm had decided to retire, and it had been everyone’s shock. Breezeheather was a loyal warrior, a skilled fighter and hunter, and had mentored Cloverflight’s mother. Many had doubted if she could make being leader, but she was turning out to be a brilliant one so far; she made smart, cool replies to others tauntingly pointing out she was a very young leader.
      “Enter!” called Breezestar, and Dawnsplash padded in to see the pale gray she-cat with white specks sitting regally in her nest. “Yes?”
      “I’d like to go to the Gathering.”
      Breezestar’s eyebrows shot up. “Really? Why?”
      Dawnsplash shrugged. “I just want to see the others. I’ve been cooped up in camp too long,” she mewed, feeling grateful to the fact that she had not gone to the last Gathering. “I know I’m still being punished for sneaking out. But I was really young, Breezestar, and I won’t do it again.” Not.
      Breezestar nodded. “I wasn’t going to deny you from going,” she mewed. “I believe it will be good for you to go out.”
      Dawnsplash purred, feeling her throat vibrate with happiness. Yes! “Thank you.”
      Breezestar nodded curtly. “Could you inform Leafpelt you’re going too?”
      “He won’t believe me,” Dawnsplash replied.
      Breezestar shook her head. “Leafpelt is not that narrow-minded,” she mewed.
      I appreciate your trust in your deputy, thought Dawnsplash, rolling her eyes as she turned away. “Thank you!” she called hurriedly behind her back, before padding off to find the deputy.
      Leafpelt was talking with Frostberry. Frostberry’s pale blue eyes were wide with delight and she was talking rapidly, with her silver and white pelt fluffed up. The beautiful she-cat seemed very exhilarated.
      “Great,” purred Leafpelt.
      “Leafpelt,” called Dawnsplash.
      Leafpelt turned. His purring had died away, and his eyes were now in narrow slits. Dawnsplash twitched her ear uncomfortably, and mewed, “I’m going to the Gathering.”
      Leafpelt snorted. “I so don’t believe you.”
      “Trust me! Breezestar agreed. You can check.”
      Leafpelt glanced uncertainly at Frostberry, who gave him a flick of a tail. “She wouldn’t lie,” the she-cat meowed.
      “I won’t,” Dawnsplash snapped.
      Leafpelt shrugged. “If you say so, Dawnsplash. I’m going to check if Honeytail helped Orangepaw. Amberpaw’s been postponing her ceremony since moons ago!”
      Dawnsplash padded away, to be blocked by her mother.
      “Cherrywhisker?” she meowed.
      “Dawnsplash. If anything’s wrong, tell me.” There was so much urgency in her eyes Dawnsplash, for a second, wished to tell.
      “Nothing is wrong,” she replied coldly a second later. “Leave me alone, Cherrywhisker.”
      Cherrywhisker flinched. The gray she-cat nodded, lowering her amber eyes.
      Dawnsplash couldn’t figure out why she couldn’t be nice. All her attention was to Duskshade. She’d heard from her RiverClan friend, Whiterose.
      Honestly, Whiterose had mewed worriedly, Duskshade insists he wants to do warrior duties. I’m afraid he’s going to go out anyway. But he’s like a brother to me, Dawnsplash, and I wish he’d try and keep himself safe!
      “Dawnsplash!” snapped Foxspring.
      “Foxspring? What?”
      “Are you listening? You aren’t even stopping! Dawnsplash, is anything wrong?”
      “First Cherrywhisker, then you? I’m fine.”
      “I just thing there’s a reason you keep sneaking out,” answered Foxspring, his bright blue eyes narrowing. “We’re asking these questions because we love you.”
      Dawnsplash dug her claws in. “There’s nothing,” she insisted.
      Foxspring sighed. “But come to me. If you need me.”
      Dawnsplash nodded. “Thanks,” she mewed, feeling her lies’ weights. She hated lying to her father; Foxspring was a fatherly father, and she’d never, ever lied to him. Before Duskshade.
      But he meant so much to her.

      She’d first seen him when she’d wandered onto RiverClan territory by mistake when she was an apprentice. The hostile Duskpaw had escorted her to the border, and she still remembered his words: “Dawnpaw, don’t stray back. It’s for your own good.”
      It was probably nothing, but Dawnpaw’s heart had flipped out.
      Then, when she was delivering Breezestar’s message as a new warrior, she’d seen Duskshade.
      “You? Dawnpaw? What is it again? I told you to stay out!”
      “I’m just delivering a message,” Dawnsplash had shot back. “And it’s Dawnsplash, Duskpaw. The message is from Breezestar.”
      Duskshade grudgingly nodded. “It’s Duskshade, Dawnsplash.”
      Dawnsplash was so nervous, she had broken into a fit of laughter. When Duskshade had stared at her, she mewed, “Sorry, I’m just nervous.”
      “I understand,” meowed Duskshade kindly. “Come on, I’ll take you to Snowflower.”
      “Snowflower? Why? Is Reedstar…?”
      “He’s sick,” answered Duskshade. So Snowflower is currently leading our Clan.”
      “Okay,” mewed Dawnsplash, afraid to sympathize; he might lash out.
      “It’s okay,” Duskshade told her after a few seconds. “I know we’re pitiful.”
      Dawnsplash stopped in her tracks. “You’re unlike any Clan cat I’ve seen,” she mewed, laughter in her tone. “They usually lash out when I show any signs of sympathy.”
      “I’m not a Clan cat, I guess?” Duskshade purred.
      Dawnsplash was feeling friendly towards the gray tom, and was about to say something when a voice yowled out, “Who is it, Duskshade?”
      “Brookstorm!” exclaimed Duskshade. He nodded to Dawnsplash, and padded towards a dark gray she-cat. The she-cat glanced at Dawnsplash; it only lasted a second but her green gaze was terrifying.
      “Who is she?”
      “She’s Dawnsplash. She says she has a message for Snowflower from Breezestar.”
      Brookstorm nodded. “Very well,” she meowed. She gazed at Dawnsplash. “Wait here,” she ordered. “Duskshade, get Foxrose or Dovetail to guard her.”
      Duskshade looked uncertain. “Come on, Brookstorm.”
      “No, Duskshade. Safety first.”
      “All right.”
      Brookstorm waited until Duskshade brought a ginger she-cat.
      “Foxrose, please guard her.”
      “Sure thing,” the ginger she-cat answered, her blue eyes bright.
      A few seconds later, Brookstorm came back to escort Dawnsplash to Snowflower.
      A pretty silverish white she-cat was waiting. “What does Breezestar wish to say?” she asked.
      Dawnsplash found it hard to speak with Brookstorm glaring at her. “Uh… She says she wants to discuss the matter of two of your warriors trying to steal prey.”
      Snowflower’s blue eyes hardened. “Who are they?” she asked, her voice low and steady.
      “I don’t know exactly,” Dawnsplash answered hesitantly. “But I think it was Brackenfern and Otterfrost?”
      Snowflower scowled. “Those two,” she muttered. “Very well. Tell Breezestar I will be visiting WindClan in a few days to discuss the matter.” She flicked her tail, and Brookstorm led Dawnsplash away.
      “Was everything alright?” asked Duskshade, his pale eyes wide.
      “Yeah,” murmured Dawnsplash. “Hey, before I go, I want to ask you something–”
      “Dawnsplash! You must go now!” Brookstorm’s voice called.
      “I’ll see you at night?” suggested Duskshade. “You can ask me then.”
      “Tonight?” squeaked Dawnsplash.
      “Yes, why not? At the border, maybe.”
      “Of course…”
      “Dawnsplash!” yowled Brookstorm, and Dawnsplash ran towards her. “I’m going, I’m going.”

      But those meetings had stretched too far…
      Leafpelt narrowed his eyes. “Come on,” he hissed. “Are you coming or not?”
      Dawnsplash had been stalling by the tree bridge, anxiously scouting the RiverClan cats.
      “RiverClan seems sleek,” sighed Lilyfur distastefully.
      “Cheer up!” meowed Fernfeather. The gray mottled she-cat glanced at Dawnsplash. “Let’s go.”
      Dawnsplash nodded. “Sorry.”
      She was relieved to see a gray pelt among the RiverClan cats. A special gray pelt.
      Dawnsplash concentrated on creeping to where Duskshade sat, staring up at the leaders with the greatest respect.
      “Psst,” she hissed.
      Duskshade’s eyes widened. “Dawnsplash?”
      “Are you better now?”
      Duskshade nodded. “Yes, I am. Were you worried?”
      “I heard from Whiterose you were really sick,” murmured Dawnsplash.
      “I’m fine now,” promised Duskshade. “I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you.”
      “No, of course it’s fine! I really want to speak to you privately some time…”
      “I do, too, really. How about tomorrow night?”
      Dawnsplash flinched. “No, you’re sick.”
      “No, I’m fine,” Duskshade insisted. “I have so much to tell you.”
      Hesitating, Dawnsplash nodded. “Okay,” she mewed. “Tonight.”
      She dipped her head and scurried off quickly towards her Clan. Cloverflight narrowed her eyes. “Who have you been talking to?” she demanded.
      Dawnsplash winced. “You scared me out of my fur, Cloverflight,” she meowed.
      Cloverflight hissed. “Answer!” she demanded.
      “Nowhere,” mewed Dawnsplash. “I’ve only been to the RiverClan cats to talk to Whiterose.”
      Cloverflight snarled. “I will find out,” she warned, and stalked off. But she didn’t go to the mob of WindClan; she was stalking towards the RiverClan cats! Dawnsplash hoped Whiterose could notice what was happening and lie to her.
      As Dawnsplash watched, Cloverflight demanded to Whiterose. The momentarily surprised Whiterose caught Dawnsplash’s eyes, and she gave a little flick of tail, and she meowed something to Cloverflight.
      Cloverflight hunched back her shoulders and stalked back. “I am watching,” she hissed.

      “A fox!” gasped a voice.
      Dawnsplash whirled back. Rainfoot jumped to her paws, and stared at her sister.
      “What do you mean?”
      Brightcloud’s eyes were enormous as she replied in a quivering voice: “A fox has made a den in our territory.”
      “Was it fresh?” demanded Leafpelt.
      Brightcloud narrowed her eyes. “Of course it was.”
      Leafpelt nodded his head.
      “It’s on the edge on our territory, thankfully,” Brightcloud mewed. “It’s where we border RiverClan.”
      “It might stray into RiverClan,” mused Breezestar. “Do you think the fox will attack?”
      Brightcloud nodded. “There are more than one, Breezestar. I saw three cubs.”
      “How can you be so sure?” Frostberry inquired.
      “That’s because…” Brightcloud hesitated, gazing at her paws. When she lifted her head, her eyes were filled with shame. “I went in. I was just getting out when I saw the mother fox. Its eyes blazed, and I barely escaped. Luckily, she seemed to be worried about her cubs.”
      “She might worry about her young,” mewed Rainfoot.
      “Foxes don’t work like that,” protested Grassfur.
      “They were pretty old. One was injured, and that’s why she didn’t kill me. But three foxes are enough to make severe damage. I think we must organize a surprise attack.”
      “Tomorrow,” meowed Breezestar. “Today is a day for preparing.”
      Dawnsplash’s heart was beating. What if it did go over to RiverClan? Duskshade might die!

      The moon was blinking, her light shining in the cold night. The golden moon was hanging on a branch, and an owl hooted.
      The grass swayed from a cool and gentle breeze.
      A white paw was slowly lifted, and the white paw resumed walking with its other pair.
      “Duskshade?” a voice whispered. It was trembling.
      “Dawnsplash! You came!”
      The white paws scurried ahead. Green eyes were shining, but only for a moment. “Look, Duskshade. Tonight isn’t right.”
      “Why? Did anybody catch you?”
      “A fox has made her den by the border,” meowed Dawnsplash, glancing back anxiously. “It might be dangerous.”
      Duskshade’s amber eyes fell, and he mewed limply, “Of course. Then when?”
      “I don’t know. We’re going to lay a surprise attack tomorrow,” Dawnsplash explained. “With any luck, we might drive them away.”
      “The fox has three cubs. I’ll try to get on the patrol and drive them far away. Not towards RiverClan, anyway. Oh…” Dawnsplash blinked. “I’m so worried.”
      “It’s all right.” Duskshade licked Dawnsplash’s ear gently.
      Dawnsplash sighed and sat down, wrapping her gray, white-tipped tail around her white paws. “Do you think we can carry out this anymore?” She looked down. “I mean…” At the corner of her eye, she saw Duskshade’s amber eyes widening. “I’m sorry, but we need to be realistic.”
      “No!” Duskshade yowled, and he jumped.
      “No? What? Why are you crossing the bor – NO!” A shriek rang the cold night air.
      A fox’s claws had slashed against Duskshade’s pelt.
      In the moment of fury, Dawnsplash flung herself towards the fox, her claws flailing. She felt cold fur against her claws, and she slashed. She didn’t even know what she was doing.
      Once she had lost hope and wished to give up. But she met the fox’s gleaming yellow eyes and the limp, twitching body of Duskshade, she found will to fight.
      Dawnsplash was slowly losing the fight. She felt herself move more slower, but the fox made no sign of tiring.
      Just then, a silver pelt flung itself in front of Dawnsplash and began fighting the fox.
      Are you a warrior from StarClan?

      When she had opened her eyes, she found that she was lying on a patch of soft grass. She staggered to her paws, expecting burning, hot pain everywhere. Instead, she felt totally fine, with sunlight shining on her pale gray pelt.
      “Where am I?” she murmured.
      Dawnsplash turned her head to see Waternose padding towards her. The tortoiseshell and white she-cat had died about a moon after Dawnsplash had received her name.
      “Waternose!” She felt her voice choking.
      Waternose’s warm amber eyes met Dawnsplash’s pale blue ones, and she winced. “Am I dead? I can’t be.”
      “You are, in fact, not,” meowed Waternose. “You are hovering between life and death.”
      Dawnsplash’s eyes flickered. “And where’s Duskshade?”
      Waternose frowned. “Focus on your life.”
      “No buts.”
      “I…” Dawnsplash fell limp. She curled her white tail protectively around herself, and thought about the aftermath. What would happen? If she died, they would love her. At least, not hate her. If she went back, she would be bombarded with nasty comments.
      “But I want to see them again.”
      Waternose hesitated. “You could visit them in a dream,” she offered.
      Dawnsplash brightened. “Really? Then… Can I stay?”
      “You don’t want to face the consequences,” accused Waternose.
      Under her stern gaze, Dawnsplash lowered her head. “No, I don’t,” she admitted. “Not if I don’t have to.”
      “But you have to face it.”
      “But I have nothing left to live for.”
      Dawnsplash squared her shoulders guiltily. “Can’t you tell them?”
      “No!” Waternose lashed her tail angrily, her eyes flaring with anger. “What did you learn on your first day as an apprentice?” Her voice had softened a little.
      “I don’t know!” Dawnsplash snapped, feeling frustrated and angry.
      Waternose narrowed her eyes and glared at her former apprentice. “Well, Dawnpaw,” she hissed.
      “Dawnpaw!” Dawnsplash cried indignantly.
      “I’m calling you that until you act mature. And remember your first day.”
      Dawnsplash blinked three times. “A mouse will hear my pawsteps?” she suggested.
      “Er, I should face – oh.” Dawnsplash sighed. “You can’t seriously expect this from me.”
      “I do.” Waternose stood taller. “Follow me.” She bounded off, and Dawnsplash hurried to catch up, taking in rapid breaths.
      Waternose skidded to a halt when she arrived to a pool. It had a strange aura; special and misty. “This is our counterpart, the StarClan part, of the Moonpool,” she explained. “Go.”
      Unsure what to do exactly, Dawnsplash dipped her nose to the water.

      Everything was blurry at first. She could slowly make out the sleeping shape of…
      “Cherrywhisker?” she whispered.
      With that tiny sound, the gray and white she-cat jerked awake, her eyes widening.
      “Dawnsplash!” she exclaimed. Her eyes were panicky. “Stay! Stay and I’ll get him.”
      She dashed off, faster than anyone Dawnsplash had ever seen.
      Soon, a ginger tom wandered in, his eyes wide. “Is it true?” he rasped. His voice was so hoarse; Dawnsplash could hardly recognize her father’s voice anymore.
      “I’m sorry,” she choked out. Her eyes went misty, and she felt a warm drop run down her cheek. She felt as if her throat were about to burst.
      “It’s okay,” murmured her mother warmly.
      “Of course it is.”
      Dawnsplash blinked away the teras, and saw Cherrywhisker and Foxspring’s warm, inviting eyes. I wish I didn’t have to go. “I need some rest,” she muttered. “But thank you. Thank you so much?”
      “For what?”
      And with that, Dawnsplash lay down.
      She felt a familiar ache in her chest and her joints. Finding it harder to breathe, Dawnsplash crawled out of the medicine den. It was a night filled with stars.
      She breathed in the cool night air, she saw them. stars that blinked invitingly in the beautiful night sky, the last real night sky Dawnsplash would ever see.

      Oops, cringy.

      • Oh my gosh that was amazing! Your writing is so descriptive and the names were beautiful!

        Also, you aren’t late. It’s the 15th still, so submissions aren’t due for a few more hours. I don’t know if you’re in a different time zone and/or country from me, but for me it’s still Thursday afternoon.

    • Actually, it turns out I did have a copy of my story! Sorry! 😛 I know the contest is over, but I’d thought I’d post it again anyways! 😀
      By the blackberry bush
      Written by Mountainpaw
      1321 words

      “Featherpaw, you know we’re not supposed to meet.” Bramblepaw whispered into the dark. The brambles of the blackberry bush crunched, and a pale grey cat stepped out into the dappled moonlight. His soft amber eyes gazed warmly into Bramblepaw’s. He grinned softly. Bramblepaw’s words caught in her throat. She remembered the night they first met, at the gathering. Featherpaw was really nervous, and Bramblepaw comforted him with soothing words. And she knew, right there, as her heart seemed to flutter all the way to the moon and back, that she was in love. But, not only was Bramblepaw in RiverClan, and Featherpaw in ThunderClan, they were both medicine cats. And the recent battle over sunning rocks made RiverClan even more angry at ThunderClan. Bramblepaw sighed. She was almost a full medicine cat. What would Milkfur say if she found out? Would StarClan even allow her to become a medicine cat, when she shattered the sacred Warrior code in such a forbidden way? Featherpaw stepped closer, and nuzzled Bramblepaw, purring. His fur was so thick, and smooth, and pale silver like the thin moon overhead. Bramblepaw was filled with warmth from paws to ear tip. She felt as relaxed and content as if she had just devoured their whole stock of poppy seeds. Then she broke away from Featherpaw, purring. Featherpaw smiled, then looked away quickly. They watched the river flow quietly, and the crickets chip their good cheer to the night sky, speckled with silver sprays of stars.
      “How’s training going with Goosefeather?” Bramblepaw asked at last.
      “It’s going really well. Though I wish the other cats wouldn’t treat him with such disrespect,” his face twisted in anger. Bramblepaw understood. She felt undying loyalty to her mentor, Milkfur.
      “Sure, he is a bit odd sometimes, but he teaches me lots of things, and he knows all the herbs in the forest! He’s brilliant.” Featherpaw added loyally. “How about you, Bramblepaw? How’s training going with Milkfur?”
      “It’s going well. Just yesterday, I helped her deliver a new litter of kits.”
      They smiled at each other again. A frog croaked. The reeds swished in the night breeze, though it was very warm, and Bramblepaw, just like all RiverClan cats, had a thick, heavy pelt that warmed her even more. “What would you like your medicine cat name to be?”
      Featherpaw asked.
      “I…I’d like it to be Bramblefeather. After you. But you know we can’t chose.”
      “I know, I know.” Featherpaw looked deeply honored.
      He purred again, and Bramblepaw nuzzled him.
      “Oh, great StarClan! It’s twilight!” The pale light of the rising sun started to color the sky dark purple. ‘We’d better go before the warriors wake up! Be careful over the stepping stones, Featherpaw!” Bramblepaw said.
      Featherpaw nodded, and dashed off, back into the brambles of the blackberry bush. Bramblepaw quickly started to groom her pelt, washing the scent of ThunderClan off her white and black fur. She spat out a burr, ripped off a few pieces of borage leaves from the nearby plant, and dashed off into the reeds, back to the RiverClan camp.

      Above, in the stars, two spirits of lost cats were talking.
      “Well? Volestar?”
      Volestar sighed. “Echosong, it’s a very forbidden relationship, I know, but you can’t control love. Let them be, and maybe they will come to their senses,”
      “Fine!” Echosnout spat, the stars in her pelt pulsing with anger. “We will let them be. But they must know, breaking the warrior code is wrong. Bramblepaw has to be loyal to her Clan only. They are her kin, not some ThunderClan medicine cat apprentice.” She walked away, sprinting across the sky. Volestar sighed. If only Echosnout knew…

      Brambleberry watched Crookedkit try to eat a fish, sorrow in her eyes. She loved the little kit so much…his eyes looked just like Featherpaw’s. She had done all in her power to heal him, and true, he survived, but she could not fix his crooked jaw. And how long would he stay alive, eating like that, with only a fourth of the fish in his belly? Brambleberry shook her head. She would help him all she could. She would give him all the love Rainflower would no longer do. Rainflower. The name was now bitter in Brambleberry’s mind. How cruel it was to leave a kit in need sad, and helpless? Brambleberry gathered her herbs and arranged them inside her den, Featherwhisker on her mind. She had not met him for ages…she was too busy healing Crookedkit. She felt another twist of anger. Crookedkit! How cruel could Rainflower get?

      Brambleberry waited. At last, she picked up the scent of ThunderClan. Yes! Featherpaw appeared from the bramble bush.
      “Featherpaw!” Brambleberry cried.
      “Bramblepaw!” Featherpaw purred with delight.
      They nuzzled each other, twinning their tails together, purring so loud Brambleberry was sure cats on the moon could hear them.
      “You haven’t come in ages!” Featherpaw purred. “I’ve missed you!”
      “I’ve missed you too. But Crookedkit-”
      “Crookedkit?” Featherpaw gasped.
      “His name was Stormkit, but he had an accident. His jaw broke, and his fox of a mother renamed him Crookedkit. I almost renamed myself “Swallowherb”, the poor kit was so sad.”
      “Aww, I’m sorry.” Featherpaw mewed sympathetically. “I’m sure you did your best,”
      “Thanks. Also, I’m Brambleberry now,”
      “Really? Awesome! Congratulations! Not Bramblefeather then?”
      “I don’t mind. Berry reminds me of this blackberry bush we always meet beside.”
      Featherpaw purred. “I’m Featherwhisker.” He announced.
      “That’s great!” Bramblepaw nuzzled him.
      The moon shone over head, the willow tree’s branches whispered, shifting and brushing against each other. The river gurgled, the crickets chirped, the frogs croaked, a nightingale sang it’s beautiful, sorrowful song to the night. It seemed to sing:
      “Broken wings, Broken heart, Broken stars. Believe in me, believe your heart, whispering willows, swishing reeds. I sing to the stars, I sing to my heart, I sing for you, I sing for me, in the dead of night” The reeds seemed to say: “The reed that bends is stronger then the oak that stands. Listen to our words of wisdom”
      And Brambleberry felt happier then she ever had. Oh, how she loved Featherwhisker.

      Many moons had passed. At first, when Featherwhisker no longer arrived at the blackberry bush, Brambleberry shoved it off. He must be busy, it’s Leaf-bare.
      Warriors need their medicine cats during this time.
      But then…when a whole moon had passed..it was time to go to the gathering. She’ll see him there. But she only saw the other ThunderClan medicine cat, Spottedleaf, and the blood seemed to freeze in her veins like ice. No. It can’t be true. He’s still alive. He has to be.
      “Spottedleaf? Where’s Featherwhisker?” She asked at once.
      Spottedleaf looked at Brambleberry with sorrow in her eyes.
      “He hunts with StarClan. Greencough took him this moon.”
      Brambleberry froze. She felt numb. She sank to her paws, closed her eyes, and let the cold creep across her body, till it reached her heart, and swallowed her whole.
      “He…he can’t be.” She choked.
      “I’m sorry, Brambleberry. I knew you were close,” Spottedleaf soothed.
      Brambleberry nodded, grief sweeping over her like violent waves, each one washing away her joy, piece by piece. Featherwhisker….

      Brambleberry took a deep breath, and swallowed. She shook violently, gasping, sputtering, choking. She fell to the floor, let out one last shuddering gasp, and lay still, foam covering her mouth. She had poisoned herself with death berries, so she could join Featherwhisker in StarClan. RiverClan would be in great paws with Mudfur as their medicine cat. He was clever, and gifted, and Brambleberry could guide her Clan from StarClan, beside Featherwhisker.

      Featherwhisker and Brambleberry were standing side by side, watching the river gurgle. Featherwhisker glanced at her warmly, the stars in his pelt twinkling with love.
      “I’m glad we’re together again,” he purred.
      “So am I, Featherwhisker. So am I.”

      The end.

  • Repost:

    A medicine cat-Quailflash.

    A warrior-me.

    You’d never think the two of us would break the code so much we get killed. But it happened, and you’re going to want to listen carefully,dear apprentices.

    I thought I’d live an average life as a warrior. Fight for my clan,mentor one or two cats,even take a mate and have kits if I was lucky. It all turned upside down when I fell out of that tree.

    The giant sycamore. Also known as death wish tree by a morbid few,as attempting to climb to the top was considered suicide. But being idiotic,restless apprentices my friends and I decided to try.

    It was me,Icepaw,Molepaw,and Thornpaw. Molepaw was the one who came up with the dare. Icepaw didn’t want to do it,and while we didn’t make him,the names we called him were something else. It wasn’t a very healthy friendship,mind you.

    So up death wish tree we went. Thornpaw didn’t get very far,there were no branches close enough for him to jump to,and he didn’t want to fall. Climbing was never his strong-suit…

    Anyway,Molepaw and I kept going,telling Thornpaw that we would help him down on the way back. I don’t remember how far the two of us went,but I do remember that at one point I made a mistake.

    A branch was above me,higher than the others I had gotten to. I still thought I could reach it,but-as you can assume by my tone of voice-I couldn’t. My claws barely hooked the bark,and for a few,horrible seconds,I hung there,shouting for Molepaw.

    He didn’t come and help me,didn’t respond. Well,he might have said something,but the blood in my ears was roaring so loud I probably wouldn’t have heard. Either way,Molepaw didn’t do anything,and my claws couldn’t support my weight any longer,so I dropped.

    It felt like that time in the air lasted days,but in reality it was likely less than thirty seconds. I hit other branches,tried to grab a few of them,wailed like a kit torn from it’s mother,before eventually hitting the ground with such force I was knocked out.

    I have bits and pieces of the moments between me passing out and waking up in the medicine den stuck in my mind,but I can’t put them together. There’s flashes of Icepaw screaming, memories of the searing,blinding pain that pierced my head,even fragments of my mother’s soothing voice telling me that I would be okay,that everything would be alright.

    Besides that,it’s pure blankness on my side. Of course others described things to me,but their recountings are all different,all told from their perspective,all holding biases and made up ideas and half-truths.

    Thornpaw said he helped get me back to camp and stayed with me overnight,while Molepaw said that he went to the apprentice den immediately after getting home. Icepaw said he ran to get help and carried me with Skyfeather,then made sure I didn’t stop breathing over night. Molepaw said he tried to get to me,while Icepaw said he didn’t even stop climbing.

    I didn’t know who was telling the truth,so I learned to disregard their versions. For all I know,every one of them could have been lying and exaggerating. I doubt my recollection of those events will magically appear in my mind,so I can’t give you much detail,but that’s not exactly the important part of this,anyway.

    The next full memory I have after falling was of the medicine den accompanied by my mother, sister,and Icepaw. My sister had curled up and laid in my nest,and I immediately relaxed. But that relaxation was soon replaced with pain and confusion.

    My head hurt,so did my sides and my jaw and my back legs. There were plenty of other injuries I could list,but the gist of it was that I had seriously hurt myself. The medicine cat,Grasswing, would have been working double time on his own to heal me,but he had recently gotten an apprentice.

    Quailpaw,a pale gray she-cat with a soft voice and lovely blue eyes. I wouldn’t say it was love at first sight-I don’t necessarily believe that exists-but I immediately found her attractive,and I wanted to talk to her. Of course,getting water dripped into my mouth or having poultice applied to my pelt weren’t exactly the best times to flirt,so I waited until I had improved.

    That improvement took a bit longer than a quarter moon,because the first time they thought I was getting better I stood up to stretch my legs and almost fainted. Eventually,I was allowed to return to training. So during breaks from learning battle techniques and hunting practice,I would visit the medicine den and talk with Quailpaw.

    Grasswing didn’t think this was weird,which I was grateful for. He was one of the few cats in the clan that knew ones of the opposite gender could be friends. Not saying we didn’t have anything romantic going on.

    Quilpaw didn’t seem very interested at first,which I wasn’t ready to accept at that point,though you should never be toxic to those who don’t share your feelings. But soon she started warming up to me.

    As I’m sure you know,a relationship between a warrior and a medicine cat is forbidden,it goes against the code. I never thought that rule made sense. ‘No,Quailpaw,you’re to holy/important to take a mate or have kits,now go back to sorting those leaves!’ but that’s just a personal belief. I suppose it served a purpose when it was made.

    Anyway,you know that our love wasn’t allowed,and that if we were found out there would be consequences,but you don’t know just how far it would be taken.

    Kestrelstar had recently taken the place of Dawnstar,a fair and generally liked she-cat. Kestrelstar wasn’t exactly bad in charge,but he felt very strongly about breaking the code. Not so much as banishing someone for accidentally crossing a border,but when it came to big things like cross-clan relationships and such…he was ruthless.

    It was truly dangerous for us to be together,and Quailpaw expressed her worry several times,but I didn’t care. Deep down,neither did she. We wanted to be together,and we refused to stop.

    Secret meets and longing glances became a normal thing between us. A simple brush of the tail could mean everything when it came to our intimacy. As time passed,we got closer,Quailpaw became Quailflash and I became Patchclaw. We knew everyone was getting more and more suspicious of us,and that our secret was bound to be revealed,so we started thinking of what to do.

    The idea of running away was brought up a few times,but Quailflash could never leave her home. I wasn’t as attached to my clan as I probably should have been,to be honest. I liked it and all-it was were I grew up-yet I would be willing to flee if I had to.

    Other things were proposed,but none of them were ever used. We eventually decided to stop interacting as much,stop the glances and tail brushes and overly friendly greetings. I talked to Quialflash only when I was injured or sick,and even then it was simple,few word statements. The occasional hello was stiff and stoic,not revealing any emotion. We were more careful than ever,yet we still got caught.

    Our nighttime meets had become very infrequent and short,we made sure to check that no one saw us,but two cats managed to slip through the defenses we’d crafted.

    Shadeleaf and Stonegrowl,a brother and sister pair used to spy on clanmates and outsiders alike. They overheard our conversation filled with ‘i love yous’ and purrs and all sorts of things that could be used against us. When we got back,most of the clan was awake and eager to pounce.

    A trial was held,though we didn’t get much of a chance to defend ourselves. Kestrelstar was convincing,even some of the cats originally on our side were persuaded to dislike us. The few supporters we had were shot down,and the ruling was not in our favor.

    We were to be killed,killed for a feeling we didn’t have a say in. We didn’t get to choose if we loved each other,if that was the case it would never have happened!

    As I’ve watched Kestrelstar from the afterlife,I’ve discovered he’s a lot worse of a leader than I thought. Not only exiling a cat who had a crush on someone from FieldClan,but also being blatantly rude towards a loyal warrior who used to be a loner and two she-cat who’re mates.

    That’s not the end of our story,though. Our murders were set the next night at moon-high,so there was plenty of time for fear to build up. Two separate areas were made for us to stay in,far away from each other. When the time came,a cat I had never expected appeared.

    Badgercreek,my own father. His eyes blazed with anger as he slowly padded up to me,his long claws gleaming eerily in the moonlight. Through gritted teeth,he muttered something about how I was no longer his son and how ashamed he was of me. I mean,I didn’t expect him to be okay with my relationship,but disownment? That wasn’t anticipated.

    He wasted no time lunging. I tried to fight back,but he was so much stronger. The strength I admired as a kit was what helped him pin me down and bite my throat. The last thing I heard was Quailflash’s shrieks of agony as she was slaughtered alongside me.

    And now I’m here,warning you not to succumb to the fate we did. Songpaw,you’re a StreamClan apprentice,you’re living under Kestrelstar’s rule. Mistpaw,you’re leader is strict,she’d waste no time getting rid of you.

    Please,please don’t let the same thing happen. Leave,join RootClan-they’re accepting,start your own group,anything! I won’t let any more cats die the way I did,I will protect as many as I can until my soul fades away,nothing but wind blowing across the territories.

    Just…be careful. Quailflash and I are watching over,we may not be in the stars when you look up,but we are there. We refused StarClan-don’t you know they can’t save you? They don’t have that much power,we learned that the hard way. We will be together for eternity,ghosts travelling the land.

    After all,no love is forbidden.

  • Rushfur had liked me since we were apprentices. I wanted nothing to do with him…at first.
    I mean, we could have been good mates for each other, but I wasn’t one to break the warrior code.
    He was always staring at me. I thought he was staring at my best friend, Mallowbush. I wanted him to be looking at her.
    But she always whispered in my ear, her amber eyes glittering with amusement.
    “He likes you.” she’d say
    I’d flick her with my tail, and mumble back, “No he does not.”
    But how ever hard I tried to forget Rushfur, my eyes always landed back on him.

    Forever I would like Ivyheart. She was beautiful and sweet. I remember when I first met her. I was a young apprentice, and my friend, Mallowpaw, from ThunderClan, had come up to me with a tiny, dark gray apprentice. She looked frail, but her green eyes were determined.
    I liked her.
    And at first, that was just me being a friend. But soon I was really in love with her.
    And yeah…I don’t really care about the warrior code….but Ivyheart…

    So what happened next?
    Rushfur told me that he liked me…and I basically just stared at him, then I ran away. He probably thought I hated him.
    I told Mallowbush what he had said to me. We were at a Gathering, and she glanced over at Rushfur, who’s big, blue eyes were staring across the clearing, dazed.
    She looked back at me and hissed, “Ivyheart, Rushfur is my best friend besides you. You could at lest say you like him back, because I know you do.”
    “You want me to break the warrior code?” I asked
    “No. But at least admit you like him.”
    So I wandered back over to Rushfur, but before I could say anything, the Gathering began. So I ended up just sitting next to Rushfur, and every once in a while, I shot an apologetic glance at him.

    Yep, Ivyheart ran away from me when I told her my feelings for her. I wasn’t surprised. Okay, maybe I was a little surprised. I thought she liked me!
    But when she sat next to me, I knew we were okay.
    So I asked her to meet me at the Gathering Island the next night.
    She was reluctant, so I told her it was to work out our feelings for each other….
    No! Of course it wasn’t.
    I just wanted to see her again.

    So I came to see Rushfur, and he told me how mush he liked me, and I told him how much I liked him, and we became…forbidden mates. He was a ShadowClan cat, I was a ThunderClan cat.
    It was a stupid idea, but now we were forbidden mates, so we came to see each other often.
    Then the battle came.

    It was a big one.
    And It was between ShadowClan and ThunderClan.
    And we were from ShadowClan and ThunderClan.
    One terrible night, I met Ivyheart in battle. Next to me was my Clanmate and friend, Sandfoot.
    “What are you doing Rushfur?!” Sandfoot growled
    She and Ivyheart were already in a screeching, tumbling, bundle of fur.
    I just stood there, watching as my Clanmate scratched at my mate. I felt dizzy when I saw Ivyheart’s blood spattered pelt.
    Ivyheart gave Sandfoot a good blow to the cheek, and sent her running to find a different opponent.
    We stood there, staring, then we ran into the shadows of the trees.
    “Rushfur. I’m so sorry.” she muttered.
    “Me too.” I sighed
    We pressed up against each other.
    “Forever I will love you.” I murmured affectionately

    I was nervous as we stood there.
    “Rushfur, I have something to tell you.” I whispered
    “What?” he asked
    “We have kits.”
    “What?! Where are they?”
    I walked over to a bramble bush and coaxed our two young kits out.
    “This is Beechkit,” I mewed, looking down at the small white-and-gray tom, “And this is Ashkit.” I pointed my tail at the little gray she-kit.
    “They’re beautiful.” Rushfur murmured
    “I have to hide them now.” I told him, “Go back in the bush now.”
    “But Mama, it’s prickly.” Beechkit squeaked
    “There’s a battle Beechkit.” Ashkit squealed from the bush
    Beechkit gasped and dove into the bush. The kits mews came softly from inside the brambles.
    We ran back to the battle, and I saw Mallowbush battling a warrior named Ebonynose.
    I whisked over to her and helped push Ebonynose away.
    Rushfur leaped over at me.
    “That’s my father!” he growled
    “I’m sorry, I didn’t know.” I mewed back
    Mallowbush pounced onto Rushfur.
    “You are mates. Stop fighting.” she growled
    “Mates?!” Ebonynose was back
    “Mallowbush!!” Rushfur and I hissed

    My father stood over us, hissing angrily.
    “I knew you were hiding something Rushfur.”
    “I’m sorry-” I began
    “I really am-”
    “No you aren’t! Why don’t you go to ThunderClan if you love her so much.”
    “No! I love ShadowClan..”
    “But you love her too.”
    He leaped onto my mate. She tried to get back onto her feet. She tried to fight, but she was too small compared to Ebonynose. She was being crushed.
    I wanted to help her, but I couldn’t fight my father.
    Mallowbush tried to help, but didn’t get very far.
    I just stood there, watching in horror as I saw the life being drained from Ivyheart.
    “Ebonynose! Stop! You’re killing her!” I screeched
    By now, all the cats around us were watching in agony as Ivyheart died under the paws of my father.
    “No!” I was wailing like a lost kit
    I fell at the side of my mate, burying my face in her soft, gray fur. Slowly, she turned her head to look at me, and choked, “Take care of our kits.”, before dying, her eyes still staring affectionately at me.
    “So you have kits too!” Ebonynose growled, “Oh, are these them?”
    I looked up, and saw the two kits stumbling towards us.
    “What happened to our mother?” Ashkit mewled
    “She was killed by your grandfather.” Mallowbush snarled
    The kits’ eyes grew wide, and they ran to their mother’s side.
    “Mama?” the two kits were wailing
    I walked over to them, dazed, and let them press themselves against me.
    They knew I was their father, and they would silently let me know that they cared about me too.
    Ebonynose pinned me to the ground now, and soon teeth were clenched around my neck. I felt a wave of pain, and then the world got blurry.
    I woke up. There was no pain. Stars danced at my paws. Ivyheart was there.
    “Hello, my loves.” She said lovingly
    Loves, was plural. Suddenly I knew that at least one of our kits had died.
    I looked down and saw Beechkit sitting by my side.
    “Where’s Ashkit?” he squeaked
    I looked back.
    I saw Mallowbush, her tail wrapped protectively around my tiny daughter. All the cats nearby, ShadowClan and ThunderClan, were protecting Ashkit and the rest of our dead bodies. Ebonynose would now be known as a murderer.
    “She will be safe with Mallowbush.” Ivyheart whispered
    Beechkit sighed and said, “I’m in StarClan, aren’t I?”
    “Yes, you are.” Ivyheart murmured
    And with that, my mate, my son, and I walked up the path to StarClan, and to this day, we watch Ashkit, now Ashwhisker, grow.
    Forever will I love.

  • Hi, I’m going to try one more time to make a story for this contest. Sorry if it doesn’t show up.

    Oh, hello kits. You want a story? Okay. Settle down, I’ve got a really good one today. It’s about your mother’s mother. Are you ready? Okay.
    It was always so annoying when Shadelily, that’s my sister, told me about Bat.
    I didn’t know who Bat was. Not for a while. Whenever I asked Shadelily, she would just continue talking. She sounded like an apprentice who had just had their first border skirmish.
    One afternoon, we were hunting together, and Shadelily scared off this big, delicious looking rabbit.
    “Shadelily! You scared away that perfectly good rabbit.”
    Shadelily didn’t seem to notice.
    “You have to tell me who this….Bat…or whatever is!” I meowed
    Shadelily sighed, and the two of us sat among the roots of an oak.
    “Tansyclaw, I met this cat…a loner. His name’s Bat.” She muttered
    “So you’ve basically been announcing, to the entire clan, that you have friend…who’s a loner…?” I asked
    “We’re mates.” she whispered
    “You’re stupid!!!” I retorted
    I sighed, looking at my sister.
    “Take me to meet him.” I said at last
    “What?!” Shadelily looked bewildered
    “Take me to meet him!”
    Shadelily sighed, “I can’t do that.”
    “Why not?”
    “I just can’t!”
    “I’m your sister! Just take me.”
    “But Bat…..umm….I told him some pretty bad things about you. And when he sees you…uh…just be ready.”
    Ready for what? I thought
    We walked for an awful long time, until we reached the Twolegplace.
    Shadelily leaped in joy when her eyes flicked over to a black tom waiting on a fence.
    “Shadelily!” he exclaimed, jumping down off the fence
    Shadelily pressed up against him.
    Bat purred for a moment, but stopped when he saw me.
    “What is SHE doing here?”
    “She wanted to meet you.”
    “She doesn’t approve of us, does she.”
    “No, I don’t. And stop talking about me like I’m not here!” I grumbled
    “Too bad, we love each other. And if you even think about taking us away from each other, well, I’ll just have my….friends…come and pay you a visit.”
    That was the scariest moment of my life…okay maybe not the scariest, but it’s up there.
    I ran away from them in fear.

    Then, Shadelily had Bat’s kits.
    Everyone thought they were Blacksplash’s kits. Shadelily and Blacksplash had liked each other in the past.
    There were four kits, but one of them mysteriously disappeared. I knew that the littlest kit had gone to live with her father.
    The other three were named Quailkit, Twigkit, and yup, you guessed it, Batkit.
    The last time I saw Shadelily was when she told me she was taking the kits to see Bat.
    I asked her not to, but she did anyway.

    She didn’t come home.
    After a while, I got worried. I ran towards the Twolegplace, though I was reluctant because I didn’t want to see Bat.
    When I got there, Shadelily was dead.
    Bat stood over her, a proud look on his face.
    “What have you done!” I snarled
    “Your sister deserved to die.” Bat retorted
    “I wanted two kits to be mine…or maybe all of them.”
    I swept my tail around the three kits who still lived in ThunderClan, but my eyes kept looking back at the little kit who hid between her father’s legs.
    “At least you have her!” I hissed at Bat, pointing my tail at the tiny kit
    “Yes, and she’s the best thing I’ve ever had. But I need more.”
    He lunged forward, leaving the brown tabby she-kit crouched to the ground.
    Trying to grab Quailkit, Bat scratched at me, but I pinned him to the floor.
    “You don’t deserve to live, Bat.” I growled
    And with that, I bit his neck until all the life was drained out of him.
    And yes, I am a murderer….but it was for a good cause. And now, Twigkit, Quailkit, Batkit, and Shadekit, that’s your mother, are mine. And they have grown into wonderful warriors.
    Now, young kits, I hope you know that you should not trust a cat you don’t know.
    Now get on with it. You don’t want to miss your apprentice ceremony! You are so dirty. I hope you get clean before you become apprentices.

  • Alright everyone who is ready for some awards?

    This was a very difficult decision because everyone is just so good! There wasn’t one story that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy reading, and everyone who entered should be proud of themselves and KEEP WRITING!

    Anyway back to awards. I was able to find a bunch of secret pages so all three winners now get secret pages! Yay!

    In third place, we have…
    Mountainpaw! (Here is a medal cause why not: 🥉)
    Mountainpaw, I loved your story. Using Brambleberry and Featherwhisker as your main characters was an interesting choice, and it was cool how you told the story of two characters whose deaths and backstories were never focused on. When Brambleberry found out that Featherwhisker was dead, I genuinely was sad for her. Great job!
    Here is your secret page: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2018/01/17/what-if-cinderpelt-became-a-warrior-by-sparktooth/attachment/6214/comment-page-1/?unapproved=1086995&moderation-hash=0acedcf5d6bb9ee8a5e7047e656893f0#comment-1086995

    In second place…
    Briarpaw! (Medal: 🥈)
    Briarpaw, your story was fantastic. Your writing style is beautiful, and the words all seemed to just… flow, if that made any sense whatsoever. I loved the names you used, like Whiterose and Dawnsplash. The interactions between the characters were great, and I felt like I was seeing everything through Dawnsplash’s eyes.
    Here is your secret page: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/2017/12/22/cadvent-day-21-3/minnie-rusty-under-the-christmas-tree/

    And finally… in FIRST place…
    Congratulations Flamecloud! (Medal:🥇)
    Flamecloud, I was hooked with your story right as I read the first sentence. Then, after I finished it, I read it three more times. That ending was so eerie, and the entire plot was stunning! I loved Valleystep and Orchidfur, and I was sad when they were killed, even though I knew they would be killed because that was the prompt I made (haha😈).
    Here is your secret page: https://blogclan.katecary.co.uk/aaa/comment-page-1/