• I’m hosting another writing contest! (Yayyy)

    Since it’s almost summer vacation (or is summer vacation for some of you), there are two prompts that will relate to that!

    1. Write a short story about an apprentice becoming a warrior!

    2. Write about a group of apprentices doing something fun in green-leaf!

    You can choose to write one or both prompts, but you can only win one! There will be three winners each, and the first place winners will get a secret page!

    The winners will be announced on June 17th!

    Have fun!

    • Aah this looks fun, Juju! Here’s mine (I’m doing the second prompt):

      “Look out, Ferretpaw!” yelled a small tabby she-cat. A golden tabby launched at the brown-and-white cat, but he moved just in time. “That was a close one, Stormpaw,” he meowed at the yellow tom. Stormpaw grunted. “If only you hadn’t warned him!” he hissed at the other cat.
      “Take it easy on Featherpaw. You know she’s a new apprentice.” Stormpaw turned around to see Mistypaw, the pretty tortoiseshell apprentice. Stormpaw grumbled, “I will next time. For now, let’s see who can catch the most prey.”
      Featherpaw leapt in one direction, Ferretpaw went another, and Mistypaw ran forward. I’ll catch the most! thought Stormpaw. Surely I will!
      The greenleaf breeze ruffling his fur, he bounded through the forest. Up ahead, he saw a starling pecking at the ground. Instinctively, Stormpaw crouched low to the forest floor. He crept closer and closer, until he was close enough the pounce. Right before he did, a big ball of orange tabby fur came tumbling down, scaring away the starling.
      “Featherpaw!” he scolded. “You scared away the bird!”

      This is part one, I’ll do part two later!


      A Name to Be Proud Of

      Lostface padded out with the rest of her Clan at Firestar’s now familiar yowl. She took a seat beside Cloudtail, taking comfort in his scent beside her. As Thornpaw approached with Mousefur, her thoughts flitted back to the promise she’d made him to be the first to greet him by his new name. With that in mind, she stood again and crept closer to the front.

      Firestar sat in silence for a moment, waiting for all the cats to settle before beginning. “I, Firestar, leader of ThunderClan, call upon my warrior ancestors to look down on this apprentice. He has trained hard to understand the ways of your noble code, and I commend him to you as a warrior in his turn.” Lostface sucked in a breath, wishing for the ceremony she never had the chance to have. Her own was done while she was recovering and it was done out of hate. She pushed the thoughts that has been haunting her since the attack. Focus, the reminded herself. Firestar had turned to the apprentice, farther into the ceremony than she’d realized. “I give you your warrior name: Thornpaw, from this moment you will be known as Thornclaw. StarClan honors your loyalty and your intelligence, and we welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan.” Her eye clouded for a moment, remembering Swiftpaw who, like her, had never had this moment. She stepped forward quickly, refusing to go back to that haze of grief and loss.

      “Thornclaw,” she greeted with a purr, happy for her friend, voice holding warmth and pride in his achievement. She swiped her tongue over his ear, a smile playing across her lips as her ginger and white fur fluffed with pride.

      (PART ONE)


      A Name to Be Proud Of

      After the Clan had calmed again, Firestar began to speak. “There’s one more ceremony to perform.” He said, beckoning Lostface forward with a flick of his tail. Cloudtail’s reassuring presence followed her, only a tail length or so behind. A surge of nervousness swept over her as she stood before her Clan.

      “Spirits of StarClan, you know every cat by name. I ask you now to take away the name from the cat you see before you, for it no longer stands for what she is.”

      A hush fell over the Clan at his words. She stood, silent and shivering, suddenly bare under the stars. She looked up to the sky, searching for the light of her friend and all of those lost in the attack. She was nameless as she waited for Firestar to speak again.

      One beat.
      Then another.
      All she knew was the sound of her beating heart.

      “By my authority as Clan leader,” Firestar announced, “and with the approval of our warrior ancestors, I give this cat a new name. From this moment she will be known as Brightheart, for though her body has been gravely injured, we honor her brave spirit and the light that shines on within her.” As he spoke, a happiness filled her like never before. Brightheart. The name resonated within her. As she looked to the stars, she could’ve sworn one of them was shining brighter than before.

      The Clan broke out chanting her name, it rumbled across the clearing. She stepped forward and licked his shoulder, happiness overflowing her. A joy beat within her, pounding in her chest along with her heart.

      “Thank you,” she managed to say around the purrs that racked her mangled, ginger and white body.

      (PART TWO)

    • Creamkit awoke from a sleep. She woke her littermates, Cedarkit, Lilackit, and Maplekit. “We become apprentices today!!!” she said in a squeaky voice. “Yay!” Her mother, Spotfur, stirred beside them. “Go to bed, it’s not even Sunup yet”. “But we become apprentices today”. “Still…go to sleep”.

      Creampaw remembered that night, 4 moons ago, when she had been a tiny, innocent kit. ThunderClan had had struggles with a cat named Ashfur, who had taken over their former leader Bramblestar’s body. After a long fought war, he was defeated by Bramblestar. Bramblestar succumbed to his wounds after the battle, their new leader, Squirrelstar, told her and her littermates that they would have their assessment today. “Creampaw, come on”. She heard her mentor, Lionblaze, calling her name. “Are you ready for your assessment?”

      Creampaw caught six mice, Cedarpaw had caught a crow and a blackbird, Lilacpaw had a thrush and two voles. and Maplepaw had a squirrel. She knew that her and her littermates had passed. “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Highledge for a clan meeting”. The call from Squirrelstar echoed around the clearing. “Today we gain four new warriors for ThunderClan, Creampaw, step forward.” Creampaw felt nervous but did anyways. “From this moment forward, you will be known as Creamfluff. We honor your adaptability and strength, and welcome you as a full warrior of ThunderClan.” A burst of pride welled up in Creamfluff, while she listened to her clanmates call out her name. Her littermates, Cedarleap, Lilacflower, and Mapleclaw got their warrior names as well. Creamfluff knew that her clan would thrive.

    • Wind in the Willows
      A short story by Blazestrike
      Part 1

      “No, don’t leave me!” Willowpaw shouted as she raced after the mottled grey she-cat in front of her. “Please!” Suddenly, she woke up in a cold sweat, shivering despite the greenleaf heat. She shook her head, trying to clear it. Ashpaw had been dead for 4 moons now, but the memory of her dead sister still haunted her to this day. “We were playing near the river … I was teasing her about how she couldn’t catch a fish if it swam up to her and lay down!” Her sister had stuck her tongue out at Willowpaw and said “I can! And I’ll show you!”
      That’s when everything had gone wrong. Ashpaw had slipped and fallen into the river. Thankfully she knew how to swim, and was about halfway to the bank when suddenly a gust of wing snapped a branch off a tree… and hit Ashpaw’s head. The sickening crunch had Willowpaw jumping into the river to try and save her sister, who had been knocked unconscious and was sinking slowly. But a strong current had suddenly pushed Ashpaw farther away. Willowpaw had tried to catch her, but it was too late. Her sister had been swept away. The grey apprentice’s body had been discovered later. She was dead. The rest of Riverclan had mourned her, of course, but by now most of them had moved on. But not Willowpaw. Ever since that fateful day, the young apprentice had been afraid of water. This, to the rest of Riverclan, was absolutely unacceptable. By now, her mentor Stormtooth had given up trying to teach her to properly swim, and she spent her days alone. Stretching, she got up and decided to do some night hunting to calm her mind. She was jut about to head out of camp when a voice hissed, “Don’t let her see us!”

    • Part 2
      Turning, Willowpaw spotted 3 furry shapes hiding under a big bramble bush. Snorting, she called out, “I can see you. There’s no need to hide.” The three apprentices scrambled out, looking abashed. Willowpaw recognized them as Firepaw, Dawnpaw, and Rainpaw, who had just been made apprentices a moon ago. Their eyes stretched wide as they looked at who had spoken to them, with Dawnpaw muttering, “It’s that other apprentice that doesn’t like water!” Glaring at the small she-cat, Willowpaw instantly felt sorry when she saw her shrink back in fear. Sighing, she asked, “What are you three doing out here in the middle of the night?” Rainpaw looked down at his paws and said, “We… wanted to go see the river! We’ve only seen it once or twice before.” At mere mention of that river, Willowpaw’s pulse quickened, but she made an effort to look calm. Firepaw peered anxiously at her. He squeaked, “Are you going to tell our mentors?” Willowpaw shook her head. “No. But I do want to come with you and make sure you don’t get into too much trouble.” Realizing what she had just said, the striped yellow she-cat instantly felt like a mouse-brain. But it was too late to do anything. The 4 apprentices padded out of camp and soon arrived at the river. The 3 younger apprentices looked in awe at the shining water before jumping in with shouts of glee. Willowpaw, watched them, feeling slightly wistful. She remebered when she and Ashpaw had played together there too. The moon shone above the cats as the young apprentices splashed together in the shallows. WIllowpaw looked up at the sky and saw that it was almost morning. She rose to her feet and padded up to the bank, where she saw the 2 apprentices, playing like always. “Wait… two?!” The yellow she-cat looked again and saw that Rainpaw was missing. Hurriedly, she scanned the water, finding the small apprentice balancing on a branch over the river.

    • Part 3
      “Rainpaw!” Willowpaw’s shout was cut short was the branch snapped and Rainpaw went tumbling into the water below. Racing across the bank, her gaze swept over the churning river, landing on a small white head bobbing in the current. “Help!” the apprentice choked out before disappearing under the water again. Without thinking, Willowpaw plunged into the river, ignoring the coldness. Frantically, she swam towards Rainpaw, managing to grip the small cat’s scruff. Then, the apprentice swam towards shore, managing to make it. Gasping with exhaustion, Willowpaw collapsed on the river bank, Rainpaw with her. The white apprentice was shaking, but she was ALIVE. Looking up at the older apprentice with wide eyes, the small she-cat said, “You saved m.” Happiness, real happiness, flooded through Willowpaw as she realised that she had saved the younger cat. She’d overcome her fear, and had managed to save a life in the process. Ashpaw may have been swept away and had died, but Rainpaw hadn’t. As. the 4 cats headed for the camp, Willowpaw thought she heard her sister’s voice. “Be happy, dear Willowpaw. Don’t let my death hold you back.” “I won’t.” the striped yellow apprentice vowed to herself. “From now on, I’ll be the best apprentice I can be.” Turning to the 3 younger cats, she smiled and said, “Come on. Let’s go home.”

      THE END

    • It was a sunny day. One cat was staring at the sky, heart beating. The apprentice in question was a pale ginger she-cat. Her white paws were rooted firmly on the ground, and her blue eyes swept across the clearing, scouting the area for any approaching cat.

      At last, she found a dark cream she-cat padding towards her. The ginger she-cat shot up, her ears perking. “Berrydawn!” she exclaimed.

      Berrydawn gave a friendly flick of a tail. “I see you’re excited?” she mewed. The deputy’s warm eyes were twinkling, and Sandpaw knew her mentor was as excited for her as she herself was.

      “Yes, I am,” Sandpaw answered. “I’ll be a warrior now. There were and will be hundreds of Sandpaws, but once I get my name, I will be the only cat of that name.” She felt her chest puff up with pride.

      Berrydawn tipped her head to once side. “Is that so,” she meowed. “Well, you might want to tell Acornblossom and Heronpaw they must get ready now. Cloverstar says she’s preparing the ceremony.”

      “Already?” gasped Sandpaw, feeling her heart skip a beat.

      The dark cream she-cat nodded. “Yes. You still have time.”

      “I… I’m going to sit here for a moment,” mewed Sandpaw breathlessly.

      Berrydawn smirked. “Meditating?” she asked. “Well, then, sit here. I’ll get you when we’re ready.

      Sandpaw nodded, and watched until Berrydawn’s pale figure vanished from sight. The pale ginger she-cat turned back at once, her blue eyes again sweeping the clearing. This somehow made her calm down.

      She spotted a gray-and-white tom pad towards her, carrying a plump squirrel in his jaws. Sandpaw sat straight up. “Heronpaw!” she called. “Nice seeing you!”

    • The gray-and-white apprentice dropped his prey in surprise. “Oh! I didn’t expect to see you here, Sandpaw.” He hurriedly picked up the squirrel in his jaws, and raced towards Sandpaw. “It’s our warrior ceremony today – Are you excited?”

      “Yes! Berrydawn just went by, saying Cloverstar’s preparing the ceremony already!” Sandpaw exclaimed. “Honestly, I think I’m going to die! Really…” Her breath caught in her throat. “What if we make a mistake?”

      Heronpaw looked relaxed. “Don’t worry, Sandpaw. What could happen?”

      “You want what could happen? Well, we could… trip! We could cry. Fumble. Laugh. Snarl. Hiss. Be gone! Disappear!” Sandpaw exclaimed.

      Heronpaw rolled his eyes. “You’re funny,” he mewed. “Sandpaw? There’s a scarce chance we’ll actually do that. So relax! Relax, lay back, and enjoy that moment.”

      “It must be easy for you,” said Sandpaw, sighing wistfully. “You’ve always been laid back and easy-going! But I’m not. I’m the fussy type. Sometimes I wish I were you.”

      “But you’re not,” answered Heronpaw. “So be yourself.”

      “And you’re going to say relax again, aren’t you?”

      “Good point. Anyway, just calm down. I want you to enjoy your day, not fuss over improbable things!” Heronpaw exclaimed. He got a mischievous look in his amber eyes. “I’ll catch you two plump squirrels if you relax like me.”

      Sandpaw sighed. “You got me. Two plump squirrels like that?” she asked, flicking her tail towards the squirrel laid neatly at Heronpaw’s paws. “Because if that’s what you’re talking about, I’m in.”

      “Exactly. Maybe plumper!”

      “You’re lucky it’s greenleaf,” teased Sandpaw.

    • “See, you’re relaxed now!” Heronpaw exclaimed. “What were you doing here, anyway?”

      Sandpaw felt slightly hot under her pelt. “Well, I was calming myself,” she confessed. “I just… have to.” She shrugged.

      Heronpaw purred. “Let’s go then.” He picked up the squirrel again, and together, the to-be warriors padded back to camp.

      Sandpaw’s heart was thumping wildly against her chest. She swallowed, feeling as though her throat would burst. But she somehow kept calm and quiet and collected. A wonderful feat.

      “Sandpaw,” Cloverstar meowed, “do you promise to uphold the warrior code and protect your Clan at all costs?”

      This moment was it. Tears were coming to Sandpaw’s eyes as she replied, “I do.” croakily.

      “Then by the powers of StarClan, you will be called Sandflight, for your bright and active soul.”

      The newly named Sandflight was hardly listening as Cloverstar named Heronpaw. She blinked away tears, but her sight was still misty. She swallowed, feeling a huge lump in her throat.


    • A Name to Honor Your Mother

      “Shut UP Mousepaw!”
      “Really Fawnpaw? I bet you’re just jealous that I’m going to become a warrior before you!”
      “Said who”
      “Said I”
      “We both know that I’m going to become a warrior first”
      Fawnpaw rolled her eyes, as her best friend and she argued about who was going to become a warrior first. See they were going to do the ceremony on the same day, but Fawnpaw was sure, that her ceremony would be performed first, and then Mousepaw’s.
      For her becoming a warrior would honor her mother, Cherryblossom, and would show that just like Cherryblossom she would be the best warrior ever. Perhaps and if she dared to think so, she might even become deputy and then leader! That would be wonderful. She’d be deputy like her mother and would die an honorable death like her mother as well.

      Fawnpaw sighed. She was getting ahead of herself. “Come on,” she told Mousepaw “It’s time for bed”

      “Wait does that mean you gave up? That you finally admit that I’ll be a warrior first?” he asked frantically

      Rolling her eyes Fawnpaw walked away. She needed rest for her warrior ceremony tomorrow. Which would happen before Mousepaw’s.

      Part 2 coming soon.

    • Part 2

      Berryflight gave him a nod of approval. “How about you and your siblings team-up to catch it?” she meowed. “Me, Thornstrike, and Whiskerleap can hunt on our own now.”

      Hedgepaw nodded eagerly, then dashed into the forest leaves, with Sequoiapaw and Woodpaw on his tail.

      She sped ahead of her brothers and blocked their path with her fluffy tail. “Before we catch the squirrel, let’s check out around Twolegplace.. please!

      Woodpaw twitched his whiskers. “Hmm.. okay. A little adventure won’t hurt anyone.” he meowed.

      Hedgepaw nodded his agreement.

      They scampered through the forest, heading towards the Twolegplace.

      “We’re there!” she meowed.

      At that moment, a fawn leaped out from behind a bramble bush.

      She gasped. “Oh no!”

      “Come on, we have to climb a tree!” Hedgepaw urged.

      The apprentices struggled to climb up a willow, fear making their legs wobbly.

      “Cats, wait!” the fawn bleated.

      Sequoiapaw poked her head out from between a branch. “What?” she mewed in astonishment.

      “I just want to play.” the fawn replied. “The sunny-season sun has been scorching. I thought this forest would be more sheltered, then I found you.”

      Woodpaw’s eyes changed from fear to amusement. “I thought Mousebush’s tales were a joke, but it seems that they’re true!”

    • PART 1(second prompt)

      “Come on, Bramblepaw!” Fernpaw yowled. Honeypaw excitedly bounced along the fallen leaves, while Crowpaw dragged on behind, his eyes hard.
      “So, what are we going to do?” Fernpaw asked the apprentices. “We have to do something.” The mentors were proud of the six apprentices for passing the final assessment; they had given them a free day off training before their warrior ceremony.
      “How about a contest? The winner gets the first pick from the fresh-kill pile.” Bramblepaw’s golden eyes shone.
      “Great idea!” Fernpaw mewed.
      “How about a racing competition for the first one?” Honeypaw suggested quietly, but she felt her legs tensing with muscles. She was the best and running. Crowpaw groaned.
      “Sure!” Fernpaw mewed, then suddenly yowled, “Last one to the Star Beech is a mouse!”
      “Cheater!” Duskpaw screeched. Honeypaw took off, her paws skipping lightly on the ground. She slightly lifted her tail for balance as she gained speed, quickly catching up to Fernpaw, who had started running first. She could see the tall beech tree looming over the forest floor. She thought she would win until…Crowpaw! He quickly whipped past her, fast as a rabbit. His white paws were so fast that she couldn’t even see properly. In seconds he was at the Star Beech, a smug expression on his face. Honeypaw puffed as she reached the tree in second place. Fernpaw and Bramblepaw soon reached them, ears flattened and puffing. After Duskpaw came Willowpaw, her thick coat bristling with alarm. She sighed, flattening her fur. “Okay, so I’m a mouse.” But she trotted up to Crowpaw and touched muzzles with him. A cat could have seen Crowpaw flushing from monster-lengths away.
      “Then that’s a point for Crowpaw,” Fernpaw announced. Duskpaw grunted.
      “So, what’s next?” Crowpaw asked, his eyes gleaming. It looked like he was having fun for once. Willowpaw’s eyes gleamed. “I have an idea.”

    • PART 2

      “Swimming?” Honeypaw mewed in disbelief. Willowpaw was pacing excitedly at the bank.
      “Yeah! The first one to get to the opposite bank gets a point. Willowpaw glanced at Crowpaw. His fur was bristling uneasily as he faced the shimmering stream.
      “Fine,” Fernpaw grumbled, and yowled, “In your marks!” Honeypaw could see Bramblepaw tensing his muscles. Honeypaw stretched her forepaws, ready to dive into the freezing water. “Go!” Willowpaw quickly jumped in, her sleek, gray coat gliding smoothly in the liquid. Crowpaw was fluttering his paws like a drowning bird, hardly going forward. Honeypaw shivered at the coldness: but she still pushed herself forward, screeching as her muzzle sank. But she realised that her hind paw was touching the floor of the stream. She flushed in embarrassment. Willowpaw was already halfway through the stream.
      Suddenly, a huge gust of wind knocked Honeypaw over. Her scream was drowned out as water rushed into her mouth. The swirling river seemed to swallow her alive, pulling her away from the other apprentices. She could no longer feel the ground beneath her paws. Her heart lurched in fear.
      “Honeypaw!” she could hear Bramblepaw screeching for her before Honeypaw’s world went black.

    • PART 3

      Bramblepaw swam for Honeypaw, who was limply getting washed away. “Hold on!” he yowled, panic starting to rise in his chest. He jumped off the stream, shook his pelt, and raced towards Honeypaw. He reached out, trying to fasten his teeth into Honeypaw’s scruff, but his teeth slid aimlessly away. He looked around for something long, and spotted a thick branch. Gripping it in his teeth, he nudged it towards Honeypaw. “Honeypaw! Can you hear me? Grab the stick!” He yowled. The golden apprentice’s eyelids suddenly fluttered open, then as she regained strength, Honeypaw weakly bit into the branch. Bramblepaw dragged the stick onto the bank, groaning with effort, and finally sighed in relief as Honeypaw slithered onto the safe bank.
      “Thank StarClan!” He nudged Honeypaw. “Are you okay?”
      The tabby she-cat coughed up some mouthfuls of water, then shook her pelt.
      “Yeah, I’m fine.” Then she glanced at Willowpaw, Fernpaw, Crowpaw and Duskpaw watching fearfully from the opposite bank. “Then I guess that’s a point for Willowpaw,” she purred weakly.

    • PART 4

      “It’s a hunting contest now!” Fernpaw announced. Honeypaw had quickly recovered after a long lap from the river, and now she was excitedly bouncing beside Bramblepaw. “Sounds fun!” she mewed.
      “The cat who brings in the fattest piece of prey wins!” Fernpaw reminded the apprentices, who were quickly scurrying away.
      “We know, bossypaws!” Duskpaw yowled. “Take that back!” Fernpaw screeched, but there was a hint of a purr in her voice.
      “Good luck!” Bramblepaw called out to Honeypaw. “Alright!” she yowled back. And her tabby tail disappeared into the ferns.

      Honeypaw slowly ran her paw over the ground, sneaking up onto the fat rabbit. Its brown pelt was sleeked, its eyes fixed on the piece of grass it was nibbling. Rabbit-brain. she thought, then quickly reminded herself that it was a rabbit. Leaping, she sank her fangs into its spine in a killing bite and picked up the rabbit with a grunt of effort. Then she raced to the place where they had promised to meet with the plump creature dangling in her mouth.

    • PART 5

      “Whoa!” Fernpaw mewed, her eyes admiring as the flickered to Honeypaw’s rabbit. She puffed out her chest proudly. Fernpaw had only managed to catch a shrew. Bramblepaw’s eyes widened. “That’s a great catch!” he purred after tossing his own hare aside.
      “Yeah,” Crowpaw grunted, the scrawny blackbird dangling in his jaws.
      Willowpaw had brought a fish. Duskpaw glanced at her mouth, his eyes glittering in disgust. “Ew. Fish.”
      “What’s wrong with it? It tastes nice.” she retorted through a mouthful of scales.
      “Then I guess Honeypaw wins,” Fernpaw admitted wistfully.

      After the hunting contest, they had a few more competitions. In the jumping contest, Duskpaw one, managing to jump on top of Fernapaw’s head! In the climbing contest, Bramblepaw won, smugly looking down at Crowpaw as he sat on the top of the Sky Beech! Honeypaw’s own paws had slid on the smooth bark. “Slow slug!” Bramblepaw called down. But Honeypaw had soon catched up to him and knocked him over his paws, before helping him rebalance on the branch of the beech tree.
      “Take that back, mouse-brain!” she had purred.

      In the end, everyone had a point except Honeypaw, who had won two! She happily chose the fattest vole on the fresh-kill pile at the end of the day.
      “Did you have fun?” Mintbrook, her mentor asked her.
      “Yeah!” she mewed, glancing at Fernpaw, Crowpaw, Bramblepaw, Willowpaw and Duskpaw. She settled down with her friends, choosing to share her vole with the apprentices.
      As she sank into her moss, her fur touching Bramblepaw’s she felt like the precious moments they had spent was just like the days of her kithood, when they were able to yowl out loud without worrying about assessments.

    • EXTRA

      Honeyfawn licked the top of the newborn kit’s head, her heart almost bursting with love as the tiny kit let out a purr. Brambledawn settled down beside her, gazing lovingly at his two kits. One had short, dark yellow tabby fur, which reminded Honeyfawn of her own tabby coat.
      “What about Beechkit? His tabby stripes remind me of the Sky Beech.”
      “Which reminds me of the day we played together,” Brambledawn purred as he glanced at Fernblossom, her belly huge with Dusknight’s kits. Willowflurry and Crowcreek’s kits were already apprentices: Darkpaw and Silverpaw. The two warriors were now bending over Honeyfawn’s kits.
      “They are adorable!” Willowflurry purred.
      “Not bad,” Crowcreek commented, but his eyes glittered with pride. “But our kits are better.”
      “Crowcreek!” Willowflurry nudged her mate.
      “It’s alright,” Honeyfawn mewed, and looked affectionately at the small brown-and-white tabby she-cat.
      “This one is beautiful. Ivykit?”
      “Whatever you want,” Brambledawn nuzzled her cheek. Although their days of silly playing was past, these were the happiest moments of their lives: together.

  • It was sunhigh, shafts of light glinting through the canopy of trees leaving gold geometric shapes scattered across the forest floor. Basking in the warmth of the sun was a golden kit with darker patterns across her body. Her fur was shining as if she were glazed in a thick coat of honey.
    “I love green-leaf, it’s my favorite time of year,” mewed the golden kit to herself.
    “It’s mine too, Honeykit!” yowled a white kit while springing out of the shade of the trees. Honeykit’s neck fur spoofed up as her claws unsheathed in the moment of the startle.
    “Oh, it’s just you, Milkkit. What did I tell you about sneaking up on me?!”
    “Honeykit, I’m a white kit sitting in a color that completely contrasts from me, at sunhigh; do you really think I was trying to sneak up on you?” Honeykit sighed, rolling onto her belly, and rising to her paws. “So, do you want to play?”
    “No . . . Next sunrise, I’m going to be six moons old and finally earn my apprentice name! I’m going to be the best ThunderClan warrior in history! I can’t spend my time playing little kit games while I’m supposed to be training.” Milkkit frowned, her ears falling to the sides of her head.
    “But your not an apprentice yet.” Honeykit glared at Milkkit, her eyes amber flames.
    “Tomorrow I will be! Now don’t talk to your elders like that, kit!” Honeykit padded towards the nursery, her head high on her way. Milkkit looked down sadly at her gold-tipped paws, her one blue and one amber eye dull. She shifted to her belly, prodding at a pebble.

  • “Hey, Milkkit,” meowed Hazelpaw, her muscles rippling under her glossy fur as she trotted gracefully towards her. “What’s bringing you down?”
    “My sister says she’s too old for me. She won’t play with me anymore,” sighed Milkkit, knocking the pebble away.
    “Pff! She’s only like, a few seconds older than you! You guys are the same age,” laughed Hazelpaw. Milkkit pulled her head off of her paws, her ears pricked and her eyes wide.
    “That’s right! Thanks, Hazelpaw!” Milkkit sprung to her paws and plunged past Hazelpaw towards the nursery. She slid through the entrance, her body slipping to her mother’s paws.
    “Oh my! Has something happened, dear?”
    “Yes! Something has happened, Goldenglaze! I’m going to be an apprentice tomorrow!” yowled Milkkit while prancing through the nursery.
    “Okay, calm down. You’re going to wake Lavenderfluff and her kits.” Milkkit started to calm herself, her energy low after running around. Honeykit scoffed and started to groom herself.
    “Your just a kit,” murmured Honeykit under her breath. Goldenglaze didn’t seem to hear because she continued picking ticks out of her fur. Milkkit sighed and settled on the side of her mother that was opposite from her sister. The sun was almost down, and Milkkit started to drift into sleep, her eyes fluttering closed.
    “Good night . . . Mother,” breathed Milkkit her thoughts slipping from her mind as dreams took their place.

  • Honeykit was pacing back in forth in the meeting hollow, sunlight making her silky glossy pelt glimmer like a spring of sparkling waters. Her whiskers, ear tufts, and tail were straightened, her golden gaze fixed on her groomed paws as she walked. Milkkit padded out of the nursery towards her, the sunlight reflecting off her white fur.
    “Are you nervous?” mewed Milkkit, her eyes glazed with fear of her sister snapping at her like she always does.
    “Yes, I am,” replied Honeykit, her voice as soft as cotton unlike usual where it sounds like a claw scraping against a rock. “I’m sorry for being so mean to you, I realize now that I was the one acting like a kit. I hope that you can forgive me and we can start off being apprentices together as friends.” Milkkit’s eyes shimmered with joy, she felt happiness that no one could take away from her after her sister’s words.
    “Yes, I think that I would enjoy that.” Honeykit’s eyes did the same as her sister’s, a loud call suddenly echoing across the camp.

  • “Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the high rock for a Clan meeting!” It was Icestar, the current ThunderClan leader with her deputy, Talonclaw at her side.
    The sisters padded towards the front of the forming crowd where they sat side-by-side with their heads held high. “You have reached the age of six moons, and it is time for you to be apprenticed.” The both of them stifled a sequel of excitement as Icestar continued. “Honeykit, until you receive your warrior name, you will be known as, Honeypaw. Your mentor will be Ruffledreed, may he pass his knowledge and honorability on to you.” Ruffledreed was already at the front of the crowd, so he just padded towards Honeypaw and touched his nose onto hers. “Milkkit, until you receive your warrior name, you shall be known as Milkpaw. You will be Fallenfeather’s accomplice. May she teach you her skill and wits for you to pass on to your apprentice when you receive your warrior name.” Fallenfeather nosed through the crowd until she reached Milkpaw, their noses quickly touching before Milkpaw nodded gratefully at her leader.
    “Thank you, Icestar,” mewed Milkpaw, Icestar admiring the young cat’s respect.
    – Originally, 🎇✨Daze✨🎇

  • (Second prompt)
    Stormpaw excitedly raced out of camp. It was green-leaf! Crystalpaw raced behind him as well as Blizzardpaw and Blizzardpaw’s sister, Glacierpaw. “Let’s play in the meadow beside the stream,” called Glacierpaw. Stormpaw swerved to change directions and ran right into his mentor Mintcloud.
    “What are you doing?” she asked.
    “Playing,” replied Stormpaw, his cheeks flushing.
    “Alright, but bring back some fresh-kill,” Mintcloud meowed as she turned away. “By the way, keep an eye out for Hailclaw. He’s been doing something that involves other cats,” she warned.
    “OK, ok, now please can we go play?” begged Stormpaw. Mintcloud nodded and padded away. Stormpaw nodded his thanks and padded away to join his friends.
    “I wish Ripplepaw came,” meowed Crystalpaw wistfully. Blizzardpaw pushed her into the river and jumped in beside her. Crystalpaw swam with all her might to shore. She hauled herself up and shook, sending droplets of water flying everywhere.
    “Let’s hunt!” she meowed. “So we can give Mintcloud some evidence that we’ve been hunting.” She bounded off towards the ShadowClan border. “First to catch the most prey wins!” she meowed over her shoulder. Stormpaw shook his head smiling. Crystalpaw could be so competitive sometimes. He stayed at the stream watching for fish. Suddenly he heard a painful yowl.

    (PART 1)

  • Crystalpaw! He raced off, running as fast as his paws would let him. He arrived at the ShadowClan border just in time to see Crystalpaw lying on the ground, fur smeared with blood, with Hailclaw standing over her. Stormpaw yowled, hoping Mintcloud to come out of the bushes and help him. He raced over to Hailclaw and bowled him off Crystalpaw. Standing over her he gently licked her fur.
    “Crystalpaw?” he whispered softly. Crystalpaw opened her eyes and saw Stormpaw standing over her, protecting her.
    “Stormpaw,” she meowed, her eyes filling with love and admiration. “I’m ok,” she meowed unsteadily. Stormpaw hissed and turned to Hailclaw, only to see that Hailclaw had doubled. Standing beside him was the feared ShadowClan warrior, Falconclaw. Stormpaw launched himself at Hailclaw and started slashing him with thorn-sharp claws. Hailclaw easily knocked him over and pinned him down. Stormpaw relaxed deliberately. Then he pushed his paws up and cut off Hailclaw’s air. Hailclaw stumbled back and in that instant Stormpaw leaped to his paws, unbalancing Hailclaw. Crystalpaw came out of nowhere and leaped onto Hailclaw. Together they pinned him down. “Any last words?” growled Stormpaw as he dug his claws into Hailclaw’s throat. Crystalpaw nodded and they both ripped his throat out.
    “Falconclaw!” gurgled Hailclaw. Falconclaw leaped at them but Stormpaw easily knocked him backward. He dragged Falconclaw towards a bush and tore out his throat. Amazed at himself, Stormpaw stood up and padded towards Crystalpaw. He had actually killed the feared Falconclaw. He felt as if it was super easy. They caught up with Glacierpaw and Blizzardpaw, and carrying their fresh-kill, returned to camp with good news and fresh-kill.

    (PART 2)

  • (Second prompt)

    It was greenleaf, and Willowpaw was happy. She was born in leaf-bare, so she remembered frost and coldness in every inch of her body when she thought of her kithood. She was always jealous of Brightstorm, who was born in greenleaf.

    “Willowpaw!” she heard Leafpaw yell. The white she-cat bounded towards Willowpaw, flicking her grayish tail playfully. “Will you come out and play? Firestrike says she’ll let me have a day off. She’s gone to talk to Sunfang.”

    Willowpaw’s eyes lit up. “Really?” she asked. “She’ll let you?”

    “Yup. She’s gone to ask Lilystream and Duskheart as well.”

    “Then Fawnpaw and Sandpaw will be joining us?”

    Leafpaw nodded eagerly. “It’s amazing, right? I wish Fernpaw could join us, too. But you know her. I bet she’ll say no, because she wants to focus on her training.” Leafpaw shook her body as she mimicked her sister.

    “Maybe she won’t. Maybe Ivyshade will force Fernpaw to?”

    “D’you think Ivyshade will?” Leafpaw asked doubtfully. She blinked cheerfully. “Firestrike told me to get you and wait in the clearing.”

    The two apprentices happily bounded towards the clearing, sharing ideas of what they would do when the other apprentices came.

    “I hope they come soon,” Leafpaw mewed happily, lying in the shade of a tree, her eyes drooping. “This cool shade is putting me to sleep…”

    Willowpaw rolled her eyes. “Wake up, Leafpaw,” she laughed. “I think they’re coming. See?”

    Leafpaw sat straight up. “Oh, yes they are!” she exclaimed, her eyes brightening. “Fawnpaw! Sandpaw!”

    A pale brown tabby she-cat and a pale ginger-and-white tom padded towards them, looking cheery. “I’m so glad Lilystream and Duskheart let you come!” Leafpaw exclaimed, jumping around.

  • Fawnpaw laughed. “Firestrike did all the work,” she meowed.

    Sandpaw winked. “Duskheart was all like ‘What?’ and Firestrike ‘Come on!’ and Duskheart said, ‘Fine.’ It was as simple as that.”

    The white she-cat laughed. “Let’s lie in the shades!” she invited. “There’s a breeze, you’ll be sleeping in no time!”

    “Eh… No thanks,” a cool voice mewed.

    “Oh my StarClan! Ivyshade forced you to come, right?” Leafpaw shrieked, dashing forward to tackle her sister.

    The silver mottled she-apprentice made a choking sound and scrambled away. “Er, yes. Firestrike came and Ivyshade mewed, ‘The apprentices are playing’. And Firestrike replied, ‘Yes, they are. Would Fernpaw come?’ I was shaking my head frantically behind Firestrike, but Ivyshade ignored me and said, ‘Of course. Go along, Fernpaw. I think they were in the clearing? I saw Willowpaw and Leafpaw dancing towards it like squirrels trying to find their hidden acorns.”

    Willowpaw let out a bright laugh. “Did we look like that? Well, then, Fernpaw. Do you want to run?”

    “Oh! Running!” exclaimed Fawnpaw happily. “That’s the best.”

    “Good for me,” Sandpaw agreed.

    “Anything’s good in this jolly day!” Leafpaw meowed. “Where do you want to race to? How about that pine tree?”

  • Willowpaw nodded. Her gray-and-white fur sat back, relaxed. She would nail this! She was the fastest runner in this crowd. Taking a deep breath, she called, “Then this will be the starting line.” She ran a paw in the ground, leaving a long mark. “Stand behind this,” she ordered.

    “Yes, Willowstar,” laughed Leafpaw.

    Fawnpaw, Fernpaw, Leafpaw, Sandpaw, and Willowpaw all stood behind Willowpaw’s line in the ground.

    “Ready, set, go!” Willowpaw screamed. Because she had yelled the starting call, she was the first to dash out.

    “That’s not fair!” wailed Sandpaw.

    But that was only talk. His paws scrabbled on the earth and Willowpaw noticed he was just behind her. “Arghh!” she yelled, hoping to distract him.

    It did the trick. Sandpaw’s paws slowed, and his eyes widened. “Huh?”

    Willowpaw took the chance to kick off more strongly. She could see the tree. She twisted her body, and landed by the pine tree.

    “You’re not there yet!” laughed Leafpaw.

    “No!” screamed Fernpaw.

    “I’ve got this!” shrieked Fawnpaw.

    Willowpaw struggled to stand and looked back. All four apprentices were a whisker away. Her heart beating, she skidded her paws against the ground and slid past the pine tree. Her breathing was rapid.

    Catching her breath, Willowpaw slowly looked back. Her friends were panting, and there were smiles upon their faces. “You’re really fast!” exclaimed Sandpaw. “That’s amazing.”

    Willowpaw broke into a grin. “Thanks.”

    “I never knew you were that fast,” Leafpaw mewed wistfully. “I should practice.”

    “Let’s race again!” Fernpaw suggested. She laughed. “What? I want to!”

    “I couldn’t stand a chance!” Fawnpaw exclaimed. “You could be in WindClan, Willowpaw.”

    Willowpaw stood there, in the light of greenleaf, receiving praises from her friends. It was the happiest moment of her life.

  • Short story entry!

    A Wild Green-Leaf Hunt

    Sequoiapaw dashed out of the apprentices’ den, excited for her fifth day of being an apprentice.

    “Hey, wait for us!” her brother, Woodpaw, exclaimed, with Hedgepaw drowsily padding after him.

    Their mentors- Thornstrike, Berryflight, and Whiskerleap- were walking over to them.

    “We’re going hunting.” Whiskerleap meowed.

    Sequoiapaw lifted her tail. “Great!”

    As soon as the mentors and apprentices were out of camp, they began to hunt together.

    “I smell squirrel.” Hedgepaw mewed, gesturing with his nose to the deeper part of the forest near Twolegplace. “That way.”

    Berryflight gave him a nod of approval. “How about you and your siblings team-up to catch it?” she meowed. “Me, Thornstrike, and Whiskerleap can hunt on our own now.”

    Hedgepaw nodded eagerly, then dashed into the forest leaves, with Sequoiapaw and Woodpaw on his tail.

  • She sped ahead of her brothers and blocked their path with her fluffy tail. “Before we catch the squirrel, let’s check out around Twolegplace!”

    Woodpaw twitched his whiskers. “Hmm.. okay. A little adventure won’t hurt anyone.” he meowed.

    Hedgepaw nodded his agreement.

    They scampered through the forest, heading towards Twolegplace.

    “We’re there!” she meowed.

    At that moment, a fawn leaped out from behind a bramble bush.

    She gasped. “Oh no!”

    “Come on, we have to climb a tree!” Hedgepaw urged.

    The apprentices struggled to climb up a willow, fear making their legs wobbly.

    “Cats, wait!” the fawn bleated.

    Sequoiapaw poked her head out from between a branch. “What?” she mewed in astonishment.

    “I just want to play.” the fawn replied. “The sunny-season sun has been scorching. I thought this forest would be more sheltered, then I found you.”

    Woodpaw’s eyes changed from fear to amusement. “I thought Mousebush’s tales were all jokes, but it seems that they’re true!”