Trailing Stars: Personality Profiles

When writing such a large scale fan fic, we can’t have people’s personalities mixed up and such. Character consistence is important, wouldn’t you know!

In the comments below, fill out your purrsona’s character description so any Trailing Stars writers know how to write you! This is – of course – a useful resource for those people writing chapters for Trailing Stars as well.

Please, only one character in the story per person! Make sure to follow the format below:

Name of Character

Gender of Character

Clan Status (kit, apprentice, warrior, deputy, leader)

Personality description

Physical description

Again, only one per person! Please fill one out or your purrsona will not appear in Trailing Stars.



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  • Name of Character: Smokeypaw!
    Gender of Character: Female
    Clan Status (kit, apprentice, warrior, deputy, leader): Apprentice
    Personality description: Hyperactive and very talkative, but tends to hold grudges for small things and is easily triggered. She is impatient and is very emotional.
    Physical description: Short, black she-cat with scruffy fur and pale blue eyes. She has a moon necklace(optional), pale blue eyes, and a white tail.

  • Update cause changed personal

    Gender: non binary? I can’t choose between she or tom cause my irl is she but I like Tom stuff (pronouns he/him she/her or they/them)
    Clan status: app
    Personality: pretty peppy and cheerful apprentice but down to earth and can sometimes overthink things to much. They are pretty friendly and cares deeply about everyone.
    Physical description: calico Japanese bobtail with left yellow eye and right blue eye with pretty short fur.

  • name of caracter:brownstar gender of caracter: male clan status: leader personaliti description: good happy sweet and sneaky psychycal descpription:big,he-cat with white fur and brown paws tail nose,and blue eyes.

    • This is for Trailing Stars it should be whatever your purrsona is like for me I’m an apprentice because I am in middle school and my name is Blossompaw

  • Ooh! Uh hopefully I’m not that late!
    Name of Character: Frostkit
    Gender of Character: Female
    Clan Status (kit, apprentice, warrior, deputy, leader): Kit
    Personality description: Likes to joke around, not that serious, chill
    Physical description: Black she cat with icy blue eyes, she has a white underbelly and two white paws.

  • Name: Feather that Drifts through the Morning Breeze( Featherheart)
    Gender: Female
    Clan Status: Warrior(Queen)
    Personality Description: Shy but sweet and skilled
    Physical Description: silver-and-black tabby she-cat with pale blue eyes and white underbelly as well as all four paws.

  • Name of Character: Silverpaw(jade)

    Gender of Character: Female

    Clan Status (kit, apprentice, warrior, deputy, leader): Apprentice

    Personality description: Smart, patient, and calm. Cares for other cats and would do pretty much anything for her friends and family.

    Physical description: Silver with bright blue eyes. Gray stripes on back. Tip of left ear torn and thin (Very thin!) scar above right eye.

  • Name of character: Sparkheart
    Gender of character: She-cat
    Clan Status: Warrior
    Personality description: Sweet, friendly, intelligent, bright, tries her best to impress others, can get overly anxious at times. She also can often be quiet and/or aloof. Very loyal to trusted friends.
    Physical description: Ginger tabby she-cat with white markings and blue eyes

  • Update because I changed my purrsona!
    Name: Vanillapaw
    Gender: female, she/her
    Clan status: apprentice
    Personality desc: sweet, playful, enthusiastic, helpful, cautious, caring, kind
    Physical desc: sleek cream-coloured she-cat with amber eyes and brown paws and left ear. She has a white underbelly and chest, and a cream-to-brown gradient on slightly fluffy tail.

  • am i too late?c
    Name: Daykit
    Gender: Female
    Rank: kit
    Personality: nice, fun, jumpy, funny
    Physical description: a blonde she-cat white white muzzle, underbelly and paws. her eyes are green and one of them is a light mint (that one is blind)

  • Drizzlepaw
    Quiet, quick-thinking and cunning. Great at fighting, and is very sympathetic for everyone. Caring and kind but sometimes retorting and harsh to those who are not following the code or being unkind.
    A thick, soft-furred snowy white-and-silver gray she-cat with a sleek, glossy coat, a bushy tail and ice-blue eyes.

    I would love to have a part in the Trailing Stars!!!

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