• Okay, so I don’t think this page is active anymore (or if it ever were), but I’m gonna comment either way, so I just got the Sun Trail yesterday so note that I haven’t read far, I’m only in chapter ten.
    I have to say that as for now, my favorite character is probably Jagged Peak. I admire his confidence and enthusiasm. His determination is what led Gray Wing to travel with Shaded Moss and the peeps, and that’s admirable. Also, he is just so cute and energetic.
    And I also love Gray Wing, of course, and I feel so bad for him!
    Okay, Bright Stream’s death was not Gray Wing’s fault. She is the one who chose to save him, which was heroic, but no one should blame Gray Wing. He could barely move because of the pain in him, and when Bright Stream called for him to save her, he was unable to get up and help her! If anyone, Clear Sky made her join them on the journey, and Shaded Moss is the one who made her go on the patrol to kill those eagles. It was no cat’s fault!
    I just realized, this could be an article… 😏😏

  • Look at me, trying to revive old spoiler pages 😛

    I love how Grey Wing (?) looks on the cover.

  • I started it a like a month or so ago but I’m so busy with school nowadays that I haven’t been able to finish it. Sorry but at the moment is kinda boring for me but it probably gets better 🙂 Jagged Peak is my fav at the moment though 😛

  • Everybody You Love Dies:
    Bright Stream
    Shaded Moss
    Fluttering Bird
    And Also Gray Wing Has Issues

    • Bright Stream, Shaded Moss, Fluttering Bird, and Storm die. Also, three unnamed kits die. Thunder is the only survivor. Also, Gray Wing is the main charecter. Also, Clear Sky goes insane(in my opinion).

      • P.S. A point of view from a kit! (That kit is me, in Ancient form. I’m the same cat as Tumblekit.)
        Jagged Peak and I snuck away from the cave, so we went on the journey too.

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