• I personally never really saw why Sandgorse and Palebird ever became mates if Palebird was going to get another mate after Sandgorse died.

      • I might be a bit late to this conversation, but people are able to move on to others after they leave a partner/their past partner dies. Not only that, but it may have taken Palebird longer to notice that her and Sandgorse weren’t compatible.

  • Hey, look at Turtle commenting on a dead spoiler page.

    I just want to say that Tallstar’s Revenge is my favorite super edition, and I’ve shipped TallXJake since the beginning of time.

    Well, more like for like, a year and a half.😜
    But seriously! Tallstar and Jake are SO CUTE together!

    That was yours truly, Turtle, commenting on a dead spoiler page.

    • YAS! There is litterally a line in the book that confirms he loves jake.

  • I love this book so much! (Though I do have to say it has so many deaths) Tallstar is awesome and cute at the same time. I dislike Shrewclaw, but I did feel sympathy for him at his death. Anyway, my famous(not famous) cats who die list!:
    Like I said, lotta dieing cats. Well, that’s it! I have to get off now because it’s 10:31 p.m.(I AM NOT TIRED) and so ya. See ya! Briarkit out!
    P.S. TallxJake is awesome.
    P.S.S. Who’s Firestar and Princess’s mom?
    P.S.S.S. OKAY FINE NOW I’M GETTING OFF. *Gets offline* *Not* Bye! *Now gets offline*

  • Quick point of view from a RiverClan kit!:(That kit is me, a five moon old kit)
    I ate, slept, and played. I was also curios about Tallstar and Barkface when they came into camp to get an herb because a WindClan kit was dying. But then I got ushered into the nursery before anyone could talk to me. That’s it!

  • Hey, Kate, I was rereading Yellowfang’s Secret recently and was reminded of Badgerfang’s death by a Windclan cat.

    Since you wrote Tallstar’s Revenage, you know this generation of Windclan better than anyone! So what’s your opinion on the Windclan cat who killed Badgerfang? Do you have an idea of their motive could be? Thanks!

    • You overestimate my memory! I’m afraid I’m very much embedded in the world of the Broken Code. Perhaps BlogClan can speculate on motives. I’m sure they’ll have far better ideas then me. 💖

    • Vicky once stated that he was crushed by a falling meteor, however, this was later confirmed to be a joke. The true cause of Jake’s death is currently unknown.

  • Does anyone have any theories of how Bristlekit, Flykit, and Rabbitkit died?

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