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  • I enjoyed this book. It’s good to read when you are bored. I don’t like how there were ultimate fans. The ultimate fan thing is basically saying the people listed in the front love Warriors more than everyone else. Idk what y’all think. Also I would like an updated version of this book. 😛

  • Does anyone else feel like there should be more WindClan cats in this book? I mean, there were only seven, I think. 😛

    • I personally think that Whitetail should have been in this book. I mean, I know she was a minor character ,but I just love her so much. I also think that Bumblestripe and Blossomfall should have been in this. Blossomfall is already jealous of her sister, and now Briarlight gets a whole page and Blossomfall doesn’t? Poor Blossomfall. 😛

  • i think it should be about warrior cats stuff not about clans and cats, i don’t see how it’s called “The Ulitmate Guide”.

    • I think that it’s called that because it is the Ultimate Guide to the ‘most important’ or well-known cats with the most book time, so it’s a guide to those characters and the Clans too, I think? Probably all qualifies for Warrior Cat stuff ^^

  • Hey, Kate! I know that this isn’t a page for Code of the Clans, but since that doesn’t exist I thought this would be the closest place to ask this question. Do you have any idea of the names/appearances of Ryewhisker and Cloudberry’s kits? Admittedly, I mostly want to know for fanart purposes, but I thought it wouldn’t be hard to ask.

    • So we get to see Bramblestar and Tigerstar (TPB)’s nine lives ceremonies. That’s pretty much it, seeing as this book is mostly just a guide to major characters and already existing events in the Warriors book series.

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