• I LOVE Jessy. She put aside her own happiness that she could have had with Bramblestar… so he could be with Squirrelflight! She’s so nice!
    And He Runs

  • I really dislike Minty. She was really whiny and annoying.
    And He Runs

    • I personally love her. Partially because she reminds me of my own shy kitty Shadow, but I also just like her character.

      I think she’s cute and it was understandable that she would act that way, considering what she’d been through and how unadapted to Clan life she was. I don’t blame her for wanting to go back home so badly- I wouldn’t want to be separated from my family, and judging by how she behaves towards them, Minty sees her twolegs as family.

      Before going home, she chose to stay another night to finish the nursery and spend more time with the Clan, and I think that was really sweet and loyal of her, and also showed good character development because she wouldn’t have wanted to stay at first, but got stronger.
      I was especially touched by how loving she is towards her twolegs and even talks to them. <3 We don’t see much of such interactions in Warriors, and it’s adorable.

      So, I think she’s really nice. I respect your opinion, though. 🙂

  • I LOVE the scene where Jessy told the other cats not to wake Bramblestar! She’s so caring! And also how she moved her nest to his to comfort him!
    I just adore how she cared for him after she found out he had a bad dream.

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