• Mistlepaw (Misty) (Mistletail) (Mistletoe on Wrong Night/Mistle That Hangs on Doorway Though it Ain't Supposed to Be There On Halloween) says:


    who are the cats on the front?

    Is one of them Star Flower or One Eye?

  • This book was SO GOOD!!

    I loved it so much! 😛 Idk why but Thunder’s PoV is kinda boring to me, I guess because he seems like your typical hero but whatever 😛 I knew Star Flower was bad, but I had no idea she was One Eye’s daughter 😮

    PETAL!!!!! NOOOOOOOO!!! I got teared up. I loooooove Petal. And I ship her with Clear Sky 😛 I wish she hadn’t died 🙁

  • Kate Cary even though I want Tom to be Kinda I don’t at the same time; Not because I don’t care how he treated Turtle Tail or his other wrong doings but I agree with Jayfrost that Tom is to evil to deserve redemption. Two examples of this is that he called his kits “dumb” behind their backs and never felt any remorse for doing so! Also he only defended Sparrow Fur becuase he considered her an item. Something he can and should have because he can and because he created her! He doesn’t feel any affection for his own children and How can any cat that has good inside of them even if their still somewhat evil not love their own children. Only pure evil people and anthropomorphic cats can have complete disregard for their kits. I’d only want Tom receive redemption is he was less evil as it’s unrealistic for a cat as low as him to suddenly have a change of heart! However even though I agree with Jayfrost that Tom is too selfish to deserve salvation I don’t think his ghost should burn or suffer physical pain for eternity even though Tom was a mean old cat!

    • I never imagine our bad warriors burn for eternity in agony – that’s a very human idea, and an old-school, patriarchal one at that. Cats would never be so dogmatic. (Did you see what I did there?) I just picture the Dark Forest as gloomier than StarClan’s Hunting Grounds and imagine the prey doesn’t taste quite as nice. Also, you have to hang out with mean cats instead of nice ones. It’s kind of like my local MacDonalds.

      • I never said that Tom’s ghost should burn for all of eternity. I only said that He doesn’t deserve redemption since it would be corny for a cat as bad as him to all of a sudden turn good regardless of how many house cats you throw at hm. I agree that Tom shouldn’t burn for all of eternity b/c even though he was a mean old cat, I don’t think even he deserves that!

    • U should write an article on that. Name: Tom is a terrible name for a tom and he’s also a terrible dad. No preussure! 🙂


    I’m sorry if that was mean it’s just my opinion

  • I despise Tom.
    I know he died to save Sparrow Fur, but it does not change the fact that he kidnapped her and her litter mates, and abused Turtle Tail.
    And He Runs

    • ^^^^^^^^^
      I don’t see his death as a redemption at all. Dying to save someone doesn’t erase his entire history as an abuser.

  • Star Flower haters, you’ll be pleased to know that according to the Warriors Wiki, Star Flower did eventually die. The cause of her death, however, is currently unknown.