• I hope that dove wing will find a mait to actually say with and have kits with.

    It was not nice of her to go and see tiger heart when she still was with bumble stripe!😠☹️

    • Just letting you know that warriors characters don’t usually have a space between the prefix and the suffix unless they’re an ancient 😉

  • I think Dovewing is quite annoying… while Ivypool is in the Dark Forest spying on the most dangerous cats in the world, she and Tigerheart are prancing through the forest creating a pointless love triangle!

  • i agree that ivy pool should have an ebook,and that dove wing is a little annoying, but when dove wing had an entire arc decorticated all to her, dovewing and ivy pool took turns on their parts of the story, and in any case, i think that what made dovewing special and cool to write about was her supposedly called annoying attitude just my opinion any way 🙂

  • Honestly, why didn’t Onestar exile Breezepelt?!?! Breezepelt BETRAYED HIS CLAN!!!!!!! Seriously Onestar, waht were you thinking?!?!?!

  • Summary: Dovewing is annoying, changes her eye color, whines about losing her powers, and creates pointless love triangles,while her threemates push on and her sister continues to be THE BEST CAT IN THE SERIES

    • I disagree. She is not annoying and she doesn’t whine about losing her powers. Think about it this way: it’s like being able to see all your life and then just suddenly going blind. How would you feel in her place? And she doesn’t create “pointless love triangles” she just fell in love. Ivypool is ok but I do not think she is the best cat in the series

    • What color are her eyes Kate? On the book there green. (Which I prefer) But she’s described as having blue eyes but on another book there yellow.

    • To Cherrypool,
      Her eyes actually don’t change color. In reality, her eyes are just one color. But the authors disagree about this and stir up confusion among fans. And you should at least be grateful that her eyes are always natural colors. And Dovewing does not whine! She’s concerned if something serious might have happened to she, Lionblaze and Jayfeather. Do you expect her to go on as if nothing was the matter when her senses go from amazingly far to majorly decreased? If you think Dovewing was whining, then Lionblaze was almost just as bad. And the love triangle wasn’t her fault. She fell in love. Bumblestripe just happened to like her, too. Squirrelflight had FOUR TOMS padding after her, and Dovewing gets more hate! And scorning Dovewing because of a love triangle is like saying you hate Bluestar because Thrushpelt and Oakheart liked her. Ivypool probably isn’t the best cat in the series, as well. But I am offended by your hate for Dovewing :<

  • I think Tigerheart needs an eBook. That would be hillarious! He is my third favorite cat because of his silliness!

      • XD I posted that comment in September of 2016 before it was comfirmed he was getting a Super Edition (which is defnetaly better than a Novella too) so yeah, but I know about Tigerheart’s Shadow ^^ (That comment I posted is also very cringey and weird 😛)

  • I just think that DoveWing has so much on her plate it just so hard for her to juggle everything at ones. She is a good cat and sister!

    • For the longest time I thought, shouldn’t Whitewing be the one with power? Then I realized the Erin’s don’t care about princess anymore!

    • Agreed!

      PS: Just letting you know that the suffix in a warriors name does not start with a capital letter. Here’s a handy dandy name style guide that might help you out:

      DoveWing – incorrect
      Dove Wing – incorrect
      Dove-Wing – incorrect
      Dovewing – correct

      Hope this helped!