• What do you think Dandelionkit and Juniperkit’s descriptions would be? It’s not a spoiler! 😋

    • I’d be thinking of…
      Dandelionkit – Dark brown tabby she-kit with yellow eyes and one white paw
      Juniperkit – Golden-brown tabby tom with amber eyes (In case if he survived)
      Just my thoughts 😛


      Dandelionkit-A yellow she-kit with a brown fluffy tail like her mom’s, green eyes, I think her warrior name would’ve been Dandelionfur or Dandeliontail,

      Juniperkit-a dark brown tabby tom-kit with amber eyes, identical to Bramblestar. His warrior name would’ve been Juniperbramble or Junipermeow,

  • So with regards to the TSS blurb, I am a little disheartened at the spoilers, but in all honesty from the blurb of T&S, I think we could deduce Shadowclan’s downfall. Due to past experience, if a blurb says something may happen, it usually does. Therefore I was not surprised at the reveal, but instead disappointed. I just feel that Shadowclan has always been portrayed in the books as sly, untrustworthy cats who can never win a battle, yet the legends paint a different story. It is believed that Shadowclan was a mighty, dominated clan, with battle moves and ferocity feared throughout the land. I really hope that this gets recognized in T&S, but obviously the ferocity has been disregarded, since they are the first to fall. I hope that the battle is at least a strenuous one for the rogues, and that both sides pay a heavy price. I would be very upset to see Shadowclan fall without putting up a noble fight. So what do you guys think? Do you want to see the valiant side of Shadowclan, or do you think they deserve to be defeated?

    • I would love to see a more valient side. As sly as ShadowClan is, I really do admire them. I kind of wish it was ThunderClan or WindClan who fell first.

    • I’d like to see they fought nobly, but seriously, are they (Erin Hunter) going to keep picking off the Clans? Hopefully not, and anyway I just can’t imagine the Clans without ShadowClan. They don’t deserve to be defeated without fiercely defending their Clan and the warrior code.
      Why exactly is the TSS blurb out already? Or maybe it’s just a joke (or not) .

  • Okay so this question doesn’t involve the next book, instead it’s about Crookedstar’s Promise. I just have no clue where to ask so I’ll ask here:

    Kate, in CP there are two cats names Dawnbright and Mallowtail, both of them being she-cats. We know that Dawnbright is ginger-and-white, but we don’t know Mallowtail’s description. So, what does Mallowtail look like?

  • Kate, since you once said Sparkpaw will be getting her warrior name in book 2, will Needlepaw get hers as well. I mean she is older.

  • Hey Kate, since you revealed the third AVoS book (which I forgot the name of :P) do you know the date?

  • Kate, you once said that you guys were debating whether or not to give Dovewing a mate. Did you end up deciding if you were going to give her one or not? Just curious.

    *Hopes she gets an apprentice this series*

      • Hm, alright. So, is Dovewing getting an apprentice this series? We have Honeykit, Larkkit, Leafkit and Twigkit. She could have any one of them.

    • Hi I asked Kate the same thing on her Facebook page, ad she said that there is plans for Dovewing on getting a new mate but she wasn’t sure if it was going to work out.

  • So After OOTS finished I gave warriors a rest for a few years, but recently I got back into it all again, and I started by reading Dawn of the Clans, which in my opinion is the best arc of the whole series, and I really hope you guys revisit them in another arc one day! So I’ve just finished with the Apprentice’s Quest and I have to say I really enjoyed it. I used to Skyclan, or at the least modern SkyClan (mostly the daylight warrior stuff) but I have to say I kinda hope they come back….
    Also, I have a question about Reedwhisker, Deputy of RiverClan, and Mistystar’s son.
    If he was one of the kits Firestar and Graystripe saved from the floods in Forest of Secrets, why is he still an apprentice in Moonrise (note that he is saved by Leafpaw/pool in Moonrise after Mistyfoot pulls him out of the river). If he was just a kit in Forest of Secrets that makes him older than Bramblestar. Did he go on some sort of personal quest that took him away from the Clans so he couldn’t earn his warrior name for a long long time? Kinda like Crookedstar and Tallstar pulled in their Super Editions? Because that’s the only way this timeline makes any sense. Plus it would be super cool.

    • Nice to know you’ve gotten back into Warriors! I agree that DotC is probably the best arc. I’ve actually started writing a FanFic on a follow-up series called Rise of the Clans. 😛 On the Reedwhisker front, I think it was more a lot of mistakes and them not wanting following it up, especially earlier on in the series.

  • I went on the warriors wiki and I found out Needlepaw’s parents, finally! (Probably everyone already knows it and I’m just making myself look silly) Sparrowtail’s her dad, and Berryheart’s her mom.

  • Kate, I saw the Shatter Sky cover and I think I see Dovewing with another cat. Who is he/she and is it Dovewing new mate or apprentice?

  • I still don’t think Ivypool should have a mate. I think she would be better off without one.

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