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Warriors: What is it all about? by Crowsong

The title pretty much explains it all for today

warriors-header-v2Well, for one thing, I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t love Warriors. You all wouldn’t be here either. And for all you haters out there on this website, let me just say one thing. You hate the series, yet you post here and you keep on reading and you keep on visiting the site. So drop the tough act. Loving Warriors is nothing to be embarrassed about.

Anyway, we should start at the beginning. Rusty, the kitty-pet, goes off into the forest (insert italic here) because (stop italic) of a dream about hunting a mouse. Now, I don’t know what normal (sorry Firestar! You’re still normal! Ish!) Kitty-pets dream about, but it sure isn’t wild cats and hunting mice! Well, there’s a few exceptions. Smudge dreamed about a group of cats fleeing. His two-leg nest was built on the old site of SkyClan’s camp, so the dreams were about SkyClan. Nutmeg dreamed about a dark ginger tom standing on a high-rock calling down on a group of cats below. Jake had special connections with the forest, though he always remained a kitty-pet. Staying true to who you are.

Maybe that’s what Warriors is about… but it’s only a part of the meaning. There are so much more ways of thinking about what Warriors truly means. I mean, maybe we can never find the meaning. Maybe this is a reflection of the Erin’s past, something that’s personal. Heck, if any of the Erins (mostly Vicky Holmes or yours truly, Kate Cary) just said hi that would make my month. If they ever had a conversation with moi (hey, a girl can dream, right?) That would make my (insert bold, italic, and underline here) LIFE. Sorry, I’m getting ahead of myself. Back to the point.

Vicky Holmes, the creator of the series, once said that Forest of Secrets was her favorite book personally. She said she had written something about a she-cat having to give up her kits because of her ambition, and she thought that if she could write a series like this it would be extraordinary, and it was. Personal matters could be one meaning, but I want to find the true meaning. Back to when Rusty left.

Rusty was following a fox when, out of the blue, he was attacked by Graypaw. Now, why Graypaw? Bluestar and Lionheart were there as well. And Rusty wasn’t that far into the forest, was he? (Correct me if I’m wrong.) My point is, Graypaw was dangerously close to the edge of his territory, and Twolegplace. It was StarClan’s will to send Graypaw because he was the only one who would accept Rusty. When Rusty (Firepaw) decided to go, he demonstrated his perseverance when traveling with Whitestorm and Lionheart. Perseverance.

Throughout the stories, every cat demonstrated their own perseverance. A sick kit fed deathberries by some random cat named Darkstripe… I HOPE YOU’RE ROTTING IN THE DARK FOREST DARKSTRIPE! (If he didn’t die in the Last Hope, I can’t remember.) Excuse me. Anyway, Ivypool demonstrated perseverance when she spied in the Dark Forest. Jayfeather also persevered through his blindness and…. frustration. Poppyfrost demonstrated perseverance when she was sick and believed that Berrynose didn’t love her. Love.

Love is such a big part of Warriors. Forbidden love between a Medicine Cat and a Clan cat, between two enemies, between a rogue and a Clan cat. I think some of the best and cutest forbidden relationships were JayxHalf, CrowxFeather, GreyxSilver, BluexOak, etc. My favorite (legal) relationships were FirexSand, HollyxFallen (it’s legal, right?) SorrelxBracken, FernxDust, WhitexWillow, etc etc etc. Love binds the Clans together. Maybe the Leader has a thing for another Leader and he/she wants to help them get over this latest famine or drought or fire. Love is…. Love. Perseverance. Dreams. Personal. You know why we love Warriors? Because maybe it connects us to our own world. Maybe Warriors is our escape. So… thanks, Erins. Thank you for making this Series and for giving us something to believe in. Belief in something. Maybe that’s the reason.

-Crowsong, believing that the World can be better through books.


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