Warrior Theories, Part 3; by Kindheart

With a sprinkle of charm and a dash of wisdom, Kindheart discusses even more theories about Warriors.

Cat in darkHello, guys! This is part three coming to you! Here are some more theories on Warriors, but before I begin here are the links to part 1 and part 2.

Now to begin!

1: In the Dawn of the Clans there is Moonshadow, Tallshadow and a Sunshadow. all of them have shadow as their ahem, last name, and all are related! If you look closely you can also see small similarities between other families, for example Bluestar’s family: her Warrior name was Bluefur, her sister’s name was Snowfur, her son’s name was Stonefur. There are many other little details like this if you keep looking.

2: Hawkfrost is Ivypool’s adopted father?! Now here is why I say this: he is mentioned more than Ivypool’s real father, who happens to be ahem occupied with Dovewing. Hawkfrost is supportive, kind and understanding even though he is evil. Even when they are on opposite sides he praises her. I quote exactly: “I taught you well… too well”.

3: Stoneteller can’t be killed? Think about this: the mountain cats began in the lake and go to the mountains where Half Moon, who is actually about Senior Warrior age, becomes Stoneteller. Then, she sends cats away to find a new home when she’s, likely, past Elder age. That suggests that a fair period of time has passed. Then, the cats who were sent on the journey created new Clans and the rest is history. But wait… the Clan cats go back through the mountain on a journey to find a new home, where they meet Stoneteller. Of course, it’s a different Stoneteller – or is it? Now before you say what!? That’s the craziest theory yet! That’s it, I’m done reading this thing, just think for a second. We know that StarClan has the power to send a spirit back into another cat’s body. We also heard that the mountains are really dangerous; cats die regularly there. So, is it so hard to believe that Stoneteller has died? What if when a Stoneteller dies the StarClan cats or the Tribe of Endless Hunting simply sends their spirit back, and when they believe that Stoneteller must truly be replaced, they let the spirit join them?

That’s all for today! I hoped you enjoyed my theories! Until the next article, bye!

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