Possible Mates for Ivypool; by Hazeltuft

Hazeltuft enters the pool of speculation to ponder over suitable mates for Ivypool.

ivypool_by_xicyvaporx-d4kkchiHello, BlogClan! We’re finally onto the sixth and hopefully not the last arc of the Warriors series! I’m sure this question was popping in everyone’s minds way before the first book came out, and now that it finally did, I think we can speculate the possible mates that Ivypool will have.

Spoiler warning – do not proceed if you have not read Bramblestar’s Storm or The Apprentice’s Quest.

I would like to start off with that both Katy and Vicky think Ivypool will most certainly get a mate. She was supposed to have one after the events of The Last Hope, but her mate never appears in Bramblestar’s Storm. That being said, here is my first choice. (No particular order)

1, Stormcloud:

Stormcloud is a ThunderClan warrior, being a former kittypet named Frankie. He decided to join ThunderClan after the events of the flood, and Bramblestar renamed him Stormpaw, giving him Squirrelflight as his mentor. From as far as I can tell, Stormcloud and Ivypool had no personal or specific interactions with each other during this book. The thing about Stormcloud is that it was hinted that he may like Cherryfall, and she may have played a role in terms of him staying with the clan forever. Although there’s that, there is no guarantee that Stormcloud and Cherryfall will happen. I just thought this would be a possible sensible choice.

2, Fernsong:

Fernsong is Lionblaze’s son, only just recently made a warrior in The Apprentice’s Quest. He did not formally appear in the first book, but Kate has said he will in Thunder and Shadow. It was also revealed that Kate wants him in the plot and has secret plans for him. I even asked her about Ivypool in terms with who her mate will be, and she replied hopefully it will be one of the newer characters. I instantly thought of Fernsong. I’ve actually had this Fernsong x Ivypool ship in mind for a long time, and for some reason I think it would be cute and romantic if they ever got together.

3, Dewnose:

Dewnose is Cloudtail’s son born from a second litter. He appeared in Bramblestar’s Storm as an apprentice, and became a warrior sometime before The Apprentice’s Quest. From what I’ve seen, Dewnose is a kind and sympathetic cat who of course looks our for his clanmates. I imagine some sort of apprentice having a crush on a warrior, Dewnose mooning over Ivypool. Of course this has never happened, but it seems like an adorable idea for Dewnose to have a secret crush on one of the fiercest and bravest she-cats in the clan.

4, Bumblestripe:

Bumblestripe is the son of Graystripe and Millie, born from a second litter, much like Dewnose. Of course we all know Bumblestripe. Sweet, sensitive, caring, all that shiny stuff. You can imagine how much it hurt for us fans when he and Dovewing broke up. As you can see, he could be a more than perfect mate for any she-cat. Even Blossomfall promised Rosepetal that she would put in a good word for her. I would hate for Bumblestripe to end up alone, and the idea of a heartbroken Bumblestripe being comforted by Ivypool under the moonlight is just too tempting not to mention. This wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, either. Berrynose took a mate and had kits with Poppyfrost after his former mate, Honeyfern, had died. I imagine Bumblestripe doing the same thing, moving from one sister to the next, and Ivypool finds herself unintentionally falling in love with him. Dovewing probably would be a tiny bit jealous, and I can see her and Ivypool having a falling put over Bumblestripe. Sort of like the ‘you lost your chance, he’s mine now’ cliché.

Okay, I’m getting off track. The point is, I can see each and every one of these ThunderClan toms worthy of being Ivypool’s mate material. And just think: Ivypool’s mate doesn’t have to come from ThunderClan. Could he be one of the vicious rogues that track Alderpaw back to the clans? Could be a cross-clan forbidden relationship, like her sister and Tigerheart (although I highly doubt this, Ivypool would put her clan above anything) What do you guys think? Thunder and Shadow will be coming out later this year, so cross your paws!


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  • Nice! 😀 In my opinion, I kinda think Ivypool is way too old for Fernsong. Like, Ivypool was born in Sunrise and Fernsong was born after the main events of Bramblestar’s Storm! But there was that HUGE age gap between Rippleclaw and Graypool, so I guess it could still happen. I think Mousewhisker could be a possibility. I also really like your idea of one of the rogues being Ivypool’s mate!

    • Thank you! Just the idea of any rogue and Ivypool falling for each other I think would be an interesting plot. Although there have been quite a few age gaps. Like Pinestar and Leopardfoot. Now the more I think about it, it does make sense that FernxIvy would be a very huge age difference between them.

  • I always thought Mousewhisker would be her mate, but after reading this I think Fernsong and Ivypool would be really cute too!

  • very nice article! though i think i see a toudstep in bramblestars storm they where seen together a lot

  • I agree with all of them, a specially Bumblestripe, but no Dewnose, I just find it creepy the the much younger uncle would be mates with his niece. I now the it is the same with Dust and Fern, but there is a bigger age gap.

    • There have been relatives who have mated and have kits before. Also, we’ve seen a lot of age gaps in the warriors series. I did think about Dewnose for both these reasons, but I still decided to put him up there for debate 😊

  • I’m scared to see if Ivy will get a mate. She is one of my fav characters and I’m afraid that if she gets a mate, she will lose character 🙁 . KEEP HER THE SAME ERIN HUNTER!!!

    “The thing about Stormcloud is that it was hinted that he may like Cherryfall…”
    BTW, not that I don’t think he did, but when did he hint that? I wanna see it 😛

  • Too much Firestar blood in ThunderClan. Making cats relarted to Firestar get together is defientally something I’d hate to see. Personally, that kind of makes me hate FernxIvy and DewxIvy. I’m hoping for CherryxStorm and BumblestripexRose because they aren’t related to Firestar, but that’s probably not going to happen. After all, ThunderClan just needs to be full of Firestar’s kin 😛

    Personally, I hope for IvyxMouse, but that may not happen.

    • You’re right with most cats being related to Firestar. That’s why I’m more hoping for BumblexIvy for than anything else. Even though FernxIvy is cute.

      • I hate Dovewing (no offence Dovewing fans) and I think she needs to be punished for hurting (emotionally) Bumblestripe , so I think IvyxBumble is pawsome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • Punished? Why should she be punished? For breaking up with him? Um, people are allowed to do that. Maybe she could have handled the whole Tigerheart and Bumblestripe thing a little better, but it’s not like she deliberately went into the relationship with plans to break his heart. She thought she really loved him, and she did love him – she just finally realized that she loved Tigerheart more. So what should she have done, stayed in a relationship where she didn’t love the other cat as much as he, or as much as she herself deserved?

        • I ship DoveXBumble too but she actually broke up with him so she could avoid hurting him more since a part of her was still in love with Tigerheart,

        • She shouldn’t be punished for hurting Bumblestripe. I love Bumblestripe but no one punished Spiderleg for hurting Daisy, and he was even worse about it than Dovewing was. And how would they punish her? Scentence her to apprentice duties? Banish her? Kill her? Those ideas make no sense and if they punish her for breaking someone’s heart they have to punish everyone who does that.

        • Even though I hate Dovewing, I dont think she should be punished for hurting Bumblestripe. I mean, I am a big supporter of BumblexDove even though she broke his heart. Sure, it was bad of Dovewing to go off with Tigerheart, who obviously does not deserve a mate. But other cats broke their lover’s hearts, like Leafpool, Yellowfang, Cloudtail, and Firestar, who are all of my favorite cats!

  • Great article, Hazeltuft! Hopefully, whoever becomes mates with out lovely little Ivypool will treat her well!

  • I dont know if I want Ivypool to have a mate because I kinda see her as a free spirit or something 🙂 but I think it would be interesting if she became mates with Bumblestripe because he used to be with Dovewing.