Why I Like Some Certain Unpopular Cats; by Lupinekit

Lupinekit provides us with a contrarian view. Contains spoilers and a lot of offbeat opinions. Get ready, friends!

DawnstarHere I am to explain reasons why I like the cats some of you guys might hate the most!

Remember… Spoiler Alert!

1, Dovewing:

Some of you may hate her for reasons like Tigerheart and the power stubborn thing. Dovewing loved Tigerheart, but she was wise to leave him and to not meet him anymore. She may have not wanted powers at first because she didn’t want to be different from other cats, and then later when she lost her powers, she was complaining about it. Of course, Dovewing was born with those powers. She wasn’t a normal-sight cat.

2, Leafpool:

Just like Dovewing – She fell in love with another cat. But she was also wise to leave him forever. She then had kits, and then gave them to her sister Squirrelflight. And she kept it as a secret, which was a good choice. She was the only medicine cat at that time, and we already know Brightheart knows some, but if Brightheart became medicine cat, then probably no more CloudXBright and Amber / Dew / Snow and SnowxLily.

3, Mapleshade (I’ve seem some of the Mapleshade haters):

Some of you guys may say that she is a monster, a killer, etc. Though she may have had kits with a RiverClan cat that “killed” Birchface and Flowerpaw (who went after Birch), it is no excuse to exile – especially the kits! It was never the kits’ fault. Furballstar (Oakstar) decided to exile her and kits just because of that. Anyway to the killing. Yes, Mapleshade killed the cats who she believed to be responsible for the death of her kits or something like that. But she had visions of her kits suffering. Mapleshade obviously loved her kits. Those cats weren’t her loved ones.

4, Daisy:

You guys may think of her as “annoying fretting furball”, but annoying it may be for you, the concern is okay. They were her kits, and she could also have been scared because of Berrynose’s sliced tail. She doesn’t want her kits to be in danger, in case of a Berrynose accident.

5, Bluestar:

This is the cat that I don’t even know why people hate her… I have her as my second or third favourite leader. If it’s about her thinking of how bad her life was, it’s okay about that. No one would like to lose their loved ones. Kits. She had kits and wanted to take them to RiverClan because Oakheart was there, and Bluestar couldn’t keep them. If she gave them to a ThunderClan queen, the queen might not keep the secret or a kit would have heard and spread it to the Clan. Her anger in her last books of life? I do dislike about the Swiftpaw thing though, but she was angered because she was stressed out of the “deputy” she trusted before, Tigerclaw (not going to call him Tigerstar because he doesn’t deserve the leader rank honor for me). Then, she might have felt that StarClan betrayed her or something. She didn’t really understand the prophecy.


  • Awesome article! Another cat I can think of is Ashfur. I’m not even getting into the things people call him.

  • Oh god
    Oh god
    How could I forget

    Just a small thing.
    Flea-brain Darkstar thinks she owns everything. Hate that dumb badger-dung, she thinks she can do whatever she wants. Bah, I think I’m going to write a article about her. I hate her so much… should be ranking along with Oakstar in hatred.

  • I agree with all the cats apart from Dovewing. Mapleshade is awesome! But I just don’t like how Dovewing complains. Like, ‘make up your mind, Dovewing! Are your eyes blue or green? Did you like your powers or not?’

  • I have a love/hate relationship with dovewing. I don’t like how she is complaining about her powers. I personally like ivypool much more. It seemed to have hollyleaf and ivypool do all the work in the last hope. Jayfeather seems to be the one of the tree that helped, yeah the three fought like other warriors. jayfeather rounded starclan together but what did dovewing or lionblaze do? Nothing! So I dislike dovewing. Everyone else on this list is awesome!😊

  • I like mapleshade because she seems like a loveing mother with just too much raige (i havent gotten to mapleshade yet) and we also got a map out of the character (hollow mapleshade map)

  • I pity Mapleshade.
    But I think that she sorta got what she deserved by being in the Place of No Stars because she killed many cats. But then again she should’ve been with her kits in StarClan, o she loved them so much!
    But she sorta killed everyone that Crookedstar loved. But not really.
    Oooo it’s to hard I just hate and love Maple shade so much!!!!!
    The only books I’ve read with Mapleshade r Crookedstar’s Promise and a little bit of Mapleshade’s Vengeance. So please if u can no spoilers. I’m still making my way threw the books 😃