The Character of Ferncloud; by Willowpaw

Today, Willowpaw puts Ferncloud into the spotlight and analyses her character in depth and detail. Get hyped!

sibirskaja_koshka_01_largeHello guys, Willowpaw here. Today I am going to be doing an overview in the character of Ferncloud!

Spoiler Alert!

Okay, let’s just notice something about Ferncloud here. She was Ashfur’s sister, she literally went through almost everything Ashfur did, look at her now, she’s one of the most loved cats in all the clans, Ashfur on the other hand…

Anyway, let’s get on with Fernkit. She was the kit of Brindleface and Sister to Ashkit (I couldn’t find out who her father was). She was a adorable kit but without much backstory, so let’s move on.

Fernpaw, then. Fernpaw was your average, normal and good apprentice, but the only thing that I didn’t like was when she didn’t tell anyone about Swiftpaw and Brightpaw until it was to late. I laughed though when she only opened up to Dustpelt and not her own mentor. Imagine how her mentor must have felt. I didn’t know if I liked Ferncloud’s early crush on Dustpelt; wasn’t he a little old for her? But I love their couple, so that’s good. Brindleface’s death was so sad, and poor Ferny! She was so sad; I liked it when Firestar let the little cats run the dogs because of their determination and hatred because of their mother’s death.

Now for Ferncloud. Some people say she was just a kit machine. Stop! She did a lot of work in the nursery and Warrior duties as well, and the Clan would have fallen apart without her! Well, maybe not, but still.

All of her kits were awesome and nice, she was the best mother ever and was always there to help. Her death left me in tears. She fought so bravely to defend Brightheart and it was so sad for her to die. Mostly I was destroyed by how the kits were like “oh she’s just tired from the fighting, Dustpelt will wake her up”. Why?! I hate that mangy Brokenstar! I know she’s the one who entertains the kits up in StarClan. We all miss her but I’m glad that she didn’t just die of old age; she died bravely defending the most important thing to the Clan.

That’s all for today, thank you for reading! Happy blogging and may StarClan light your path!


    • I didn’t feel like there was much of an age gap. I mean he was a young apprentice when she was a kit. And he was a young warrior when she was a young apprentice.
      I think Darkstripe was creepy, & I was kind of nervous for Fernpaw when he was her mentor. I’m usually not the person who likes SpottedxThistle(maybe if she was a warrior, but a young apprentice? Not cool Thistleclaw!)
      But I feel like with their relationship I got a good & warm vibe, not a creepy and perverted vibe. I like that he was nice to her and protective(& Dustpelt isn’t much of a creepy guy)
      Fernpaw was shy and sweet, & had a little crush on him. I think it was cute. And honestly, I felt like Darkstripe was very creepy to Fernpaw and I think he tried to rape her.
      But Dustpelt, he was kind and sweet to her and was adorabling protective of her. It was nice to see a happy ending and a soft side from Dustpelt.

      I was so upset when she died & he tried to smell her scent in her nest but it was gone!😭They were so lovie and close! Good thing they are in StarClan together…🌟💫😍
      Anyways, great article Willowpaw!
      Love this character!

      • Dustpelt started taking an interest in her while she was still a young apprentice. I thought that was creepy. It is mentioned in the books that Dustpelt started his training before Firestar and Graystripe which makes me think he might have been older than them.

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