What Warrior Cats Would Do If They Found a Computer; by Darkpaw

Darkpaw lets her imagination run away with her. Darkpaw is a silly billy and this is excellent.

cat-pc-576x427This is what would happen if Warriors cats could read and they found a computer in the forest. Keep in mind this is my first article, so bear with me!

Alderpaw: Sparkpaw STOP!
Sparkpaw: uhh Alderpaw, what is it?
Alderpaw points toward a computer with a very long extension cord going off into the distance: THAT! You mustn’t go there, it could be dangerous, or, maybe it’s just a piece of twoleg rubbish, and that could be dangerous, or maybe it’s safe, or….
Sparkpaw: No wonder you stopped training to be a warrior, you always second guess yourself!
Alderpaw: Hey!
Jayfeather comes out of the forest: What’s all the arguing about?
Alderpaw: We found something!
Sparkpaw glances at Alderpaw, before running forward and starts randomly pushing buttons, the computer whizzes on.
Jayfeather: I hear buzzing, that means bees, let’s get out of here! Dashes off into the forest
Sparkpaw: Alderpaw, come check this out, it’s AWESOME!
Alderpaw: No way! I’m gonna warn someone.
Alderpaw runs to camp yowling.
Alderpaw: Sparkpaw found twoleg rubbish and now she’s playing with it! Please help me!
Bramblestar: Did it look dangerous?
Alderpaw: it was buzzing like bees, it could sting her, maybe twolegs have giant mechanical bees!
Bramblestar: Come on Squirrleflight, Cloudtail, Ivypool, and Lionblaze! My kit could be in trouble.
Sparkpaw: Oh wow this thing is AWESOME! Gaaaaaaaaaa!
Sparkpaw falls backwards after seeing fan art of herself.
Sparkpaw: IM FAMOUS AMONG TWOLEGS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bramblestar comes out of the forest.
Bramblestar:did the giant bee sting you?
Sparkpaw types in ‘BrAmbLesTar faN aRt’ to the search bar and shows Bramblestar.
Bramblestar: is that supposed to be me?
Sparkpaw: yeah dad, your famous, JUST LIKE ME!!!!!
Alderpaw: am I famous?
Sparkpaw types in aLdeRpAw fAn arT to the search bar, and shows Alderpaw
Alderpaw’s eyes grow wide and starts yowling.
Squirrleflight: am I famous as well?
Sparkpaw: I think we all are.
Cloudtail: how do they know about us?
Ivypool: let me see that.
Ivypool shoves Sparkpaw away from the key board.
Ivypool: I’m gonna type ‘Warrior cats’ and see what comes up
Everyone: ok.
Ivypool types waRiOrs CaTs into the search bar.
Everyone: Gasps .
Sparkpaw: check it out, there’s a book about us!
Cloudtail: Lots of books!
Ivypool: let’s order one and read it!
Sparkpaw:Let’s order them all!!!!
–One Moon later–
Lionblaze: Well we Have read almost all Of the ‘Warriors books’
Ivypool: Wow……..
Squirrleflight: how did ‘Erin Hunter’ know about all those things?
Alderpaw turns around and shrieks.
Alderpaw: It’s Erin Hunter!!!!!!!!!!!
Everyone turns around to see a female twoleg standing behind a tree taking notes
Lionblaze:You mean there’s been a twoleg following us all this time and we haven’t noticed?
One of the Erin Hunters: well, I can do this.
One of the Erin Hunters turns into a mouse.
The mouse: I’ve had to be really careful, I was almost caught a couple times.
Alderpaw: …….. Faints………..
Alderpaw wakes up in his den with Sparkpaw standing over him.
Sparkpaw: Alderpaw, are you ok? You kept mumbling about someone named Erin Hunter, who are they?
Alderpaw: Oh thank StarClan it was just a dream!
Sparkpaw: Well, anyway, Alderpaw, the weirdest thing happened today when I was hunting.
Alderpaw: What did you miss a piece of prey or something?
Sparkpaw: Well yeah actually, it was a mouse, but that’s not the weird thing, the mouse had this thing full of white leaves on it, and get this! There was writing on it, and I could read your name on it, you’re famous or something!
Alderpaw: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!


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