The Undercat 4, Nightcloud; by Emberkit

Emberkit sticks up for the poor, begotten Nightcloud, in the fourth instalment of the enthralling series of articles: the Undercats!

NighcloudObligatory spoiler alert!

Suggested by Lightpaw.

Anyways, welcome back to The Undercat! In today’s installment, I’ll be taking a look at Nightcloud. Anyways, let’s jump right in!

Some info:

Mate: Crowfeather

Son: Breezepelt

Apprentice: Hootwhisker

Aaaaaaaaaanyways, next:

Why she was an overprotective and terrible parent?

So, I’m going to take a look at why she’s an overprotective and terrible parent. So, we all know that Crowfeather never really loved Nightcloud, and that she was mostly just Crowfeather’s proof to WindClan that he was loyal. Well, obviously that would’ve made her angry. I’m assuming that Nightcloud thought of Crowfeather as a terrible cat when she realized that she was just his key to regain his position in WindClan, so she tried to shield Breezepelt from his “horrible father” (okay, I think Crowfeather was honestly a pretty bad father to Breezepelt anyways, but, hey, we’re talking about Nightcloud here!), thus possibly proving the reason for her overprotectiveness. That might also be because Nightcloud didn’t expect Crowfeather to give any love to Breezepelt, so she tried to make up for it by giving Breezepelt extra love. Anyways, she probably tried to tell Breezepelt about how horrible his father was so that he’d learn to hate him and fuel his hate for treating him and his mother poorly.

What would’ve happened if…

In this section, I’ll be lookin’ at what would’ve if happened if, say, Nightcloud had never been Crowfeather’s mate?

  • Breezepelt wouldn’t have been born. Well, duh!
  • Crowfeather might’ve been mistrusted by WindClan for longer since he didn’t have Nightcloud to prove his loyalty to WindClan.
  • Poppyfrost wouldn’t have nearly been murdered by Breezepelt since he wouldn’t have been born.
  • Lionblaze wouldn’t have nearly been killed by Breezepelt since he wouldn’t have existed, and Leafpool and Crowfeather wouldn’t have had that talk and Crowfeather might never have told Leafpool that he never regretted anything he did.

Welp, that all I got for this article! Sorry that it was rather short! Remember to leave a like if you enjoyed this article, and leave any suggestions for future articles if you can think of any!

Today’s Video:

Remember this video when I posted it all those months ago? Well, it’s back!

(Josh Edit: Emberkit forgot to post the link. Emberkit is a numpty. We still love Emberkit though.)


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