Misunderstood Cats; by Emberheart

Emberheart takes to the plinth of knowledge and debate to defend some of Warriors’ most hated characters.

ashfur__s_death_by_stripehOkay, so, although there may be some legitimately evil cats, there’s actually quite a few that the fandom believes are evil as well. But really, they aren’t. At least in my opinion. I’m Emberheart, and let’s talk about this.

First off, let’s start with the infamous Hollyleaf. While she did kill Ashfur, and does technically make her a murderer, it does not make her evil. In most fanart, she is depicted to be standing over poor, innocent Ashfur, a delighted, twisted grin on her face.

But it didn’t happen like this! Hollyleaf only meant to give Ashfur a warning, give him a good scar to show him she meant business.

Nobody knows what really went on that day. It could have been an accident, the slip of a paw. She might have gotten carried away. All we know is that as his blood seeped into the river and his eyes shut, Hollyleaf was completely horrified.

Alright, second cat. Rainflower! You may know her as that terrible role model, the mother who abandoned her kit as soon as he bumped his jaw a bit. So terrible that she shunned him in front of his own brother, huh? What she did was not right, I may agree. But the reasoning behind this may not be what everyone else thinks it is.

While everyone believes Rainflower left Stormkit/Crookedkit that day because she thought he looked ugly, even supported by her yowling, “His face! His handsome face!”, Or even that she maybe left him because he was useless in her opinion, this is not what I believe.

This may not be entirely true, but I have my reasons to believe so. But I think that she left him because she was scared. No, not scared of him, but scared of herself. Based on her actions and refusing to meet his gaze, walking away when he came near, I think she believed it was her fault. Poor thing, She probably blamed the entire incident on herself.

If you wounded your own child for life as an accident, wouldn’t it hurt to look at them? To know you caused them that pain? Rainflower probably hated herself for doing that to her dear, favorite son, so she found shelter in her supporting, unharmed kit. Crookedkit most likely took this the wrong way, thinking she disliked him.

Last one now, Mapleshade. Okay, Okay. She’s killed lots of cats. Probably more than I can count. While she may be actually evil, the reasoning behind her being evil is more than just, “Oh, she wanted to taste blood and liked it,” or something like that.

At first, she was a sweet, loving fluffy kitty who loved her “Precious Warrior,” and would die for him. She loved her kits, She loved her Clan. She believed she had done nothing wrong, and life would be perfect, and was sorely mistaken. After her exile, she realized she could finally live with her Precious Warrior, but then.. Her kits drowned. She was rejected by her own boyfriend in front of the girl he’d been cheating on, and it was okay with his leader, while she’d been exiled! If it were me, I’d think it was unfair too. Of course, she blamed it on Appledusk, after all, he had caused her to raise these forbidden lives.

Nobody knows why she saw her kits telling her to kill those three cats. Perhaps they really wanted revenge and she listened? Maybe she convinced herself they were there, persuading her to murder for them? Or maybe she only hallucinated and she slowly went insane with all the grief and loss in her short life.

None of my points are canon, (except for Hollyleaf’s, possibly,) and probably never will be. Perhaps I’m wrong and these cats really are really merciless, heartless killers? I doubt it though. I’m gonna leave this open to speculation in comments, so feel free to contradict, agree too, or continue upon my points.

Emberheart out!


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  • Yes! It finally got accepted! My first article too. 😀

    Thanks for all the comments, guys! I really appreciate it.

  • Hollyleaf- 100%!
    Rainflower- Meh. Guess I never really saw that possibility.
    Mapleshade- Wanted revenge? *cough cough* Mapleshade’s Vengeance *cough wheeze*

  • At first Hollyleaf was so annoying she would talk about the warrior code like every sentence but 1-2 books later she became my fav cat

  • I. Don’t. Like. Rainflower. I Luv Graystripe, and that would mean his mates grandmother, but his mate, not relationship. Coughcough jessy bramble squirrel ash coughcough

  • In Hollyleaf’s Story it says that she didn’t want to murder Ashfur ;-; And I agree with Mapleshade. The weird thing is, it neversays in the WArrior Code that you can’t have a mate in another Clan..

    • Yeah, but in Sunrise, it said she hunted him down like a piece of prey, and that it was deliberate, premeditated, cold-blooded murder. And since Sunrise came first (and I like that interpretation best) I take that as canon.

      • Maybe she was really angry at that time, but then after she ran away, her anger began to fade perhaps? Just a thought 🙂
        Also, it was said to be part of Warrior Code in CotC.

        • Jayfeather saw her emotions were cold and calculated when she did it. It wasn’t blind anger, she had planned it out and knew exactly what she was doing, according to Sunrise.

  • Okay… Rant Time!
    I think Hollyleaf is a goody-two-shoes, but I don’t think she killed Ashfur on purpose, so agree with the first statement.
    I never thought of Rainflower like that. I like how you thought that way, so I agree with the second statement.
    I do not like your third statement. Mapleshade’s kits never told her to kill those cats. All they did was plead for help. If she really wanted to help them, I would have killed myself, so I could help them in StarClan. Not kill innocent cats that did what was best for their Clan!

  • Why do I find this article to be so relatable. I seriously agree with all your points. Well, with the Hollyleaf one I’m not sure exactly WHAT happened but I still feel like she was just so hurt and she felt like killing Ashfur would get rid of all the worries. But it didn’t…poor Hollyleaf.

  • Hollyleaf is honestly one of my favorite characters because she’s the one character in the series I completely and utterly related to. Granted, I never condoned her killing Ashfur. But everything else she did and said, it was like the authors learned about me and my own personality and put it all in her character.

    She thinks very black and white. The warrior code meant everything to her. So when she finds out her very existence is a violation of it, when all she ever wanted to do was follow it… Of course that would be traumatizing!

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