Mistystar Rant; by Nightpaw

Nightpaw takes us on a journey of knowledge and passion, discussing Mistystar; and her leadership and character.


Hey BlogClanners, this is Nightpaw back at you with another article. This is my third article to be exact and hopefully this one goes well like the other two did. Anyways! This article will contain spoilers from Mistystar’s Omen or anything before that, maybe Omen of the Stars,and Maybe A vision of Shadows.

First of all, Mistystar is a great leader and she has great judgment but in the first days of her leadership she wasn’t a good clan leader. I understand Leopardstar dies from Diabetes and she’s grieving over the loss of the great leader the lost her ninth life before her. But still, it does not give her any right to be a mean-judgmental furzehead about Mothwing not believing in Starclan. I just hated the way she acted towards that poor cat. Mothwing is so calm and collected and to read on about the pain she endured when Mistystar announced her retiring. I would be acting like Willowshine in this situation. I will be pretty mad about Mistystar’s judgment. I just felt offended because of the way she acted because I am an atheist myself and the way Mistystar acted effected me to, I really felt the pain Mothwing felt in that situation.

Other then that Mistystar is a great cat. In Omen of the Stars she was calm ad wouldn’t yell out In gatherings and if she did she would attempt to be polite. In the first generation, I felt sorry for her learning about who her actual mother is. But it was revealed that she kinda knew Graypool wasn’t her mother because she remembered being in ThunderClan camp with her siblings and Bluefur/star. But if she knew, why did she act sort of harsh towards Bluestar? Maybe it was in the back of her mind at the time. I’m not sure but if she knew she shouldn’t have been that harsh towards Bluestar even though she gave up the kits she shouldn’t of had I the first place to become deputy instead of Thistleclaw. Maybe she thought what Hollyleaf thought about when she found out who her mother was. But anyways in Vision of Shadows I have a feeling she may die because she is very old, older then Firestar to be exact.

To sum this all up, Mistystar is a noble brave warrior and hopefully she won’t make the same mistakes she did again and I’m glad she apologized to Mothwing and forgave Bluestar in her last minutes.

I hope you enjoyed the article! Have a great day and may Starclan light your path!


  • Great article! I also only have the Mothwing thing as a reason as a dislike for her, I loved Mistystar as Mistyfoot the most!

    • Thank you so much, Emberdawn! That means a lot to me, and I will definitely be making more articles in the future! 🙂 ~Nightpaw

  • I understand some of your point with frustration towards Mistystar and her sudden disrespect for Mothwing, but i also understand Mistystar in this. Wouldnt you be frustrated if your own medicine cat couldnt tell you the truth about herself. Also, one big thing about being a medicine cat is to have that belief. Just like, no offense meant, if anybody sees it wrong, but imagine this: If you are an atheist, you wouldnt try to become a priest that is good with medicine. I mean, i truly believe that Mothwing is an amazing medicine cat. I like her character, and relationship with Leafpool. I just think that Mistystar had a good point in what she did. She just had to focus her thoughts on the positives of Mothwing.

    • It’s a good point about an atheist not trying to become a priest, and it’s something I’ve thought about with the whole Mothwing thing in the past. I think there’s some issues with that argument though. For starters, being a medicine cat isn’t being a priest who’s good at medicine. I think it’s more evenly divided – half priest and half doctor, if you will. So yeah, the religious part of it is really important, but so is the healing part, and I can understand someone who doesn’t believe in StarClan still wanting to help their Clanmates through healing rather than fighting.

      The other issue with that argument, and a more important one I think, is that Mothwing wasn’t an atheist when she become Mudfur’s apprentice. She didn’t lose her faith until after Hawkfrost told her about the faked sign, and that was after she became Mudfur’s apprentice. After that, Hawkfrost was blackmailing her and she couldn’t really back out of being a medicine cat (not that I’m saying she should have), and after Hawkfrost died, she was the only medicine cat RiverClan had (besides a barely-trained Willowpaw) and her Clan needed her. And by the time Willowshine was fully trained, Mothwing had more than earned her position as medicine cat, and since Willowshine is there to handle the StarClan part of it, I think it works fine.

    • I totally forgot to put, Mistystar’s understanding or emotions in the article, I just realized it now. I am terribly sorry about that and I can agree with your opinion and understand that Mistystar would be upset because her friend kept a secret from her that she could have told her. I will try and remember next time to add the emotions and feelings of the character in my next article. ~Nightpaw

  • Good point, Jayfrost. I also really like Mothwing, as even though she doesn’t believe in StarClan, (though sometimes I feel frustrated like Leafpool when she openly is like: Yes, I had a dream, and I’m just going to deny it happened), she respects other cats’ beliefs and doesn’t go around trying to change other cat’s beliefs. Now, she can’t possibly think of becoming a warrior, as she’s trained as medicine cat for moons, and is a great one, for healing, at that.

  • Technically, Mistystar would have to go through a lot in A Vision Of Shadows to lose all her lives. To my limited knowledge, she still has all 9 of her lives. Even if she lost one in the great battle or storm, she would have 7 left. Factor in the fact they return to full health every time they lose a life, and Mistystar is here for a while yet!
    *I haven’t actually read Bramblestar’s storm, so I have no idea what the “storm” is.