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In today’s article, Stoatkit gives opinions about all the current Clan leaders

Hello BlogClanners! I’m Stoatkit, and today I will share my thoughts about the current leaders. Haven’t read every book? Spoilers warning!


He’s a jerk, in my opinion. In Bramblestar’s Storm. He gets fussy when ThunderClan tries to hell him, and just so he can have some of the prophecy, he separates poor, helpless Violetkit from her sister. He also fusses when Mistystar tries to start the gathering, stating “This is not a regular gathering!” Gee whiz Rowanstar, should you explain everything before you throw a hissy-fit? Blackstar was more tolerable to me than hissy-fit-thrower Rowanstar.


She’s a whatever-floats-your-boat, go-with-the-flow style cat in my opinion. We don’t see much of her or her Clan these days. Mistystar holds strong with what others might frown upon, such as being halfClan, half ThunderClan from her mother, Bluestar, and half RiverClan from her father, Oakheart. Any character development is not needed with this fantastic cat.


He’s a jerk. We all know it. He wanted a share of the kits. What would Onestar do, slice them half? That’s just dumb. I prefered friendly Onewhisker rather than jerk Onestar.


He’s got a good heart ^cough cough^ name his dad and half brother ^gag wheeze^ , although I’m glad he isn’t an exact copy of Firestar. He seemed reluctant to let elderly Sandstorm go on the quest to find SkyClan. If we magically revived Firestar, we would see a different script. However, on the down side, I don’t like how he went along with Leafpool and Jayfeather making Alderpaw a medicine cat. Hey, we don’t see much of this “vision”, and if any cats in visions had to be medicine cats… uhh… the series would be Medicine Cats instead of Warrior Cats. Other than that, Bramblestar has a few flaws in the diamond, but he’s good otherwise.


We don’t see her, so we don’t know whether she is living or dead, but I think of her Daylight-warriors plan as a blessing in disguise. Darktail of Mock SkyClan, while we don’t know much about this villain, he uses this to his advantage. Attacking at night meant less warriors, as the Daylight-warriors were at home with their housefolk. We don’t know if Leafstar was killed in this raid or if she stepped down, but she is likely not in leadership because the blurb for the next Super Edition, Hawkwing’s Journey, mentions Hawkwing as the deputy, so Sharpclaw is most likely leader. Also, Leafstar, in my opinion, is too welcoming. She let Sol in, and when he got the exile from SkyClan, he eventually went to the Lake Territories, and convinced ShadowClan and Blackstar not to believe in StarClan. Also, Leafstar only exiled some cats for a moon, which meant she wanted the cats but they needed punishing. Again,if there were no Daylight-warriors, there would be no raid, and let’s say TAQ would be different. Leafstar had weak spots, but she had good ideas to cancel the bad out.


Oh… I know what you are thinking, “he’s not a leader!” Well, he is most likely leader, because the blurb of Hawkwing’s Journey stating Hawkwing as deputy suggests something happened to Leafstar, and when we last saw Modern SkyClan, Sharpclaw still held the deputy position, so it’s very likely he is leader in Hawkwing’s Journey.


We meet this new villain in The Apprentice’s Quest. All we know is he’s a liar and willing to fake his group being the true Modern SkyClan, and he’s sort of a bully and believes in the survival of the fittest philosophy, as seen when only the strong cats ate the prey and tugged at it, and the elders, queens, and kits were starving. We will hopefully meet more of Darktail in the upcoming books!

I’m Stoatkit, and I’m done with my article for today. What did you think of it? Tell me in the comments below. See you soon!

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  • Well Leafstar is not dead ,you would know if you read the first few chapters of Darkest Night,Leafstar is there! There is no Sharpclaw though so he probably died and Hawkwing became deputy. I agree with Sky. Though great article.

  • I believe Rowanstar isn’t a jerk. After all, he’s a ShadowClan cat, so naturally, he is very proud. Now, when ThunderClan goes and helps him attack the badgers in Bramblestar’s Storm, he will have to snap back at them to stop meddling in their business. True, I know that was a little mean, but would you, as a proud cat, really want to see your Clan being helped by some other Clan who never asked permission to help you?

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