• They are really great! You should definitely read them! Its Sundew’s POV for the thirteenth one and Snowfall’s for the fourteenth.

    • Yeah like all the books I remember as being more boring than the other ones are actually like great with so much cool stuff!

  • SPOILERS!!!!!
    I have this theory on animus dragons! So, there are five tribes that we know have had animus dragons. We know the IceWings started getting their animus powers sometime before Darkstalker’s time, and after the Scorching, I’m pretty sure. So I’m guessing they had animus powers for about 2,000 years before the NightWings “stole” their magic. And in that period of time, they had twelve animus dragons known to us. The SeaWings and the NightWings both got their magic from the IceWings: Darkstalker and Albatross were both related to IceWings, which means the IceWings, SkyWings, and SandWings are the only ones to have animus magic naturally. Or Jerboa I could have been part IceWing. Only one line of animuses has been confirmed in the SandWings, which really does make me wonder whether that line is descended from IceWings. And another thing, the way Tui makes it sound is that EVERY TIME the IceWings sprouted an animus, they were married to a royal, so why did the IceWings stop sprouting animuses just because one of their animuses decided to run away with a NightWing? And with SkyWings, animuses keep on popping up in different family lines, right? Cause ya think if they knew it was this one family, then they’d forbid the dragons in that family to have eggs, ya know? And so it makes much more sense that its multiple families. And now lets just temporarily scoot over to Pantala for a little while. And let’s just get straight to the point. Pantala doesn’t have any tribe of dragons like IceWings or SkyWings that like to live up north where it snows. In fact, even the LeafWings, who live up in the northest north on Pantala, don’t get any snow! So you can pretty much see my point. Living in cold places makes animus dragons. So maybe if some Pantalan tribe had decided to settle up north in that unlabeled wing near Tsetse hive that has all those mountains drawn on it, they would have animus dragons too. I mean, ya never know!