• Does it bother anyone else that in the reviews for Darkness of Dragons and especially The Poison Jungle parents are complaining because “OH NO SUNDEW HAS A FEMALE LOVER AND SHE’S A FEMALE MY 11 YEAR OLD IS TOO YOUNG AND THEY WERE TRUAMATIZED” and “OH NO ANEMONE HAS A CRUSH ON TAMARIN AND THEY ARE BOTH FEMALES OH NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” and “THIS IS A KIDS SERIES WHY ARE FORCING US TO AKNOWLEDGE THAT THIS IS NORMAL” I just feel like honestly people need to be more open minded. it just makes me furious.

    • I am honestly fine with this, though
      My most favorite toy is gay (I made her like that)
      So yeah…
      I don’t think either of my parents will do that, but you never know with them
      It’d be more likely that my dad would say it and my mom would write it

    • I´ve just started reading Wings of Fire and i went to go check the reviews for the Poison Jungle and honestly, i don´t get whats different from seeing a lgbt couple and reading about one, you wouldnt hate a lgbt couple for existing but because its in a book it different???? ¨this is a kids series! We should not have to read about this!¨ well guess what homophobe its never too young to acknowledge lgbtq+ people as people.

      i am sorry if this is rude.

    • i agree! i haven’t gotten that far in the book series but i totally agree with you!

  • Hey guys, I’m gonna start the second book The Lost Heir soon!!! (It’s the graphic novel version) SOOOOO EXSITED!!!!!!!

  • so.. um, i usually read WOF on epic, but the ones i have in person are, the winglets quartet and im getting the darkstalker book! im only on the brightest night though- is the new book good?

  • Never read a Wings of Fire book (I’m going to though) but from what little information I’ve read on the tribes and based on a ‘What WoF tribe are you?’ quiz I took, I am a MudWing. 😛

    I might also create a Purrsona-or-dragon-equivalent-persona-character for myself when I read the books. 😛

    Here’s what I would my name and appearance would be if I was a dragon in Wings of Fire, probably:

    Bittern – Large brown dragon with odd striped markings of a darker colour on scales and goldish-amber eyes.

    (Please correct me if a MudWing dragon can’t look like this, I haven’t read the books yet. 😛 )

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