• They are really great! You should definitely read them! Its Sundew’s POV for the thirteenth one and Snowfall’s for the fourteenth.

    • Yeah like all the books I remember as being more boring than the other ones are actually like great with so much cool stuff!

  • SPOILERS!!!!!
    I have this theory on animus dragons! So, there are five tribes that we know have had animus dragons. We know the IceWings started getting their animus powers sometime before Darkstalker’s time, and after the Scorching, I’m pretty sure. So I’m guessing they had animus powers for about 2,000 years before the NightWings “stole” their magic. And in that period of time, they had twelve animus dragons known to us. The SeaWings and the NightWings both got their magic from the IceWings: Darkstalker and Albatross were both related to IceWings, which means the IceWings, SkyWings, and SandWings are the only ones to have animus magic naturally. Or Jerboa I could have been part IceWing. Only one line of animuses has been confirmed in the SandWings, which really does make me wonder whether that line is descended from IceWings. And another thing, the way Tui makes it sound is that EVERY TIME the IceWings sprouted an animus, they were married to a royal, so why did the IceWings stop sprouting animuses just because one of their animuses decided to run away with a NightWing? And with SkyWings, animuses keep on popping up in different family lines, right? Cause ya think if they knew it was this one family, then they’d forbid the dragons in that family to have eggs, ya know? And so it makes much more sense that its multiple families. And now lets just temporarily scoot over to Pantala for a little while. And let’s just get straight to the point. Pantala doesn’t have any tribe of dragons like IceWings or SkyWings that like to live up north where it snows. In fact, even the LeafWings, who live up in the northest north on Pantala, don’t get any snow! So you can pretty much see my point. Living in cold places makes animus dragons. So maybe if some Pantalan tribe had decided to settle up north in that unlabeled wing near Tsetse hive that has all those mountains drawn on it, they would have animus dragons too. I mean, ya never know!

  • (note: I’ve only just finished The Hidden Kingdom so if something related happens afterwards it’s a coincidence 😛 )
    I have a theory. I don’t think any of the three SandWing queens is going to become the ruler. It doesn’t actually mention one of the sisters becoming queen in the prophecy, and they’re all not great, so it’ll probably turn out to be Sunny or Oasis’s (Oasis’s’s’s’s’ss’ssssss) sister or something like that.

    also Glory. Glory is my queen.

  • (Spoilers) I want to know what drove the BeetleWings and Leafwings from pyriah and to pantala and also is it still around I wonder if that is going to be in the next five books also if it’s related to animus magic. I also wonder if Jerboa the 3rds Animus magic breaking spell will skip a few generations or stay forever. also a way that jerboa the 3rd could have saved herself is by making something like Darkstalkers scroll. Also I wonder if jerboa should have enchanted the vase to only let animus dragons to cast good spells that won’t be earth shattering. Also I wonder who the protagonist will be in the 15 book (is that something confirmed yet I hope it’s Sky) SO MANY QUESTIONS AND TOO LITTLE ANSWERS. ( here is a poll for the 15th book of wings of fire https://www.strawpoll.me/45432780 )

    • Yeah I think it would be great if there was a wof legends book about the Beetlewings and Leafwings

    • Yeah! I’m pretty sure the Beetlewings were a mix of RainWings and something. I’m so excited!!! I literally JUST finished rereading The Poison Jungle- and it was soooooo good!!! Evil breath of evil (haha) you are going to die! Or be exterminated by weedkiller or something! Poor Sundew- poor Hawthorn as well!!! I feel like Luna will be the protagonist- and I seriously hope for some Luna x Swordtail (Lunatail? Swordluna? (Haha those sound like warrior names)) and a whole lot more Sunwillow (Also sounds like a warrior name) I know!!! I have so many questions!!! (Sunwillow! Sunwillow! Sunwillow! And Blucket!- Crue? Clue? I honestly don’t know! But SOOOO many questions- sorry as you can see I get excited when I talk about WoF!)

  • What are your guy’s theories for book 15? I think that the prologue will be on Winter, Daffodil, leaf, or Ivy. Oooo or maybe Deathbringer. It is then going to open with Luna and the others flying into Pantala. She is going to be thinking about what has been happening since book 15. This way we will be informed about what has happened. After catching us up, the group is going to start searching for the leafwings/silkwings hiding place. This will take up to 5 days and will involve lots of hiding from the mind-controlled. The whole time Luna will be thinking about Blue and Swordtail. Finally, they will find the hidden group, but there will be some confusion and fingers crossed someone will get a knife held to their neck. Or at least get tackled. They will spend some time meeting the group and the group will marvel at the Pyrrians and Wren. They will decide to spend the night with the group and look for the abyss tomorrow. When they finally find the scavenger whole it will take forever to get them to understand that they were not about to be eaten. they will then set out for the abyss. This is how the first third of the book will go. What do you think? What are your theories? please let me know.

  • I’ve only read the Graphic Novels. I can’t invest in another series after diving in and reading all Warrior Cats Books!

  • Sundew is awesome!She also honestly needs a hug but she’d probably punch you in the face if you try it(unless you’re Willow,of course)

  • I just finished Book 14 and SNowfall’s POV is hilarious!

    • (Minor spoilers) yeah in the beginning it’s all “I’M GONNA BE ATTACKED WHAT HAPPENED TO MY SISTER THERE’S A CLOUD OF DRAGONS AHHHH” and in then in the end Snowfall’s just super chill with a little worry about Lynx.

  • Am I the only one who loves Starflight? I mean, like all the other characters (except Sunny or maybe Clay) hate on him.

    I mean the poor boy (SPOILER ALERT) gets hated on, misjudged, kidnapped, being forced into a burning, fuming, ACTIVE volcano with the very dragon he’s most scared of, faces queens that could kill him at any moment, WARNS THE DRAGONETS OF IMPENDING DANGER WHEN THEY DO NOT LISTEN, gets TRAPPED IN A CAVE WHERE HE COULD DROWN BECAUSE HIS FRIENDS DO NOT LISTEN, tries to keep EVERYONE SAFE, has a FATHER WHO KILLS RAINWINGS for a living (I mean, Clay’s parents were pretty harsh and don’t get me started about Glory or Tsunami, but Mastermind is just, wow), his first love doesn’t even really like him back, and everyone’s telling him he’s not brave, he’s useless (take a close look at Glory or Tsunami’s POVs. They literally state several times Starflight is useless except for maybe his smarts), he’s weird (take a look in the mirror, dragonets), and most dragons are always just straight-out being mean to him.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love Glory and Tsunami and Clay and Sunny are so cute, but jeez, give Starflight a break!

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