an overveiw about Shadowclan (spoiler alert) by Kindheart


Kindheart explores ShadowClan’s character and looks over ShadowClan’s past

hello Blogclan!!!! how are you guys today? well anyways today i will be looking over the Shadowclan of the ages.

Dawn Of The Clans
we see that Shadowclan’s first leader Shadowstar (tall shadow) is thought of as a leader. and is very respected therefor Shadowclan is respected. in fact Shadowclan is quite kind in dawn of the clans.

The Prophecy Begins (the first arc)
We are first introduced to Shadowclan by Graypaw. he says and i quote exactly: “the other clans are trying to steal our prey especially Shadowclan! They’re so fierce they would have ripped you to shreds no questions asked. they come to steal prey that’s rightfully ours!” how does that even MAKE SENSE?! Shadowclan went from being kind and respectful to thieving and fierce? as well as “evil and no mercy/gloating and mocking? what?! and when you consider the Shadowclan code or should i say their motto? again i quote exactly “as soon as the enemy surrenders or begs to flee, the fighting stops. stand still with your head held high. you are a Shadowclan cat; we do not gloat over a defeated enemy.” that last line that does not sound like mean or shred you to bits with no mercy, thieving, gloating and all that other stuff i mean COME ON!!!! I’m sorry it doesn’t.

Next up lets look at some of the Shadowclan cats that are actually quite honorable. as well as things that Shadowclan has done that is worth mentioning.

Shadowclan invented Tail signals! what?! yeah that’s right, we see that tail signals are very important they help command a clan in battle.
One of the greatest med cats was from Shadowclan I mean Pebbleheart was the first cat to have predictions of the future;visions, omens! and then there is Shadowclan itself, have you ever noticed that Shadowclan even though they where branded as evil never did anything evil or at least not that much? they came to Thunderclan’s rescue when Windclan and Riverclan where trying to drive Thunderclan out. they where able to show thankfulness and humility in the great battle and much before that. they always listened to their ancestors except for when Sol came *hiss*.

Last but not least….
How Shadowclan Has Changed
As i told you before their motto is “as soon as the enemy surrenders or begs to flee, the fighting stops. stand still with your head held high. you are a Shadowclan cat; we do not gloat over a defeated enemy.” and they have proven that they do this. but this has changed if you read farther in the books then you will see that Shadowclan (Blackstar, Dawnpelt etc.) gloat about their battles. why is this? i don’t know my guess is that Shadowclan has been labeled. but that’s for another article! in fact i will be working on that article so please check it out when it comes out!

also keep an eye out for An overview about Windclan or Riverclan or Thunderclan so until the next article cyo! 😉


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  • Great article, KIndheart! I personally think that ShadowClan has changed quite a bit. It was fine when Cedarstar was leader, but then Raggedstar and Brokenstar came along and it just went downhill. Tigerstar pretty much just used ShadowClan, but Nightstar tried to put it back together. Blackstar was an okay leader, but he put ShadowClan back on track. Now, Rowanstar…. I don’t like him myself, but he seems like an… okayish leader.

    • Toatally agreed, Creampaw! Rowanstar seems to have been attempting to also throw ThunderClan off the rails by



      taking Violetkit from Twigkit in TAQ.

  • thanks everyone! i love doing articles like this! and like i said look out for another article that will hopefully be coming out very soon!

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