What would’ve happened if Ivypool Stayed in Darkforest by Shadekit


Shadekit debates exactly what would’ve happened if Ivypool kept training in Dark Forest

Hi guys, this is my first article so it probably won’t be so good. As some of you may know I had this thought pop into my head so I blurted it out on the Tavern so I decided to write an article! So let’s get to it. (Spoilers for OotS)

As you know as an apprentice Ivypaw was jealous of Dovepaw so Hawkfrost used that jealousy to turn her to the Darkforsest. He praised her and taught her many viscous battle skills. If she had chosen not to believe Dovepaw when she tried to tell Ivypaw about the prophocy it would make Ivypaw more angry than ever! All this anger would make her try harder than ever to prove herself and become a real senior warrior.

When she was asked to kill Flametail she would have so then Jayfeather would not have been able to prove himself and get the other Medicine cats to the moonpool! Then he could have never reassured Starclan that the Darkforest wouldn’t win!

Also the three would not have any inside info on what is going on in the Darkforest. But when Firestar called all of the leaders for a meeting about the prophocy Dovewing would have either not tried to use her senses to reach the Darkforest or when they asked her to spill who was allied with the Darkforest she would have betrayed her sister.

By the ti e came for the battle Darkforest would be super powerful! And the clan cats wouldn’t have had Ivypools training. Starclan would be to scared about what might happen to come and help! The clans would be doomed and the Darkforest would win!!!!!

Now for my favourite part Ivypool kills herself so she can go to the Darkforest and live with Hawkfrost (I totally ship Hawk+Ivy)!!! Yay, Now Dovewing lives in depression for ever (i don’t like her😡) !!!

Thanks for reading if you are still here!😉 So what do you think? Was it good? Would I do more? Any suggestions? Tell me everything!!?😉😉


  • great article1 and i love how you backed up a couple of points can’t wait till the next one! 🙂

  • however i didn’t like the deppresion for dovewing at all!!!! sorry but i actually like her soo yeah apart from that great job! 🙂

  • Great Article! Also, if Ivypool stayed true to the Dark Forest, she wouldn’t have told her father and the other ‘innocent’ Dark Forest cats too fight on the Clans’ behalf. So loads of cats were prevented from being killed by Clan cats who didn’t want to! (If that makes sense… )

      • OHHH i love those its where i got my idea for my warrior songs article! check out the terrible things warrior map its really good! its in one of my articles too!

  • Really nice article ! I totally ship Hawk and Ivy 😍 And also, if Ivypool had stayed in the Dark Forest, maybe it would have been different between Dovewing and Tigerstripe… But anyway I don’t like them.

  • I ship Hawk X Ivy- but in my stories it usually has a tragic end, it never works out- I’m soooo positive XD

    And above did you mean Tigerheart?^^^

  • I don’t think Ivypool would’ve killed herself. Rather, once she revealed her betrayal to the Clans during the battle, I want to believe she would get killed by Lionblaze or something.

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